Christmas Break – Lovers Revisited

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It was the week of Christmas, on a Wednesday. I was going to drive a few hours to visit my family that weekend, but I had nothing to do for the next couple days but relax and enjoy the little glimpse of winter that Florida gives now and then. My roommate and I were going to watch a movie and just relish having nothing to do for a bit.

A knock on the door turned out to be Elena, my recent ex from a few months back. We’d dated for a couple years, but we split peacefully and hadn’t hung out much since. She said she was just in the neighborhood and wanted to visit in case I was leaving town soon to visit family. We got pizza, she stayed for the movie, and we all got a little stoned and just laughed our asses off at each other for a few hours.

Once it started getting late, she asked if she could stay over, as she didn’t want to try driving stoned. I was very much hoping that she wanted more than just a place to sleep, of course, so I said yes and was excited to see what might happen. After hanging a little more, my roommate got tired and wished us a good night. Elena yawned, genuinely looking pretty beat, and we headed to my bedroom to lay down.

As she laid next to me, it felt electric. She had looked very cute that night…just relaxing in jeans and a t-shirt, but she was laughing a lot, and she had a huge smile. I’m a sucker for a nice smile and a cute butt. Because we had a couple years of getting to know each other, we were still pretty in tune, physically. I could feel her laying there, her breath a little deep and rapid. I wasn’t always good at making the first move, but I knew she wanted to be touched, and we were just inches away.

“Is it ok if I kiss you?”, I asked, probably clumsily.

“You can do anything you want”, was her immediate answer…almost interrupting me to say it.

I started kissing her, and, after just a few seconds, she stopped to say that she was just going to take her pants off. She stopped kissing me to pull them off, and I was turned on by how badly she seemed to want them off, as if they annoyed her. She laid again on her back, and I moved to start kissing her thighs. She was always very expressive and very sexy when I licked her pussy, and I’d really missed it. I was kissing her thighs, feeling their warmth on the sides of my face, and I noticed that her pussy had already soaked through her panties. I grabbed her thighs in each hand and started massaging them while my mouth went straight for the dark spot on her panties.

I opened my mouth wide and just sucked on her pussy through her panties, and she moaned and started to grind against my mouth. I tried to pull her panties to the side, but she took over and pulled them off as quickly as she could. I pounced on her and begin licking up her juices, running my tongue repeatedly along her pussy lips, stopping to tease her clit with my tongue for a few seconds. She grabbed my shoulders and was pulling me towards her, which meant that she really needed to be fucked.

I moved closer to her and kissed her. She loved the taste of her own pussy. She was always shy talking about it, but she has very happily licked up her own juices from my mouth (and from my dick) too many times to count. I moved the head of my dick to her pussy, and she said “Be slow…it’s been a while…and you’re kinda big”. That extra dose of confidence just made me want to make her come even harder. She was about a foot shorter than I am, but I’m still at least slightly “blessed” in penis size. As I started to push, I slid into her smoothly. She was so warm, and I could feel her entire body welcoming me in deeper.

Once I was inside her all the way, before thrusting at all, I asked if she was ok. “Yes. Just fuck me!”, she whispered insistently. I could feel the length of my erection entirely inside her, and she started grabbing me with her arms and legs, pulling me deeper in as I began thrusting my dick deep inside her. I could tell she was close to coming already. She usually came a few times before finally having a really large one that made her pass out and have to sleep. It was a very hot goal to always aim for. I wanted her to come all over my dick so much in that moment that I thought of nothing else. I almanbahis pulled her close, my hands reaching under her, and I slid into her as deeply as I could go. While kissing her, I ground myself inside her, trying to hold that sweet spot that made her breath get deeper and less controlled. I could feel my dick throbbing inside her while she held me in that spot with her legs and her pussy.

I then started fucking her, working myself even deeper as she contorted herself against me, trying to take more of me in. She grabbed my neck as she came, bucking against me, moaning into the side of my pillow. After she caught her breath, she looked back up at me, lightly pushing me up off of her.

“Lay down.”, she told me. I slid myself out of her to flop on my back, and I saw the large, white streak of her come all over my dick. It was fucking hot, and I know that she would have had to take me into her mouth if she’d seen it, but she was only looking at my face, waiting to climb on me. As soon as I was down, she was already putting me back into her, taking me as deeply as before. Sometimes, she would ride me like this, and she’d get a good hold on the bed with one hand, a very good grip on the side of my waist with the other, and then just grind my dick into her until she came screaming. The roommate never appreciated it, but it always made me happy to hear.

