Camping with Big-Dicked Friend Pt. 02

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I woke up the next morning hardly able to believe that I’d spent over an hour sucking my friend and rival’s unbelievable cock the night before. But as soon as I remembered what happened, my penis started to grow hard thinking of how Luke so arrogantly and confidently dominated my virgin throat.

When I woke up, both of us were still naked on top of our sleeping bags, and I couldn’t help but look over at Luke’s massive manmeat. It was still completely soft but looked so fucking huge and far, far bigger than my firmest erection. As his thick, hefty hunk of manmeat lied across his leg, I admired and gawked at his large, lemon-sized balls that I’d also licked and worshiped the night before.

And it wasn’t just Luke’s dick and balls that were amazing. His blonde hair and tan, toned body looked incredibly sexy, with his washboard abs glistening above his horse-hung cock. There was little doubt in my mind why he attracted such sexy girls, since he really was a total, all-around stud.

I must have moaned while staring at my friend and rival’s stunning body, because he woke up and looked right at me. Like a deer in the headlights, I stopped jerking off my own modest boyhood, but it was already too late. Luke saw me and smiled cockily.

“Good morning, babe. It looks like you’re still horny for my dick?”

“Ummm,” I mumbled, trying not to look into Luke’s deep blue eyes. I didn’t want to tell him how desperately I wanted to suck him off right then or submit again to his dominance.

“Too bad we don’t have an hour for you to swallow my load. We better get moving and hit the trail!”

To my surprise, Luke started packing up and shoved his thick and massive softie into his boxers, while I tried to tuck my throbbing erection into my boxer briefs. I was so turned on that I knew that I could cum in a couple minutes, but I thought it best not to humiliate myself even more in front of my horse-hung friend and rival.


Tensions were high as we hit the trail and hiked for 15 miles that day. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated from the night before but couldn’t avoid glancing at Luke’s bulge swaying in his hiking shorts. I’m not sure how I’d missed it playing sports with him before, but I now clearly noticed a substantial snake moving in his shorts as Luke walked along the trail.

Luke was particularly cocky and arrogant on our hike that day and regaled me with stories of some of the girls (and guys) that he’d fucked. He told me how he fucked girls at every single sorority at USC. He once had a fivesome with four sexy cheerleaders at UCLA, who all took turns worshipping his dick and begging him to fuck them. And he told me about how he took his college soccer coach’s anal virginity after he saw him staring at his massive manmeat in the showers after practice. I previously had no idea that one of my closest friends and rivals was bi, but he clearly had no qualms with fucking both guys and girls. As long as people submitted to his dominance and colossal cock, he was happy to be an alpha stud to all.

Unfortunately, Luke’s banter about fucking both guys and girls made me even hornier. It was already challenging hiking 15 miles with a 50 pound pack, but to do it while semi-erect was even worse. My hardening cock kept getting in my way and felt incredibly constrained in my shorts.

A few miles into the hike, I needed to stop to pee and tried to carefully pull out my still semi-erect dick to relieve myself against a tree stump. But just as he had done on the first day of our hike, Luke stood right next to me and unabashedly whipped out his massive softie. As I stood silently and struggled to pee, Luke unleashed a firehose of piss all over the log in front of us. I couldn’t help but look down and stare at his anaconda unleashing such a torrent.

As I looked down at Luke’s thick and hefty six-inch softie, my own situation went from bad to worse. Instead of being semi-erect, I now had a throbbing hard-on and couldn’t pee for the life of me. I also couldn’t take my eyes off Luke’s behemoth hunk of meat.

“See something you like?” Luke joked as he grinned and shook his hefty softie.

I felt so emasculated seeing Luke pee and flaunt his dick in front of me and getting an instant boner like a little kid. I now couldn’t even empty my bladder with my modest boyhood throbbing at attention.

Luke calmly smiled and seemed to enjoy my dilemma. “It’s okay. You can jerk off if you want to.”

It felt strange that I needed Luke’s permission to masturbate, and it felt even stranger that I felt compelled to jerk off while staring at my friend’s flaccid dick in the middle of the woods. But I was so horny that my hand went instantly to my aching cock to search for relief.

After just ten or fifteen strokes, I felt an orgasm building in my balls and shot a load of cum all over Luke’s still fully soft manmeat.

