Coach’s Conquests Ch. 15

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“So, do you wanna be drunk for tonight or sober?” The question came from Lori Hayes and was directed to Monique Sellars as the 22-year-old and 18-year-old started down Main Street of Lakeville, heading for Rusty Barr’s cabin.

“I wouldn’t mind sharing a drink or two this afternoon,” the high school senior replied. “It’s a long time until 8 o’clock.”

After Lori had purchased some wine coolers and a bottle of wine, the girls headed toward the cabin. Recent rains made the going slow, but they both took advantage by drinking as much as they could. By the time they got to the cabin, they were downright giggly. They shared conversation about numerous topics, with men and sex leading the way.

Bret Harris, the sexy new Lakeville coach, was the topic for much of the talk, and Monique steered clear of admitting they had been fucking, even though she wanted badly to let Lori in on her secret. Lori mentioned she had met Bret for the first time at the college and had seen him again at the Homecoming parade and game. She admitted she thought he was very good looking. There was no discussion of what took place after the game.

Lori had built a fire because of the chilly October day and both were sitting very close to it, and each other.

“My jeans are terribly wet,” Lori said, “I think you must’ve splashed me when you stepped in that puddle outside.” The college senior playfully pushed Monique to the rug near the fire, and then stood up and did a somewhat dramatic striptease in front of the high schooler. She threw off her oversized sweatshirt to reveal a tight, cutoff T-shirt and no bra.

The bottoms of her tan breasts were barely visible, and Monique’s eyes quickly moved away from them to Lori’s bellybutton ring. Further down, only skimpy bikini panties were left between Monique’s eyes and Lori’s pussy.

“C’mon, your turn,” Lori said to Monique. “The fire feels good on my…on my…” the girls laughed as Lori’s voice trailed off before finishing the sentence. Monique was next to strip, leaving herself in only a matching lacy yellow bra and panty set. Her breasts were too large for the bra and were barely held in.

Lori’s mouth watered. “You’ve grown up so much since junior high,” Lori said. “And I mean you’ve grown up well.” The girls shared a few more laughs and a few more drinks of the bottle of wine. Lori confessed to having a crush on the younger Monique, and Monique admitted she had always wanted to be like Lori.

“No,” Lori said, “I mean a crush. Like, I like you. Wanted you.”

“Sexually?” Monique asked, her pussy starting to heat up.

“Sexually,” Lori responded. “It’s been a dream for awhile.”

“With me or in general?” Monique asked.

“With you. I’ve done it with others. I’m talking about you.”

“You’ve done it with other girls? For how long?” Monique inquired.

“Oh, since I was a freshman in college. It was kinda like the thing to do right off the bat, that is, if you’ve already been with a guy. It was like, OK, you’re in college now. If you haven’t gotten laid, now is the time to do it, and if you have, now is the time to experiment with women. I dunno, really. But it’s fun.”

“So…you do it often?” Monique asked, trying not to be too pushy.

“Occasionally,” Lori replied. “The partner makes all the difference. I’ve only had two, and they’ve both been great.”

“But it doesn’t make you a lesbian, does it?” Monique asked, hoping the answer would be no.

“Not at all,” Lori said smiling. “I still like illegal bahis a hard cock. But this,” she said, moving closer to Monique and then closer still, “is a nice change.”

With that, Lori began massaging Monique’s thigh, up and down, just as Bret had the first night on the school bus. Lori moved to the senior’s shoulders, caressing, massaging, kneading them, and she slipped her hands around Monique’s waist and began caressing her hot ass through the panties. She didn’t kiss her; she didn’t want to yet. She wanted to see Monique’s expression and reaction. The high school girls’ tits told her all she needed to know. They were jutting out, pressing against the yellow lacy bra that barely could contain them. Lori began grinding her panties into Monique’s; still their mouths didn’t meet. Finally, Monique realized this was going to happen whether she wanted it or not. And, God, she wanted it. Monique gave in and finally came closer. Her face seemed to grow until Lori couldn’t see anything else, until all she could see were Monique’s brown eyes. At last she felt their lips touch, and Lori’s eyes finally closed as the long-awaited kiss finally occurred.

