C’mon Tio Pt. 01 – Uncle Moves In

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I stared into the full-length mirror in my studio apartment for the last time.

What the fuck happened to you?

No job. Before the pandemic, I got by working at a body shop and doing handyman work on the side. Got laid off from the body shop during the pandemic. And after getting my license suspended for my second DWI, hard to get to houses for the handyman work.

No woman. A 42-year-old bachelor. Never was able to stay interested for long.

I looked at myself in the mirror. 5 foot 7 inches tall. Head still full of curly soft hair, even if most of it’s greying. Maybe it’s the Puerto Rican genes. Strong brows, a little stubble, soft brown eyes that always hooked the ladies and masculine facial features that still had some youth to them. I could pass for a man in my 30s and definitely tried. My beige skin, despite all the work outside, in garages, under cars, in basements, and in yards showed few wrinkles and little wear and tear for 20 plus years of manual labor.

Strong shoulders, hefty pecs that any woman would want to rest her head on, and solid biceps and forearms that clearly got worked on the daily. Hair covered my shoulders, chest, arms and trailed my stomach to my bush. Never believed in any of that manscaping. Didn’t have a beer belly but I had the stomach of someone who ate well and liked to drink. I wasn’t as tight as I used to be.

The studio was cleared out. Just the mirror remained. I stood there naked as my eyes lowered to my prize possession. Below a full bush of thick pubic hair, my dick hung in all its glory. Uncut, with a visible vein running down the center to my dick head, kept warm and ready underneath the cover of foreskin. Several inches of soft manhood rested on a full and heavy sack. My scrotum resembled two billiard balls in a Ziploc. My package rested between thick hairy thighs. Quads, glutes, calves all had some muscle, even if they were layered with hair and some fat. Sitting home all these months took a toll. But even if I wasn’t the muscular beast of my youth, I still stood a solid and thick 190 lbs.

“C’mon Tio! I have homework!” I was thrown from my trance by the horn of my pickup truck outside. My nephew must be pissed if I can hear him up here on the second floor.

Impatient faggot. After running out of money and selling what I could to pay the last month of rent, my sister Maria offered her guest bedroom while I figure things out. We haven’t been close since we were young. She went off to college and got political. Now that she’s a lawyer, with a lawyer husband, with her nice house, and blue state friends…. “Tio!!!” The horn blared again. Fuck. I promised her I wouldn’t talk politics or say faggot. I closed my eyes, sighed and pulled myself together.

I quickly threw on an old t-shirt, boxers I should probably replace, a pair of well-worn jeans, some white socks and my boots. I put on my trucker hat, grabbed my duffel bag and left one final time. Fuck this place.

My pickup truck sat on the side of the road, American flag proudly tacked onto the back. I threw in my duffel bag and got into the passenger side. Even though my nephew Daniel was upset, he was always respectful…aside from calling me “Tio”. He knows I don’t like anyone speaking Spanish around me. I’m American. This is America.

“Ready to go, Tio?” This fucking country. As I got into the passenger side, I looked Danny over. No idea where his father is from. As long as he’s not an illegal, I don’t care. But Danny had soft smooth caramel brown skin, straight silky hair that nearly touched his shoulders, and dark rosy pink lips that were full but not disproportionately large. His straight lashes bookmarked striking brown eyes that paired well with his wide, white and constant smile. He didn’t look like me or our side of the family. And while his voice was run of the mill for a teen nearing the end of high school, his earring, his painted rainbow-colored finger nails and crop top shirt would have left any of the Rivera’s shaking trabzon escort their head in shame. I said I’d be good. “Yea, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

A few weeks have passed since I moved in. I settled into the guest room next to Danny’s. Aside from having to talk to Maria about Danny walking around in only his underwear, everything has been fine. She said it was because he’s used to being home alone. After they had a talk, he now wears shorts. Fucking kids.

Maria was right about Danny being alone. She and her husband Juan were always out for work. Juan is a partner at a big firm and Maria is a big-time lawyer for the state Democratic party. Remember, no politics. Even Danny is out most days between school, after school clubs, sports teams (swim or track or something). My license is still suspended, so I’m usually in the house doing small jobs where I can: fixing the plumbing; making an addition to the deck; maintaining both yards and spotting potential for future projects like replacing a few windows.

Last week was Danny’s 18th birthday. Maria took me aside and thanked me for being respectful of his “lifestyle”, which was her way of thanking me for staying quiet. I don’t agree with how Danny turned out. I think maybe if Maria kept the values we grew up with and wasn’t so soft, things may have been different. But living around Danny, I can’t deny he’s grown into a good young man. He’s an A student, athletic, tall and always smiling no matter what. After a fucked up year, I can’t deny that being around him and that magnetic smile has felt…not so bad.