“Damn,” he exclaimed. “You came in like two seconds. Now lick this fucking cum niğde escort off me.”

I obediently knelt onto the dirt and licked my cum off of Luke’s massive dick that was still completely soft. I wanted so desperately to suck him off and submit completely to his dominance, but my cocky rival pushed me away once his cock was clean and said we didn’t have time for that.

“And put your little boy dick away,” he added. “I can’t believe you have such a hair trigger. Starting today, I’m going to train you to work on that. I’m going to teach you to control your orgasms.”

And so it began. As I stuffed my shrinking boy cock back into my shorts, Luke promised to start my training. I had no idea what he had in store for me but felt so intimidated and turned on that I didn’t dare disobey his commands.


My mind was foggy as we hiked for the next several miles. What did it mean that Luke wanted to “train” me? Would he let me suck him off again? Or would he make me do other things? Just thinking about it didn’t help my erection and I still felt horny throughout our hike.

A few miles later, we arrived at an overlook where Luke wanted to have lunch. From this hilltop, we could see the Pacific Ocean below us and the cliffs lining the coast in both directions. After we finished eating our lunch (and I was mercifully able to pee), Luke asked whether I was ready to start my training. With my dick hardening at his very suggestion, I gulped and said, “yes sir.”

Luke smiled cockily and told me to take off all my clothes. On this hilltop overlooking the ocean, I was now butt-ass naked and exposed for all to see. Even though I’d just cum an hour or two before, my penis was once again throbbing at attention and pointing in Luke’s direction. He just grinned and told me to jerk off and cum as quickly as I could.

“Today is your first day of training and I want you to cum for me as many times as you can,” he explained. “The first step to controlling your orgasms is to see how quickly and how often you have them, so we have a starting point to work from.”

I gulped and stared at my tan, toned, and sexy friend. Here I was, fully naked and hard as a rock, as Luke stood calm, collected, and enjoying my complete submission.

As my friend and rival watched while fully clothed, I debased myself in front of him by furiously stroking my five-inch penis. Within 45 seconds, I was ready to explode and begged for Luke’s permission to cum.

“Do it, bitch,” he replied. “Cum for me.”

I closed my eyes, moaned, and unleashed my load all over the dirt in front of me.

“Good job, bitch. Now do it again.”

I was shocked that Luke wanted me to jerk myself off again in such quick succession, but I assumed that this was all part of his “training.”

As I stared at my cocky rival who was still fully clothed, the power difference between us couldn’t have been greater. Here I was completely naked, jerking off, and humiliating myself to Luke’s every command. And even though I had just cum, I was still incredibly horny as Luke looked calmly at my complete subservience to his commands.

To my dismay, I also saw that Luke’s phone was sticking out of the pocket of his shirt–as if he were filming me. This thought filled me with dread but also turned me on like crazy, and I couldn’t help but orgasm again for him in less than a minute.

“Damn, bitch. You still came so quickly,” Luke said. “Now do it again.”

I couldn’t believe that this cocky stud wanted me to jerk off for him again for the third time in less than three minutes. But I was still turned on and helpless to disobey his commands, so I kept on stroking my sore but still-throbbing dick.

This time it took me longer to cum and I edged myself closer by staring at the significant bulge snaking down Luke’s pants. I wished that he was naked like I was so that I could admire his colossal cock, but I just had to let my memory fill in the gaps of what his incredible manmeat looked like.

And just like clockwork, in less than two minutes, I unleashed yet another orgasm while Luke looked calmly on.

“Good job, bitch,” Luke said, somehow praising my performance. “How many more times do you think you can do that?”

“Ummmm,” I stuttered, uncertain of how I should respond. By this point, my penis was now going soft and I felt exhausted from having cum three times in a row. “I think I might be done,” I said sheepishly.

Luke stared at me as my penis shrank to its soft state of less than three inches. He smiled at my meager boyhood and then took off his shirt, showing off his sculpted chest and washboard abs. As Luke took off his shirt, he set his phone down against a log, still pointing it in my direction. But I wasn’t worried about the phone. Instead, I was enraptured by my friend’s stunning, half-naked body.

I stared at my rival and couldn’t help but admire his model-good looks. Even though he niğde escort bayan was still wearing pants, I felt my penis stir and start coming back to life as I admired Luke’s adonis-like torso.

