Catherine Ch. 40

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I live for the moment when I hear that whimper in her throat at our very first deep kiss. Her breathing, getting heavier, catching in her throat with each gentle caress, touch, stroke, of her sensitive places, I wait for those words she will not speak…, yet.


It wasn’t long after we stopped that I got a call from Mark to tell me they were running late. And that’s when I told him we had just arrived ourselves; it was at our usual meet up location, And where I gave him the place and name of this convenience store and gas station he would be familiar with. And that’s where the four of us, Lineman, Banjo, GW and me, would hang around and wait for them.

And right off that call from Mark, it’s the bottomless pit, GW, complaining he was hungry. And when I reminded him of that road kill groundhog we passed a few miles back; “So why didn’t you stop then?” Also telling him, “It looked pretty fresh to me.” Is where he tells me he hates eating groundhog without Tabasco sauce.

“Who eats groundhog with Tabasco sauce?” I asked him. “It’s like… putting mayo on a corndog,” Also telling him, “I know someone who does just that. Then nudging him with, “No, it’s not who you might think, but someone who will definitely remain anonymous to you guys.”

Has GW, with raised eyebrows, as I change the subject back to, “Everyone knows you eat groundhog with Grey Poupon!”

And with that, it’s telling the three of them I was going inside to get something to drink, and would anyone else like something too? Which is always the wrong thing to say to these guys when it comes to free food and drink.

And of course, GW jumps right in with his, “Seeing as how I won’t be having that groundhog, “I’ll take two hot dogs; without the mayo, but everything else and a Diet Coke,” he’s telling me. And, of course, the other two agreed it sounded good too, but Banjo wanted fries with his and a chocolate shake.

Looking at Banjo telling him, “You know they don’t have fries or shakes here; you twit!” Where he says, “Oh shit, that’s right, but we passed a place back down the road that does. So why don’t I,” meaning me, “run back down there.” Replying, “Sure, like that’s going to happen in what’s left of your lifetime.” And where Lineman jumps in with his, “Now that you’re going back there I’ll have the same too.”

Flipping all three the finger, “It’s coffee black, right Ben?” Not really having to ask. Because we’ve been out in a desert where it was 123 degrees and Lineman would be standing around drinking hot coffee.

But it’s a dry heat, everyone says — not like the heat and high humidity they’re forecasting for today. So waving them off while turning around, heading for the store’s entrance.

But as I’m making my way to the store’s entrance is when this Mercedes SUV screeches to a stop across the parking lot where a woman has gotten out and heads towards the entrance too.

And Oooh Yeah! You sure couldn’t miss her I was thinking; tall, leggy, a short tan skirt, form fitting, white pullover sleeveless top, boy cut dark hair, and the way she walks is like the grace of a gazelle… then, OMG — I think I know who she is! Only because, a friend I haven’t seen in two and half months had described a woman’s physical appearance in almost the same terms I just used for this one.

Reaching the door at the same time she does and holding it open for her, and just before she goes in she hesitates as she looks at me, smiles, “Thank you.” She tells me, And following close in behind her is when she suddenly stops to look at something on the checkout counter and where I almost walk right into her.

But as I’m sidestepping around her is when I catch a very familiar scent distracting my thoughts of; I should have grabbed a hand basket because of all that grub I’ll be hauling back out to the kids will be an arm full.

Making my way to the back of the store where the refrigerated cases are, and just as I’m about to open one to get the two Diet Cokes is when I see her reflection in the glass door along with her asking, “Would you grab a Diet Coke for me please?” Her voice, very close behind me.

Taking three Diet Cokes, and turning back to hand her one along with my, “Hello Sarah,” as I hand her the Diet Coke, “it’s nice to meet you at last.”

“Hello Bob, it’s nice to meet you, too.” Sarah’s reply,

But to me, it didn’t sound all that friendly as she quickly walked away along to my admiration at the easy way she moves. But, it’s over to the coffee bar to get a large coffee for Lineman. And from there, over to the hot dog grilling machine to get the six hot dogs.

But as I’m doing all this, I’ve also been looking around to see if Sarah is anywhere in sight. But it’s not until I see her reflection in a large round security mirror that she’s standing at the magazine racks casually thumbing through one.

So taking two carry out trays from a stack here by the hot dog grill and piling on the six hotdogs, along with a good handful of the usual condiment eryaman genç escort packets; along with the soda cans and my ice tea. Then it’s a quick glance at the mirror to see Sarah’s not with the magazines anymore.

