Broken Secrets Ch. 11

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Fyr was none the wiser as to what was going on as Car and Sasha continued fucking behind her back. Some part of Car told him that he knew that it was all “conventionally” wrong, that he should not have been going behind her back to do it, but, well…he didn’t honestly see what else he was to do. Something could be right and wrong at the same time, he had heard once, but he was sure that they had not been talking about having a girlfriend while fucking her mother at the same time.

Fuck. It was a crude word and a crude word fit the situation as, helpless to his lusts, he spiralled more and more. He only knew that he needed Sasha in his life, one way or another, and there was no way for him to take back what had been spent between them so far. There were too many things, too many risky moments, too many first times — too many altogether for him to even consider going back.

He thought he should, sometimes, tossing and turning in the dead of the night. Even to the point that Fyr roused beside him, asking him if he was okay, if he needed anything, if he was unwell. He didn’t like lying to her, though the stomach-churning guilt still ended up overridden by lust and, well…yes, love too. Although it had not yet been said aloud, it was clear to the drake that his heart was split between two dragonesses, his love in both places at once. No one had ever told him that he was only ever meant to love one, but the media had said so. The relationships around him had said so.

He loved them both and Fyr didn’t know anything about it. At least, that was what Car thought.

Fyr watched them, sometimes up close, sometimes from a distance, a smile on her lips. It still warmed her heart to see Carenath gaming with Kao, even if she did not always engage with it anymore. Kao even came around to their little apartment to hang out with Car, though not as often as they had gotten together before, Sasha more often than not with him. She hadn’t thought that her mother would still be around so much after she’d moved out and, while at first she’d been glad, it had gotten a little stifling.

She was always there, eyes on her back while Fyr was making dinner, trying to live up to her mother’s standards, still feeling the pressure of being in the family home. As much as she loved her mother, she’d thought that moving out would at least glean her a little space, though it seemed like she had had even less space than before the summer had begun. In fact, now that she thought about it…she had her mother around more since she’d met Car.

But what did that mean? Did her mother think that the two of them were getting too close, that they were moving too quickly? It wasn’t that uncommon for those in their early twenties, particularly if they were studying, to live together, moving perhaps a little more quickly than they would have if they’d been in their thirties. Yet Sasha had always seemed to approve of Car, even saying that, verbally, to Fyr, without any prompting.

Fyr sighed quietly, using the lift of a wing to hide the movement of her chest, not wanting questions asked. Maybe she shouldn’t think about it too much, not when everything was going so well. She could go out or something with Car or even take a long weekend together and then she would have some space from her mother. Things would be all right. How could they not be all right when she was in her first rented apartment and everyone around her couldn’t stop smiling?

But the feeling of unease, something that she couldn’t quite put her finger on as if she was missing something right before her eyes, remained. It churned and gurgled in the pit of her stomach, indigestion paraded as the culprit, but the pills from the supermarket drugstore didn’t seem to settle it and neither did her peppermint tea. She felt like an old lady dragoness, drinking peppermint tea, but it had helped her in the past. She had the same sensitive stomach, from time to time, that her mother did.

It didn’t help, for some reason that she did not understand, that Car always seemed to be over at her mother’s house. Fyr wasn’t so sure how she felt about spending so much time there anymore, considering that it was the house she had grown up in for a good many years and held memories of other times, times when she had been a child and her mother had been the only adult in the house. Those were times where the dynamic between them had been more than a little different and it was hardly a time that she honestly wanted to go back to. As much as she loved her mother, she preferred being an adult and talking about adult things with her.

She seemed to be muğla escort thinking that she loved her mother a lot too lately, as if she was trying to convince herself of something. I love her, I love her, I love her. But why did she have to say it repeatedly to herself?

One Saturday, she slung her handbag strap over her shoulder, the weight of it bumping softly against her hip, only her phone, wallet and coin purse inside.

“Aren’t you coming, Car?”

The drake looked up from where he was putting his sturdy boots on, head drawn slightly back as if he had been caught off-guard.