“Cum for me again,” he whispered softly.

For some reason, I obeyed and my hand immediately grasped my hardening dick. It still felt sore and tired from having cum three times in a row, but I coaxed it back to life while gawking at Luke’s toned and sculpted body.

This time it took me nearly five minutes to cum. While I was jerking my little boy penis, Luke just grinned at me and flexed his arms, chest, and abs. Almost uncontrollably, I came for him for the fourth time in less than fifteen minutes, with a dribble of semen shooting onto the dirt before me.

“Good job, bitch. Again.”

I was shocked that Luke wanted me to keep jerking off and my penis felt so sore and tired. But just as it shrunk back down to its flaccid size, Luke kicked off his shoes, unzipped his pants, and started slowly pulling them down.

Even though he was wearing loose-fitting boxers, my eyes went immediately to Luke’s snake-like bulge. Even when fully soft and covered by fabric, I could tell that it was longer and thicker soft than my now-once-again hard erection. Just seeing Luke in his underwear had caused me to firm up again, and I dutifully obeyed his commands and kept jerking off.

This time I lasted an agonizingly long and embarrassing ten minutes. As Luke looked on, he started lazily massaging the anaconda in his boxers and adjusting it from side to side. This made me lust after him even more and wish that he was fully naked, but instead I was the only one naked and cumming for my cocky rival for an unprecedented five times in less than 25 minutes.

This time, virtually nothing erupted from my cock. I was used up like a little boy having a pre-pubescent orgasm. And Luke knew it and grinned at me cockily. “That’ll do,” he said. “Let’s get back to hiking.”


I felt so dirty and humiliated having orgasmed five times a row in front of my friend and rival–all while he stayed cool, collected, and in control. As I hurried to get my clothes on, I saw Luke pick up his phone and smile once more. Fuck, I thought. He might have captured that whole thing on camera.

For the next couple hours, I felt better as we started hiking once more. Luke eased up on the sex talk just a bit, and we instead chatted about business school and what we wanted to do after graduation. Luke was convinced that he’d become a CEO of a big-time corporation and could quickly work his way to the top. I set my sights a little lower and was hoping to become a CFO or COO.

“Maybe you could work for me someday and be my bitch,” Luke joked.

Throughout our entire time in grad school, we had always been equals competing on an even playing field. But now the scales tipped decidedly in Luke’s favor and he was treating me less and less like a man.

“Let’s stop here,” Luke said, towards the end of our hike. We had just reached another scenic overlook where the trail reached cliffs jutting out over the Pacific Ocean and a view of trees and hills on the other side. The area looked a bit exposed to me, but Luke decided that it was a good a place as any to resume my training.

“Are you ready to keep learning how to control your orgasms?” he asked.

“Ummm, yes,” I stuttered.

“Yes what?” he said, flashing me his cocky grin.

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

I set my backpack down and once again stripped off all my clothes in front of my rival and friend. Still fully clothed, Luke laughed at my rock-hard dick and told me to start jerking.

Less than two minutes later, my rock-hard five-incher was once again on the brink of orgasm and I asked for Luke’s permission to cum.

“Cum for me, bitch,” was his reply.

And just like that, I shot my sixth load of the day in Luke’s direction. Not since I was in middle school or high school had I ever jerked off so much in a single day, but Luke had now turned me into a horny little bitch.

“Again,” he said, as my penis started shrinking.

Just as he did before, Luke stripped off his shirt to give me a view of his muscular arms, toned chest, and washboard abs. My penis was beyond exhausted but started to harden once again, as I couldn’t help admiring Luke’s sculpted body. All of his muscles seemed to glisten in the setting California sun, and I wished desperately that Luke was naked so that I could see his mammoth cock.

After already having orgasmed six times, I stroked for nearly ten minutes and still wasn’t close to cumming. Luke saw my lack of progress and generously decided to help me out by once again stripping off his shorts. I now stared at my gorgeous friend in a pair of boxers, looking like an Abercrombie model in the setting California sun.

Seeing Luke in his boxers caused me to beg for him to let me cum for the escort niğde seventh time that day. Like a horny little boy, I came for him again, with only a modest amount of semen emerging from my tired but still-throbbing dick.

