Buggered By Big Brother

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After what I had done (see the story “Blowing Big Brother”) I was a mess. My mind was gone, despite being able to pay off my gambling debt I could not let it go. Could not shake the memory of me on my knees, sporting an erection sucking off Neil and letting him cum in my mouth. It was too terrible and before I knew it my life was in a mess again. Another card game gone wrong and another set of scrambling for enough to pay it back weren’t warning enough and sure enough nearly three months to the day that I humiliated myself by agreeing to suck my big brother’s cock in his office I was faced with the prospect of going back to him to ask him to bail me out again. Not something I was looking forward to!

I went after five and wouldn’t you know it, his cocky bitch of a secretary, Miss Kebbler, that had witnessed my humiliation was at the desk almost like she was waiting for me. What a look of disdain she shot me as I came in the door. Jeez, the first time I had laid eyes on her I had wanted to get in her pants now she had seen me suck my own brothers cock and she looked at me like I was something on the bottom of her shoe. I asked if I could speak to Neil and she just smirked and departed into the building leaving me standing like a prize lemon in the waiting room.

She was gone for nearly twenty minutes. Twenty minutes in which I mentally tortured myself for coming back here, surely I knew what it meant and even worse I was slightly aroused by it. There was something seriously wrong with me. When the bitch did return her cruel smile was even more in evidence and she had something in her hand that I couldn’t quite make out.

“Mr. Clark will be able to see you but he did stress he doesn’t have long and that if you are to be given an audience there is a very strict dress code.”

I knew what was coming but asked anyway.

“Such as?”

“Nothing at all, you take all your clothes off and put this on and let me walk you through to his office.”

And with this information she released a chain and dog collar from her hand and let it fall at my feet. What kind of sick freak was my big brother? Worse still what kind of sick freak was I? I had known it would be like this after last time and yet here I was needing money and prepared to do the lowest things to get it. I barely even held the blonde’s stare before I was peeling off my clothes and handing them to her while I allowed her to snap the old leather collar around my neck. I dropped to my hands and knees and let her lead me through the offices like a helpless bitch.

As I crawled across the thick carpet, my eyes set on her high stiletto heels I was forced to realise that somewhere deep inside I must have wanted this. When I had paid off my debts last time with my ‘earnings’ for sucking Neil’s cock and swallowing his cum I could have left it at that and learned my lesson. But I hadn’t and all too easily I had come, literally it seemed, crawling back to him to ask him for money, sure in the knowledge there would be a price to be paid for him lending it to me again.

Miss Kebbler knocked on his office and entered with me padding along behind her. My older brother was typing away madly at his desk and did not even bother to look up as we entered. God, the charade was annoying, I just wanted to shout at him:

“Look your loser little brother is here again debasing and humiliating himself so you can get your kicks. Get you cock out and lets illegal bahis get this over with so I can get the cash and get out of here.”

But I didn’t. I just knelt there patiently and waited for him to acknowledge our presence. It was at least five minutes before he finished and got up, patted his secretary on the ass and came around his desk to stand before me. Here we go, I thought, open up and swallow time. Why did I have a semi hard on?

He looked down at me with that smug, condescending face and sneered his words out.

“So you’re back, are you? Looking for more money, I presume. Or just because you enjoyed last time so much? No, don’t answer, I’ll make up my own mind. How much do you need this time?”

“Five thousand” I barely whispered in shame.

“Well I don’t have that kind of money here you’ll have to come back at this time tomorrow to collect it. But I’ll tell you what as an act of good faith why don’t you entertain Stacy and myself.”

Here it came. Suck my cock.

“I want to watch you jerk off little brother. I want you to kneel there and play with yourself. I can see you’re aroused a bit, that can start you off, no doubt when you think back to what you did last time you were down there on your knees you’ll get even more turned on.”

I could barely bring myself to look up into his cruel, mocking eyes. Here I was the helpless little brother again and with a growing realisation that this was a position I might have hated but in some twisted, bizarre fashion was also comfortable with. So I put my right hand around my stiffening penis and with Neil and his secretary as an audience began to wank myself. My cheeks burned with shame and embarrassment as I grew harder and pre-cum appeared at the tip of my cock to make my exertions easier.

I felt like I was no longer in control of myself, I was confused and ashamed yet at the same time there was no denying I was turned on as I played with myself. The two of them stood over me looking down and making the occasional comment designed to make me feel even smaller but I blocked them out as much as I could and concentrated on cumming and getting out of there as soon as I could. To my consternation though, the harder I tried to force myself into ejaculation the harder it seemed to be to cum, which my audience seemed most amused by.

“What’s the matter little brother? Do you need my big cock in your mouth to get off?”

“Yeah, or maybe he wanked himself dry just thinking about coming back to see you Mr. Clark.”

I tried to shut them out but still climax eluded me as I jerked my cock furiously. Then Neil stepped right up so that his trousers almost pressed into my face, his cock becoming hard beneath them.

“Tell you what, seeing as you’re such a disappointment why don’t I give you some encouragement. Wank yourself onto my shoes then you can lick it off them. See if that gets you going.”

Even if I could have stood not getting the money I am not convinced I was strong enough to rebel so, with a deepening sense of humiliation, I continued to jerk off, but now targeting my older brothers shiny shoes. And that seemed to do the trick. Suddenly my cock tensed and then began to spew out its seed all over them, coating them in white slime.

Neil waited until I was done squeezing out the last of it before speaking.

“Now lick it off bitch, lick it all off!”