“Oh! Sorry, are you going out?”

Fyr sighed and adjusted the strap, her fingers curling around it, though that did not help make it feel as if the weight was more settled at all.

“Carenath…” She said slowly, resisting the urge to shake her head — that was too much. “You said you were going to come with me to the park today and go around the shops afterwards. I don’t need new clothes, don’t worry, you’re not going to have to stand around holding bags. Just had a few projects in mind. Don’t you remember talking about this?”

The drake fumbled with his laces, halfway through lacing up the work boots.

“Uh, well… Yeah, of course! Let’s go while we still have time.”

Fyr did shake her head that time, brushing her fingers back across the top of her skull, behind the frill on the right side, with a sigh.

“Car… You forgot about it, didn’t you? Why were you putting your boots on?”

The drake held up his paws with a grin, as if he had been caught in the act.

“Okay, okay, you got me! I was going to go help Sasha with the loft next. She said something about clearing it out to make it into an art studio? She doesn’t want to change your room and there isn’t a spare room upstairs, really, see, for her to do it otherwise.”

Fyr chewed at the inside of her cheek.

“Er, Car, you have been spending rather a lot of time together over there lately… Is everything okay? Have I done something to upset you?”

“No, no, no… Sweetheart, no.”

And then the dragon was up on his feet, taking her tenderly into his arms, holding her close, as if the only place that Fyr could have ever belonged was in the crook of his arms, her head resting against his chest. His arms felt too good around her, so solid and so firm, holding her tightly.

“Sweetie…” He breathed, breath tickling the top of her head and frills. “It’s not like that, I didn’t mean to make you feel like you’d done anything wrong. How could you ever, not even once, do anything wrong?”

She hoped that he meant it, though the twisting knots of doubt in her stomach said otherwise. Doubt was a cruel thing, once it had taken seed in the pit of a dragon’s soul, after all. Maybe that made her a bad dragoness for doubting Car, though it was not something that Fyr had the energy to make sense of at that time.

“I… I’m sorry…” She grunted, forcing her words out through a throat that was suddenly too thick with emotion. “I didn’t think… Well, things are weird… I dunno, maybe I’m imagining things. You’re being so nice helping my mom with things and here’s me thinking that you’ve forgotten about me.”

Car tilted her chin up, kissing her softly.

“Fyr, darling,” he said with all the conviction in the world. “I could never forget about you. I promise. I will never forget you.”

And he meant it too, with all his heart and soul. Even as he said that he would join her at the park later and that he would buy her whatever she wanted at the shops, the camping kit that she had had her eye on — anything. Money couldn’t buy compliance, but it was one of many ways that he could show his sweet dragoness that he loved her, even as he headed over to her mother’s house to do something different than what he said he was doing.

Things continued as they had been, though the need for secrecy and care had increased, much to Car’s chagrin. He didn’t tell Sasha of Fyr’s strangeness, thinking that she was finally feeling a little off kilter, as if something was happening that she was not aware of. Still, she couldn’t possibly have any idea that he was with her mother, not in any way, not with how careful they’d been. But he would have to make sure that he used the excuse, at the very least, of not going over there to help Sasha out so much. With Fyr so worried it was the very least he could do while he was still working out how things were going to pan out between, well…all of them.

Yet he could not give up how good it felt to fuck Sasha, her moans seeming louder in the comparatively bare space of the attic, the window large and allowing the brightness of the afternoon sunshine inside. Fyr was elsewhere, though she knew where he was, the itching ache spreading across his scales inciting Car to thrust harder, grunting and grinding, powering into Sasha. The dragoness laid across a box, gripping the far side of it as her art supplies within rattled around, though Car was still very muğla escort bayan conscious that there was a time limit on everything. As much as he wanted to forget and just to think about all the fun he was having with Sasha, not even he could completely ignore that they had to make it look like they were doing something there, something to paint the room, get it ready…

He speared into her, all thought slipping from his mind, washed away in the roaring of lust. Car’s head ached, cock throbbing, pounding deep, the dragoness grinding back onto his cock. She curled her toes, digging down into the bare floorboards, though he no longer had anything in mind about how he was going to have to help her lay the underlay and carpet — no. That could come later, after he was done with her hot, tight pussy.

