Clarissa’s New Job Pt. 04

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Part 4 (You should read parts 1 -3 first or this won’t make much sense xx)


Wow! Just, wow!

It’s 7pm as I push the buzzer for Emma’s apartment. I felt so much better after spending the afternoon asleep. I had taken a long bath and my head felt clear now the alcohol was out of my system. I’d chosen more casual clothes this evening and I wore a long, white skirt and a yellow, long sleeve top all finished off with my white shoes. The short walk from the bus stop to Emma’s building had been very welcome, it was a sunny evening and the air and warmth felt refreshing on my skin. Emma’s voice sounded happy on the intercom as she buzzed me in.

I felt my nerves back as I rode the elevator to the top floor. Last night had been pretty weird, I mean, we had met for a drink and a professional chat but finished up on a date which had ended in some pretty intense sex and an invite for dinner. I had not been expecting any of that but here I was. This time, I wouldn’t be caught off guard and I had some underwear, deodorant and a toothbrush hidden in my bag, just in case!

The doors of the elevator opened and I stepped out onto the landing. Looking around this time, I saw the carved wood and expensive carpets. The hallway lit up yellow with the sun streaming in from the window at the end of the hall. As I walked towards Emma’s door, it opened as if by magic. From around the door, Emma appeared and I was greeted by a huge smile. Any worries that I would feel awkward evaporated quickly.

I reached Emma and stopped. No words had been spoken as we seemed to just stare at each other. I felt myself feeling like I was going to melt, it was like this woman had cast a spell on me. In a split second, my heart took control of my mind and I new that I wanted Emma. Without moving my eyes, I slid my hand over her cheek and leaned forwards her, feeling electric shocks throughout my body as our lips touched. I closed my eyes and savoured the feelings, the smell and the taste of Emma.

I let our kiss linger before I pulled my head away a little. “Hello.” I whispered.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come back. Now I’m happy.” Said Emma. “Come in.”

I followed Emma through her hallway and into her kitchen where the smell of coffee and fresh salad filled the room. I looked at Emma and took her in. She was dressed in a pair of black jeans, red deck shoes and a simple light blue strappy top. She looked lovely, just as she had every time, I’d seen her.

“You look amazing.” I said without even thinking about it.

Emma thanked me with a huge smile. “You know, when I first saw you in the chat room, I thought you were cute but now I know you’re beautiful.” I don’t think anyone had ever been so nice to me.

Emma’s dining table in her kitchen was next to the huge window and we sat and drank coffee and talked. Not about being escorts but about each other. We explored our past, our childhood and families. A couple of hours slipped pass easily as we slowly got to know each other. We laughed as we told each other the silly stories about the stupid stuff you do when you’re young and more foolish. Emma had fallen asleep on a train and ended up in a different state,. She was more and more endearing, the more I knew about her.

As it started to get dark outside, Emma got up and brought over the food she had prepared for us. Lovely Salmon salad, with bread rolls and seasoned perfectly. Was there anything that Emma couldn’t do? I asked myself. We ate our dinner and our conversation inevitably turned to our choice of careers, escorting.

Emma gave me a pretty graphic account of a meeting with a regular client which had taken place the previous week. I sat, intently listening as she explained that this man, a merchant banker, paid her $1500 to bring another girl and spend a few hours taking turns drinking with him, playing with each other while he watched and ended with both Emma and her companion allowing the guy to fuck them in their asses.

“What was it like?” I ask.

“I love it.” Emma replied without a pause. “It helps that I know the guy now and he’s nice but the whole thing, it’s hot, what can I say.” Emma shrugs.

Before I can say anything else, Emma pulls her chair closer to mine. “So, urm, are we kind of, errm, girlfriends now?” She asked me in a faltering voice as she looked at me with her big eyes.

I though for only a moment. “Yes, I think we are.”

“Look, I want to be honest with you,” Emma continued. “I want to keep my work as it is and for that, obviously, I’m gonna be fucking around with lots of men and women. But, so are you and I’m cool with that. I really, really, like you Clarissa, can you cope with all that?”

I had never been one for monogamy, it had never worked out for me and I didn’t often feel jealous. This, however, marked a huge change for me, I had been sure that I didn’t want a relationship just now but something made me want Emma.

My reply was instant. “Yes! I can cope and Emma, I want you, so, fuck it! Bring it on!”