But as I carefully make my way towards the checkout counter it’s Sarah; who suddenly appears from a cross aisle to butt in front of me with her Diet Coke and two magazines. And where both of us can see our reflections in the security mirror right behind the cashier. But Sarah, never apologizing for her rudeness or even acknowledging I’m even behind her as we wait for the customers already at the counter to finish and leave.

It’s only when she’s reaching into her purse for her wallet that I push in front of her telling the clerk, “I know this lady behind me forgot her wallet so I’ll pay for her items.”

“What!?” I hear from behind me, as Sarah steps around to stand beside me at what I just said; her wallet obviously held in her hand.

“Sarah, please I’d like to because, I hope the friend, of a mutual friend, can be a friend of mine too.”

“Thank you,” she replied. Which sounds a little more friendly as she steps aside as I pay for everything.

Handing her a Diet Coke and her magazines then gathering my stuff is when I see Sarah waiting by the doors holding one open as I get closer. But as I start through it is when she blocks my way along with her, “Can we talk for a few minutes?” She asked, before stepping aside, letting me out.

And now that we’re outside, turning to her, “Of course we can.” Then looking around, “How about we sit at that picnic bench in the shade,” telling her, But then nodding my head in the direction of the other three, “I’ll have to feed the animals first or they may start eating the customers.”

With that, Sarah without a reply, walks off towards the picnic bench, as I head back to feed the three warlocks.

Handing a tray to GW, and one to Banjo, and taking my ice tea, it’s telling the three of them, “The lady over at the picnic bench wants to talk to me.”

Where Lineman’s rubber necking around me in order to see Sarah’s already at the picnic table, “Jesus H…, you fucking walk in there to get some dogs, and a few drinks, and you come out with some hottie. So who the hell is she?”

“She’s a friend of a friend.” Telling him

“Does your friend look that good too?” Lineman asking.

“Never mind, because you wouldn’t believe me if I told you!”

But as I’m walking away it’s Ben with his, “You fucking dog! You’ve been holding out on us again.” To my replay of, “I’ve got something you can hold on to!” As I make my way over to the picnic bench.

Sarah, sitting on the side facing the lot, but as I start to sit facing her it’s thinking better of it when I ask, “Would it be alright if I sit next to you? It’s better for me if I don’t sit with my back to the kids, just so I can keep my eye on them, or they’re sure to get into some kind of mischief.” Telling her.

“Of course it is!” Sarah’s reply, as she moves to her left, giving me room to sit next to her.

“Bob, I’ve heard so much about you, so it’s nice to meet you at last,” she told me.

“Thank you Sarah, it’s nice to meet you too; at last!” Telling her.

Which has me wondering what Catherine has been telling her, as Sarah’s holding her hand out to shake hands with me.

“Can I ask where you and your friends are going?” As Sarah’s looking across the parking lot where the three appear to be in a feeding frenzy.

“Redemption,” telling her. “It’s some place the big dude knows about for lunch. And just so you know, Sara; there’s no redeeming the four of us; we’re just too far gone for any of that,” jokingly telling her.

“Sounds like you guys get into a lot of trouble.” she replies, as we’re both watching the three who look to be poking and probably joking about us,

“Yeah Sarah,” telling her, the four of us have known each other for quite a long time now. And… been through a lot of sh… things, together too.” Suddenly aware of what I almost said.

“That’s okay,” she says. “I’ve been known to let a few fly now and then myself.”

And without saying anything else for a few moments as I wonder where this is leading, when it’s Sarah suddenly with, “Catherine hurting.”

“Oh hell, is she all right!?” Thinking something serious like; more than a cold she had told me.” Also remembering her remark about maybe getting it from Neil. Which brought on my thought at the time; she probably got a lot more of him than her cold I’m sure! She even mentions Neil most likely her foggy headed mistake.

“Physically, yes.” Sarah’s reply. “Emotionally though, she’s been riding an emotional roller coaster for months and you’re the damn reason, Bob! And I can’t begin to tell you… how many times she’s told me how much she’s wrapped up with you.”

“What the hell, Sarah!?” Knocking me out of my Neil thoughts.

“Bob.” Sarah continues. “Catherine and I have been friends and lov..r’s — since we started ankara escort bayan working together. And I’ve never seen her so happy, or so confused, and addle-brained like I’ve never known anyone else.”

“Really Sarah, she’s confused!?” Recovering from what she just told me. “What the hell do you think I’ve been? I haven’t heard from her in, what, going on ten weeks now! What the fuck is that, Sarah?” Letting my frustration out.

