Computer Geek Hanky-Panky

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Two computer system engineers begin an affair during a late night upgrade that develops into a relationship involving the roommate, too.

Meiko and Jake had to pull another all-nighter to complete the computer systems upgrade for the Fortune 500 company where they worked. Meiko was a Japanese national having moved from Japan to the US just over a year ago. The two have worked closely together ever since, teaming up for late night and weekend upgrades. Even though their backgrounds were totally different, the two got along extremely well. Their skills were evenly matched and their personalities meshed well. He was a bit shy while she was outgoing, always pulling practical jokes and flirting with him shamelessly, but they both enjoyed it.

Jake often fantasized about Meiko, with her tall slender figure, full breasts, long black hair and beautiful eyes. Meiko fantasized about Jake too, with his subdued good looks and great smile. But so far nothing had happened between the two of them.

They started the upgrade around 11:00 p.m. and ended up just sitting there doing nothing while the upgrade processed through mountains of files.

She looked up at him and said, “Jake, how come you’ve never asked me out?”

He was surprised for a second then replied, “Um…um…I…I’ve thought about it, but I worry what might happen if we decided we didn’t like each other.”

“Really? Didn’t like each other? Jake, we’ve been working side by side for what, about a year now, and we’ve gotten along great. And you’re worried we wouldn’t like each other?”

“When you put it like that, it does sound kinda silly. OK, so how about dinner and a movie this weekend?”

“I’d love it, if we didn’t have that hardware upgrade to deal with.”

“Oh damn, I forgot about that, well then how about the next free time we have together, we go out on a date?”

“I’d like that, I’d like that a lot,” she answered while placing her hand on his leg and squeezing it lightly. Her hand felt like hot lava and sent shivers through his body. He placed his hand over hers and pressed it hard against his leg. They looked at each other over the glare of their monitors, and he leaned over and kissed her. She responded by leaning against him and pressing her lips against his as the little kiss turned into a passionate embrace. When they broke apart, she said, “Wow! That was nice. I want to do that some more.”

“Tell you what, in a couple of minutes, we have to kick off that two hour process which should give us plenty of uninterrupted time, sound good?”

“Oh yes, sounds very good!”

Once the process was kicked off and running, he grabbed her and pulled her over to the break room. The room had a large couch where Jake had spent many a night taking power naps to get him through a long upgrade. They were the only two people in the building that night, but just in case, he locked the door. They sat down and Meiko melted into his arms as they kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Meiko was a good kisser and got him really turned on as evidenced by the clearly visible erection in his pants. Meiko noticed his predicament and said, “Jake, you seem to have a not so little problem—I think I have a solution for that if you’re game?”

He could only respond, “Uh-huh,” knowing exactly what she meant but not believing this was really happening. Meiko loosened his pants, slipped her hand in, and grabbed his growing erection.

“Oooh, this feels real nice Jake, I can’t wait to get it in my mouth.” Meiko pulled down his pants allowing his cock to roam free. She quickly engulfed it in her mouth, smothering the head with kisses and swirling her tongue around the tip.

“Oh my god, Meiko…” he responded as she continued her licking and sucking while pumping him with her hand. With him sitting on the couch and her lying along its length, it was easy to rub her back and on down to her small butt. He slipped a hand under her slacks and down to her pussy. He slipped her panties aside to gain access to her wet slit. She moaned as he ran his fingers along the length of it, focusing on her clit. Her efforts on his cock increase as his manipulations hit home.

“Oh, Jake. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this…” she moaned. He could feel himself moving towards an orgasm but didn’t want to come so soon so he told Meiko, “You need to stop or I’m going to explode in your mouth.”

“Oh really? I’d like that…I’d like that a lot.”

Hearing her say that was all it took and he was squirting his load into her mouth in sheer ecstasy. She didn’t miss a drop and swallowed his entire load. When he regained his senses, he told Meiko, “OK, now it’s your turn, lie down and let me eat your pussy.”

