Choir Girls

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It was a Sunday morning. I was dreaming pleasant dreams, of the kind you have when your half way between the world of full awareness and half asleep. The kind that you can control, and I was having a fantastically sinful dream.

My alarm started going off, it was time to get up and go to church choir practice. Which meant it was time to get together with the girls.

I got up, took my shower, and then put on my choir uniform. A sexy little outfit, like the kind that comes out of some Japanese schoolgirl animae move or something. A short pleated black skirt and a cute little sailor like shirt. I despised the little stockings, as they were only ankle height. I would have preferred the knee high ones my self. But all in all it was cute, in a teenage sort of way. I would have preferred something less… childish, being 18 myself.

Now I know your wondering why is an 18 year old still going to choir practice? Easy, you think that I’m a good little girl right? Wrong. My fellow choirgirls and me are the farthest thing from daddies good little girls. In fact we have to go to choir as a punishment. Else our parents would send us to privet schools to straighten us out. So we sing. For the most part, but its not the only thing we girls do at practice.

I meet Candy outside the cathedral. We walked up to the second floor to where the choir room was. Church wasn’t about to start for another hour and a half.

Shelly and Toni were already there. Toni’s mom usually taught the class, however Toni said she wasn’t coming to day. Apparently she had caught a touch of the flu.

Not like I was gona miss her. Toni’s mom, though nice was too up tight. And the lord knew us girls were anything but tight.

We knew this time the church was our playground. And no one was going to be around for hours. All four of us had only one thing on our minds.

It was time to have some fun.

We ran down the stairs to the main hall, giggling and trailing our clothing behind us.

Four sets of firm breasts bounced with each step we made.

Toni’s large G cups, with her perky nipples swayed to and fro making my mouth water in anticipation.

Shells smallish B’s bounced firmly in place like she was still wearing her bra but her huge nipples were so hard that the nipple rings in them were sticking straight out.

My own DD’s bounced joyously as I padded down the aisle. I could feel my nipples tightened up themselves from just watching my playmates as they ran down to the

“sacrificial” alter as we called it.

Candy made it there first. Turning to face us she antalya escort grabbed her large D cup breasts a bit a nipple gently, and winked at us all conspiratorially.

I could almost smell the musk from each of the girls as we lounged in a heap on the pastor’s padded bench, pawing and petting each other.

Candy immediately spread her legs and shoved Toni’s face to her clit. Shelly and I just stared in fascination as Toni sucked Candy’s clit deep in to her mouth. Rolling her tongue around its engorged form.

Candy moaned deep in her throat, soft and guttural, filled with passion.

Shelly looked over Toni’s body at me, and I knew exactly what she was about to do.

Shelly mounted the bench and gently placed her thick shaven nether lips on Candy’s gasping mouth.

Shelly traced her hand down into Candy’s dark brunette curls and pulled Candy’s head towards her waiting pussy

I watched avidly as Candy’s long tongue darted in and out of Shelly dripping cunt.

Shelly ran her hands over her tits pinching her priced nipples, moaning so loudly that if any one had been upstairs they sure would have heard her.

Toni was going to town on Candy’s clit while I was starting to feel left out.

I pushed Toni over to the side a bit so we could lick Candy’s bald muff together.

I took Candy’s round firm ass in my hands and lifted it off the bench just a bit.

I then spread her cheeks and licked her tight bunghole and probed it gently with my long fingers.

Candy almost screamed with the intensity of the contact.

We all knew she just loved to be ass fucked.

And I was planning on giving her what for.

I shoved my index finger slowly into her ass, pulling it out quickly to only slowly push it back in again. I was slowly stretching her tight ass out more and more.

I could fell Toni’s tongue occasionally lick at my fingers giving them added lube to penetrate Candy’s ass.

Her dripping pussy was being devilishly cleaned out by Toni’s greedy darting tongue.

I started to press two more fingers in to Candy’s ass, when I felt her start to convulse.

Her orgasm rising deep inside her. I started to pump my two fingers in and out of her as fast as I could. Toni and I both licker her clit and cunt together as she exploded on our tongues and fingers.

Her juices flowed onto both of our tongues as we lapped her precious love tunnel like the two greedy little whores that we were.

Toni and I stuck our gooey fingers in each other’s mouths and savoring Candy’s antalya escort bayan sweet taste.

Shelly was still riding Candy’s mouth as I came up for air. Seeing her dripping love flower turned me into a burning pyre of lust.

