Christmas Holly

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My buddy George and I have had this competition going on for years, each trying to out-gift the other at Christmastime. Last year he gave me a parrot. The damn thing hasn’t shut up since, so I was a little worried when I got to the company Christmas party. After all the other gifts had been exchanged, George took me aside and said, “Well pal, with the economy being what it is, all I could afford to get you was a little Christmas Holly. I left it in your office. I hope you’re not too disappointed.”

Puzzled, not to mention suspicious, I made my way down the hall and what I saw when I opened the door stopped me in my tracks. She was mid-twenties, and perfect in every way. Bent over a bar stool, legs spread enticingly and bound to the stool with red velvet ribbon, wrists tied to the lower rung on the opposite side. Her round, full breasts hung free, and as I reached out to fondle them she smiled up at me and said “Merry Christmas, Sir. I’m Holly.”

I grabbed one nipple and twisted it. As her sweet voice cried out in pain the stirring in my cock became a steady throb. I unzipped and pulled it out. Stroking my rapidly stiffening prick I inspected her ripe young body, bound for my use, and pre cum started to ooze steadily from the tip. I rubbed it roughly against her pouty red lips and told her to start sucking.

Before she could open her mouth I pushed against it and felt her lips part just enough to ease the head in. “Suck the juice out, Bitch!” I ordered, and she began to milk my head nicely as I ran my hands over her luscious body. When the ache became unbearable I grabbed her hair and shoved my dick in as far as it would go. She gagged and tried to pull back. “Don’t move!” I said, and forced my cock in deeper. Her throat muscles began to spasm, squeezing my prick and feeding my rapidly building frenzy.

As she struggled to breathe I started smacking her firm, round ass and fucking her face, pulling back just enough to allow her some air. Her ass cheeks were reddening nicely and she seemed to be relaxing a bit, so I thrust all the way into her throat and felt my cock vibrate as she began to moan. The slut was a helluva cocksucker, and it was all I could do to keep from blowing my load down her hungry little throat. bursa escort

I was pissed that she nearly made me lose control so soon so I reached over, pulled open the desk drawer, and grabbed my ruler. I smacked her ass as hard as I could and she tried to cry out. So I wrapped my fist in her hair and buried my cock in her pretty mouth to keep her from screaming as I wailed away. Her pain excited me so much, and her muffled screams felt so good on my cock that I nearly came again.

I struck her one last time and pulled my stiff rod from her mouth. Her beautiful face was streaked with tears, and I swiped at them with my spit-slick cock before walking around to inspect my handiwork. Her bottom was flaming red and beginning to welt up nicely. I rubbed it gently, feeling the heat pouring off it, and then suddenly spanked it violently leaving my handprint splayed across one cheek.

I reached between her legs and knew by the slippery little pussy I found that the bitch was loving this as much as I was. I rubbed her swollen clit before sliding a finger into her. She had the tightest cunt I’d ever felt, and my prick started aching at the thought of feeling it wrapped around me. I slid another finger in to stretch it a little wider and she started to rock her hips, fucking herself onto my hand.

I warned her not to cum, and then finger-fucked her sweet little hole until it started to twitch. I stopped suddenly and she began to beg. “Please Sir. Please! I need to cum so badly!” Her pleading made me crazy with lust and I moved between her legs. I slid the shaft of my cock against her pussy and let the head massage her clit as I leaned forward to play with her tits.

She was moaning steadily and I put my lips to her ear. “What do you want, whore?” I growled.

“I want you to fuck me, Sir! Use me! Use me for your pleasure. Anything you want. Any way you want. Just fuck me, please!”

I reached down, held my cock, and placed the tip against her fuck hole. Then I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as far as it would go, forcing her cunt open until the head of my cock slid in. I stopped and asked her again what she wanted.

