Christmas Panties

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Amber never really thought of herself as the type who would attract hot men; at twenty seven, she’s married, has a child and is a little bit overweight. But nonetheless, Christian constantly flirted with her. These little occurrences weren’t thought of as anything major, just a little workplace silliness. After all, he was married and even if he was to cheat, it would be with one of the other women who were thinner and more attractive.

So maybe she wasn’t all that overweight… she was short, 5’2″ and wore a size 12. It was her height that made her seem bigger than she really was. Her dark brown hair rested on her shoulders and her bangs were cut at an angle so that they sometimes covered her right eye — her eyes are what made her think she’s sexy: deep blue, sometimes green and always looking at Christian through long, dark lashes. She boasted a size 44DD bra and small waist despite her hip size. Her lips always looked wet from the lip gloss she wore and her nails were always painted a deep scarlet… much like the letter she’d have worn after this tale is over.

Christian was a tall, muscular man. He played basketball and baseball and was undoubtedly the homecoming King or something like that; very attractive. He was constantly winking or smiling or throwing suggestive looks and comments her way, but she never thought anything of it. Close to Christmas, he hung a stocking on his door and told a select few women — including Amber — that he wanted it filled with a pair of each of their panties; he likes black and pink. A few of the other women laughed and joked that they’d get him the biggest, ugliest pair available but Amber went a step further. At lunch that day, she went out and bought a pair of black, lacy boy-cut panties and attached a note which read:

“Now all you need to do is find out who I belong to?”

She was in the bathroom when she heard his loud “hello” come from down the hall and she just laughed at herself. When she got back to her desk, he came up with the note in his hand and a slight blush on his face. She looked up at him innocently.

“Did you do this? Let me see your handwriting…”

Amber just smiled and asked what he was talking about. He handed her the note and after she’d read it, gave her a look that ankara escort repeated his earlier question. She just shrugged her shoulders.

“Are you serious? You didn’t do it? Do you know who did?” He patted the wadded up panties in his pocket. “Just remind me to get rid of these before I leave today.”

“You know what you have to do in order to find out who did it, right?” Amber bit her lower lip and looked up at him again. “Just see who isn’t wearing anything. It’s easy… just think about who those panties might fit.”

He shook his head and just looked at her. “They’d fit you.”

“Yes, and Colleen and Mattie and probably Julie,” she lowered her voice. “But which one of us is now going commando?”

Of the women mentioned, Amber was the only one who worked the next day. She was in the kitchen getting some coffee when Christian walked in.

“Well, what did you do with them?” She smiled sweetly.

He said he’d hid them at his parent’s house. “…with all of the stuff that my wife doesn’t see, like what I had from High School.”

Amber’s smile grew and he looked at her knowingly. “What?”

“They’re yours, aren’t they?” He looked around to make sure nobody was near.

“They’re not mine, but I am responsible for them.”

He looked her over and smiled. “What do I do to thank you?” He raised an eyebrow.

Nonchalantly, she shrugged her shoulder. “Oh, I don’t know… I’m sure you can think of something.”

She did everything in her power to keep away from him that morning and when she came back from lunch, she found him in the kitchen again.

“Seriously, what do I have to do to thank you?”

“You’re a married man. I couldn’t possibly tell you what thanks I want.” Amber looked at his crotch then into his eyes.

He smiled. “Tease.”

She shook her head. “That’s not teasing… telling you that I’m wearing the exact same pair of panties I gave you yesterday would be a tease.” She shut the door.

Later that afternoon, she eventually had to go into his office to hand over some paperwork and sat in the chair in front of his desk. He looked at her a moment before he smiled and asked her if she’d like her thanks now.

She bit her lip. “What is it you have that I would possibly want escort ankara for thanks?”

He stood up and made sure his blinds were shut before reaching into his pants and pulling out his penis. Limp, it was at least four inches. “What do think of that?”

He was clean shaven and though it was already large but not erect, his balls were still loose. She stood up and shut his door then went behind his desk and put her hand on the smooth area of skin right above his slowly growing cock. With deliberation, she traced her middle finger all around without touching his penis. Finally, she looked up into his eyes and his face was close to hers. She laid her palm flat on the area just above his bobbing cock and kissed him. He tangled his hand in her hair and she ran one finger down the length of the shaft and stopped to tickle the head before moving it back up.

He couldn’t take anymore and lifted her so that she was now sitting on his desk. He sat back down in his chair and spread her legs open wide; her skirt bunched up around her hips and he got a perfect view of the panties she’d teased him with earlier. Amber put one foot on each arm of his chair and pulled him to her, his face nearly to her pussy which was already beginning to make her panties wet. She put a manicured finger to her black lingerie and pushed it aside then stuck the same finger that traced his cock onto her wet slit.

“Look what you’ve done to me already.” She said before she put her wet finger into his mouth.

He needed no more invitation than what she’d just given him and quickly stuck his tongue where her finger had been. Immediately, she moaned and had to put a hand behind her for support as she leaned back. When his face wasn’t occupying her cunt, it was cold from being clean shaven and soaked. His tongue teased her clit just like her finger had teased his cock and she couldn’t take it any more. She used her other hand to shove his face into her pussy, making his tongue finally penetrate her dripping hole. He lapped away happily and every once in a while he’d come up to her clit and flick it a bit but that wasn’t enough for her.

She unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her bra which conveniently opened in the front. When Christian saw the huge breasts unleashed ankara escort bayan he stood up and started to suck on one. Amber’s free hand made its way to her pussy and she began to finger herself while being fondled by him. Every so often, she’d feel the head of his cock against her hand before she grabbed it and rubbed it on her slick pussy. He groaned as she got off the desk and knelt to face this monster of a penis. Fully erect now, it was nearly ten inches long and she had a difficult time getting her hand to wrap around it. She pumped it with her hand a few times before tasting herself on his swollen, purple head. One hand was fucking her pussy while the other was giving him a hand job and before she knew it, he came.

After she swallowed the large load, she looked at him with a frown. “That’s not all, I hope.”

He pulled her up by her hair, bent her over his desk and covered her mouth with his hand before he plowed into her. He was right to cover her mouth; she screamed in pleasure and pain as it felt like his huge cock tore into her. Everything was stretched inside of her and she felt like she would come with every thrust. He bent over her and rubbed her clit with his other hand. She sucked on one of his fingers and closed her eyes as every nerve in her body tingled with pleasure and she felt herself ready to explode but he slowed down and held her off. She smiled to herself and groaned a little in pleasure as well as disappointment.

Christian pulled out of her and turned her around to sit on his desk again then stuck two fingers inside her while massaging her clit with his thumb. She threw her head back then had to bury her face into his shoulder as she came hard. She was breathless when he finally withdrew his hand and sat in his chair and pulled her on top of him. His cock slid into her easily and she slowly eased herself until every inch was inside her then she just sat there a moment. She began to rock back and forth a bit, rubbing her clit on him and then supported herself by grabbing the arms of his chair and began to fuck him like she’d wanted to for three months.

He rubbed her ass and breasts before he closed his eyes; he was close to coming. Pretty soon, he was matching her rhythm and pulled her down on his cock with force. A single “fuck” was all he could utter before he came, but she didn’t stop there and kept on until she came a short while later. Breathless and satisfied, she touched his face before she kissed him.

“You’re welcome,” was all she said.

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