I stepped over Toni to reach her. I then spread her lower cheeks apart and placed her leg on my shoulder. I pulled her off of Candy’s face to replace it with mine.

I sank three fingers into her wanton pussy the instant my tongue touched her clit.

I was pumping my hand in and out of her. Slowly to begin with then faster, then slowly again; trying to build as intense of an orgasm as I could for her. I could feel her body tensing and relaxing with each shove of my fingers in to her hot wet box.

Candy had moved from laying on the bench to standing behind Shelly. She was rubbing her own pussy as she watched me lavished Shelly’s pussy with my attention.

I knew Candy was going to wait till just before Shelly started to cum before she would shove her fingers into Shelly’s ass. Stretching her out totally at the moment of her most extreme peek.

Shelly was so wet and her clit was so hard, we could all tell from how she was moaning so animalistic that she was going to experience a ground shaking orgasm.

I sucked on her clit harder and played with it more, flicking it with my tongue and tugging it gently with my teeth. I wanted her to hear her scream her pleasure out loud, so I was doing my best to make her.

She was stretching out nicely so I placed a forth finger into her drenched cunt. Feeling her contract around my hand, I fucked her harder.

Her cum was flowing freely down the inside of my palm now. She was bucking and screaming I knew she was going to cum soon.

Candy started slapping Shelly’s ass, shaking her whole body and setting the rhythm of her orgasm.

Just when even I couldn’t take it any longer I felt Candy’s fingers slip in to Shelly’s tight ass.

Shelly screamed like a banshee as she came on our hands. Her cum squirted out on to the bench in an intense female ejaculation, dribbling down my chin and all over me as well.

Shelly collapsed to the soft padding of the bench as I pulled my hand free of her well-fucked loved box. Candy crawled behind her and cradled her against her chest

Toni was slowly stoking her self and gazing wantonly at my body.

She and I both knew that we were the next ones to have some fun.

As Candy and Shelly watched us, Toni and I crawled in to a sixty-nine position.

The sweet aroma of Toni’s escort antalya love juice was making my mouth water. Her sparse bush tickles my lips as I placed them on her mound.

Toni gasped as the warmth of my mouth made contact with her skin.

She in turned grabbed my ass with both hands and promptly slithered her tongue deep in to my hot neglected tunnel.

Toni, thank the gods, had a 6 inch tongue and she really knew how to use it.

It felt like I was being fucked with a small dick as she darted her tongue in and out of my pussy.

I was moaning in to her snatch as I lapped away at her. Pressing my fingertips into the flesh around her tight nearly virginal asshole.

Not penetrating, but just stimulating her. I let little rivulets of saliva joined with her love juice slide over her tight sensitive hole I slowly fucked her ass with my fingers.

My tongue delved deeper into her pussy as my fingers worked their way in to her bum.

She was doing the same to me and it was becoming harder for me to concentrate on what I was doing to her.

I could feel my body rising to its release. I fought it for I didn’t what to cum just yet. I wanted Toni to cum first. I wanted to hear her moan into my pussy. To tell me how good what I was doing to her felt.

I double my attentions to her ass and pussy. I now had two fingers from each hand working in and out of her ass simultaneously, as my tongue ran circles around her big clit and dove in and out of her dripping box.

Toni’s breath became ragged gasps as she drew closer and closer to cumming.

Her hips bouncing uncontrollably against my face as she humped my head against the padding of the bench.

I knew I was also losing my control. My body was not willing to listen to me anymore as I tried to keep from cumming.

Toni let out a yelp of ecstasy as she cum in my mouth. Her tide of juices near drowning me as I licked and lapped at her swollen cumming pussy.

The feel and taste of Toni’s orgasm was the last straw as I came on her tongue and fingers as she rammed them deep in my twitching cunt. Pushing me with each spasm further and further in to ecstasy. I could feel my own love juices gush out of me in a small flood onto her hand. Toni lapped up every drop as she eased her hand away from my twitching cunt. Her tongue sending electric sparks up my spine with each flick she made.

Finial I was able to breath again as I came floating down from my high. I looked at my fellow conspirators. Each laying in various states of satisfaction on the pastor’s bench. It had been too long since we had had a chance to play like this. Each of us knew we had all just had the time of our lives. It wasn’t the first time we had played our little games here in the church. It sure wasn’t going to be that last time either. I for one knew I couldn’t wait for the next time we could cum together again…

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