As my exhausted penis quickly retracted to its flaccid state, Luke asked me if I wanted to take a break. I nodded and Luke flashed me a big, cocky grin as he slowly pulled down his boxers, unleashing the anaconda in his shorts. As my penis shrank to the smallest it had been–completely exhausted and worn-out–Luke’s looked thick and meaty and was rapidly expanding to come out to play.

Without waiting a moment longer, I dropped to my knees in front of my rival and friend and eagerly took his massive cockhead into my mouth. I had been dreaming of his dick all day and wanted to suck him off since morning, and now was my chance to slobber all over his mammoth meat.

Luke grinned silently as I started worshipping his incredible cock. I eagerly lapped at his balls before taking every inch of him into my throat. As Luke’s dick grew in my mouth, I looked up and made eye contact with my cocky rival and friend. He looked calm and confident with his big, massive dick buried down my throat, and he grinned as my own shriveled penis and had shrunken down to barely an inch.

For the next several minutes, I put all my energy into sucking and worshiping Luke’s massive dick. Just as he’d trained me to do the night before, I deep-throated every inch of him while using my hand to massage his large, perfectly-shaped balls.

I was so enraptured by my friend’s dick that I had forgotten that we were completely exposed on the top of a hiking trail. To my horror, we heard a very loud and jarring “WHAT THE FUCK?!” from other hikers who had just rounded up the hill.


I was on my knees, completely infatuated by Luke’s dick, when four other hikers stumbled upon us. It wasn’t altogether surprising, since this was a popular hiking trail and we were on a hilltop overlooking the ocean, but I’d somehow forgotten that there might be other people on the trail when I submitted completely to Luke’s “training.”

Now there were four young, college-aged guys who had arrived on our hilltop and had a clear-eyed view of me completely worshipping my friend and rival’s massive dick.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!!” one of them yelled.

“HOLY SHIT!!” said another.


Luke withdrew his colossal spear from my throat as the other hikers came into view, and they all now had a view of his fully hard and throbbing 9.5-inch monster. Even worse, these college-aged guys all could see that I was on my knees, with my own shrunken and worn-out boy penis retracted to the smallest that it had ever been. The contrast between Luke’s thick and lengthy spear and my own tiny boy penis was absurd and on display for all to see.

I tried to cover my shrunken dick with my hands and turn my body away, but the damage had already been done. These four guys had seen all of me that there was to see, even if it was only an inch or so in my embarrassing state.

“What do we have here?” the tallest one asked in surprise. He stood at least 6’5″ with sandy blonde hair, lots of muscles, and a tank top with the letters DKE. He looked like a basketball player and was clearly a frat bro still in college.

“Hey bros, we’re just having a little break here,” Luke replied nonchalantly. He didn’t try to hide his massive dick and somehow still seemed calm and relaxed.

A shorter Asian guy with a DKE hat on, said, “But what the fuck are y’all doing?”

“Oh, I was just having a little fun with my boy here. He got horny from hiking and begged to suck me off. He gives a pretty mean blowjob if you want one.”

“Are you hazing him or something?” another of the frat bros asked, seeming shocked. “And why is his penis so tiny?”

Luke laughed and looked down at the absurd comparison between his dick and my own. “His little boy penis does get bigger, but he just came while begging to suck me off. He’s addicted to cock and would be happy to suck yours too if you want.”

“Dude, that’s crazy. We did some weird hazing shit at our fraternity, but never anything like this,” the tallest stud responded.

“His cock looks soooooo tiny,” his Asian friend said. “No wonder he wants to suck cock!”

“How old is he?” another of the frat bros asked Luke.

“26,” Luke replied.

“Damn, that’s rough,” the frat bro responded. “And his penis looks like a little boy’s.”

“Definitely looks smaller than anyone in our fraternity,” his friend added.

I found it deeply humiliating that everyone was talking about me as if I were a little kid who wasn’t even part of the conversation. But Luke still seemed so cool, calm, and collected.

“You guys must be horny from hiking,” he said. “When was your last blowjob?”

The frat bros looked at each other awkwardly. “We’ve been hiking for four or five days,” the tallest one said, “So it’s probably been a full week.”

“We usually have plenty of chicks to suck us off at home, but it’s sure been awhile,” another added.

“I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never gotten a blowjob from a guy and don’t really want to start now,” another said.

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