Celebrating Her Promotion Pt. 02

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Charlene Williams has featured in a number of my earlier stories. She is a successful banker, an attractive thirty something, single woman and she buys sex. She gets a buzz from that and from the types of sex she buys.

She has just received a significant promotion in the bank. This series of short stories explains just how this bizarre woman goes about celebrating her success.

Chapter 1

Without a word, Charley left the bed. She picked up her mobile and sent the text she had previously prepared. She didn’t even glance at the man she left lying on it. She went to the bathroom, washed her hands and gargled with mouthwash. She attended to the places on her body that had come into real contact with the man. She cleaned her lips, tongue, mouth and hands for they were what she had used to finger fuck the big, black, male hooker to a massive climax on her bed.

She had needed sex. She always did after an important meeting. Whilst she was one of the leading merger and acquisition specialists in the world and was continually in high-level negotiations, no meetings were more important than the one earlier today. That meeting had been her final interview for the position of Global Managing Director of the bank’s Merger and Acquisitions. She had made it. The first female in such a position in any meaningful bank in the world. And Goddard’s, Big G as it was known, was the most meaningful of all banks. It was amongst the top three in everything, turnover, assets, funds under management, capital, trading and M & A activity. There really was no significant corporate activity anywhere in the world that Big G did not somehow influence.

She had been aroused throughout the meeting. After it ended and she waited in another room, it was all she could do to restrain herself from going to the bathroom and masturbating. Her breasts felt full, her belly was on fire and her nipples were pounding. She knew they would harden as they always did, so she wore clothes that would hide that. She knew her panties would be wet, as they nearly always were in meetings, so she always carried spares in her briefcase. A real girl guide, she smiled.

She had arranged the male hooker through an agency she had been using for a year or so now on her frequent trips to New York. They were ultra discrete, very efficient, totally non-judgemental and horrendously expensive; but then what’s expensive when you are earning over a million, British pounds that is as well, a year as Charley was?

Charley had few close friends and since leaving London University some twelve years ago, she had had few lovers, real lovers that is, as opposed to those she paid for. There just wasn’t time for love, friendship, relationships and “normal” sex; not when you average over twelve hours a day, six days a week, have offices in London, her base, and New York, the bank’s head office and travel the world doing deals. She hardly met anyone other than people in the M & A business and she religiously avoided fraternizing with them. She was determined that no extra curricular activities would ever impede her rise to the top, which so far had seemed unstoppable and had been meteoric.

Today had seen the fulfillment of that rise, she had reached the top. MD, Global Mergers and Acquisitions for Goddards: fucking brilliant she thought as she stared in the mirror in the bathroom. But it really was just the start, she knew that; it was one thing getting there; quite another staying there and making it work. She knew she would have to work harder and longer and that would leave even less time for a social life, but that did not concern her at all. She was completely content with her current life-style including buying sex, for which she now had contacts almost wherever she was in the world.

She had promised herself a real celebration if, no when, she got the job. In Charley’s world celebration only meant one thing, wild, unusual, probably rough, paid for extreme sex. That’s why a six feet three, nearly two hundred pounds, male black hooker had been lying on his front, naked on her bed in the Pierre hotel. That is why she had undressed to her holdups, oiled her shaved, pubic mound and small, pert heavily nippled breasts. It’s why she joined him on the bed, why she had anal foreplay with him and it was why she had then finger fucked his arse until she made him cum.

It was also why she was about to return to the bedroom. Slipping into a white, silk robe, still wearing just her black holdups, she pulled the tie at the waist into a loose bow, slipped her feet into her high heels and opened the bathroom door.

Chapter 2

She looked round and then nodded appreciatively when amasya escort she saw that the agency had carried out her instructions to the letter. The man had gone from the bed, which had been remade. The bed cover, supplied by the agency onto which his cum had splattered had been removed. Although he had gone from it, the bed was not empty; after all one finger fuck of a man’s arse hardly represents a sexual celebration, does it? No, it was far from empty.