Today, Maria let me know that they’re going away for the weekend. We haven’t been close in years, but she trusts me and left the house in my hands. I didn’t listen to the details. All I know is that I haven’t had pussy in forever and this smelled like opportunity. I didn’t leave my studio with much. Clothes, my tools, some weights and a few random things like my DVD player and few DVDs. No TV. No computer or phone to watch porn on like kids do today. My flip phone was for calls and texts only. So it’s no surprise I’ve been dying to get my dick wet.

As night fell, I considered my options. Because my license has been suspended, I haven’t been able to hit up my favorite bars in months and my fuck roster has dried up. Rhonda will put out. I text her:

MR>Hey beautiful

R>>Look who it is

MR>Was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight

R>>Haven’t seen your ass out here in months. You showing your face tonight?

MR>No, thought maybe you could come out to the burbs and chill. Got a nice big TV. We can order out. Got a couple of bottles of tequila. You know.

R>>Oh…you got a house now huh. I heard you was a broke nigga. So you want some pussy. You picking me up?

Fuckin bitch

MR>Cmon baby. I know you drive. I’ll make it worth it. You know you cant find a dick like this anywhere.

R>>nigga, you know im not driving out to some house you dont even own for some limp dick. Unless you got some money, ill see your ass next time you come out

Fuckin black bitch

She’s right though. Last time we tried to fuck, I couldn’t keep it up. I blamed it on the alcohol but that wasn’t it. Rhonda has tits to die for and big nipples I could suck for days. I love a big areola to lick and suck on like a grownass baby. She sucks a mean dick and loves when I shoot my hot load all over her fat tits. But I haven’t been able to cum with a woman in a year. And last time, I couldn’t even stay hard.

Fuck it. I go to the kitchen and look in the cabinets for the tequila. But all I find is whiskey. It’ll do. I pull out a nice glass and set it on the counter. I promised my sister I’d cut back on drinking… but she’s not here. On the rocks. They won’t miss one bottle.

Half a bottle later, I’m clumsily trabzon escort bayan connecting my DVD player to the 60-inch TV in the living room. Finally, I get it working. I pop in Barely Legal Latinas 3 and cross the living room to the couch, bottle of whiskey within reach on a nearby coffee table. I sit my hairy ass down on the towel I’d laid out. Fully nude, I sit and wait while the movie begins.

I’ve always had a porn watching routine since I was a teen sneaking my dad’s Playboy magazines. Sitting naked, legs sprawled out wide, dick and balls resting and getting fresh air, I don’t touch myself for at least 15 minutes. Instead, I let my dick slowly grow. I can feel the blood slowly fill the slab of soft meat between my thighs. Like the long hand of a clock, my dick slowly rises. I’m turned on by the size of it. It’s thick, weighty and even at half attention, it always puts a look of shock on any woman I’ve met. On the big screen, the first barely legal latina is getting her pussy drilled by an older man with a huge “cock”. I stare at my piece as it nearly reaches its full potential. I can barely get my hand around the shaft as I pull back the foreskin. With the foreskin pulled back, precum releases down my shaft as a steady stream leaks from my glans. I bet I could fuck her better. It’s 9 inches. Not a fake 9 inches, but a real, solid, veiny and thick 9 inches. I slap the shaft of my dick in my palm a few times. It’s a solid *thump* *thump* *thump*. The kind you can feel reverberate in your body.

I let go of my dick and sit back on the couch. I’ve got time. Another swig from the bottle. The room spins a bit. Fucking bitch. I look around the room. Family photos fill the space on walls, shelves, coffee tables. What the fuck am I doing? Before I start to think about the state of my life, I grab the bottle again. There’s a photo of Danny on the coffee table next to the bottle of whiskey. As I take another swig, I look at the framed photo. He’s smiling as always, but in a low-cut tank top, holding a rainbow flag. It must be recent because he looks the same…long hair…smiling eyes…perfect white teeth… big brown nipples… I put the photo face down and turn back to the porn.

Finally, it’s time to slowly stroke myself. I pull back my foreskin and rub precum all over the palm of my other hand. There’s plenty of it to spare. With so much precum, I never use lube…chicks usually lap it up like it’s the only thing to drink in a hot dry desert. For now, it’ll help me wet my dick. I close my eyes as I slather precum up and down my shaft. The moans of a young woman getting rammed from both ends fill the room. It’s the 3rd of 4th scene…. can’t keep track. My head is spinning but my dick is still rock hard.

