Cairn Howff Tales: The Stockyard

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Mary anxiously looked at the address on the crumpled piece of paper she held in her hand and then looked up at the large brick building. That is all she had, a simple address. A web search called it the Stockyard, but there was nearly no information about the building or what went on there. Just the vague rumors. The structure did not look like much. Maybe it had been an old warehouse or factory in a seedy part of town. However, people were entering and leaving at a regular pace, mostly entering. No one else seemed to be nervous as they went through the large door just off the street. Watching a young blond-haired girl enter, Mary decided to follow her.

Once inside, the brightly lit hall seemed almost as large as the building appeared from outside. Mary watched as the girl she had followed moved to the back wall and removed her dress and sandals, folding them neatly and tucking them in a corner behind some boxes, as though she did not want anyone to find them. She was not wearing underwear, so now the girl was completely naked, except for a leather collar around her neck that Mary had just now noticed. The girl appeared to be about the same age as Mary, perhaps her mid-twenties, and the same body type, a little bit curvy. Except for the difference in hair color — Mary’s hair was dark brown and a little shorter — she would almost think she was looking at herself in the mirror. The naked girl did not seem to notice Mary watching as she quickly moved toward a large dark curtain at the back wall of the building and ducked behind it. Mary stood there, almost stunned as she watched the girl disappear.

More people were entering the building. A few men entered either alone or in groups of two or three. It struck Mary that the men varied in ages and dress and race. They, too, seemed to know where they were going and proceeded to move behind the curtain in the same direction the blond girl had gone. The difference was that the men remained clothed. Whenever a woman entered, she would follow the blond girl’s example and remove her clothes before ducking behind the curtain. Then Mary watched a couple enter. The man was older with graying temples and wearing a dark suit. The woman was maybe thirty-five and wearing a long tan coat. They paused for just a moment while the man helped her remove the coat, which he draped over his arm. She was naked underneath, and Mary noticed the man was holding a leash attached to her collar. When they disappeared behind the curtain, Mary could hear the thump thump thump of rock music coming from inside, as though this was some alternative dance club where the men came dressed, and the women were naked.

“May I help you?”

Mary was so startled by the sudden question directed at her that she literally jumped. Turning, she stared at the man who was so close behind her that she could feel the breath of his question on her shoulder. He was older, maybe in his fifties, completely bald with just the scruff of a grey beard, and stood there, smiling down at her.

“Oh, er no, I’m good. Thank you,” Mary said, a bit ashamed to have been caught gawking at the people entering the club.

“Welcome to the Stockyard,” the man said as they both looked over the scene around them. “I assume this is your first time here.” He was wearing a black suit that was a little rumpled but seemed to fit him well.

Mary nodded in response to his statement. “What is this place?”

The man took his time answering her question as he looked her up and down. “The Stockyard is a breeding barn, one of the largest and oldest.” He paused to smile before continuing. “Would you like a tour?”

His answer seemed to confirm the few rumors she had heard but only served to pique her curiosity about what went on here. She hesitated a moment before deciding that if she were ever going to find out what it was all about, this would probably be the best opportunity. “A tour would be great, thank you.”

The man seemed happy with her response and smiled broadly. “Wonderful. Let us start over here,” and he led Mary to the other side of the room where there was a table covered in leather collars and some cuffs. “Of course, you will have to follow the rules to go inside. Please pick a collar that fits your neck.”

“Do I have to, even for just a tour?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. The rules are rather strict,” the man replied. Mary picked up a brown leather collar that seemed new with a D ring on the front and buckles on the back. She had seen girls wear collars like this on some of the web sites she visited but had never worn one herself. The bald man helped her buckle it in the back. The collar felt strangely comfortable around her neck, as though she was meant to wear one. “That works. And now you will have to remove all your clothes.”

“I don’t understand. Why are the women all naked when they enter?” Mary asked, hoping to get some more information.