I was done arguing and reluctantly illegal bahis siteleri dropped my head further and extended my tongue and began to lick my own sperm from my brothers shoes. Much to his and Miss Kebbler’s continued amusement. She even, at Neil’s encouragement, placed her shoe on my head and pushed it further onto his shoe. By the time I had finished I had a weird taste in my mouth, wanted to be sick and more than that, wanted to be out of there. I was disgusted by myself and my growing subservience to this perverted pair.

“Same time tomorrow little brother and if you do as you’re told I’ll pay your debts yet again. Miss Kebbler walk the loser out of here.”

And with that dismissal I once more allowed myself to be led on the leash back to my clothes.


I would like to think that if, by some minor miracle, I had managed to get my hands on sufficient funds that I would not have gone back. But I’m not entirely convinced that is the case. The truth is that a dormant submissive side to my nature had been uncovered and I was feeling more and more compelled to do these things. Repulsive and humiliating they may have been but apparently there was a side to me that was somewhat aroused by that. Anyway, I didn’t get the money from other means and I was back at his office the next evening whether I wanted to be or not.

We went through the same routine as before, his blonde secretary ordering me to strip and once more attached a dog collar and leash to my neck before she led me through to my older brothers office. When I crawled into Neil’s office it was to be faced with that fact that my older brother was stark naked and waiting for me with an erect cock in his hand.

“Get up bitch! Get up and get bent over my desk. You want to be bailed out yet again you are going to have to earn it, and today I feel like a bit of anal action.”

Oh. My. God. Sucking his cock and swallowing his cum had been bad enough but the thought of bending over and letting him fuck me in the ass with that thing was surely too much. Way too much. But then why did I do it? Why did I let Miss Kebbler undo my leash, rise slowly to my feet and bend myself over his cold wooden desk?

He kicked at my ankles, spreading them further than they were before giving his next command.

“Reach back, grab your ass cheeks little brother and spread them, let’s see the hole I’m going to bugger!”

And God help me I did what he told me to do, I reached behind me and exposed my anus to his withering gaze.

“What do you think Stacey? My monster going to fit in there?” he mockingly asked his secretary.

“I don’t know Mr. Clark, it looks awfully tight” her sniggered response.

Then I felt Neil’s strong hands on my pelvis and shivered as I felt his slick cock head slide between my ass cheeks and press against my puckered ass hole, hesitate, then plunge itself inside me. I flinched, moaned and felt this thick member slide inside me slowly, filling me up and making me uncomfortable, and no wonder my big brother was starting to ass fuck me!

He pushed himself as far as he could inside me before drawing back and shoving in again, building up a deliberate but forceful rhythm. I looked up to see Neil’s beautiful secretary hovering in front of me with her video camera, recording my ultimate humiliation. She moved away to the side and eventually out of my line of sight, not that I was too bothered, canlı bahis siteleri I was too busy concentrating on taking my brothers hard cock as easily as I could. But any time I thought I had relaxed or adjusted well enough he would up the pace or power a bit to keep me on edge, it was an uncomfortable twenty minutes or so before I finally felt him close to climaxing.

His body went rigid, his cock still twitching spastically inside me until I felt it surge and shoot a load of his thick, warm cum inside my arse. He grunted and groaned and collapsed forward for a moment on my back, but still finding time and energy to reach down and between my legs and finding much to his amusement that my own cock was rock hard, being fucked like that had turned me on too!

Nothing was said about that though because at that moment Miss Kebbler re-entered the office, this time leading another person in, naked and on her hands and knees by a dog chain. Through blurry eyes I saw that it was my sister Kelly! To say I was gob smacked would be the understatement of the year.

I was still half leaning over Neil’s work desk, my asshole nice and freshly fucked (indeed I could feel a trickle of my brother’s cum run down my inner thigh). Neil had stood up and watched both my and Kelly’s faces as we realised we were both our big brother’s bitches. Kelly made to say something but it never got out of her mouth, that damned blonde secretary jerked on the chain almost choking her and shutting her up. Neil just nodded his approval.

“Well, well. If it isn’t both of my pathetic, submissive siblings together. Bet the two of you had no clue you were both my bitches, did you? Kelly, good to see you in your rightful place, I take it you need a little ‘loan’ again? I’ll tell you what little sister, I’ve just finished fucking our darling little brother in his ass, why don’t you crawl over there and suck my cum from his asshole?”

Ooh that sent tingles through my body, I can tell you! I leaned over my left shoulder and watched as Miss Kebbler moved the leash again and Kelly started crawling towards me. Kelly was a couple of years younger than Neil and five years older than me, but she was a pretty good looking woman. She had long dark hair (the same colour as mine) and in some ways was very similar in looks and stature to myself. Of course I didn’t possess those massive breasts of hers. They were truly pendulous and as she crawled across the office her nipples must have nearly touched the carpet. I still could not get over what was happening here, but it was real and I had all the evidence I needed of that seconds later when I felt my big sisters tongue push past my ass cheeks and start to prod at my recently used ass hole.

At Neil’s insistence (and with Miss Kebbler videoing the whole thing) Kelly sucked all his cum (and more) from my asshole and swallowed it whole.

“Right slut, now you’ve got a taste for it get over here and you can lick the rest of his shit from my cock!”

Keeping her head down, almost like she was unable to meet our brothers eyes, she crawled over to him and accepted his cock into her mouth, incredibly it was semi erect again! I turned around and though I didn’t want to watch I couldn’t tear my eyes away as my sister sucked my brother’s dick clean. It also did nothing to calm my own erection as Neil pointed out when Kelly was finished cleaning him.

“Looks like our little brother is in need of relief himself Kelly. Tell you what why don’t the four of us go back to my house and we can continue this fun at our leisure tonight.”

It was to prove one of the most bizarre and amazing nights of my life…..


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