The dragoness held no such concerns, perhaps a little more confident that they would not be disturbed than Car, was, though they had not been caught yet or even come into any kind of risky situation. Was there any rush? She dug her toes down, claws biting into the older wood, though she was right where she wanted to be as the old box shifted under her, the sound of scales on cardboard rising, shuffling to fill the room. It would be beautiful in there when they were done, yet her heart pounded and her wings flared, snapping out to either side of her body, for the simple length of his cock penetrating her. Was there anything better than that?

She moaned, his cock driving in hard and fast, the thud of his thrusts echoing through the bare, less well-insulated loft, though neither of them had it in themselves to care any longer. The dragoness’ hips rolled back at him with every thrust, marvelling only briefly at how perfectly their bodies appeared to be in tune. It was not something that she had honestly experienced with any earlier lovers in her life, though it was something that she would end up yearning for, time after time again, with how he made her heart sing.

He was always in her mind, day and night, a drake who made her feel like she could be young again, that she was someone again — not just a mother. She had never wanted to be only a mother, first and foremost, yet circumstances in life had made it so. The box squashed under her, pressing down on her supplies, yet Sasha did not tell him to stop, crying out for more.

“Yes… Ah! Fuck meeeee!”

Her voice twisted into a squeal, her tail lashing around his waist, dragging him forcibly into her as if she was afraid that he would pull away, her whole body prickling with heat. There was no escaping it as she shrieked in climax, even her lungs and breath out of her control, muscles contracting, chest juddering, swept away by the joyous brutality that was orgasm.

The contractions, the feeling that something was pulling inside her… It could have been eased if his cock slipped from her, no longer grinding oh so very perfectly over her G-spot, but Carenath was not about to do such a thing, not as he leaned over her. He huffed and snarled through gasps of breath, cock sawing into her pussy, her folds tugged back and forth lightly with each stroke of his thick length. Dimly, she was still aware of the strain within her as he took her as savagely as if it would be the last fuck they’d ever have.

Of course, it would not be their last. The two dragons would make quite sure of that, though that didn’t mean that they could not enjoy every moment as it came to light, savouring and devouring it with due passion.

He could not hold back either — not that he had to. He’d fucked Sasha enough times, repeatedly over, that his recovery period between orgasms was far shorter than it had been before, sometimes, rarely, his cock not even having to soften at all before he’d be ready to go again. There was more to sex than penetration, but when it offered them so many options, it was hard not to lean hungrily into her, his claws biting into her hips, the dragoness crying out and bucking under him.

She was the only thing in his mind as he creamed inside her, ejaculating before his mind had caught up with the passion of his body, hammering in powerfully, so quickly that she shook terribly under him, the box collapsing further. Yet the deed was done and they would have to remain there well and truly until their song was sung — a song of lust that only dragon on dragoness could ever come to know. His shaft slopped through the mess of her sex, juices combining with his cream, separating where the viscosity differed, though the cocktail of their lust stayed all the same.

When his orgasm simmered down, tapering off slowly, he withdrew from her, his cock pointing down to the ground, a trail of cum and her sexual arousal dripping from it in a long string to the floorboards. That mark would be later covered by the underlay and carpet, though they would both know it lay there, a memento to their lust and the blossoming love between them. Step by step, day by day, the two dragons grew closer and closer, not understanding escort muğla what the changing passion within them truly meant, even if it would happen either way.

Fate had a funny way of going about things like that. It didn’t always have to make sense.

They cleaned up, sharing soft touches and kisses, even slipping into the shower together once again. It was a wonder that that did not devolve into sex, considering the closeness between them, though intimacy did not always have to be shown in the bliss of orgasm.