“Clothed women tend to startle the herd,” the man answered. “You don’t want to cause a stampede, do you?” This answer hakkari escort bayan made no sense at all, but if she were going to find out about the Stockyard, she realized that she would have to go along with whatever rules they had. She quickly removed her sundress, bra, and panties, handing them to the man as he helpfully held out his hand to take them from her. “I’ll need your shoes as well,” he said. Mary took off her flats, adding them to the stack of clothes in his hands. Her tender feet felt cool on the worn wood of the floor. Naked now, except for the collar, Mary blushed. Her guide pulled a leash from his pocket and clipped it to the ring on her collar. “We don’t want you getting lost inside, do we?” He then led her over to a large barrel with a fire inside and tossed in all her clothes.

“Hey! Those are my clothes. What are you doing?” Mary almost screamed as she watched her clothes disappear beneath the sudden burst of flames.

Before she could do anything to save her clothes, the man turned toward the curtain and tugged at her leash. “You won’t be needing those, and we really can’t store all the clothes that are left here, can we?”

Mary was horror-struck. With that simple act, she was made even more vulnerable than before. What would she wear when she left? Still shocked, she stumbled behind the man as he led her toward the curtain and into the back. The room behind the curtain was even larger than the room they had left, with loud music and people milling around talking or dancing. Just as he had said, all the women inside were naked. There was a stage off to the left with two naked girls doing a pole dance as though this was a sleazy strip club. One of the dancing girls was obviously pregnant and looked as though she would give birth any day now. In front of the stage, there was a pool table. Mary was shocked to see a naked woman bent over the table as a naked man mounted her from behind. What was perhaps even more shocking was that no one else seemed to notice the fornicating couple. Mary could not look away.

There was another yank on her collar. “This is our dairy,” the man giving the tour said as he led her to some rusty old frames with some sort of reservoir on the side. “We get fresh milk every day now.”

“I don’t understand. Where are the animals?” The man gave a broad gesture around the room before leading her past the stage toward a set of ramps that lead down and up. As she hurried to follow him, she noticed a few more of the women in the room were also pregnant. “Hey. Where are all the livestock you keep talking about?” He ignored her questions.

“This is the Breeder Bar. The women come here to dance for tips and wait for the studs to select them.” Mary was wide-eyed as she took in the scene, trying to understand what all of it meant. On the walls were vintage signs from dairies, which Mary thought was an odd theme for a bar. A few of the men were obviously looking her over and perhaps even discussing her. Mary tried to move close behind her guide to block their view and her exposure, staying close as he continued the tour.

As they walked about halfway down the ramp, they came to a smaller side room. “This is our veterinary clinic,” the man said. Unlike the rest of the building, which was bare brick, this room had white tile walls. Actually, the tiles were almost white, since they looked ancient and a bit dirty. Around the room were various medical benches and cabinets, and there were medical posters on the walls showing mostly female reproductive organs. “We want to keep the herd healthy and happy,” he said with a smile. “We can also test for insemination and run other experiments.” Mary looked around the room in horror. What was this place?

Against the clinic’s back wall was a series of open showers and toilets with no privacy barriers like you might see in an old gym or a prison. As they stood there, a pregnant woman waddled past them to one of the showers. Ever since she was a little girl, Mary had been fascinated with pregnant women. First, they always looked beautiful to her, as though their condition made them prettier with a special kind of glow. However, there was a naughty part of her fascination, as well. The baby bump was a public advertisement that the woman had been fucked. Whenever she saw a pregnant lady in the store or on the street, Mary would mentally undress her and imagine what she looked like when the deed was done. Usually, that involved all sorts of slutty behavior. Now with all the naked pregnant women here, she did not have to imagine much at all. The Stockyard was all her wildest fantasies come to life. She could feel the excitement building deep in her gut and between her legs.

“Come along now.” With that, the man gave her leash a gentle yank and led her back onto the ramp down to the basement. They entered a large L shaped room with what appeared to be a series of stalls lining the outside walls. Straw covered the floor of the stalls, and a few of them had naked girls sleeping in hakkari escort them. “When their bellies start to swell, some of the bitches take a stall to entertain and rest,” the man stated. At the back of each stall was a photograph of a girl with her name above it. Some of the pictures showed a naked girl kneeling in her stall while others showed the girl dancing or, in a few cases, getting fucked. Often, they were obviously pregnant and smiling for the camera.