“Please,” Monique’s whisper was almost inaudible. “Please keep touching me.” The college senior obliged, cupping the high school senior’s breast with her hand, squeezing it gently, and she kissed Monique once more. This time their lips parted, and the kiss took them beyond mere friendship to an intimacy Lori had only dreamed of.

Lori then moved back a bit and slid her half shirt off and tossed it aside. She then moved in closer, unhooked Monique’s bra from the back and let it fall away. Their panties came next, Lori removing hers and then, after gesturing Monique to stand up, she removed the high school senior’s.

Now four hands touched four naked breasts amid kisses and hugs. And the kisses moved from lips to cheeks, from necks to shoulders, from arms to hands to fingers, and then to the breasts beneath the fingers. Gasps and sighs were exchanged as lips discovered the taste of nipples, and fingers tangled in brown hair. Lori’s hand was the first to dare straying between a pair of thighs not her own, to find the hidden moistness there. A moment later she felt Monique’s palm press against her own mound. Sighs gave way to moans as friends shared new secrets. Legs moved to make room for questing fingers, which moved gently, tentatively at first, then more quickly as they grew wet with their spiraling passion. After Lori and Monique had brought each other to long, shuddering orgasms, Lori put her fingers, still sticky from Monique’s pussy, to her lips.

One smell, one taste, and Lori knew what she was going to do next. Staring into her friend’s eyes, Lori put her fingers in her mouth, one after another, and slowly shifted her position. When Lori was sure that Monique knew what she intended, she lowered her head and planted a kiss full on her pussy. Monique whimpered softly. Her thighs parted, opening her sex like a flower. And the taste of her was outside anything Lori had ever imagined. Taking a deep breath, Lori proceeded to kiss and taste every secret part of Monique that she could reach.

“Lori?” whispered Monique, and Lori looked up with a start. “Oh, please don’t stop, that feels so wonderful, but…”

“What, Monique?”

“I want to have my tongue in your pussy, too,” Monique replied. They settled down on their sides, each with her upper leg cast over the other’s body. Lori felt a hot breath tickle her nest, followed illegal bahis siteleri by a timid kiss, then another, then a less timid kiss that lingered. A soft tongue spread her lips and searched until it found her clitoris, forcing an “ahhhhh” in response. From the tiny button, Monique kissed all down the smooth wet furrow to the secret entrance below, and then, stretching to reach, slipped her tongue inside.

Lori had all but forgotten about Bret by now. At first she didn’t think Monique would go through with having sex with her, and when she found out she would, she almost wished she hadn’t invited the coach.

But she had, and then she thought of last night, and how hot he was, and she got wetter by the second thinking of the three of them together. She was hoping Monique would agree to that little scenario as well. Monique’s voice that breathed, “Lori… oh, Lori…,” as Lori brought her to another orgasm.

A moment later it was Lori who cried out softly as she came, her hips bucking to press herself hard against Monique’s hidden face. They collapsed and cuddled together, sharing soft kisses for a long while until the conversation turned to the coach.

“I spent the night with him last night,” Lori confessed, anxiously awaiting the high school girl’s reaction. “And I know you’ve been with him, too. I don’t know your involvement, and I don’t want to interrupt anything you have going with him. I just wanted his hard cock so much.”

Had she not been so fulfilled by Lori’s tongue, Monique might have been pissed off. She handled it very well, and the pair continued talking, comparing their sexual activities with the coach.

“I have a surprise for you,” Lori said after a few minutes. “I’ve invited him here today. To be with you; to be with us.”

Monique’s face went flush as she listened to Lori tell of the plan she and Bret made the night before.

“He’s going to come?” Monique asked.

“Yes, and he’s going to cum,” Lori replied, and the girls shared a giggle.

Within 30 minutes the coach was there, inside, and the three of them were naked on the rug in front of the fireplace. Lori looked on as Bret settled down between Monique’s thighs, pausing to take each breast into his mouth, which caused Monique to moan until he silenced her with another kiss.