Meiko couldn’t move fast enough to get into position. He leaned over her and pulled her slacks and panties down revealing a neatly trimmed bush and swollen pussy lips leaking juices down her ass. He lowered his head to her pussy and started licking her outer lips then slipping his tongue inside to tease her clit. Meiko was ataköy escort moaning like crazy, urging him on, saying, “Oh god yes Jake, right there, oh that’s it, keep doing that…oh my god…”

After several minutes of licking and sucking, he could tell Meiko was about ready to pop. Her body stiffened, her breathing became ragged, and she arched her back forcing her cunt into his face. Finally she shouted, “Oh, I’m coming…I’m coming…” Her whole body shook with convulsions until she finally relaxed back down onto the couch. “Oh my god, Jake that was so intense…”

“Well hold on Meiko, because I just got my second wind and I’m dying to fuck you.” He stood up revealing his renewed hard on. He knelt over Meiko, gave her a huge kiss and told her to get up on her hands and knees. She quickly did so saying, “Oh Jake, shove it in me, fuck me hard.”

He was soon thrusting into Meiko full bore and loving every second of it. Amazingly, he found himself having to slow down or else he would come again, way too soon. He settled into an easy stroke, working it from different angles to reach every nook and cranny of her pussy. Meiko liked that a lot as she continually moaned throughout his actions. He continued on for several more minutes until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He told Meiko he was about to come and moaned, “Oh, I’m coming…” He pumped her cunt full of his hot cum then relaxed on top of her, both of them collapsing down to the couch.

Meiko turned and gave him a tender but romantic kiss saying, “Jake, that was wonderful.” They nearly dozed off until they realized they were at work and on the clock, and had an upgrade to complete.

They reluctantly got dressed and returned to their workstations to complete the upgrade. Throughout the rest of the night, they were constantly grabbing a feel, a kiss or just staring at each other. They screwed up some of the upgrade commands a couple of times. It didn’t do any harm, it just took a little longer to finish. They didn’t care one bit.

Before they left for the night Jake said, “Meiko, you know we don’t have to do these upgrades from the office, I have high speed internet access at my apartment and can do all the necessary work from there. What do you say you come over to my place for that hardware upgrade this weekend? We could call it a work date.”

“That sounds perfect. I’ll bring my laptop so we don’t have to share the same computer, and we won’t have to worry about anyone walking in on us,” she said with a wink. He gave her a hug and a kiss before heading home.


That weekend, the downtime for the hardware upgrade was scheduled to start Saturday, at 9:00 a.m. and would continue for 24 hours while the new hardware was installed, software transferred from the old systems, several updates applied, and then tested. If everything went as planned, Meiko and Jake figured they could have the whole thing wrapped up in about 12 hours, leaving the remaining time for testing, and play for them.

Meiko arrived at his place around 8:30 a.m., they got everything set up, and a VPN established into the company network. Of course there was quite a bit of hugging and kissing initially since they hadn’t seen each other since the last all-night upgrade a few days ago.

The new hardware was already installed by the time the downtime began, so all they had to do was configure the operating system, install several layered products, install the application software, and apply any updates. It may sound simple, but was actually quite an involved process. The first couple of hours were pretty busy for both of them, but by the time they got to the application software installation, they were in that ‘enter a command and wait mode’ where the wait time between commands could be anything from several minutes to several hours. Once they got to a point where they had a lengthy pause between commands, they looked at each other and jumped into each other’s arms. They kissed passionately molding their bodies against each other. When they broke the kiss, he said, “Oh god I’ve missed that.”

“Me, too,” as she grabbed his face and pulled him forward into another deep kiss. They moved over to his couch and continued making out while trying to undress each other as quickly as possible. When he got her shirt off, he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra and leaned down to suckle on her breasts while removing the rest of her clothes. She moaned, “Oh Jake, yes…that feels so nice…”

When he knelt down to remove her slacks and pulled down her panties, he saw that she had completely shaved her bush—it looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom. He smiled and looked up at her. She said, “You like my bald pussy?”

“Oh yes, I like it very much” as he leaned forward licking the length of it from bottom to top. She tasted as sweet as the last time, and moaned even louder. He pushed her back to a sitting position on the couch, and pushed his head between her spread legs, licking and sucking. As an indication of how turned on she was, ataköy eve gelen escort her orgasm built up quickly until she was convulsing within a minute after he started eating her pussy. When she calmed down, she said, “OK big guy, get those pants off so I can return the favor and suck that cock of yours.”

