College Day 01

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*Author’s note thingy: This is my first time writing anything other than poems and whatnot. Feedback is highly welcomed and I would really appreciate it. I don’t have an editor, but am looking for one. I hope you enjoy.

All characters are real, though the scenes and actions described are fiction. For the purpose of identity, names and ages have been altered.*

It’s the beginning of the school year, and already I’m looking forward to going home for the summer. I hated August more than I hated the other months; nothing but humidity and gross bugs flying about. As I made my way to my first and only course of the day, Biology, I thought back to the moments leading up to this day.

I’d fought with my mother for months about my going to college even though it would cost her so much, even with the loans and grants. I was going to refuse until the bitter end, until the end came sooner than I thought it would. A day after we had been arguing non-stop about me going, my mother had stormed out of the house and had taken a drive. She never came back. The call I had received hours later crushed me, and I made my decision to fulfill her dreams of me going to college and doing something great.

I clutched the necklace that hung around my neck. ‘Best Mom’ was the charm that hung from it. She’d been wearing it, and now I always wore it.


I jumped slightly at the sound of my name, having been caught up in my own little world like usual. I whipped my head around to see Violet sprinting towards me.

I’ll still never understand how she and I became such close friends.

Violet Brycen, 2 years my junior, with baby-girl pink hair and matching eyes. She was mostly albino, with a little Irish in her, so she had some freaky looking freckles that stood out against her nearly transparent skin. But that made her unique. She also had a strange aura about her, and was, in her own weird way, pretty attractive. She’d been the talk of the class since we met a few years back, and always had boys trailing after her. Sometimes even girls. I admit I had a bit of a crush on her myself, but we were so close that I’d never told her. I would hate to ruin what we had. She’d told me, anyway, that she was interested in someone.

As she came up to me, I couldn’t help comparing us, like I always do. She towered over my short 5’4″ athletic frame, topping out at nearly 5’8″, willowy like a young tree. Compared to her, I looked like a tanned cheerleader, though I was still ghostly white. My jet black hair and piercing blue eyes made me look just as much as a freak as Violet did. That’s probably why we became so close.

“Hellooo-ooo, earth to Ash!” Came Violet’s voice again. I realized I’d been zoning out again.

“Sorry, what was that, Vi?”

“I saaaaaaid, we’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on, midget. Bio starts in, like, 5 minutes!” She was whining again. “All the good seats are gonna be goneeee!”

I rolled my eyes and gave her a shove. “Let’s get moving, freak!”


We were the last ones in the room as the bells rang through the building. Huffing and puffing, and nearly exploding with laughter, we made our way to the front, where the only seats left were.

I sheepishly kept my gaze away from the glowering old man staring at us like we’d just trampled all over his precious garden or something. I plopped down in a seat, Violet beside me.

Just as old man, who I later learned was Mr. Jacobs, was about to get started, the door in the corner of the room opened and in walked, dare I say it, a goddess.

I kid you not.

My jaw dropped fast enough to crack.

In walked in the most beautiful creature I’d ever laid eyes upon.

She was petite, a few inches, maybe more, shorter than I was. But filled to the brim with voluptuous curves. The black band-tee she wore did nothing to disguise the massive yet modest bosom she was sporting. Her jeans snugged her hips and delicious legs as if they’d been painted on her. She walked with a confidence in her that only added to her sex appeal. Her hips swayed while she walked and it just made you want to follow her forever just to watch her strut. That wasn’t even the best part.

Flaming red hair that curled around her ears framed the most angelic face as if Michael Angelo himself had crafted her. Her nose slightly pointed at the tip, giving her a cute mouse look, god it was adorable. Her lips were curved up into the most sensual smile I’d ever seen, and it stopped my heart. But my heart broke into a sprint when my eyes finally saw hers.

They were the deepest evergreen, sparkled with intense lighter green shades, it was like her eyes were the greatest forest, and I felt myself get lost in them instantly. She was an angel, a pure, one of a kind, angel.

Our eyes met as she approached the sour old man and I dropped my gaze immediately, heat rising to my face, ears, and chest so fast I felt dizzy.

This was artvin escort insane! Sure I was a lesbian, but she had me nearly creaming in my seat by just walking into the room and looking at me.