“Your cock. I want your cock. All of it! Fuck me like the whore I am, Sir!” bursa escort bayan I’d never been so horny in my life as I began to push into her tight young cunt. Slowly, inch by inch, I stretched it open around me. She was moaning and trembling, and before I was halfway in she started to cum. The contractions grabbed at my shaft and nearly lost it for the umpteenth time.

I yanked my prick out and grabbed the ruler again. Raining blows across her ass I yelled “You filthy fucking whore! I told you not to cum! It’s my turn now, Bitch.” I lined my cock up, grabbed her hips, and thrust all the way in in one hard stroke. She cried out in pain as I began humping her like an animal. In and out of her slutty little fuck hole, my swollen balls slapping against her clit, I rammed into her mercilessly. “Cum again why don’t you, bitch. I dare you!” I said, and before I knew it her cunt started to spasm again.

“That’s it. Lube it up, bitch. You’ll be glad you did in a minute!” I growled. I let her finish cumming and then pulled out of her cunt and put the head of my cock against her pretty little asshole. She squealed and flexed her ass to try to keep my dick from going in. I knew then that she had a virgin ass and my cock grew another inch at the thought of raping it.

I grabbed her ass cheeks as hard as I could and pulled them apart. I slid my prick into her pussy again and thrust in and out a couple of times to lube it up, then pressed it against her asshole and started to push. She screamed and started begging me not to do it, but that only made me push harder. My balls began throbbing as her virgin ass stretched open around my cock, and I hoped I could keep from cumming long enough to get a good ass fuck.

She was crying steadily now and I figured it couldn’t get much worse for her, so when I was in as far as the fattest part of my head I rammed it home. She screamed as I tore into her tight young ass, and I started fucking the hell out of the little slut. Her ass was the tightest, hottest fuck I’d ever had and I pounded into it as hard as I could.

She realized that I was going to fuck her until I came and stopped fighting it. When she was taking it like a pro I leaned forward and grabbed her boobs, hanging escort bursa on tight and twisting the nipples as I ass-fucked her sweet young body. I stroked into her until I felt like cumming and then stopped. Over and over I let her tight virgin ass bring me to the edge until I couldn’t stand it any longer.

Resting my full weight on her, I reached down to untie her hands, whispering in her ear as I did so “I’ve got a huge load for your ass, and you’re going to take it like the whore you are. Arch your back, stick your ass up real pretty and pull your cheeks apart so I can watch my prick drain into you.”

Once she was posed for me I took a minute to enjoy the view. I told her not to move, no matter what, and when I heard her whisper “Yes Sir. I’m ready for your load” I lost all control. I wrapped both hands in her hair and started ramming into her as hard as I could. She was moaning sweetly and I watched my rock hard cock disappear into her perfect ass over and over until my balls felt like they’d burst if I didn’t cum.

I fucked her faster, moaning and grunting like a wild animal, until my dick started to swell and twitch uncontrollably. “Make me cum whore!” I yelled. “Squeeze your asshole tight and drain my balls!” Her ass tightened even more around my prick and I started to cum harder than I ever had.

The little slut was so good that my cock exploded into her like a fire hose. Again and again I spurted thick streams of sperm deep into her gorgeous young ass as she expertly milked it. It felt like I pumped a gallon of jizz up her ass before I finally finished squirting my load and stopped thrusting. I stayed in her ass, fucking it in short strokes until I was sure that my balls were fully emptied.

I pulled out slowly, savoring the feel of her ass muscles as they milked the last few drops from my now satisfied cock. When the head popped out a drizzle of cum oozed from her well-fucked ass and ran down her thigh. I chuckled, slapped her on the ass, and told her what a great little fuck she was. She thanked me and asked if I would untie her legs for her. I told her no, and continued to enjoy the view as I cleaned my cock and put it away.

When I was finished I untied her, tossed her dress over, and told her to get presentable and come join the party. When I opened the door I saw George leaning against the wall with a huge grin on his face that said he knew good and well I’d never be able to top this one. But I’m sure as hell going to try!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32