He stood up and dropped his pants and boxers to the floor and also removed his shirt. He was now standing naked in front of her with his cock standing at attention pointing right at her. Meiko grabbed his cock and started sucking it while stroking up and down on the shaft. From the expression on her face, it was obvious she loved sucking his cock just as much as he loved her sucking it. He felt an orgasm approaching so he stopped her and said, “Meiko, I want to come in your pussy not your mouth.”

Meiko responded by saying, “I can’t object to that request,” smiling up at him. She laid back on the coach, spread her legs and said, “Come on Jake, fuck me now…fuck me hard…” He got on his knees and lined his cock up with the entrance to her cunt. His first thrust went in easily, and all the way since she was so well lubricated from their previous foreplay.

Meiko howled, “Oh fuck…yes, fuck me hard…oh yes.”

He started regular thrusts in and out, ramming her forcefully as she rammed up against him. After several minutes of rhythmic fucking, they were both approaching an orgasm which was only seconds away. He shouted out, “Oh god I’m coming…I’m coming…” as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into her. That seemed to set off Meiko who moaned loudly as her own orgasm exploded, causing her cunt to contract and squeeze his cock, milking it for all the cum he had. When they both recovered, they looked over at their screens and saw the system was waiting at the command prompt. They didn’t bother getting dressed and went over and entered their next commands.

Just then, his computer started beeping indicating someone was calling him on Skype. Since he was sitting there in the nude, with Meiko sitting beside him, he didn’t think answering the call at that moment was appropriate. So he ignored it. Then Meiko’s computer started beeping indicating someone was calling her. Meiko quickly grabbed her shirt, put it on and answered the call. It was from their boss, checking in on how the upgrade was going. Meiko filled him in on the progress which seemed to satisfy him. He then asked, “Do you know where Jake is? I called him and couldn’t get an answer.”

Meiko said, “I don’t know, he could have gone to the restroom or for coffee or something, he and I have been texting back and forth all morning on the progress so I wouldn’t worry.”

That seemed to satisfy him as he hung up. Meiko and Jake both heaved a sigh of relief. Jake thought he’d better call his boss back to let him know he was still alive. His call went through and his boss answered. He forgot he was naked but fortunately, his boss could only see him from the shoulders up. He let him know he’d stepped out for just a minute and everything was going just fine. Meiko who had been sitting to his right out of the picture, decided to get up and go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. That gave their boss a perfect view of her bare ass as she walked away. The boss’s eyes got real big as he said, “Oh I see you are working from home today…”

Realizing what he had seen, he responded, “Oh yes, sorry about that.” He yelled over his shoulder, “Honey, quit mooning my boss or he might give me a raise, or worse yet, a promotion.”

His boss laughed and said, “OK I can see things are in good hands. Let me know if any problems crop up.”

They ended the call and he yelled at Meiko, “Did you intend to moon our boss?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“When you got up and walked to the kitchen, you ended up showing your butt to our boss.”

Meiko covered her mouth with her hands and said, “Oh my god, did he recognize me?”

“Since all he could see was your butt, no. He assumed you were my girlfriend.”

“Oh thank god,” she said, then broke out in giggles. “So, he thought I was your girlfriend, huh? What do you think about that? Am I your girlfriend?”

“As long as you stop flashing that cute ass during my Skype calls, you are definitely my girlfriend,” he responded smiling broadly. Meiko smiled right back and walked over and gave him a big kiss.

The rest of the upgrade went smoothly with only a few minor hiccups. They finished ahead of schedule and notified everyone the upgrade was done. Once they were off the clock, he pulled her back to his bedroom where they spent the next 24 hours fucking and sucking with a little sleep thrown in for good measure. It was a wonderful weekend for both of them.


Over the next few weeks, Meiko and Jake were inseparable. They ate, slept, shopped, watched TV, went to movies, and did everything together. They were already good friends, but those weeks together solidified and strengthened their friendship. He met Meiko’s roommate, ataköy grup yapan escort Tina, who was their same age and very friendly, and almost as flirty as Meiko. They would stay at each other’s apartments and when staying at Meiko’s, Tina would “accidentally” walk in on them making out in the living room, or him taking a shower, and even in the bedroom.