I heard her voice as she spoke to the man, and I shuddered. It was so seductive, so deep and alluring. I’d die if she spoke to me like that.

Peeking up through my bangs, I saw her looking my way and, oh god, walking towards me. I realized there was just one empty seat left, and to my luck it was right next to me. I started trembling.

Violet gave me a nudge and I could see her grinning at me. But I saw her eyes, too. They were…Pissy. She looked immensely pissed out, though not at me. I followed her gaze and was a little more than surprised to see the angel before me looking nearly the same way. They were glaring at each other as the beauty took her place beside me.

The glaring contest continued as the lecture started up again. I could feel both women looking at me now, and I could see Violet move closer to me in her seat.

I shrank in my seat slightly, trying to disappear. Or at the very least not puke or pass out.

I tried hard to keep my gaze away from either woman beside me, but found my eyes straying towards the beautiful red-head. I glanced down at the paper on her desk to see a name scribbled elegantly across the top. Victoria. I shivered and snuck a peek up at her. I blushed violently when I saw she was looking straight at me. I dropped my gaze immediately and tried to focus on the lecture old man was giving.

It went in one ear and out the other.


Before I knew it, the 3 hour lecture was over. I hadn’t heard a word of it since Victoria walked in.

I jumped when the bell finally rang and looked up at Violet, clearly bewildered.

“No worries, I took notes for you.” She said with a knowing grin, her eyes still conveying some harsh emotion.

I groaned. “Your handwriting is so shitty! It’s going to be impossible to copy it.” I whined, gathering my cluttered notebook and pens together, the angel beside me momentarily forgotten. It wasn’t long, though, maybe a minute, before she made herself known again. I felt her hand on my shoulder.

I flinched away and ended up whirling around so fast I fell back against Violet, who held me close to her in a protective manner.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you!” Victoria gasped, clearly apologetic. Her slightly pouty expression drove a stake right through my heart and I was suddenly grateful for Violet holding me, because my knees had gone weak.

“I-It’s fine..” I managed to squeak out, trying to straighten up, my face beet red.

“I overheard your conversation…You can use my notes if you would like to?” She offered. Oh man, she was offering me her notes. I felt like I’d just scored a touch-down.

“S-Sure!” I stuttered out gratefully, reaching out for her outstretched notes. Just as I grasped them, Violet was yanking me by my hoodie.

“Well thanks for your help with MY,” Violet began, using more emphasis than necessary, “friend, but we need to be on our way now.” She finished, still dragging me towards the door. I stumbled backwards, shyly waving good-bye to Victoria before she was out of sight. By the time I got Violet to calm down enough to let me walk on my own, we were already out in the parking lot.

I huffed, out of breath from having been dragged around at Vi’s pace.

“Wha….what was that all about…Vi?” I sputtered out, a little angry with her. “She was just trying to be nice!”

“She was totally hitting on you!” Violet spit at me, angrier than I’ve ever seen her. I flinched away from her, startled.

“Dude…she wasn’t…Relax, man. Okay? It’s alright.” I tried soothing her, hugging her around the waist the way I knew she liked. She relaxed immediately and wove her arms around me, bear-hugging me until I squeaked to be released.

She let me go, taking my hand instead and walking me to her car with her.

“I don’t like her is all. She was looking at you weird ever since she saw how you looked at her, and I’m scared she’s gonna try something.” Violet was grumbling as we walked. I felt somewhat flattered.

“Vi…” I peered up into her light pink eyes. “Are you jealous?”

I struck gold.

Her face turned bright red within seconds and she had to look away from me, something she only does when she’s uncomfortable or embarrassed. I giggled childishly.

“You are! Come on, she doesn’t even know my name. She’s just a total babe who’s probably gonna be a whore later. I mean come on, did you see those huge tits?! All the guys are gonna be hounding after her!” I kept at it until Violet was able to look at me, smiling playfully.

“These are way better, though.” She teased, reaching around me and groping my tiny-in-comparison-B cup’s. I squealed and smacked her hands, laughing.

“Perv! Geez. You’re just jealous mine are bigger escort artvin and you have nothing more than pierced nips!” I roared at her, attacking her arm with my fists. We were both giggling non-stop as we clambered into her car.


