Coming Out Together

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This is a semi-fiction/semi-autobiographical story. Portions of the story are enhanced to build interest and set the scenes for erotic purposes. All characters are adults who are exploring their sexuality. It is a long story written in one file, but divided into parts to meet system story size limits. I posted all parts at the same time. I don’t like reading multi-part stories over several months, so set this up so readers can take in the whole story in a short time. I hope you enjoy, learn something, and will leave a useful comment on content and structure.

* * * * * * *

We had just finished a nice hot soapy shower together and after toweling each other off headed for the bed. My wife, Ann, of ten years, in her mid thirties, still held her sexy figure despite birthing two kids. She remained as randy as ever. She had always been the main lead in our relationship, gently pushing the envelope of our sexual play, still exploring what turned us both on. I wasn’t nearly as eager to get out front in suggesting new adventures while enjoying to the fullest pleasing her desires at every opportunity. Ann was an attractively slim and trim wife and mother who worked at keeping her body in shape. She had short pixie cut auburn hair, radiant grey/green eyes and truly a vixen who with smallish pert breasts and stand out nipples. Having a smooth curved butt that invited keen observations by men when we were out and about town. I loved sucking her nips and making them standout from her body, kissing and nibbling along her lithe neck and collar bone areas. Doing so seemed to generate nearly uncontrollable lust coursing through her body. Rarely did the attention fail to get us naked and going at it with wild abandon.

Even with the delightful Ann available for frequent bedding, I carried a dark secret I was sure Ann would never accept. I am a Bi Sexual. Maybe today I might even be considered ‘Pan-sexual’ since a teen I’ve been attracted to and participated in sexual exploits with men, women, and even TGs. While growing up, I was introduced to same sex play first by an older cousin who manipulated me into letting him jack me off which forever hooked me on to sex. Later as I began to enjoy his attentions the experienced went from jerking off to sucking his cock and then coached to being fucked by him. It was when he brought two other friends into the games we played I began to develop the deep feelings of contentment as I was sexually used for their pleasure. I don’t think I understood what was happening to me, but I liked it and wanted to be included in the group.

College led to other exploration and I found I liked having sex with girls too, even more so. Then I learned during my tour with Uncle Sam’s Army there were many opportunities for straight and gay sex. I tried to get at least one connection for every TDY I was assigned to perform. And the officer’s clubs were more than a bar, especially at remote posts. It was a hook-up center for horny Soldiers and dependents. However, on the whole, extra-marital encounters became fewer and further apart as home and career life took hold. My post Army employment did not offer the travel opportunities once enjoyed and owing to growing PC rules, work play was not a good idea. I still cruised the net and connection sites, but logistics often kept follow through frustratingly present. My solace for yearning cock in my body was through a butt plug and other toys I kept hidden away from prying eyes in my garage toolbox.

So there we were lying on our sides in a 69 position on our bed with me lazily tonging Ann’s tasty, neatly trimmed pussy feeling her first stirrings of pleasure. This in turn triggered my own body’s response with a thickening penis. Her lips were so close to the head of my cock I could feel her hot breath flowing over it as she moaned in building delight. I turned her gently on to her back, straddled over her upper body with my legs and then firmly planted my mouth down on her now very wet cunt. This sent her into a frenzy of orgasm, pushing up against my moving lips and tongue. Ann pulled my cock down to her mouth and began sucking it with every bit of gusto she could muster and let her hands wander to my nipples to play with them as she had discovered when she did that I licked and sucked at her pussy with greater effort.

As she and I worked one another over orally Ann got to the extreme level of ecstasy crying out, “Oh….Oh….god…Uhhhhh…Keep it going…..harder….More…Don’t stop. Ohhhhhhh….That’s it Stan…there..right there….Oh god…..mmmmm…”

I kept my mouth action going just as she directed, enjoying how she was reacting and being pleasured. She has told me in the past that I was the best cunt licker and nearly always insisted on a significant portion of our love making to involve me sucking and licking her clit and tonguing her tight pussy hole. She kept moaning and thrashing about as wave after wave of orgasm washed across her hot sweaty body, now thrusting her pubic mound hard against my mouth as if fucking me.

