Caroline’s Dark Desire

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I drove about town trying to get to the store before it closed. Caroline had given me a list just as she was heading into the shower, she lay on the bed as I left, playing with her phone. I couldn’t help but notice her vibrator that we had used the night before was lying out beside the foot of the bed.

“Don’t you be using that while I’m gone,” I said. She gave me a smile, I knew rightly what she was going to be doing when I was out. The fact that I had even mentioned it might even have inadvertently sewn the seed of thought in her head.

I reached down and grabbed it.

“I’m taking it with me!” I said in my sternest possible voice.

“See if I care,” she said feigning indifference. I knew she probably didn’t need it anyway, there were probably enough messages from randy men propositioning her on her Facebook page to keep her going for a while. I had to admit though that the thought of her pleasuring herself while I was out was nothing short of delicious.

I threw the vibrator back on the bed and headed out the door.

“Behave yourself,” I said knowing only too well that would be the last thing on bursa escort her mind. She gave me that smile of hers that told me that was exactly what she wasn’t going to be doing. I doubt anyone had ever driven to and ran around shops as quickly as I had that afternoon.

When I arrived home I left the shopping on the kitchen counter and headed straight upstairs.

“Where are you?” I said noticing the bedroom was now empty.

“I’ll be in in two seconds baby,” she said calling from the bathroom, I had left my phone charging at the side of the bed and went to check it. Suddenly she came in from the bathroom wearing just a towel and looking as sexy as sin. She brushed past me, her chest glancing off me.

“Damn it,” I said. “I was hoping for a crafty grope of your boob.”

I went back to looking at my phone when I felt her hand touch my side.

“I can do better than that,” she said, taking off the towel and lying on the bed naked, starting to touch herself.

I couldn’t believe my luck and didn’t need a second invitation. As usual the sex was out of this world and I was a very happy boy to say the least.

Afterwards bursa escort bayan we were both checking our phones for messages when I had to ask.

“You used your vibrator didn’t you when I was out?”

“Of course I did… twice.”

“Fair enough, so what’s it like using it?”

“Honestly it’s great. It makes me come so hard but I had to have your cock then.”

I went back to my phone, happy with her answer, but I just couldn’t let it lie.

“So what do you think of when you masturbate?” I said.

“Eh… nothing really.”

I found this hard to believe and I said as much.

“So you don’t think of anything when you fantasise?”

“Eh… well I think of us together and just general things.”

“Do you think of other men… it’s okay as it’s only a fantasy…”

“Yes… I do. I think of other men fucking me in front of you and you can’t do anything but watch.”

I don’t think I was ever as hard as I was that moment.

“Get over here… no sex though, I want your tongue,” she said, removing the towel again and lying there touching herself once more. escort bursa I went down on her, my tongue inside her darting along the insides of her soaking wet cunt as I felt her finger frantically moving in and out.

She began to pant now.

“What are these men doing to you?”

“They’re… uh… fucking me hard up the arse with their big huge cocks.”

“Do you ever think of a black man fucking you in front of me?”


“And what’s his cock like up your arse.”

“Oh God it’s so sore, it’s huge… oh… I want your fingers inside me now. All of them…”

I duly obliged and brought her to climax. She stifled her scream as she came. We lay in each other’s arms but once again I could let it lie.

“Do you want to fuck another man…”


The anger in her face made me back down with my questioning, I have to admit I was relieved by her reluctance.

“I didn’t mean in real life, just in your fantasies,” I said.

She smiled at me.

“Of course. I was worried there for a second… It’s only a fantasy after all.”

“Yes… it’s only a fantasy.”

I am sure I thought about something else in the days that followed but just don’t ask me what that was. I could think of nothing now but her being taken hard by a strange black man and his huge cock. Thank God it was only a fantasy though…

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