A smile spread across Emma’s face illegal bahis as she lit up. I felt myself glowing and we leaned into each other and began a long and deep kiss. I felt Emma open her mouth a little as we kissed and her tongue brushed my lips. Feeling her touch, I opened my mouth and let my tongue play with hers. Our tongues swirled together as we kissed and with each second I felt myself melt inside with a warmth that’s impossible to describe.

After, perhaps the most perfect kiss has ended, Emma suggested moving to her lounge and listening to music as we drank some coffee. We walked from the kitchen and back down the hall to Emma’s lounge. There were two big, cream coloured sofas and the same giant windows looking across the city and, ten floors up, the view was stunning. We chose some jazz and, as the music began to play we put out coffee cups on the small table and sat next to each other on the right hand sofa.

By now, it was dark outside and the city was lit up in a million lights. In our room, the lights were dim. I felt relaxed and happy as I leaned against Emma. I felt her arm snake around my shoulders as my head rested on her arm. She gently stroked my arm and shoulder as we sat still. Emma sat a little more upright and pushed me downward so that my head was in her lap. I turned around to look up at her and stretched myself out on the sofa, smiling at each other as she began to run her fingers through my hair in a gentle and loving way. I tried to remember each moment as a flood of happiness washed over me.

My eyes closed for a second and in that moment, I felt Emma’s hand slide over my cheeks and down my neck, she continued to run her fingers across my chest, between my breasts and over the tight cotton of my top. I focussed on her touch as I took deeper breaths. Slowly, Emma reached the join in my clothes between my skirt and my top. Her hand expertly, slipped under my top and I breathed out hard as I felt her start to stroke my belly. By now I has opened my eyes to see her wide smiling face beaming down at me as she stroked me.

This was the first time I could remember feeling so turned on but so relaxed at the same time. I leaned my head back and Emma put her other hand on my head. She slide her hand up, under my top and traced the outline of my bra under my breasts before she used just a single finger to drag across the lace of my bra and brush my nipple. I felt my eyes open wide at this touch which sent electric shock through my whole body. Emma just smiled and began to softly stroke my nipple through my bra.

It was starting to drive me crazy, my nipples became hard and I could feel myself getting so turned on. Still Emma just looked at me. I though that if she carried on just doing this I could well orgasm, it was getting so intense.

Emma repositioned herself a little and dragged a couple of her cushions across and put next to her, behind my head.

Emma slid her hand out and said quietly. “Move up.” I slid myself back so that my head now rested on the cushions and my ass was on her lap. I felt her open her legs a little to get comfortable and she turned to look up at my face as her right hand slid under my top again. Emma went right back to playing gently with my nipples.

I felt her other hand stroking my legs through my skirt, all the way down my thighs, across my knees and down my bare legs. I let out a little whimper which made her smile more. Emma slid her hand back up my leg and this time, let her hand slide under my skirt. I felt her slowly move along the top of my thigh and reach my panties. She did this several times on each leg. This time, when her hand slid up and touched my panties, her finger traced the edge down from the top of my thigh and I opened my legs as far as my skirt would allow. Emma, meanwhile, let her finger continue it’s journey along the edge of my panties until she couldn’t reach any further. I made a kind of “mmmhmmmm.” sound.

Emma lifted her hand back up between my legs but let her fingers drag over the centre of my panties which forced me to let out an, “Ohhh, God!”

I lifted my knees up which allowed my legs to fall further apart and Emma ran her finger along the edge of my panties but this time, she hooked in her finger and gently pulled them to one side. I was biting my lip as I stared at her. She began a soft and gently brushing of my pussy lips, which were, by now, soaked. I allowed my back to arch a little but I kept looking at Emma who made sure her other hand remained in contact with my nipple.

I let out a long and sustained gasp as I felt Emma push her fingers between my lips. It felt so fucking good, I mean, really fucking good. She started to rub my clit upwards kind of flicking it as her finger passed over. Her finger was moving slowly and firmly.

My breathing became laboured rapidly as I looked up at her with my mouth open. I really knew that this was going to push me over the edge in no time, she had set me on fire with her gentle stroking and my body wanted release. I began a steady rocking motion on illegal bahis siteleri my hips as I rolled my head from side to side. Emma kept the same, slow pace with her finger.