This was less urgent than that, though. She loved being filled as much as I loved the feeling of filling her pussy, and she leaned forward while we ground against each other, kissing and touching each other, enjoying the company as well as the affection. Everything felt amazing, and we were both smiling every time we opened our eyes. She began kissing my face, then she put her lips right up against my ear and said “Can I…put it in my ass?”.

We’d had a lot of anal sex while together. It was something she had never tried before, and it became one of our favorite things to enjoy together in the last year or so that we dated. …and it never got less hot. Knowing that she wanted me to fuck her ass, to give her my come, always turned me on like nothing else. I usually loved eating her ass first, for the same reason. There’s just something primal about it. Watching her body squirm as my tongue teased her asshole is the hottest thing ever. Feeling her push back against my mouth if I push my tongue in a little…makes me need to fill her ass with my come.

That night, though, she didn’t seem to want to budge at all, as she kept kissing the side of my face after her amazing request. I gave all the spit that I could gather to my fingers, and I then reached down into her cute little crack and started rubbing my spit all over her asshole. As I began massaging her with a little more pressure, I noticed that she stopped fucking me…just letting the muscles of her pussy squeeze me gently in spurts while pushing her ass against the motion of my hand. We continued like this for several minutes, the tips of my fingers sometimes pushing into her ass just so slightly, as she continued trying to take me into her.

I gave up the last bit of spit that I could, and I pulled myself out of her creamy pussy. I added the extra spit to the head of my dick, rubbed it around a little, and then placed my head against her asshole, using my hand to rub more spit onto her. She sat up straight, taking my dick into her hand. I laid back and began rubbing and squeezing her breasts as she slowly tried to take me into her ass. At once, I slid in about a third of the way. Usually, she would need to pause to get acclimated to me for a moment before taking me any deeper in. I had massaged her sexy butthole for quite a while, though, and she couldn’t have been more warmed up.

She stayed sitting straight up, eyes closed, as she brought herself down onto me in one long motion that almost made me come. Once my dick was entirely up her ass, she moved her hands to my stomach and started to lean forward a bit, moving very gently and slowly. I met her halfway and started kissing her. I reached around her and put my hands on her back. The second I did, she started fucking me with her ass. She was moving her entire body, riding my dick with her amazing butt.

I almanbahis yeni giriş could feel how deep I was inside her and how much she wanted me, so I decided to let go and let myself build towards coming in her. I started to thrust back up against her, and she got even more excited and said “Oh yeah! Come in my ass!”. Even if it was clear that I was going to come in her ass, she always said it out once or twice. I loved it, and it always made it a fun challenge to try to hold on just a second longer. She kept fucking me, her wonderful ass bouncing on my cock, even while I was now exploding into her, giving her shot after shot of my come.

She collapsed onto me, most of my penis still inside her. It was always a bit easier to come out of her once I get a bit softer, so we kissed each other in the meantime. I eventually excused my self to wash up, and then quickly came back and snuggled next to her. She was still naked, and she was pretty close to passing out. I asked if she wanted to shower or anything, and she said “No, just my panties”. I mentioned before how much she loved my come in her ass. She loved going to bed right after really good anal sex, and she loved it when I filled her ass with my come, put her panties back on for her, and then spooned her until she fell asleep. It didn’t even really have to be said, but of course, I was happy to hear it. I slid her moist panties back onto her, and we drifted off together pretty quickly.

– The Next Day —

The next day, she got going pretty early, saying that she had to work while the holiday bonus pay was happening. We had a fun, flirty morning conversation for a bit, and then she asked if she could maybe come by for a movie again that night, which I obviously was entirely in favor of. I spent most of the day running errands with my roommate and practicing some music we were working on. We were in a local band together, and we were the only ones still in town at the moment. We went record shopping, got some lunch, had a great day, but my mind was only one the fact that Elena was coming back over and how amazing the night before was.

When he and I got home, she’d left a message saying that no one else was at the office with her and not to wait up. She was able to make a lot more money than she thought she could, apparently. The plan was just more laughter and pot and a movie, so no issues there.

After getting a bit stoned and most of a movie, I heard her polite, quiet knock. She was beaming. She wasn’t nervous at all like the night before…exactly the opposite. She was very playful and goofy, and we all laughed our asses off. After a bit, there was a quiet moment, and my roommate took the hint and said he had things to work on in his room.

