Boys Being Boys

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On a quiet autumn day in an even quieter small town, a boy named Owen browsed through a department store. The store was largely empty on a Thursday afternoon, and smelled of fallen leaves that had drifted in from outside. Owen was a nervous boy who kept his head tucked in and eyes cast down. For good measure, he held on tightly to the hand of his best friend, Alex. It had been Owen’s idea to come here, but it was Alex who was more at home.

Owen let Alex tug him over to the feminine section of the store. Gaudy and pretty things were hung beneath bright posters showing boys, girls, and others looking gorgeous in brightly-colored dresses and skirts. Owen sighed and looked down at his own clothes; he envied them. Where the boys on the posters were soft and curvy like Alex he was straight as a board and about as thin as one. He didn’t have the long hair or the pouty lips either, and so he only squeezed Alex’s hand tighter and moved closer.

Alex wrapped an arm around him. “Hey, you’d look good in this one,” he said, holding up a long floral gown.

“Not likely,” Owen said. “That would fit you more than me.”

“You’re sweet for saying so,” Alex said bashfully. It was true, though; Owen could tell. Alex was tall, handsome, and had a figure made to look good in anything. Even if they were both in ratty hoodies and jeans, Alex still wore it better.

Alex looked through some school skirts on sale. He shoved them along the rack one by one. “So why are we really here?” he said at last.

Owen rubbed his thumb against Alex’s palm. “Can’t a guy just bring his best friend on a shopping trip?”

“Of course he can,” Alex said. He held up a blouse to his chest. “But you haven’t looked at anything the whole time. I don’t mind you holding my hand and keeping close, but you never act like this unless there’s something wrong.”

“And how would you know?” Owen asked. He stuck out his tongue.

Alex stuck his tongue out in return and giggled. “Because we’ve been friends since we were five and even now at twenty you’re just as easy to read?”

“Point taken.”

Owen yelped as Alex dragged him over to the masculine section. Lots of jeans and leather and pictures of tough people looking like they just stepped out of a truck. It was cheesy, but at least there were some cool belts and collars to check out.

Alex loomed over him. “So spill,” he said. “Or else I’m not going to help you find anything at all and you’re going to have to start your first college classes as an upperclassman with nothing good to wear.”

“Alex…” Owen whined.

“Hey, if you hadn’t wanted to secretly tell me all about this you would’ve come alone.”

Owen sighed. Alex was right, of course, but it didn’t make things easier. “Well, I have…a boyfriend.”

“Congratulations!” Alex whistled. “Don’t remember you ever dating a guy before, but welcome to the club. Though did you have to pull me all the way out to the strip mall to tell me? You could’ve just let me know anywhere. We live in the same dorm, if you’ve forgotten.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know…”

“Well if you know then why the secrecy?”

Owen looked back and forth to make sure they were alone in the masc section. They were, of course, in the nearly-empty store. “Well, he’s the first guy I’ve ever been with.”

“Yeah? Do you want, like, a coming out cookie?”

“No, no, I mean…you know.” Alex gulped and his face turned red. “I’ve never, like, been with another boy before.”

Understanding flickered in Alex’s eyes. “Oh.”

Owen realized his hand holding Alex’s was sweaty and he tried to wipe it off. “Yeah, like that. I was just wondering if, you know, with you being a guy who is mostly with other guys…”

“You want me to show you the ropes.”

“Yeah!” Owen blinked. He hadn’t meant to be that loud. “I mean yes, if that’s not too much?”

“Oh, not for me,” Alex said. He winked and held up a lacey jockstrap. “I’m more wondering what you think about it. What does that make us if you want to stick your dick in me?”

Owen looked down at his feet. “Do we have to be something else? I know it’s kinda weird, but you’re my best friend, Alex. Is it bad to want my first time with a guy to be with you?”

“Not at all.” Alex wrapped him in a hug and rubbed the back of his head. “You know I love you, man. This just makes me feel lucky is all.”

Owen closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Alex’s middle tightly. He pressed his face into Alex’s chest. It was so warm there and it smelled just like him; like cinnamon and old books and tea. Owen rubbed his cheek against him in thanks. “I love you,” he said.

Alex scratched him behind the ear. “I love you too, dork,” he said. “Now come on, let’s find a dressing room.”

Owen’s face burned. “What? Here?”

His best friend squeezed his hand tight. “No, but we gotta inspect the goods first, right?”

To that, Owen nodded and let himself be led away. “Yeah, right,” he said.