“Ohh, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Yes.” I said, almost under my breath.

I opened my eyes and Emma was just smiling at me as I thrashed around.

“Go on, you can, girl,” Emma said as she nodded with a huge smile.

I knew it was going to happen and then it did, it came like a bolt out of the blue. I didn’t make any noise or scream out, I just felt my entire body tense up and I held my breath as my orgasm exploded inside me. Emma held her finger still, pressing it into my clit. I felt a little squirt of my juice trickle down between my ass cheeks and I finally took a breath and grunted out, “Holy shit, oh Jesus!!, Jesus!.” I lay there with my arms failing for a second then I sat up and held Emma’s head in my hands and in a fit of passion, thrust my tongue into her mouth. She responded, by moaning through her nose and kissing me back.

The only thing on my mind was making sure that Emma felt as good as I did. I pulled my lips away from her and slid my hand down each side of her and grabbed her top. I looked at her as I slid it up and over her head. I put my lips on her cheek and kissed her, moving my lips along her cheek and kissing her ear. Emma leant her head over and I kissed her neck gently. Running my hands up her back, I continue to place delicate kisses on her neck as I unfasten her bra.

Pulling myself away from Emma, I look at her as I pull her bra off. She looks out of breath and smiles at me as I stand up, taking hold of her hands as I do and pulling her up with me. I look at her and grin, my fingers hook into the top of her jeans and I used them to pull her towards me. Pushing my tongue back into her sweet mouth, I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down over her cute ass. I felt them brush across my thighs as they fell to the floor.

Again, I moved my head away, this time, I placed my hands on her shoulder and pushed her down. Emma sat back on the sofa and opened her knees wide as I knelt on the floor in front of her. As I moved my head towards her chest, she put her hand on the back of my head and stroked me. I finally felt my lips touch her skin on her chest and I kissed all over her neck and her breasts. Gentle little kisses placed randomly while Emma started some pretty heavy breathing. I let my head drop and kiss down her left breast, I felt her hard nipple touch my chin as I kissed my way down.

I stopped for a moment with my lips hanging just above Emma’s nipple. I could see her chest heaving and I couldn’t wait any longer. My lips touched her nipple and kissed it, then again and again. Emma moaned out loud as I gently sucked her nipple into my warm mouth. Rolling it around in my lips, I flicked it with my tongue and she responded by digging her nails gently into my shoulders. I could feel her body shake a little as she gasped . I moved to her other breast and enjoyed kissing and sucking her other nipple.

I sensed that she wanted more as her breathing and moans sped up. Moving my lips away from her nipple, I began to kiss downwards again, moving my lips over her belly, I kissed all around her belly button and put my hands on her thighs as my kisses reached her green and white striped panties. Allowing my kisses to continue, I kissed her panties and savoured her sweet smell as my head moved down between her legs. My lips pressed into the wet cotton as I kissed right between her legs which caused her to groan.

My hands slid up her thighs and between her legs and I gently uncovered her pussy, pulling her panties off the the side. I looked at her glistening, swollen little pussy waiting for me.

Emma had slid her hands up and as I ducked between her legs, the last thing I noticed was her massaging her breasts.

I used my fingers to gently spread open her pussy lips which exposed her little pussy entrance which almost oozed juice and made her little clit poke outwards. I put my lips on her clit and savoured my first taste of her juices as I kissed it. After a few kisses which, by now, were making Emma whimper and moan, I put my lips over her clit and gently sucked it into my mouth. Emma let out a massive “Oh FUCK Clarissa!!”

I began to suck and lick her clit as she squirmed around. Emma let go of her breasts and lifted up her legs, putting her hands on her knees. I let my hand slide back up her thigh and as I started to suck her clit a little harder, I slowly, sank two of my fingers into her pussy which alternately gripped and relaxed on me as I pushed them in.

“Oh my fucking god, oh god oh god!” Emma kept repeating over and over as I curled my fingers upwards rubbing over her g-spot. I don’t know what made me do it, but I used my other hand and pushed my finger between her ass cheeks. Massaging her ass in little circles as I slid my fingers in and out of her body. “Yes, yes yes!!” she wailed. Her ass was slippery from the juices that were dribbling from her pussy.