Charley stood beside the bed, she looked at it, she ran her gaze up and down the occupant, she smiled, she nodded and she felt her arousal build up.

The girl was perfect, just as she had visualized, just as she had ordered. Slim, shorter than Charley she was, as the agency had termed her, petite. She hardly had breasts at all, just little pouches of flesh and pale pink, tiny nipples. She was pretty with short hair, elfin like, came to Charley’s mind as she looked at her “purchase.”

She was as slight and tiny as the previous occupant had been sturdy and big. She was as fragile and delicate as he was firm and bulky. She seemed as defenceless and helpless as he had been assured and confident. She was as overtly feminine as he was obviously male and she was every bit as white as he had been black. She was also as naked as he had been.

“Hello, I’m Charley.”

“I’m Mel,” the girl replied in a deep South accent that Charley found strangely attractive, although she wasn’t usually very keen on accents from beneath the Mason Dixon line.

“Pleased to meet you Mel.”

“And you ma’am.”

“Would you like a drink or anything Mel?”

“If you are going to have one.”

“Are you old enough?” Charley asked, smiling.

“Not really, but you won’t tell anyone will you?” Mel replied.

Knowing that the girl was nineteen, although she looked younger, Charley smiled at the incongruity of legally being able to pay the youngster for sex, but not give her an alcoholic drink.

“I’m not fussed about a drink, but of course I wouldn’t tell anyone.” Charley said sitting on a chair a few feet from the bed.

Charley did not take her eyes from the girl for one moment, she could not, she was captivated by her. By her prettiness, her youth, her seeming innocence, though of course being a hooker she was far from that, and by her frailness; she looked as if a breeze would blow her over.

“Come here Mel,” she said quietly.

Charley watched the frail girl sit up, ease her slim body from the bed and move the few paces to stand in front of her. She reached out and ran the back of her fingers down the girl’s hip.

“Mmmm lovely, you are very, pretty Mel.”

“Thank you Charley, you are beautiful.”

“Turn round.”

Mel did as she was told and Charley looked in close up at her second bum of the evening. She caressed the cheeks saying, almost to herself.

“Lovely, beautiful, pretty.”

Mel sighed and let out a low, quiet moan as Charley’s fingers explored her bottom, her thighs and the puffy, bloated lips poking out between them. Charley was so gentle. Her touch was almost imperceptible and Mel may not have even felt it, had it been on other places on her body. She could not, though, avoid feeling it where her client was touching her.

“Kneel down Mel,” Charley instructed.

Mel did as she was asked.

“No facing me, lovely.”

Mel turned.

She was close to Charley; the girl’s chest was almost touching her knee, from which the skirt of the robe had slipped, so that Charley’s stocking, covered leg was on show almost to the top.

“Close your eyes.”

Charley ran her fingertips through Mel’s hair, over her face, touching her eyelids, her nose, lips and chin, soft, gentle and caressing. They went down the girl’s slim, long neck, along her collarbones, over both shoulders and up and down her arms. All the time Charley was looking at Mel whose eyes remained obediently, tightly closed. She ran the back of her fingertips, equally gently, across the slim chest above where the, very small swell of Mel’s breast began. She worked them downwards, slowly but surely moving nearer to the pair of tiny tits. Charley ran her fingertips onto the small mounds. She moved her soft fingertips around the flesh, gently she caressed the small, but to her, lovely boobs.

Moving in little circles she moved her fingers nearer and nearer to the coral, pinkness of Mel’s nipples; “they’re just like a boy’s” she thought as her opened fingertips hovered over each little bump. She stared at the modest nipples, as her fingers got nearer. She gazed at the little aureoles as she almost touched the centres that she assumed were hard, although that was difficult to discern. Charley escort amasya took a deep breath as she moved her fingers onto the nipples. She sighed as her finger flesh touched Mel’s nipple flesh. They both let out low, quiet moans as Charley’s fingertips closed round Mel’s nipples. And then, Charley grunted loudly and Mel yelped as Charley pinched and pulled on them at the same time. She squeezed hard, harder than a woman’s nipples should be squeezed, hard enough to please her and certainly hard enough to hurt Mel. The girl writhed against Charley’s grip, not exactly trying to get away, for she had been warned that taking pain might be necessary with this client, more in an effort to relieve the pain. So, as Mel writhed, Charley pinched harder and as the girl squirmed so the client pulled more firmly.