The kütahya escort changing rooms were at the back of the store down a single hallway. Each was a small room with a heavy door and lock; hooks were on the outside hallway to hang up items for later, benches were set aside for those waiting outside, and inside each was a mirrored wall. The doors had signs requesting patrons to only strip behind a locked door, which Alex smirked at.

Owen followed Alex inside one of the rooms at the end of the hall, hoping they would be safe from prying eyes. The door shut with a heavy thump. Owen’s breathing quickened and he gulped.

“Nervous?” Alex asked.

Owen nodded. “Yeah. That’s normal, right?”

“Yeah, probably.” Alex winked. “Just makes me the weirdo here.”

Owen squeaked. Alex sat down on a bench to the side. He crossed one leg over the other and looked up at Owen with a grin. “Alright, loverboy, I’m waiting.”

“Wait, I’m undressing for you?” Owen cried.

“You start, and then I’ll show you what makes a guy attractive.” Alex reached over and squeezed his hand. “I’m talking about you, dork.”

“Oh.” Owen rubbed his arm. “You’re sweet.”

With Alex staring expectantly at him, Owen sighed and began to undress. He slid his old hoodie off first. Underneath was a black tank top that he moved as well and shivered. He wasn’t the most muscular guy out there, but he felt weirdly self conscious about showing off the way his toned, muscled chest gave way to a stomach that no matter how taut never seemed to show his abs. Most embarrassing, though, was the way his nipples stood on end as if it was freezing out.

“Is this okay?” he asked with his eyes everywhere but looking at Alex.

Alex clapped softly and grinned. “You look amazing for a twenty year-old gay-virgin. Now c’mon, we don’t have all day.”

Owen shot him a glare while moving his hands to his jeans. With shaking hands he managed to fumble them open and zipped them down. Not in the mood to give a striptease, he simply yanked them down along with his boxers and kicked them off. With that, he stood mostly naked in front of Alex, wearing only his socks.

“There,” Owen said and placed his shaking hands on his hips. “Satisfied?”

“Very,” Alex said. He grinned and stood up, putting his arms around Owen’s shoulders and turning him to the mirror. “Now, what do you see?”

Owen shrugged. “Me.”

“Good,” Alex said. “Do you like what you see?”

“I don’t know,” Owen admitted. “I guess I don’t hate how I look.” And it was true, he really didn’t. He never quite had, but he didn’t really see himself as being sexy or anything either. He was just the same as always, really: muscled pecs and torso, long hairy legs, toned thighs, and his penis resting between them all soft and smooth.

Owen thought for a moment. “I guess I don’t see anything interesting. I’m just…a guy, right? Like the average. What’s special about me?”

Alex wrapped his arms around Owen’s middle and pulled him close. Owen gasped as his nude body pressed against Alex’s soft clothes and warmth. He felt so exposed, yet safe all the same.

“Do you think being a boy makes you special?” Alex asked.

“Is that a trick question?” Owen asked in return.

“I’m not trying to trip you up, Owen. Do you think there is something special about being a guy? I mean, you like boys so there is something you find attractive about the idea, isn’t there?”

Owen looked at himself in the mirror and nodded slowly. “Yeah, I guess. It’s…different from liking girls.” He bit his lip. “The guy I’m dating, Sasha, he’s…different. But good. He’s soft and big and he’s so warm. And when I smell him he doesn’t smell like a girl, but like a man and it’s really good. I like it. It’s all so different but it’s nice and I really like him, Alex.”

He tried not to think about how, while he was saying that, his dick had started to come to life and instead turned away and hid himself in Alex’s shoulder. Alex scratched behind his ear and gave him a peck on the forehead. “Was that good?” Owen asked in a small voice.

Alex rubbed Owen’s back and turned him back to the mirror. “It was,” he said, “and before we do things I want to show you that you deserve the same kind of affection. If he’s dating you then Sasha likes you too. I want you to understand what’s good in you the same as you understand what’s good in him, okay?’

Owen nodded. “Okay.”

Alex reached from behind and rubbed a hand over the light stubble decorating Owen’s cheeks. “Now, let’s start with your face.” He squeezed Owen’s cheeks between his fingers. “I know you see it every day, but try to think of how Sasha sees your face. See it for the way your cheeks gently curve into your jaw, the way your eyes sparkle when you’re happy, and the way you always have a little smile.”

“I do?” Owen blushed.