I pushed canlı bahis siteleri my finger and it slid easily into her ass. Giving her clit one big suck, I felt her pussy muscles start to throb and I knew she was close. I slid my finger in and out of her ass and flicked her clit which sent her over the edge. I felt her tense up and shake but then she screamed out at the top of her voice. My fingers were in a vice like grip and her thighs clamped my head as she moved from side to side. A huge, warm jet, squirted out of her pussy and hit my neck. I kept still as I felt her slowly start to relax. I opened my eyes to look at her, red-faced and panting but still with her smile. She laughed as I slid my fingers out and I took a moment to reflect that I had just fingered her ass which was a first for me and, it had made her cum. Emma was a fucking special woman, I thought.

I climbed back on the sofa and we lay down together, holding each other tightly. I savoured the feeling of her heart beating fast and her breath on me.

“Do you want to stay tonight?” Emma asked me quietly.

I really did want to stay with her and I nodded.

“Come, on, let’s go to bed.” Emma said and we got up. I went to the bathroom as Emma turned off the lights in the rest of her apartment. Walking out of her bathroom and towards the bed I felt like a million dollars. I had just got to the bed when Emma came into the room behind me. She stopped and looked at my naked body which made me smile at her.

I lay down in the bed and covered myself in the soft sheets and waited for Emma to come back. After a while, she appeared in the door way and slowly walked towards me, I was happy to see that she was also naked. I think that we were both pretty exhausted after the last twenty fours hours which had been really intense. Emma slid up to me and we wrapped out arms around each other and kissed for ages.

The next thing that I remember is waking up with the sun streaming through the windows. As soon as I awoke, I felt so much better following a really good night of sleep. I lay there for a while, turned on to my side, watching Emma sleep. She looked so peaceful and I resisted the urge to touch her. Shortly after, Emma opened her eyes and focussed on me and I was treated to a kiss and a huge smile.

A few minutes later and I was enjoying the hot water from the shower wash over my body. It gave me chance to think. It had been less than ten days since the thought of being an escort had entered my head and in that time, I had seen clients, earned much needed cash and, I now had a girlfriend! I sniggered to myself as I stood in the shower. Who the hell could have predicted all that?

An hour later and I was dressed in my change of clothes, smart jeans and a white top. Emma was in the bathroom and I had heard her get out of the shower so I went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Emma came in with wet hair and wearing a white towel robe. That morning we sat and chatted like we’d known each other for years as we drank our morning coffee.

Emma stood and headed off to get dressed, leaving me at the kitchen table reading the news on my cell. There were several SMS messages from potential clients and I decided to ignore them for now. After a while, Emma returned, wearing a sweet, white, summer dress and sat back at the table, she was holding her cell.

Emma looked at me with a cheeky grin. “So, girlfriend. I got a client tonight who wants some girl on girl action. Not the one I was telling you about last night. You, maybe wanna come with me, we can split the cash?” I sat for a moment, feeling a little shocked, I hadn’t considered that we would work together, but, hell, why not? I was sure it would feel weird but what better way to get the advice I was after?

“Sure,” I said, with a smile, “When and Where?”

“Meet here at 8pm, we’re going to his place, oh, forgot to mention, he’s cool, been seeing him for a few years.”

I laughed at Emma, “I’ll be here. I never thought I’d end up with a girlfriend and be doing duo escort jobs 2 days ago!”

Emma smiled, “You never know what’s around the corner babe.”

Emma and I kissed our goodbyes and I felt sad to be leaving her but I was looking forward to an exciting evening, even if I was feeling quite nervous about it. I made my way home through the city and climbed the stairs to my place. I lay on the sofa with a big smile and stayed right there for a couple of relaxing hours.

Early afternoon and my cell rang, starling me in the silence. I thought about not answering it but I had not seen any clients for a couple of day and of course, I still needed to earn money. I answered the phone in my friendly voice. The man on the other end sounded friendly but nervous. I asked if him what he needed. “Can I come, I mean, urm, is it OK for me to come see you this afternoon?”

“Of course it is baby, Why don’t you come over in an hour and we’ll have some fun?” The man seemed pleased and agreed. I sent him an SMS with my address details as I usually, did and changed into some more sexy clothes. I wore hold-up black stockings with black g-string panties and a long white shirt, I left the bra and skirt off. I wanted to see how a more slutty look worked and I realised that I was laughing at my naughtiness in the mirror.

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