“Can we go to your room?”, she asked, adorably. I think I even picked her up and carried her in, placing her on the bed as she giggled. As I started taking off her shirt, she told me that she’d been touching herself the whole day, since no one else was in the office. She made sure to stay productive, but she said that she’d get herself almost to the point of coming, then have a drink of water and get some work done, repeat…all day. I started towards her thighs again, wanting to suck on her wetness first. She pushed me back, just smiling and saying “No”, as she took my dick out of my pants and put it right into her pussy, audibly gasping.

I slid into her, and she stayed very quiet and still for a couple seconds before instantly building a rhythm and fucking me hard while she squealed quietly.

“I already came once”, she said dreamily with a big goofy smile.

Still under her, I grabbed her thighs, holding her still, and I started working my dick inside her while she stayed mostly still, just smiling. After a moment, she met me halfway, and we started matching with each other’s rhythm, feeling myself again swelling deep inside her, as I used my hands to bring her deeper onto me with each thrust. We started kissing, and I reached around to grab her buttcheek , pulling myself still deeper against her. I let my fingers slide into the crack of her ass, and I started lightly running my fingers along her butthole, which made her breathe deeper and start pushing almanbahis giriş her ass against my fingers. I fucking loved that she did that a lot. It was very primal. She had never done anything anal with anyone before we dated, so it was always genuine and special that she ended up loving it so much with me.

“Come in my mouth!”, she surprised me with, climbing off of me. As hot as that was, I didn’t know if we’d have another time together, and I didn’t feel very close to coming yet. I knew that she sometimes didn’t want to have anal sex two days in a row while we were together, but I thought there’s no harm in asking.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“OH! Yes…PLEASE!”, she said, looking overjoyed. She said that she offered to suck me off because she didn’t want to seem TOO eager about wanting anal sex, and I told her that I almost didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to pressure her, and we both laughed about how we wanted the same thing but were both trying to be polite.

“You need to fuck my ass…”, she said, laying down on her side. Her favorite position, she’d told me before, was laying on her side with me behind her. She especially loved when I would lay with her that way while my dick was in her pussy, my fingers lubing up her ass. At some point, I would pull out of her, add more spit to myself, and then slide into her ass and just continue fucking her with the same rhythm as before. It drove her crazy.

I wanted to give that to her, but first I had to lick her asshole. I loved doing it anytime, already, but something about her laying on her side made me had to. I rolled her onto her belly, and grabbed her cheeks, massaging them a bit while gently pulling them apart. When my tongue first touched her asshole, she first jerked away, making a surprised little noise…then arched her back just a little and stuck her ass out towards my face. I gently kissed her lightly, not wanting to surprise her too much. She reached back behind my head, grabbed some hair, and pulled my face forward as she thrusted her ass against my mouth. I pulled back and gave her ass one huge lick, which made her reach back and pull herself wider open for me as she loosened up and let my tongue in a little. She pulled harder against my head, loudly moaning loudly as I licked the inside of her excited asshole.

I rose up, and moved to lay at her side, and she started kissing me deeply. She’d never done that after I’d licked her ass before, so it made my dick even harder. I laid up against her, and she was already guiding me up her ass. I went in slowly, an inch or two at a time, until her cheeks were rubbing against my thighs, my cock throbbing deep in her ass, amazed by her warmth. I wrapped my lower arm under her, holding her closely while using the leverage to fuck her even deeper. With my other arm, I grabbed her sopping wet pussy. I held my hand on her clit and started rubbing it in rhythm with my thrusting up her ass.

I never fucked her ass very hard, as I was always making sure not to hurt her, but I started feeling her pushing back on me harder than I was pushing. I repositioned myself slightly and started thrusting just a bit deeper, and she responded by arching her back a bit, sticking her ass out harder towards me. I really wanted to give her what she wanted. I repositioned my body again, just slightly, and I got a better grip under her, as I added some more spit to the base of my dick. I grabbed her hip and pulled her against me as I tried to thrust upward into her. I felt her tight asshole squeeze the base of my cock and relax, over and over. It was too hot…I could not contain myself any longer. I started pounding my dick deep into her, as she pulled her legs forward and stuck her ass back towards me, her voice loudly squeaking as we both neared orgasm.

I felt myself come in her, over and over again. I knew it was a huge load because of the thoughts I’d had all day about how the night would go. A minute later, I felt like I was still coming in her.

I excused myself, washed up, and then returned to her. I slipped her panties back onto her very wet pussy and snuggled her from behind. We joked about how we didn’t really have to get each other Christmas gifts, since we were broken up, but we agreed that the past couple nights would be the best we got from anyone anyway. I fell asleep listening to her snore and thinking about how hot is what that she liked keeping me in her ass like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32