“Yes…Yessss….oh aksaray escort god that feels so good….lick me harder…Yes…Yesss you got it …That’s it Sue….Right there…more…Don’t stop…. Give me your tongue….deeper….go deeper…. Uhhhhhh ….uggggg….” She writhed beneath me, still mouthing my cock and now using one hand to push my face harder against her cunt.

I continued to please her and slowly back away from the orgasmic high she was on it dawned on me she’d called out to her best friend in the college sorority she’d joined. I’d met Sue several times and found her equally attractive as Ann and sometimes wondered about her choice of sexuality, as she always seemed to be most friendly with Ann in sort of a casual intimate way. I’d just put it off to best girlfriend behavior and when on with life. Now I wondered, did Ann have a few secrets of her own?

As I lay with my face near her wet pussy I felt Ann’s hands wander around my own body. She reached down to her pussy and stuck fingers in her pussy and I thought she was going to pleasure herself some more and I would watch her body respond. Instead, as she licked and sucked my cock, which was beginning to feel that familiar tingle of forthcoming release, she massaged my anal hole and slowly inserted a finger in to me. I was so surprised that my dick jerked and suddenly became even harder. She pushed on through my hole and fingered fucked me until my cock throbbed out a spew of creamy cum into her mouth and drooled down the side of her cheek and chin.

“Ohhh Babe ….Yessss….,” I moaned. I felt my self push back against her finger as more cum pulsed out of my engorged cock, then I collapsed to her side, both of us laying there panting in the after throes of orgasm.

After a few minutes of quiet savoring of the intense sensations Ann, sat up right, letting her juices drain right out on the bed sheets. She turned slightly around to me, placing a hand on my hip, gently massaging it, then asked, “You like that little trick with the finger, didn’t you?”

I put my free hand on hers, answering, “Yes Ann. It was awesome.”

“Then I think you’ll like my next trick,” she hinted. She got up and went to the bathroom.

I called out, “What’s that?”

“Oh you’ll discover soon enough,” she answered then gave a sinister low laugh.

* * * * * * *

A few days later, a sunny Saturday morning, after creating a mega brunch for the kids I went back to the bedroom to get my weekend work clothes on when almost out of nowhere Ann appeared, trapping me in the big walk in closet.

“Stan dear,” She called in a low conspiratorial voice. She had one hand behind her back and the other with a finger pointed at me waggling the come here motion. “Before you get dressed I have something I want you to wear for the day.” She gave me that ‘don’t give me any nonsense’ look so I knew I had to comply or never hear the end of her nagging. “Turn around and bend over,” she commanded.

Doing as she required I heard the rustling of paper and then felt a big blob of cool wetness smeared on my anal opening. My cock instantly got ridged like a rock. Looking back I recognized the paper bag my toys had been hidden and saw the butt plug in her hand, headed toward my ass.

Ann began rubbing the leading edge of the plug on my ass crack and hole, “A few weeks ago I was in the garage looking for a hammer to hang up that picture I bought at the art fair. And guess what I found tucked away in your toolbox, ” She explained dispassionately. “A brown paper bag filled with interesting shop tools and various lubricants.” She pushed the tip of the plug into my hole. I jumped a little, but with her free hand she pulled on my hip to keep me in place.

“Yes. Interesting tools. That is why I tested you yesterday with my finger to see how easy you were with a probing of your ass. Finger slipped right in didn’t it? And you told me you liked it, didn’t you?” Ann pressed the plug just a bit more into me, then slightly withdrew it and pushed again further.

“Yes.” I grunted, starting to feel the stretching of my sphincter muscle with a little burning sensation, but not totally unpleasant even though it had been a while since practice using the plug.

“So here what you will do with this butt plug in you.” She pushed now to the widest point of the plug, feeling my resistance, she ordered, “Relax and take it. Your ass is mine.” She finished pushing it past the sphincter ring and my ass closed around the plug’s narrow neck before the wide base stopped further penetration. “You will wear this plug for the rest of the day.” I started to protest but she cut me off sharply, “I told me you liked the feel of something in your ass and it certainly looks to me like you’ve got good practice at shoving stuff up in your hold.” She pulled back just a bit and then pushed hard back in. “Now if you have to take a crap you must first come to me and request permission to do so. I will remove the plug, anal yapan escort let you shit, then reinsert the plug to make sure you keep it in there.” She slapped me on the ass, “Now get dressed. You’ve got yard work to do.”