“Bob, first she was sick, then she was out of town…, with Jon.”

“Yeah Sarah, I know about that. It’s what she told me on her last phone call to me that she… they would be away for a while; Las Vegas it was with Jon. Who goes to some techie convention out there every year. But for crying out loud, Sarah! Just a simple phone call, a text message, or a email would have been fucking nice! Maybe just to say, ‘It’s been fun, but I’m not going to be seeing you anymore. Oh, PS. Those pills are really working for Jon! And he’s been fucking me like he’s a constantly horny boy toy all the time, ha, ha!”

“Son of a Bitch! So much for her being wrapped up in me; huh!”

Shit!! Now feeling stupid for what I’ve said. “I’m sorry Sarah for going off like that. And I’m sorry too Sarah for my crudeness.” Apologizing.

“Bob, it’s not at all like that,” Sarah tells me.

“Oh, really Sarah? Then what’s it like!?” Asking her.

“Bob, it’s not that simple!” Sarah’s reply.

“Okay Sarah. I’m a simple man with a simple mind, so I understand simple things very well!” Coming right back.

“Bob…, I’m going to tell you something first and believe me when I say this,” Saraah’s telling me.

It’s looking right at her, “Alright Sarah, what is it now!?” Saying it sharper than it needed to be.

“Bob, you ever hurt that woman and I swear I will cut your balls off. And I don’t care what kind of Kung Fu shit or whatever else it is you know. Yes Bob. I know what you did with her at the gym. And, I also don’t care how much of a decorated combat bad ass Marine you are either! Because you have to sleep sometime!”

Wow! That was a first from a woman; also thinking she may really mean it.

When again it’s Sarah “Is that clear enough?! Or do I have to clarify it more!?” She says.

Seeing this lady is serious, so to lower this level of conversation down a few notches, “Yes mam!”

“But, Sarah, know this too! I would disappear out of her life if I thought doing that would unclutter whatever I’ve done to that lady’s life! And I’d do it in a heartbeat! Now, is that clear enough to you?!”

Which seems to leave Sarah without a comeback. So it’s me with, “Sarah, I’m as dead serious as I can be. Now, do we… have an understanding!?” That last, being more of a command than a request which has Sarah quickly nodding her head. “Yes Bob, it is!” She replies.

“Okay then. So…, what is it with you or her, and wanting to cut my balls off. Why not just a bullet between the eyes?”

“Bob, that would be too easy! You’d have to suffer for breaking her heart…, and mine.” She’s telling me.

“What…why yours, Sarah?” Leaning back a bit stunned at what she just said.

“Bob, I love her too,” she replies. “When she hurts, I hurt, and I miss her. We don’t…,” Where she pauses until. “We haven’t been together as often as we used to.”

“What?” Stunned at that too. “Sarah, I’ve told her I love every part of her life. And Sarah this too, I also know about her, ‘Fuck Buddies,’ and her Friends Across the River, as I used to call them — now knowing they’re names as; Richard and Sandy. So please believe this too Sarah, because all of it…, turns me on knowing her like that.”

“Catherine’s told you about me, her; them, the others; too!?” It’s Sarah, with a shocked or stunned look on her face I see.

“Yes Sarah, she has. I know this may sound strange but behind that is some very close calls that… well anyway; I’m just lucky to even be here, let alone, being in her life. And also this, I’m more than very happy she has you, both as a friend, and a lover; Okay!?” Reaching out now to touch her hand.

And just after saying all that is when I see the three banditos, with Banjo pointing in our direction. So turning to Sarah, “Look out the natives are restless,” telling Sarah. “And they’re about to make their move. So I’ll give them… another thirty seconds before they start over here.”

“How can you tell?” Sarah asking,

“Sarah, I know their body language, so be prepared. They can be lewd, crude and rude like you’ve never experienced, or hope to never see again in your life.” Warning her.

“Bob, I’ll give you the same warning about Catherine. Don’t be surprised about what she comes up with or says, or does.” Sarah’s come back.

“Sarah, she’s already done that, and blew my mind to hell and back with the things she’s told me plus, what I’ve overheard!

“Bob, she may not have told you everything; yet!” Is Sarah throwing out a warning flag now?

Looking back at her as if waiting sincan escort for her to go on with more. But without anything else to what she alluded to, when instead it’s her telling me, “You were right Bob, here they come now.”

“Yeah, so I see. Now remember, I warned you Sarah.”