“Oh God,” Mel moaned, her body swaying, her breasts hurting, but her eyes still closed.

“Yes, you little whore,” Charley, hissed, pulling harder, causing Mel to move closer. “What are you?”

“A whore, a little whore.”

Charley moved one hand from the girl’s nipple and put that behind her head. She grabbed a handful of the girl’s mousy coloured hair, pulling on that combining the two pains. Mel nearly screamed, but not quite, not in a hotel, not with a client.

The client pulled on the back of the hooker’s head, she forced that forward, she brought it closer to her, she maneuvered the pretty face between her legs. Then, with one sudden jerk, she pulled Mel’s face right against her as she snarled.

“Right you little whore, suck my cunt.”

Charley pushed the robe aside, opened her legs wider and squashed Mel’s face against her pussy. Holding the back of the hooker’s head, the client laid back in the chair reveling in the young girl’s lips and tongue finding their way into her soaking vagina.

Ooooo, she was good, Charley acknowledged, but then practically any attention to her down there would be good right now.

Mel’s hands slid up the nylon covered legs onto Charley’s thighs, she caressed them. They went further upwards, across the bald mound and onto the flat, taught stomach. She rubbed and caressed that as her tongue delved deeper and deeper into her client’s most intimate place. She was using her tongue, her lips, her teeth and even her chin attempting to give Charley as much satisfaction as she could, although with the strong hands continually pressing on the back of her head, movement was difficult.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck yes,” Charley moaned, gripping Mel’s head harder and writhing herself against the girl’s mouth as her first orgasm began.

It flooded her with sensations. It roared through her body and consumed her mind. Her head was thrown back, her body was arched, her bum was off the chair. She raised her legs, she threw them over Mel’s shoulders and pressed them together, squeezing the girl’s neck, too tightly really.

Due to the movement of both of them, Mel was finding it harder and harder to fuck Charley with her mouth and tongue, but she knew she had to keep trying. And she did. And Charley’s climax went on. She was pulling on Mel’s hair, scratching the girl’s scalp and squeezing the hooker’s neck as she reveled in the strident orgasm she was buying at an inordinate amount per minute.

But she wanted more. She had got the relief she needed, well for the time being. The relief from the extreme pangs of sexual need brought on by the earlier meeting at the bank and the sex with the black, male hooker. Now she wanted a different type of pleasure. She wanted her way with the elfin-like girl.

Chapter 3

She pushed Mel’s face away and took the girl by the hand. Pulling her across the room, she almost threw the slim girl onto the bed. Mel lay on her back in the middle of it, just where she had lain when she first entered the room. She watched Charley standing beside the bed undoing the tie on the robe and slipping that off. Charley got onto the bed. She lay beside Mel putting one arm round the girl’s shoulders. She pulled Mel against her so that their breasts, Charley’s small ones and Mel’s miniscule ones, were squashed together, the dark and size of the older woman’s nipples in stark contrast to the pink smallness of the younger woman’s.

From just a few inches, she looked down into the young hooker’s eyes. In her way, she was beautiful, Charley thought, as she bent her head forward and kissed the girl full on her lips, which dutifully opened. Charley plunged her tongue in and out of Mel enjoying the feeling of the other tongue dueling with hers. The kiss was energetic to start with, but as their bodies and mouths writhed together so their passions rose and their lips and tongues worked harder and harder and so amasya escort bayan it became even more energetic.