I straighten up, feeling the fullness of the plug rubbing on my prostate, making me squirm with the tingles it sent to my penis. I started to say something but she stopped me.

“And yes you must keep it in your body during this afternoon’s golf outing with your buddies.” She laughed again and left the closet.

* * * * * * *

The day was long and I felt the presence of the plug every second. It massaged my prostrate to the point I was continually leaking out pre-cum, making my shorts have a wet spot on my crotch. I saw Ann gazing out the slider as I mowed the lawn, smiling at my situation. Then she patted my ass as I left for the golf course, reminding me not to cheat on my assignment.

At the club house I excused my self to the men’s room and stuck a wide of toilet paper around my leaking cock, making feel like a woman in her period. Fortunately my four-some had agreed to a short round of 9 holes owing to commitments a couple of the guys had with their families. As the hours went by the plug felt not nearly as intrusive, creating in me a growing urge to be fucked by a real cock. Where it really felt good was sitting down in the car seat as it pressed in further just by my body’s weight. By the time I got home I was so horny I’d hump anything that came along.

Arrival at home Ann gave me a quick check to be sure the butt plug was still in place and was pleased to find it so. “Okay dear, you’ve been plugged all day. Go into the bedroom and strip down you have more work to do before that plug comes out.”

* * * * * * *

Ann likewise stripped down and sat on the edge of a straight backed chair we kept in the bedroom as we didn’t have any place else to store our extra dining room chairs. She opened her legs wide, “Stan get down on your knees and start licking my cunt. I’ve been horny all afternoon waiting on your return and I want you to lick me until I cum on all over your face.

“With the plug still in?” I asked.

“Yes dear, with the plug still jammed up in your man hole. I want you to position your self so that as you kneel before my cunt one of your heels of your feet are pressing up against the base of the plug and you twist your own nipples while I fuck your face. Got it?” She instructed.

“Got it,” I acknowledged. I got into the position and began to simultaneously massage the plug, twist my nipples hard, and presented my mouth to her wet inviting cunt. She scooted up against my face and grabbed the back of my head to press it into her waiting pussy. It had the deep musky latent odor of a pussy that had previously experienced an orgasm so I suspected she’d used her vibrator while I was out with the boys.

“Oh..yes right there,” she cooed lustfully. “Keep at it Stan your lick me so good.” She shifted a bit more forward on the chair enabling my face to be further pressed into her cunt and rub her clit on my lips.

My cock was so hard I don’t think I’d ever felt it strain to much against the release it sought. The plug pressed on my prostate as I slightly bounced its base against my heel. The rising lust surging between my nipples and sex core of penis and ass seemed to further spur my desire to lick Ann with greater gusto.

Ann’s orgasm began to build, “Oh..god…Oh…oh….Uhh Harder…Harder Yessssss, come on do it right there,” she swooned pressing yet ever harder on my face, beginning to thrust her cunt on me with ever greater passion. “Now…Now Yessss Oh god..don’t let up,” she was becoming more incohearent as the orgasm rolled through her body. “Keep at it sue…Don’t stop…push your tongue in there deeper…deep..Yes….Give it to me babe…Let me have it….Aggggggggohhhhh,” she finally moaned loudly.

I sensed her body relax and knew she’d spent herself. She leaned back in the chair, releasing my head but not moving her cunt away from my mouth. She wanted my warm face still planted on her parted lips and breath flowing across her clit. I knew she liked that and felt honored to give her what she so deserved.

Finally she roused out of her orgasmic stupor, looked down at me, “Tell me. Did you enjoy your face fuck?” She looked seriously at me, gauaging my response.

“Yes I did. I liked the feelings it created in me.”

“And those were?” She probed.

“I just felt so devoted to you and loved how your body responded in pleasure.”

You didn’t feel humiliated by being faced fucked with a butt plug jammed up your hole?”

“Not really. I mean yes you pretty much took control but it was done tactfully, respecting my capabilities to pleasure you without demeaning me,” I answered truthfully. “I don’t think I get off on the whole humiliation thing I’ve read about by some guys. But I do desire to be of service and give the best I can to a lover.”

“Or atakent escort lovers?” She asked arching one eyebrow up.

I deflected the question, “May I have the plug removed now? I confess I am a bit raw down there.”