“You’re doing it now,” Alex said as he giggled and moved lower. kütahya escort bayan “Look at the way your chest is hard with muscle and the way it moves with you. Sasha’s a lucky guy to have such a strong boyfriend.” He ran his fingers through the hair that decorated Owen’s chest and down his idle to his taut belly. “And come on, you have to at least admit the little treasure trail is cute.”

“Maybe,” Owen offered.

Alex ran his fingers through the hair and made Owen yelp. “Admit it,” he said.

Owen bit his lip. “Fine.”

“Good.” Alex moved his hands lower, though paused before going further. “Are you okay with me touching you here?”

“Yeah,” Owen said. He nodded. “If we’ve come this far…”

Alex smiled and continued. His hands combed through the little bush around Owen’s crotch before moving to grasp his cock with warm fingers. Owen groaned and shut his eyes, embarrassed. Alex, however, stopped until he opened them again with a sigh.

With a kiss to Owen’s back, Alex began to lightly stroke the length of his cock. It grew between his fingers, throbbing and bulging outwards in need. Owen whimpered when Alex joined those touches with a hand gripping his balls. They were large and sensitive, a pain at the best of times to have when wearing anything tight, but somehow being caressed felt nice.

“Now,” Alex said, “Isn’t this lovely? See, you have something wonderful between your legs. It’s something to be proud of.”

“Why?” Owen asked. “It’s just…y’know. A dick. It’s not super big or impressive. It doesn’t make me a guy, either, so I dunno what your point is.”

Alex kissed the back of his neck and continued to stroke his thick shaft. “You’re right, having a cock doesn’t make you a boy. But all the same, it is an essential part of you; just as lovable as the rest.” His other hand rose from Owen’s balls to grope his chest and pull on his nipples. “Having a dick doesn’t inherently make you a boy, but it is a core part of you. It is a part of you to love and cherish, Owen. It’s beautiful the way every other cock is and any partner of yours should love it because you love it too. Right?”

Owen, his head swimming and swaying side to side could only moan softly. He was leaking now, his balls eager to pump cum all over his best friend’s hand. The only thing that kept him from doing so was Alex pulling away before he could go further, which made Owen whimper.

“Hey!” he protested.

Alex stuck his tongue out. “Not yet, loverboy,” he said. His hands began to slide his own hoodie off. “If I’m going to be your first time with another boy, I’m going to do this right.”

Owen watched Alex’s clothes slide off. The other boy easily shrugged off his hoodie and the tank top underneath. Where Alex’s stomach was hardened and toned, Alex’s was soft and had a little chub hanging on it. Then Alex’s pants came off and he kicked a pair of panties off with them. Owen made some sort of sound he couldn’t describe, seeing Alex there.

His best friend’s penis was smaller than his and tucked neatly between his legs. It looked soft and adorable and Owen squeaked when he saw it. Without thinking, he reached out to touch it and was able to cup Alex’s balls and cock in one hand. They were warm and Owen could feel Alex’s heartbeat through them.

“I see you like,” Alex said. He kissed Owen’s nose. “That’s not what I’m nude for, though.” He reached into the pocket of his jeans and, after throwing a few gum wrappers and tubes of chapstick about, produced a small vial of lube.

Owen sat back on the bench and watched as Alex turned around bent over for him. His ass was smooth and curved in a perfect roundness that made Owen drool. He could feel his cock stir and didn’t fight it, lightly stroking himself while he watched. Alex reached between his cheeks and slid a finger covered in lube inside of himself. Owen could hear him gasp as he then inserted a second finger, and finally a third.

Satisfied, Alex turned back to him and pressed a hand to Owen’s chest. “Lay back, I need the room,” he said.

Alex straddled Owen’s waist and began lowering himself. His hand, slicked with lube, was cold on Owen’s cock and made the boy gasp. When Owen first felt the press of Alex’s hole against the head of his cock, he began to whimper. Alex wasn’t just tight, but gosh was he warm. With every inch that slid into his best friend, Owen’s cries grew louder. Alex wrapped around him and squeezed him in a way he had never felt before. The squeeze of throbbing warmth wrapped around his cock made Owen look up at Alex enraptured.

Finally, with a little more grunting, Alex managed to get all of Owen inside of him and sat proudly on Owen’s lap. Owen didn’t need more prompting and was quick to raise his torso up and wrap his arms around Alex’s back. He kissed Alex’s chest and smiled.

“I can feel the hair down there,” Owen whispered hazily.

Alex giggled. “Is that good?”

Owen escort kütahya thought for a moment and then grinned. “It’s so…soft. It’s not like being in a girl, but…I like it. A lot. I like the way your hair feels against my skin. I like…” Owen squeaked and had to take a gulp before he kept going. “I like being inside you.”