Charley slid her hand down Mel’s body. It was so slim and smooth. Her tits were almost non-existent, her nipples small, her belly was flat and there was only the merest whisp of hair on her small pubic mound. She wiggled enquiringly at the base of Mel’s mound searching in the folds of flesh for the girl’s clit. She found it and pressed her finger right on the stalk of gristle. Mel’s entire body convulsed. Her mouth nearly fell away from Charley’s, as she grunted deeply. They continued their deep and heavy kiss as Charley pushed Mel’s legs apart.

“Fuck she’s wet,” she thought as two of her fingers slid effortlessly into the hooker. Mel’s body jerked as it received the intrusion of Charley’s surrogate cock. It jerked more as Charley pushed a third then a fourth into the girl’s small vagina. And it jerked even more as the fingers were pumped in and out like a piston.

Now, their mouths parted, they had to, for both of them were moving around too much to enable the kiss to continue. Despite their squirming and movement, Charley was still able to press her breasts against Mel’s face. She still managed to push her hardened nipple into the hooker’s mouth and Mel still managed to suck the dark red bud.

Charley slid her other hand down Mel’s back. She grasped and squeezed the girl’s nicely rounded bum; she pinched the cheeks, pushed them together and pulled them apart. She slid her fingers into the crease between the cheeks. She found her anus. She pressed on that. Mel grunted, but did not pull away. Charley slid her fingers further between Mel’s open legs. She slid them until they found the wetness, until they found Mel’s pussy, Mel’s soaked pussy, Mel’s soaked pussy that had four fingers up it. She pushed a finger from her left hand into that pussy so it now had five fingers up it. Mel jerked as if trying to reject the latest intruder. Charley simply pushed harder, but now not with just one finger, but two. Mel was not really able to take six fingers. She just was not big enough down there, but she had no alternative, they were in her and were starting to move in tune with the other four.

She was being finger fucked by six fingers. She felt as if she would burst, as if the skin and tissue of her insides and lips would tear. The pain was intense and again she nearly screamed, but stopped herself. Charley felt the tension in Mel’s body, she knew she was hurting her and that turned her on even more.

She bent her head down and took one of Mel’s little girl nipples into her mouth. She sucked it, hard, then harder still. She sucked it until she hurt Mel, until the girl had pain roaring through her body from her two most womanly places, her tits and her cunt.

Mel was sort of cumming. She was certainly climaxing, but in a different way to how she usually did. It was not a massive orgasm, more a tingling ache that was permeating her entire body and mingling with the sharp pains from her pussy and nipples. Charley realised that. She recognised that Mel was near, but that she needed more. More than six fingers up her pussy and a mouth on her nipple, amazing!

Charley moved the hand that was between Mel’s legs from behind. She momentarily removed the fingers on that hand from Mel. Wiggling them between the slim thighs, she pushed her fore and middle fingers back into the soaking, crowded mess that was Mel’s pussy. Then finding the girl’s anus with her thumb, which she had lubricated with Mel’s juices, she pressed against the tight hole.

Mel knew what was coming, she knew it would hurt, but knew there was no alternative. She knew full well that part of the thousand-dollar fee was paying her to take that pain; she knew that part of it was to pay for having her arse thumb-fucked by another woman. So she pressed back with her bum. She was quite used to anal penetration and her sphincter muscle was used to being abused. Charley’s thumb slid easily up Mel’s arsehole.

Charley had simultaneously finger-fucked a girl’s arse and pussy before, several times in fact, not though with six fingers. She always marveled at the sensations on her fingertips as she pressed them together through the thin membrane separating the two passages. It was one hell of a turn on.

The thumb up her arse was just the final inducement that Mel needed to cum. The pain in her vagina and that on her nipples had become warm, deep, throbbing aches. She had never before felt so filled, but then she had never before been so filled. She had never had six fingers up her pussy, and a thumb up her bum, but then what women, even hookers had?

Charley kept pumping those fingers as the young girl convulsed and jerked. As the orgasm now did start to roar through her. As the sensations brought on by a combination of pain and pleasure, rocked her. As the climax ripped through her mind and body. Yes, as Charley finger fucked her cunt and thumb fucked her arse, she made Mel cum as heavily as the girl had ever cum before.

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