“Are…are those the livestock?” Mary asked, almost afraid of the answer she would hear.

The man laughed. “Yes, they are the livestock. They either came here or were sent here to be bred.”

“But they are women,” Mary protested, “just like me.”

The man smiled at her. “Yes, I know. I’m sure you will make an excellent breeder as well.” He reached out and roughly squeezed one of Mary’s breasts. “You have lovely udders. When the time comes, you will produce a lot of milk.” Mary jerked away from his groping hand, but the leash was short, and she could not go too far.

“Udders? Those are my breasts.” She was appalled by his callous attitude. “This isn’t human. You can’t treat women like this, like they are animals.”

“We are all animals, are we not? And we have basic instincts to breed. The Stockyard just helps facilitate the process.” The man spoke so casually, as though what he was saying was obvious and not the most outrageous thing Mary had ever heard. She just stood there, leashed and naked, with no idea how to respond. The man led her to one of the stalls at the end of the row, and she realized that there was a man fucking one of the pregnant girls on her knees in her stall. This man had not bothered to undress and just mounted the naked girl while he smiled and gave a thumbs up to the man giving the tour. The woman rested her head on her arms and seemed lost in the sex, moaning quietly. It was all so strange and beyond anything Mary could imagine.

“Come along. There is still more to see,” the man said as he led her away. He was moving briskly toward the ramp, and Mary had to hurry to keep up with him.

“Do the women stay here?” Mary asked, still unsure how this place could operate.

“Some stay here all the time. Some come and go, out to pasture, we call it. It depends on what the girls choose or what their masters have chosen for them.” They had now passed the main dance floor and were heading up the ramp to the upper floor. “Generally, they come back sooner or later, so there is no need for us to try to keep them here. Unless, of course, that is what they want.” The man paused at the next floor and gave Mary a friendly smile.

It was another large, open room, filled with old furniture and various wooden frames. “This is the playroom,” the man said. “As you can see, we have various toys to make the breeding more interesting.” The walls here were covered with large pictures of naked, smiling, pregnant women. In the middle of the room, Mary saw a woman bent over a kind of sawhorse, with a naked man fucking her from behind. Another pregnant woman sat on a leather Chesterfield couch nearby, watching as the coupled mated. Further on, a naked woman was strapped to an X frame with two clothed men taking turns sucking on her breasts. All three laughed when one of the men squeezed her breast and squirted milk from the lactating woman into the other man’s mouth.

Watching all the sex happening around her was arousing Mary, and she fidgeted next to the man. She had been lonely these last four months since she broke up with her previous boyfriend. The loneliness had led her to search dark passages on the internet, which led to rumors about the Stockyard. When she could not find much information, she decided to investigate. This was so much more than she ever expected to find.

She followed the man through the room to another curtain, like the one at the entrance. Once they had passed through, they entered a space that was just a little bit fancier. There were red leather chairs, a large couch covered in pillows, and a large bed. The industrial lights hanging in the rest of the building were replaced with an old chandelier in this room, and the pictures were something from the 18th Century, sketches of clandestine couples having sex in gardens. “This is the Princess Palace,” the man said, “for those bitches that still think they need a bed to breed on.” As they approached the bed, Mary watched a muscular black man sliding his cock into a blond girl with pale skin. Mary realized it was the girl she had followed into the Stockyard, the girl who looked like her.

The couple on the bed seemed not to notice that Mary and her guide stood there watching. The blond girl lay on her back with her legs spread wide. The naked man posted up and down, his thick cock slipping in and out of her. “She will be bred today,” the bald man whispered to Mary.

Mary could not take her eyes away from the scene in front of her. “How do you know?”

“She is keeping track of escort hakan her cycle, so this is her most fertile time,” the man answered.

“Is that man chosen to breed her then?” Mary asked.

“No, it could be him, or it could be the previous stud or the one who will come next.” It seemed this girl would be busy tonight, Mary thought as she watched her wrap her legs around the man coupling with her and pull him deep inside her. The guide placed his hand on Mary’s bare bum, gently caressing her, and led her away from the couple toward one of the sawhorse benches. This one had a red leather pad on top. “Have you ever been bred?” her guide asked her.