There was a moan as Alex began to gently bounce on top of him. Not enough to slide too much out, but enough that Alex worked his hips to grind Owen’s cock inside of him.

“I like you being inside me too,” Alex said. He kissed Owen’s forehead. “I like being a part of you, and you a part of me.”

Owen nodded and wrapped tighter around his best friend. He kissed his chest again and again and pressed his cheek to where he could feel the comforting rhythm of Alex’s heart. “I love you,” Owen said.

Alex kissed the top of his head. “I love you too.”

They groaned together. Alex began to bounce himself on Owen’s lap while Owen raised himself up to meet his best friend’s downward thrusts. For a minute, the only sound in the small room was the beating of their flesh together each time they met and their combined moans and grunts. Owen reached down to rub Alex’s now-hard cock in time with his thrusts and Alex met that with needy kisses.

Owen looked into Alex’s eyes. The eyes of his best friend, the boy who had been there for him through almost his entire life, and he gasped.

Alex gave him a lopsided grin while grinding on his lap. “What, something catch your eye?” he teased.

“I dunno, is sex supposed to be this emotional?” Owen said.

He shivered as Alex wrapped his arms around him. Feeling wrapped in Alex’s embrace as the boy thrust himself down on Owen’s cock made him whine and cry out for his best friend. He could feel Alex’s balls rubbing against him and somehow that was the best feeling.

Alex bit his lip and winked. “I think sex is about connecting to someone you like, right?” he said and ran a hand through Owen’s chest hair. “We’re connecting as best friends. You and Sasha will connect as boyfriends. And that’s how it should be, I think. Be a part of one another, and you’ll both be the luckiest boys in the world.”

Owen nodded and closed his eyes. A shiver made its way down his back and he bounced his hips into Alex. He could feel the way his cock rubbed inside Alex and the way his balls tightened with need. He groaned and kissed Alex while his hands squeezed Alex’s ass. He was so close his toes curled and he threw his head back. Owen had no control over himself, he just was letting his body do as it wanted.

In the end, from Owen’s pounding, it was Alex who came first. His cock rubbing against Owen’s tummy burst with a flow of cum that splattered all over them both and sent thick ropes up towards Owen’s chest. Some even got on his face where Owen could feel it sliding over his chin. It was warm and the feeling of it dripping off his skin was enough to push Owen finally over the edge. He grabbed Alex tight, enough for his fingers to sink in like claws, and finally came with a bite into Alex’s shoulder to keep from crying loudly enough to be heard.

Owen’s cock shuddered and emptied into Alex, the boy’s ass squeezing tight enough to keep it all in as Owen’s seed rushed into his best friend. He whimpered as he felt jets of cum shoot out more than he was used to until it was at last done and he could collapse against Alex. Owen took deep breaths and looked up at Alex with tears in his eyes. Alex had them too. Together, the two boys pressed their heads together and laughed.

In the end, the two had been lucky that the store’s staff had largely gone home and so no one had heard their little adventure. To try to make up for the time lost, Alex got Owen a nice skirt and leggings to go with a handsome sweater that Owen had picked out himself.

“For your big date night with Sasha,” Alex teased, handing him the clothes and offering a thong that Owen accepted as well.

After their goods were paid for, the two headed out of the department store and started the trek towards campus and the cozy dorm they shared. Owen walked closely to Alex, holding his hand and smiling in the happy afterglow of their time together. His other hand held the bag of clothes tightly. He walked with his eyes forward, not down.

“Do you think Sasha will like the clothes?” Owen asked for what felt like the millionth time.

Alex rubbed his hair and pressed his head to Owen’s. “You know he’ll love it. How couldn’t he? They’ll be on you.” Alex winked. “Well, before they’re crumpled on the floor, anyway.”

“Yeah, right,” Owen said and blushed. “I hope that goes well too.”

“You know it will.” Alex hugged him close. “Take it from me, Sasha is a lucky man to have a boyfriend like you.” He giggled. “And I’m sure he’ll like to hear about what a good boyfriend you are to train with your best friend.”

Owen gave him a loopy grin and leaned into the hug. Even in the cold outside, the warmth of the two couldn’t be overcome. “Yeah, you know, I think he will,” Owen said. “He squeezed Alex’s hand. “And I’m a lucky guy to have two great men in my life.”

Alex laughed and pulled Owen along. “And don’t you forget it!”

And to the end of his days, Owen didn’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32