My strokes stay rhythmic but get faster and tighter. The bottle is empty and I can barely tell which way is up, but my dick is still hard and fully wet with precum. Whenever my hands start to get a little dry, I rub my palms and fingers over my glans. On the screen, a brunette rides a thick dicked white guy while squealing in pleasure. I can’t help but focus on his penis getting swallowed by her tight pussy, the shaft getting wetter and wetter as his balls contract and release. I pull on my own balls and realize how sweaty I am. I lift my finger to my nose instinctively… smells like sweat, and musk. I wonder what his balls smell like. My dick pulsates at the thought. Fuck. Not again. I swipe my hairy, sweaty ball sack and sniff my fingers again. My eyes roll back a bit as I enter a new zone of ecstasy.

The DVD ends and the liquor is gone. What the fuck? How am I still doing this? I can’t cum. I’m horny as fuck but I can’t cum. I don’t feel like getting up to switch the DVD so I guess my imagination has to do the trick.

Memories. Eyes closed. I think about my high school English teacher, my on-and-off girlfriend from the 2000s, that hot stripper I fucked once behind the bar, Rhonda, nothing gets me to the edge.

I escort trabzon open my eyes and look around. It’s almost midnight and I’m barely awake but I need to finish this nut. I stare at the thick monster between my thighs. Only moonlight from behind me lights the room, illuminating my throbbing dick with the signature vein pulsing down the center. I look at the empty bottle and I pick up the framed photo I put face down earlier. I set it up, how it stood before. There’s Danny smiling at me. Danny with his large, dark brown nipples. Danny, who was on this couch yesterday, turning around with his big smile and welcoming me back into the house from the backyard… Danny on the couch, in his short shorts…. with his smooth caramel brown legs propped up on the short living room table…his soft size 12 feet… his wide shoulders as he turned back to the TV, his slim but smooth back….

ugh…Fuck…the first solid white string flew over and behind my head. It was too late to turn back now. I didn’t even realize I was slowly stroking, but as I gripped the base of my dick with my foreskin pulled back, the next missile of cum shot towards my face and landed somewhere above my forehead. The next shots were sprays of pure white cum onto my neck, onto the top of my chest. My toes curled, my balls tightened and my thighs tensed as sprays of cum covered my torso like a mist of Windex on a window. I threw my head back as waves of pleasure continued to run through my body. Like a falling tower, my dick finally collapsed onto my right thigh. I squeezed more of my load out onto my hairy leg… I’ve never cum like that in my life. Thick concentrated ropes of splooge turned into a more diluted spray across my body and now… Thick oozing hot cum fell onto my inner thigh and slowly cascaded down onto my towel. Damn.

The door? I don’t remember falling asleep. Am I still asleep? But I did hear the door open. Fuck… did they come back early? Thoughts could barely process through my hazy, wasted mind. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. I could hardly see even if I wanted to. I was no longer sitting on the couch. I was laying down, with the back of my head facing the hallway to the entrance. “Tio? You up?” I could hear from the hallway. Shit, didn’t Maria say they were gone for the weekend? Or did she include Danny? I’m too blitzed to think coherent thoughts but barely awake enough to hear footsteps get closer and then stop…

I don’t open my eyes. I can barely hang on to semi-consciousness. Whether this was a dream or not, I could not bring myself to tell or care. Was he still standing there? I was still naked on the couch, flaccid dick with a string of leftover cum hanging out of my foreskin. I think he sat down on the lounge chair behind me and to my left, within reach of the short living room table but out of my line of sight. I think I groaned in an effort to make some kind of words, but I’m too far gone.

Did I fall asleep again? Am I dreaming? Is Danny still there? Was he ever? I think I hear something behind me…. from where I’m guessing the lounge chair is. Is he still there? It sounds like a shifting of fabric, of clothes…but rhythmically. What’s going on… is he? I am still out of it, unable to open my eyes…but I feel that familiar pulse down low. I rub my chest with my left hand…move my fingers through the hair on my stomach and down to my pubes. What’s happening? I’m on auto-pilot at this point…my crotch feels warm, feels needy. My hand shifts to my dick to find it standing at attention. How many drunken nights have I touched myself? But in my sister’s living room? With my nephew here? Or is he? My body is acting on its own at this point. I pull the foreskin back and feel the cool precum run onto my fingers. In the silent room with my eyes closed, I hear what sounds like a mouth open, and more rhythmic sounds, going faster.


I wake up with a blanket on top of me. It’s daylight and I have a pounding headache. Everything else is where it was last night. What happened? I pick my mesh shorts off the floor and put them on. They barely hide my soft swinging dick but I head upstairs. “Danny?” No answer. I open his door and the room is empty. I think that’s my last drink for a while.

To be continued…

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