As the three delinquents walked up it’s Banjo with, “Excuse us miss, but we were concerned about your safety. You see, that pervert sitting with you has a reputation on all seven continents as the most vile, lewd and lecherous SOB you will hope to never meet in your life.” He’s telling Sarah.

Which has Sarah laughing along to her, “Sorry guys, but that’s exactly what he was saying about you just before you walked over here.” Has Lineman jumping in, “We forgot to mention, he’s also the biggest liar on those seven continents too.” He tells her.

Which gets Sarah laughing hard and loud!

“Okay gentleman, and I use that term loosely! And now let me introduce you to Mrs. Sarah Foster, she’s a close friend of a close friend of mine; okay?”

Then to Sarah, “That one there,” pointing to Lineman, “is Master Sergeant Benjamin Frazer. We call him Lineman because he works for the local power company.” As Lineman reaches out to shake her hand with his, “Nice to meet you Mrs. Foster,” he tells her.

“Please call me, Sarah.” As Sarah shakes his hand,

“Sarah,” as I’m going on. “That next one is Master Sergeant Richard Wiley. We call him Banjo because he’s a member of a country and western band.” Now it’s Banjo who reaches out to shake her hand, “Nice to meet you Sarah,” he tells her. And Sara with, “Nice to meet you too, Banjo.”

“And last, but for sure not the least, this big Dude here, is Master Sergeant Leroy, George Washington, Pickett. We call him GW because it’s the smallest thing we can say about him,” telling her. Where it’s GW who’s reaching for her hand, where it almost disappears into GW’s big, chocolate,brown hand as he says in his deep voice, “Nice meeting you, Sarah.”

“It’s very nice to meet you too GW.,” she replies. But to me it’s how slow she is in releasing his hand?

Atlanta…, Sarah, and her friend from Atlanta, Catherine had told me about, jumps to mind. But then it’s Sarah looking at me, “And what do they call you?” She asked.

It’s Banjo, who pipes in, “We call him every damn, disgusting, thing we can think of. But, out of grudging respect, it’s just Pops.”

“Pops? As Sarah looked at me to ask, “Why Pops?”

“Sarah, it’s because I’m a few months older than the oldest one of them, which is him, as I point to Banjo. And longer in time and grade than all three of these losers.”

Where about then we hear a motorcycle with extremely loud pipes coming down the road. Where Banjo says, “I think I hear Mark trying to sneak up on us.”

Where it’s me telling Sarah, that’s who we’ve been waiting for.

So with that, and Sarah telling the three amigos it was nice to meet all of them. Then saying to me, “Would you walk me over to my car for a minute?” She asked.

“Of course I will!” Replying. Then as the others head back to greet Mark and his wife, it’s Sarah and I back to her SUV where she opens the driver’s side door then turns to me with, “Bob, I’m very happy to have finally had the chance to meet you. And, you are everything she says about you.”

Where it’s my, “Oh Shit, what is it!?”

Sarah, smiling back, “If I told you, I’m sure it would embarrass you to death! So I’ll keep those secrets to myself.”

But as Sarah starts to get in, stops, then turns back asking, “Would it be okay if I call you some time; really just to talk?”

“Sure, why not,” replying

“Bob, I’ll tell her,” she says.

“No secrets, right?”

“Yes Bob, no secrets.” Is when Sarah suddenly leans into me as she gives me a quick, but solid kiss on the cheek and says, “Catherine is a very lucky woman! And I hope you have a nice ride, and please be careful.”

Then as she climbs into the SUV, maybe a little carelessly spreading her legs just as she swivels around on her butt to get seated, giving me a brief up-skirt peek of; does she or doesn’t she; sheer black thong or just dark pubic stripe, before closing the car door and rolls down the window.

And with that, I reach into my wallet to take out a card to write my cell phone number on then handing it to her with, “Sarah, I don’t always answer calls right away because of where I might be or doing, but I will get back to you as soon as I can; just letting you know.”

“That’s me too,” She replies. But after she starts the engine, Sarah looks back over to where everyone is standing around, then back to me as she asks, “GW…, I bet there’s something else that’s not small about him?”

With that I see a big naughty smile on her face.

Where I laugh as I lift my hands up like I’m going to describe the fish that got away, only to slowly move my hands further and further apart. And with a blush in her cheeks, her hand to her mouth as the door window comes up she blows me a kiss, and leaves the parking lot.

Going over to greet Mark and hug to his pretty wife Sue before going back to my bike to see Lineman already standing next to it, where he asked, “Does your friend have any more friends like that one?” He asked.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32