Without another question Ann smiled and then directed, “Alright head to the bathroom and bend over, spreading your legs wide and hold your ass cheeks open.”

Ann came up behind me, “I’m going to work the plug out from your fuck hole. Stand still while I get it out.” She first smeared a bit of lube around the inside of the base and the opening of my hole, then grasping the base she pulled on it slowly, the wide portion stretching my hole out again. Before it was completely out, she pushed it back in letting my hole collapse back round the narrow neck of the plug. She did this eight or ten times, being more aggressive with each cycle until she was fucking me with the plug. By that point I was moaning and amazingly more pre-cum was dripping down on the floor in a growing puddle. Finally she pulled it out completely and then shoved it back in right up to the base. At that point my cock let loose, spewing ropes of hot jiz cum down my legs and floor. I must have spurted four big jets before stopping.

“My did you cum hard, big boy. Did you like that?” she teased.

“Yes it was awesome.” Was still in the position she’d required and she pulled to plug out for the last time.

“So far so good, eh?” she laughed, “I’m going to let your ass rest for tonight, but I have more fun in mind for tomorrow.”

* * * * * * *

Later that night as we got ready for bed Ann updated me on our family plans for a bar-b-que for friends and neighbors coming up in a couple of weeks. “This after noon while you and the boys were playing with one another,” she chuckled, ” Sue come over with the kids and while they were playing in the pool we planned the picnic bar-b-que.”

“Great. I’ve been thinking about what supplies we’ll need.” I slipped under the sheets, joining her and rolled over to face her, one arm draped over her side with my hand lazily swirling fingers against her smooth skin.

“That feel nice. You can keep doing that.” She cooed. She reached down to cup my cock and balls, gently squeezing them and getting a response. “You are still horny I see.”

“When am I not?” I chuckled.

She withdrew her hand, “But we better not let it get our of hand tonight. We both had a pretty hot time today and tomorrow will be even more fun.” She saw my disappointment. “Just wait you’ll see, ” she encouraged, gave me a kiss and rolled over, snuggling her ass against me.

I lay there for a while thinking about what she had said and wondered if she and Sue had their own play time while the kids and men had their games. I thought back over the recent past and realized Ann and Sue had been spending a lot of time together. Occasional over-night shopping trips to Denver and even a three day trip on a state-wide garden tour where they shared hotel rooms. Her slips of the tongue call out Sue’s name while in the throes of orgasm I began to suspect we’re not fantasy, but likely images in her mind of actual sexual experiences. I examined my own response and was not jealous or resentful. God, considering my own sordid past adventures how could I condemn her for having pleasurable experiences. As I drifted off to sleep I thought it best to let this aspect likewise drift unspoken about.

* * * * * * *

The next day, Sunday, ran its course as most Sundays do. Brunch for the family then off to late church service, followed by an outing to a favorite burger joint, along with an hour or so walking around a nearby park’s lake. Once home everybody crashed for a while until dinnertime, which consisted of popcorn and ice cream while watching a Disney movie. During the entire day, Ann did not mention one thing about her planned fun for the day involving a unusual sexual tryst. I kept my thoughts to my self, wondering what she had in mind.

The ball game I had been watching in the family room after the kids went to bed was interrupted by the buzz of my cell phone. I looked at it and saw a message from Ann. ‘If you get bored playing with your balls come to the bed room where the real action is at.” I smiled. She was always very good at sexual innuendo playing with words or activities to entice me to action.

‘Be right there,’ I replied tapping out the words.

She fired quickly back, ‘When you get into bed lie on your back, close your eyes, and be ready for a surprise. I’ll be in the closet getting ready.’

Obedient to her call and directions I laid on the cool sheets, eyes closed, hands folded on my chest, and felt the slow thickening of an erection in anticipation of what she was up to. No doubt some more face sitting and cunt grinding sucking and licking. I felt the bed shift with her weight upon her getting into position. But it was not to straddle my upper torso, but between my legs.

“Keep your eyes closed for just a bit longer, Stan. Help me lift your legs up toward your chest,” she coached. Once my legs were raised, knees pointed to my head, she smeared a goodly amount of lube on my anus. At that point I figured the butt plug was to be inserted, then would come the face fucking. Then I felt something different laying upon my crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32