Mary was surprised at his question. “No, no, I’ve never had a baby.”

“Not yet. How long has it been since you were mounted?”

“Do you mean since I’ve had sex?” Mary thought she was beyond shock at this point, but the man’s frank way of asking questions astonished her. “Um, it has been a few months,” she blushed and answered.

As they talked, he bent her over the frame and secured her hands with ropes attached to the legs. “Such a long time. You must be ready.” He then attached similar ropes to her ankles, spreading her legs wide. From this position, laying lengthwise over the bench, she could watch the couple on the bed continue to fuck. They were paying no attention to what the man was doing to her. He ran his hands down her back and across her rump. “We really should take care of that problem for you.” His hand slid between her legs. She knew he would find her pussy dripping wet. “Yes, I’d say you are ready,” he chuckled. All Mary could do was moan as he toyed with her. She had been getting more excited since they had come to the playroom, and watching the couple fucking was pushing her desires further. She felt him slide two fingers into her pussy and start to finger fuck her with the same rhythm the black man on the bed was using to fuck the blond girl. It was as though all of them were connected in their debauchery. The black man let out a loud groan as he climaxed deep inside the girl, and they both slumped onto the bed, worn out by their activities. Mary felt the tension that had been building inside her explode as her own orgasm rippled through her body.

Mary’s guide stepped in front of her face and unbuttoned his pants, pulling out his semi-erect cock. He slapped her face with it as it started to grow in his hand. “I’m sure you know what to do,” he said. “Open wide and make me hard for you.”

Mary did not hesitate. She opened her mouth, and he took a fist full of her hair as he shoved his cock deep down her throat. She could feel his erection swell and fill her mouth as she tried to swirl her tongue around the head and then lick his balls. Laying across the bench like this, tied down, Mary could not give her best blowjob. Soon she gave up trying as the drool splattered out and dribbled down onto the floor. Mary had to concentrate on not gagging as he forced his cock into the back of her throat and face fucked her. A couple times, she failed and thrashed on the bench as she tried to breathe. This only seemed to excite the man more.

“You’re a good little cock sucker. The studs will like that.” The man pulled his sloppy cock from her mouth and slapped her face again as she panted and tried to catch her breath. The black man had gotten out of bed and was putting on the last of his clothes before leaving. The blond girl slowly got up and came over to the bench, kneeling just to the side of Mary’s head.

Mary’s guide had stepped back and was removing his clothes. “She is beautiful, Sir,” the blond girl said as she knelt there watching them. “Is she new?”

Mary blushed at the compliment as well as being watched. “Yes, little one, this is her first time in the ‘Yard,” the man answered her as he moved behind Mary and once again caressed her ass cheeks.

“Oh, the studs will like her a lot. I’m sure she’ll be extremely popular. Are you going to breed her?” Mary could feel the head of his cock pressing against the entrance to her pussy. With one swift stroke, he was buried deep inside her, and Mary’s eyes opened wide, her mouth making a round O shape as though what was happening behind her could be felt on her face. The blond girl giggled as she watched. “I think she felt that, Sir.”

Now the man gripped her hips as he repeatedly forced himself into her. He was not gentle, and Mary had the impression that he was rutting inside her. This really was how animals were bred. “I’m not sure she is ready to be bred today, but it will happen soon, for sure.” All Mary could do was lay there across the bench and take it, take everything he was giving her, over and over, deep in her sex. She was moaning as he forced her to climax again.

“Oh, good,” the girl said. “It will be fun to have another sister to share a pregnancy.” The naked blond girl, kneeling on the floor just in front of Mary, watching as she was being fucked by this man she had just met, this girl Mary had just watched get fucked by a big, black man, was beaming as she smiled and laughed. What a strange, wonderful place this was, Mary thought. The bald man groaned as he thrust his cock deep into Mary’s pussy and climaxed, filling her with his seed. The blond girl clapped her hands when she realized what had happened.

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