It wasn’t until I was in my dorm room that I took out Victoria’s notes. I hadn’t thought about them all evening because Vi had taken me out to dinner to celebrate our first successful day of college together.

Looking at them now, I could really appreciate her sophisticated handwriting. It was so feminine, but not. It looked lovely. I realized I’d read an entire page without actually taking in anything, and tried to focus. As I turned the page, I caught a whiff of something sweet.

I leaned down closer to Victoria’s notebook and inhaled lightly. It smelled absolutely delicious. I could picture her next to me with her smell. I inhaled again, and it went straight to my head and, embarrassing enough, straight between my legs. My face turned red slowly and I tossed the notebook onto the desk beside my bed.

Rolling over onto my side, I tried relaxing, tried thinking of anything but her.


Her name kept swimming into my head along with her voice, those full, pouty lips, those piercing eyes.

I felt my chest getting tight and started panting, brushing a hand across my chest. My nipples ached, stiffening to nearly a painful point. I reached under my hoodie and shirt, lightly pinching one beneath my sports bra. A shudder ran through me.

My breathing picked up as I caressed my breasts, pinching and pulling my aching nipples, my moans muffled by my pillow. I felt so hot.

I sat up and quickly shed my hoodie and shirt, tossing my bra off as well. The cool air hitting my chest caused another shudder.

Suddenly her voice entered my head again, calling my name. I groaned and dipped my hands down my stomach to the heated core between my legs. I recalled her hand on my shoulder, imaging that touch elsewhere. I imagined it was her hands between my legs, touching, caressing, teasing me. I gasped as my fingers brushed across my swollen clit. Whimpering, I stroked it, hearing her call my name in my ear, her hot breath against my neck.

I came out of nowhere without warning, an earth-shattering orgasm wracking my body as I spasmed and writhed on my sheets, moaning and nearly screaming out her name. As the pleasurable waves subsided and I came back down to earth, the realization of the situation slowly dawned on me. I’d just orgasmed to a woman I’d only just met and barely spoke to.

Still shaking and sweating, I reached for my phone and dialed my best friend Kade. He was an openly gay guy, one of the best people I’d ever met. We got close over the years. He was great. A few inches taller than me, he was like my older brother, but like my sister. He looked like a punk, too. Spiky deep orange hair with red tips and ocean blue eyes, he was a heart-breaker when it came to the ladies. I could always count on him when I was at a loss.

When he picked up, I was surprised to realize I was crying, I was so confused.

“Kaaaadddeeee!” I hiccuped into the phone.

We talked for nearly two hours about my situation, to nearly no solution. He was just as baffled as I was, but he was coming over soon to sit and chat with me more about it.

Right on time, he came bounding through my door and ice cream and cookies. Smiling happily at as he picked me up in a brotherly bear hug, he carried me to my bed and sat me down, perching beside me. We ate ice cream as we started discussing my predicament.

“So what’s the big deal, Ash?” He finally asked, appraising my shrewdly. “So you fapped to a hot girl, so what? That’s what guys do all the time.”

“The BIG deal is that I KNOW her, K!” I barked at him, exasperated. “I have to see her tomorrow!”

Kade nodded a little, seeing my whole problem now, I think. He sat back, staring me down like he always does when he’s deep in thought.

As he thought, I really looked at him. He was such a killer. Chiseled to near-perfection without being jocky about it, he looked like he’d been lifting since he was a child. He was just naturally buff. His sandy complexion made him look like a beach-boy, and really, he was. He loved the outdoors and swimming. Especially playing guitar at night and singing to me when I’d get upset. He was great.

“So. Give her back her notes and call it a day!” He suddenly exclaimed excitedly, bouncing on my bed. “Just ignore her!”

I rolled my eyes at his childish idea, but if I was being honest, it was exactly what I had planned on.

“I might..” I mumbled, looking over at the notes on my desk. Kade followed my gaze and hopped over to my desk, picking them up. He thumbed through the pages and stopped at the last one, his face lighting up like a kid’s on Christmas.

“Guuuuurl, you are so not going to believe this.” He sang, holding out the artvin escort bayan notebook to me.

I took it, my curiosity overflowing. What I saw there I did not expect, and it made my heart first stop, then pound against my rib cage almost painfully.

There, written in her elegant script was her number and a short message.

‘If I’m correct in how you were looking at me, I’d like to have a word with you about it. Call me before 8pm.

