Co-Worker Fucked Hard In Office

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Co-Worker Fucked Hard In Office

It had been a couple months since I started my own IT firm with a couple of my friends. We built a great team, yet the absence of female employees made the office feel a little dry. After a few weeks, we started our first venture, a news-based web portal and it went viral.

We started giving out vacancies for interns as we needed journalists and content writers. After a few days of interviews and rejections, luckily, a group of 5 girls, all friends to each other showed up, with the finest profile and CVs. So we hired them. They all worked efficiently and we were impressed. But what impressed us the most was that among these 5 beautiful ladies, one of them had big bouncy voluptuous tits, and her face was very seductive.

Simran (name changed), was in her early 20s, full of energy. Her first day of work, she wore a Brazilian jersey of the footballer Marcelo, and the massiveness of her tits was showing clearly. All of the boys in the office had their jaw dropped looking at her.

Since that day, we started teasing her by calling her ‘Marcelo’. When she walked in that jersey, her tits bounced so much that it could give even a dead man a serious hard-on. As soon as I saw her tits bounce like that and her seductive look, I had to hide my boner. Right then, I decided I was gonna make it my mission to seduce and fuck her.

As she was the most qualified among the five, we decided to make her the head of her team. Days went by, and we became good friends, as I had to constantly check upon and assign her with duties for her team, and get reports from her, etc. I would be standing so close to her during her briefings, that it was hard for me to stop glancing at her tits.

Once she accidentally caught me staring at her tits. To my surprise, she didn’t complain or scold, instead smiled at me as if she was okay with it. That day, I felt really horny and decided to jerk-off, and went back home and watched some porn. Coincidentally, I came across a pornstar that looked like her. And I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Now I had to fuck her.

Days went canlı bahis by, we had a lot of time spent together for work and she kept noticing me noticing her breasts but didn’t say anything.

Our company’s content got hacked one day and I had to be at the office to solve the issue. It was on a holiday and the whole office was empty. I had to call Simran to the office because she had the backup for all the content. So she came, and as soon as she entered, my eyes again glanced to her huge breasts.

I made her coffee and we stayed for a long time trying to fix the issue. By the time we were done, it was late evening. I thought this is my chance, to get even close to her, and try to seduce her. So I asked her:

Me: It has gotten late and we have finally solved the issue. How about we spend the night in the office instead? We could get dinner together and spend the time talking about something other than work for a change.

Simran: I would love that, but let me inform my parents, they may get worried.
Me: Okay.

While she was on her phone, I went out to get some dinner and drinks for us. We talked about our lives and all. After dinner and a few drinks, we started getting open. We were sitting next to each other. She was continuously touching me while cracking jokes.

A couple more drinks later, I started to gain courage and confidence to speak up about sex. So, I said to her, “Hey! I know you notice me staring at your breast and you always leave me with a smile when I do that.. And it always leaves me confused, what’s with that?”

Simran: I know you stare at my face and breasts a lot, but I like the way you look at it, it makes me smile. Why do you look at them like that though?

Me: because they’re so big and beautiful. And don’t get offended, but your face is so similar to one of my favourite pornstar. Hence, I get so much attracted to you because of your facial looks.

Simran: What!! Really? How is her performance in those videos you watch?

I couldn’t believe she asked me that! I started getting hope and said,

Me: It’s good but I could perform better on her than those dudes on casino oyna those videos.

Simran (with her seductive look): I would love to watch you perform.

Me (with a full positive attitude): Well, we are here and we are alone. How about I perform on you and give you the first-hand experience?

Simran: I have been dying for you to say that since the day I saw you staring at my breasts!

Without any further talking, I pulled her close and kissed her lips hard. Simran responded back to my kiss very passionately.

A couple minutes into the kissing, I started pressing her boobs from outside her clothes. She took my hands and put it under her shirt. I could feel her naked breast with my bare hands now. I couldn’t stop myself. I started kissing her on her neck and pulled her shirt upwards, and started biting her big breasts.

I licked my extremely hot co-worker’s erect nipples, which drove her crazy. She pulled my head hard towards her breast.

As I was sucking her nipples, my fingers were already down inside her pants. Her pussy was so wet and dripping like crazy. She couldn’t take it anymore and asked me to lick her pussy. I pulled her pants down and started licking her like a mad dog. She went mad crazy,

Simran: Yeah!! Lick me hard, make me cum hard, finger fuck me while you lick my clit.

I started doing so and within minutes, Simran came. Simran said, “That was awesome. Let me return the favour”.

My horny co-worker opened my pants and saw my cock and was shocked with its length and girth.

Simran: Wow, I can’t believe I am going to take this big monster in my mouth!

Me: This big monster is going to be in a lot of places inside of you tonight!

My colleague started blowing me. She licked my balls and stroked me hard. After some time, I was about to come, so I stopped her.

Me: Wait, I don’t want to cum right now. Let me fuck you first.

Simran stood up and laid flat on the table. Her pussy was still wet, so I slid my dick inside her easily. She moaned loudly when my dick reached her entire depth. I stayed idle inside her for a while.

Simran: Oh fuck!!! This cock is so bedava bonus veren siteler big. I don’t think I can wait any longer. Start fucking me… make me cum again on that big dick!

Me: Oh, I am gonna fuck you hard, baby.

I started giving this hot office girl long hard strokes. And with each stroke, she was panting and moaning. Then I slowly increased my pace and Simran’s huge tits started to bounce. I grabbed them and kept fucking her.

After some time, I carried her and took her to the bed in one of the office rooms and laid her down. I fucked this sexy co-worker girl in missionary for some time. Then she said that she wanted to be fucked in doggy.

I stood her up and got her to bend down and started fucking her against the wall in doggy.

Simran: Yeah, fuck me hard you fucker. Give me your big dick, I want it all, play with my breasts while you fuck me.

I grabbed her boobs from behind and increased my pace even harder. Simran came on my dick this time. Her legs were shaking.

I asked her to lick her own cum off of my dick and she did. It got me even hornier.

Simran: Oh! This tastes so good. I wanna ride your dick now.

I laid on the bed and my sexy co-worker came on top of me. This time my dick was even deeper inside of her. She laid in the cowgirl position and started riding my dick. Her tits were bouncing real hard. I grabbed her boobs and started fucking her in the same motion as her riding. Within no time, she came again and I was also about to cum.

Me: Oh your pussy is so hot.. You’re riding me so well, I think I’m gonna cum.

Simran: Yeah, cum inside me you bastard. Fuck me hard.. Cum inside of this dirty whore.

I stood from the sleeping position and grabbed her tightly. I buried my face in her tits and started fucking her hard. All her dirty talk was making me hornier.

“Yeah, shoot your load inside me you fucker, make me your office slit, I wanna take your cock every day, I want to be fucked hard like this every day.”

I couldn’t stop myself and came hard inside my hot co-worker’s pussy.

We were both drunk and tired from all this fucking. So we fell asleep in each other’s arms that night.

The next morning, she woke me up with a blowjob and we had another fuck session.

Thank you guys for reading my story. Hope you guys liked it. More stories will be coming soon. Share your comments on this story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32