He asked Meiko about it and she said, “I think Tina has the hots for you. You’re really the first guy I’ve dated here, so I think she’s jealous. Just ignore her and she’ll eventually lose interest.” Easy for her to say, but it’s a little more complicated for him being the subject of her flirting, which was getting more intense every day.

After several months, their relationship was stronger than ever and ready for that next step. Meiko’s apartment lease was about up, so he suggested she move in with him. She jumped for joy and said, “Oh Jake, that would be wonderful, of course I’ll move in with you. But what about Tina, with the lease expiring, she won’t have a place to go at least right away.”

“She could move in with us temporarily. I have an extra bedroom that she could use.”

“That would be great and give her some time to find a new place or a new roommate. I’ll talk to her tonight and make sure it’s OK with her.”

Tina agreed but was a little sad since this signaled a rather significant change in her relationship with Meiko. Plus, she was going to miss having Jake around to tease.

Two weeks later, they were all living together in his apartment, or he should say, their apartment. They had a few adjustment issues come up, but they quickly dealt with them with no hard feelings. Tina had mellowed at bit with the move and was definitely not as overt in her flirting, but she would still tease occasionally, sometimes right in front of Meiko who would just laugh and say, “Tina, just stop!” But it was good natured fun and he would even flirt back sometimes which initially shocked Tina, but they developed a mutual understanding of just how far they could go.

After a month of living together, Tina had not found a new roommate or her own apartment. No one questioned her status and search efforts and eventually, they agreed that Tina was welcome in their home and didn’t have to leave. Tina gave Jake a big hug and said, “Oh thank you Jake, you have no idea how happy that makes me.”

Meiko just laughed and said, “Oh I think he does,” noticing the lump in his shorts.

About a week later, Meiko said she was going out of town for a training class next week. That would leave him alone with Tina. That night in bed, Meiko said, “You know Tina is going to try and fuck you while I’m gone.”

“Yeah, I figured as much.”

“Well are you going to?”

“What? What are you saying?”

“Are you going to fuck her while I’m away at training?”

“Well no, I’m in love with you, not Tina.”

“I know and I love you, too. I’m not worried about her stealing you away from me, but she’s wanted to fuck you so bad from the minute she first met you. Besides, except for you, she is my best friend and I want to see her happy and fucking you would certainly make her happy.”

“So, you’re giving me permission to fuck her?”

“Not just permission, I’m encouraging it. Besides I’d rather have this whole thing out in the open than try to hide it from each other.”

“Oh, baby. That just makes me want you all the more. Spread your legs so I can eat your pussy and fuck you into the next century!”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

And fuck they did, hot and heavy or the next hour. They went to sleep that night fully satisfied and very much in love.

That Sunday, Jake drove Meiko to the airport to catch her flight. They hugged and kissed each other, Meiko smiled and said quietly, “Have fun fucking Tina this week, I’ll be thinking of you.” And she was off for a week.

When he got back home, Tina was watching some TV so he joined her on the couch. “So did Meiko get off OK?”

“Yep, I got a text from her as she boarded the plane. She should be in the air by now, on her way.”

Tina got up and leaned over the coffee table, straightening some magazines and sticking her butt right in his face. He smacked it and said, “Hey, no fair, no butts in the face unless they’re bare.”

Tina turned around and said, “Oh that can be arranged.”

“Yeah, right. That I’d like to see.”

“Oh you would huh?” She bent over and whipped down her pants mooning him. He smacked it again but left his hand on her bare butt rubbing it softly. “Oh, that feels nice Jake,” she cooed.

Tina then sat down on his lap, wrapped an arm around his neck and said, “Oh come on Jake, I know Meiko talked to you about fucking me, she talked to me, too. Don’t you want to fuck my tight, juicy pussy—don’t you want me to suck your hard throbbing cock? I know you’re getting excited, I can feel you getting hard underneath my ass.”

His mind was indecisive, racing through a hundred different scenarios, but his little brain took control as he kissed Tina firmly on the lips. She responded immediately pulling him closer and opening her mouth so their tongues could meet. He didn’t know if it was pent up desire from all the teasing and flirting over the past few months or what, but his cock was rock hard in no time at all. He wanted this woman and he wanted her now.

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