-xoxo Victoria’

I stared at the scrawling on the page for a few more minutes, my face turning as red as ever. Kade was saying something to me, but he sounded too far away and I couldn’t hear him over the thundering in my chest.

I frantically reached for my phone and checked the time. 7:36pm. I breathed out a sigh. I still had a little time left. I looked up to Kade, panicked.

He was giving me ‘the look’, which meant I was on my own.

I hung my head and stared at the page

again as the minutes slowly ticked away. Before I knew it, it was only a few minutes to 8!

“Kade! I can’t!” I groaned, burying my face in my hands. He didn’t respond, and I raised my head to yell at him for not helping. I regretted it instantly.

He had dialed her number, and it was on the second ring when she picked up.


My heart lurched into my throat as I scrambled to get my phone from him.

“Hello? Who is this?” She was saying.

With a smack to Kade’s shoulder, I tried to find my voice and speak with my suddenly parched mouth.

“I-It’s Ashton.” I managed to squeak out, kicking Kade in the hip. While he was writhing in pain on the floor, and laughing, I tried speaking normally. “I uhm, just saw your message a few minutes ago…”

“Ashton..” Victoria murmured, and a shudder slithered down my spine. My name rolled off her tongue like a symphony, dripping like honey. God, I was wet again. “So that’s your name, hmm?”

“Y-Yes ma’am,” I mumbled, trying desperately to sound normal. Kade was grinning at me on the floor and I gave him the finger before mouthing for him to get lost. He saluted me before sprinting out the door to avoid the shoe I’d thrown after him.

“I would like to talk to you in person.” Victoria said softly, and I swear I could hear her smirking while she spoke. Heat coursed through my body and centered it itself between my legs. I squirmed on my bed.

“I-If it’s about class, I can expl–“

“Oh no you don’t Ashton.” Victoria whispered. I suppressed a moan. “I need my notes before tomorrow.” She continued, almost matter-of-factly, but something told me she was clearly lying. “Bring them to my room, now. Pretty please.” She cooed at the end, sending delicious little shivers through me. God she was going to kill me.

“O-Okay….” I managed to utter, my voice weak. “Text me which number it is, and I’ll be there…”

“See you soon..” She whispered in my ear before the line went dead.

I dropped my phone and my pants almost at the same time. I was so tight and desperate for release. Sliding a hand between my legs, I moaned at how wet she’d made me. Within seconds my fingers were slick with my own juices and sliding effortlessly in and out of me. Not even bothering with teasing, I fingered and rubbed myself to a powerful orgasm that ended with me screaming her name and collapsing onto the floor, my legs jelly. It was minutes before I came down from the high I’d gotten from bringing myself off to her for the second time that day.

“She’s definitely going to kill me…” I whispered into the floor.


By the time I finally collected myself, nearly a half hour had already passed. I glanced over at the phone that lay beside me and was a little surprised to see more than one message from Victoria. And more than one message from Violet.

“Shit, I forgot about Vi!” I groaned, fumbling with my phone to hurry and reply. She and I had been planning to go see this movie in the next town over. For months.

I felt so torn.

As I sat on my floor chewing my nails nervously, Violet decided to call me.

“Dude!” She yelled into my ear the second I answered. “Where the hell are you? It starts in like 15 minutes.”

“Uhm….Well…Remember that girl from this morning..?” I mumbled sheepishly. “She wants her notes back like…right now…”

I didn’t have to be there to know Violet had just gotten angry. I could practically feel it through the phone.

“I’m coming over right now. Stay put.” She barked in her, as I call it, commanding tone. She knows I have a thing for dom and shit like that, the cheater. “Yes ma’am..” I mumbled pathetically, snapping my phone shut.

I took this opportunity to look at what Victoria had sent me.

‘705.’ The first message said. I was shocked to see the rest of the address. We lived in the same building, just one level separating us. Her room, quite possibly, could be above mine! I shuddered at the thought, and again at the passing fear that perhaps she could hear me. I bit my lip and hurried to the next message.

‘Ashton? Are you there?’ I loved her saying my name, even if I couldn’t hear her say it.

‘If you don’t want to come, I understand..’ My heart broke a little, the message was oozing disappointment. I quickly messaged her.

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