No. It could come through in light touches, in washing the body of another as tenderly as one would their own. It would be shown in cleaning the parts of their back that they could never normally reach, tails curling and winding together lazily and softly, in and out of one another, though never quite holding. It came in the lightness of their kisses, tongues holding back, chaste kisses rendered obsolete when her breasts grazed his chest, nipples perky with the flow of water over them, always caressing, lightly stimulating.

That day, he headed off to be with Fyr, though Sasha was in his mind. He laughed with her over camping gear and tried to balance equipment that he didn’t even know the name of (what were all the clips and buckles for anyway? It looked like bondage gear) on her head between her frills. And everything was normal again, at least between them, at least for a little while.

He took four days away from Sasha after that interlude and every moment of it was torture. He made love to Fyr, though it was not only her that he wanted, wanting to eat her out and then see how her mother tasted, what the difference between them was. The comparisons fascinated him, in a way, though Carenath didn’t have to justify any reasoning to himself anymore. He was too far gone already.

“Hey, Fyr,” he said, kissing her on top of her head as he leaned over the back of the sofa, sliding his paws over her shoulders softly. “You’ve been working hard lately and I’ve not been around as much…”

“What?” Fyr chuckled, shaking her head. “You’ve been around the apartment and me more than ever when we’ve both been off! I finally feel like I’ve got my boyfriend back again!”

He smiled, kissing her cheek. He’d never meant to make her feel left out.

“That said… I want to take you and Sasha out to dinner tonight, if you’re up for it. Kao’s at a game though, I forget what he’s playing.”

“Yeah…” Fyr frowned. “He’s joined a new team now, hasn’t he? Can’t remember either if it was basketball or something outside… Oh, it doesn’t matter, I’ll ask him about it later. But, Car, that’s very sweet of you to offer, you really don’t have to do that…”

Yet he did have to, considering it his point in making sure that both dragonesses in his life were very happy and satisfied at all times — that included filling their bellies too! What better way for all of them to relax together in a socially acceptable manner than going out to dinner?

They headed out to dinner, though Fyr, to his discomfort, took the passenger seat in front, making it so that Sasha had to slip into the back.

“That’s so sweet of you to take us out, Car,” she cooed, every bit the image of a doting mother who thought her daughter’s boyfriend was “pretty swell”, if that language was even still used these days. “Where are we going? Did you have a reservation?”

Of course, he did — though it was something new to the dragonesses, even if he knew it would go down well. A Teppanyaki grill that served a variety of Asian cuisine, including sushi, which he was sure that Fyr had never tried before. When he’d wanted it to be a surprise to her, he had not let on just where they were going beforehand until he had them all seated at the grill, tucked away at the end with the dragon chef preparing his knives before them.

“Car, this is wonderful!”

Without thinking, even though they were in public, Sasha leaned over to kiss his cheek. It was a chaste kiss, a gratitude kiss, and, still, Fyr bristled a little, pulling back.

There was nothing for her to worry about there, she tried to tell herself, even though the back of her chair was not high enough for her to lean back and to comfortably settle her wings. Yet the stirring of unease in the pit of her stomach blistered and boiled, twisting just like jealousy. She’d never been jealous of her mother before though…

Fyr sighed, brushing her fingers down Car’s arm, more than a little possessively. None of it made sense, though there was nothing wrong in what her mother and Car were doing. It just seemed like sometimes that the relationship they had was closer than the mother and daughter one that she and Sasha had, or perhaps that Car had been a son-in-law (they were, of course, not married) for years at that point. Something in how they behaved suggested to Fyr that their relationship had skipped a step somewhere and it had thrown her off balance.

Come on, Fyr, she told herself. You can’t go on thinking this and acting like a jealous school-dragoness. This isn’t how you are.

But sometimes the truth came out in words regardless of how hard she tried to hold them back, to tuck them away deep within. Car’s lips parted, his expression softened, laughing at a joke that Sasha had made.

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