Monique reached between them and stroked his rigid limb before guiding it to her pussy, still wet from her lovemaking with Lori. Bret slid smoothly into his high school cheerleader, neither quickly nor slowly, and Monique sucked in her breath in a long gasp, her eyes widening as they stared into his. Bret’s eyes closed and he fell gently onto Monique. As his hips began rocking, Monique closed her eyes. She was full of him now, and he paused for one long, wonderful moment to savor the feeling of their bodies merged.

It was, understandably, not long at all before Bret’s breathing and movements meant he was about to cum. As he withdrew his massive cock from Monique’s depth, a long jet arced out to land on her thigh. Lori grabbed the bucking shaft and captured it with her mouth, holding it there as Bret gasped out his orgasm.

“I wish I’d done that,” said Monique, as Lori licked the last creamy drops from her leg. “I know how good he tastes.”

“Let me remind you,” Lori answered, and she kissed Monique, letting her taste the love juice that she had wanted to feel inside her. It didn’t take long for the coach to become hard again. Seeing the 22-year-old make out with the 18-year-old, canlı bahis siteleri their tan bodies entangled with one another, was enough to make a dead man hard. When the kiss ended, Lori panted, “Bret, you left something unfinished here.”

“What?” the coach replied.

“You haven’t made Monique come yet,” Lori said. “Wouldn’t you like to taste her?”

“Does she taste anything like you?” Bret asked.

“Better,” said Lori, which made Monique blush.

“Let’s see,” the coach said. Bret leaned over Monique, who obligingly parted her legs. As she felt his lips and tongue lead her down the road to ecstasy, she reached out to stroke Lori’s breasts. Lori responded by kneeling next to Bret to suck on Monique’s nipples. Monique’s hand found its way to Lori’s pussy, and Lori’s hand reached beneath Bret to fondle what she found there.

This proved awkward, and Lori had a better idea. Lying on her back next to Monique, she wriggled around until she was staring up at Bret’s cock, and then drew her knees up to her chest, presenting her pussy to Monique. After some shifting around to find comfortable positions, Lori set forth to coax Bret’s cock back to life as he explored Monique’s pussy with his fingers and tongue, while Monique made a similar exploration of Lori.

By the time Monique came, Lori had a very stiff penis in her mouth, which she removed to say, “He’s hard again, would you like a turn?”

Monique said she would, so they switched places and Monique found herself staring at Bret’s lovely cock, the one she’d worshipped so many times before. But she was up to the task again. As Bret tasted Lori, Monique licked at his cock tentatively, chasing it around with her tongue. She finally took it in her hand to hold it still, and her touch coaxed pearly drops from the tip. These she used it as lubrication, and soon her hand moved slickly back and forth around the fleshy pole. After a few more licks, she aimed the head between her lips and devoured it.

Bret’s cock pulsed as he felt his Monique’s lips close around it. After several minutes of this, Bret was ready to get laid again. Lori eyed the prone Bret, climbed on top of him, straddled his hips and mounted him. She did all the work while Bret moaned with pleasure and Monique watched them, first from the front, then from the rear, as Lori rode up and down, spearing herself on Bret’s long pole.

Twice Monique helped rejoin them, delighting in feeling their slippery skin slide together under her fingers. Then Lori suggested Monique sit on Bret’s face, which she did in a heartbeat. She knelt over Bret’s head, facing Lori, and lowered her ass until she felt the touch of a tongue in the crack of her bottom. Shifting backward, she pressed her pussy against his lips.

The girls embraced as Bret made love to both of them at once, kissing passionately, their fingers on each others clits, and together they came with Bret’s cock still in Lori’s pussy.

He didn’t come, though. He wanted to save it and shoot his creamy, hot, white love juice into Monique’s mouth. He’d done about everything else. While sucking him off, Monique felt Bret’s fingers in her hair as she bobbed her head up and down.

“I’m coming, Monique,” he gasped, “I’m coming.”

Monique felt his cock pulse in her mouth, and the hot taste of semen filled her mouth. The thick liquid squirted in pulses, once, twice, three times, and more, then subsided.

Releasing the hot flesh from her mouth, she swallowed and swallowed again, then continued to suck on it until it had softened and stopped oozing cream.

All three were spent — at least for the time being. They continued their lovemaking the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening before it was time to head back.

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