Bitch Boi Pt. 02

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“You didn’t lie, Denver. That’s a nice bitch.”

I want to run, to get away from this house and especially this man sitting on the couch a few feet away. Mr. Denver, my owner, holds my leash tightly. I’m on my hands and knees, my back arched, and my mouth open with my tongue protruding. This disgraceful position is how my master told me to greet his guest.

I’m wearing a pink slingshot thong. It’s nothing but three straps, two down the front that barely cover my nipples and one down my back that rides up my ass. My face is covered in makeup (purple eyeshadow, thick mascara, green lip stick, and fake eyelashes), so that when the disgusting guest looks at me he sees nothing but a sex object for his amusement.

“Slut is well trained, huh,” says the guest.

“This little bitch was one of the most eager,” says Mr. Denver. He smacks my ass. My cock twitches against the thin fabric.

“Well, let me test the whore out,” says the guest. This is what I was dreading. The guest makes me sick. He’s a tall, thin hillbilly with long hair and a gray beard down to his chest. He’s wearing a pair of boots and stained underwear through which I can see his massive bulge. The man is missing a few teeth and the rest are yellow. There are tattoos all over his wrinkled, leathery skin.

Mr. Denver throws the leash over to his guest. The man licks his lips. “Get over here, faggot,” he says. The word makes my chest hot and my dick ache. He pulls the leash hard forcing me to crawl quickly between his bony legs.

“You’re a pretty girl, ain’t you,” he says. He strokes my face with a callused finger before sticking it in my mouth. He grabs my tongue between his thumb and pointer, and sticks the rest of his fingers down my throat. I want to gag from the taste, but hold it in. His fingers plunge down my throat. “She’s a great slut,” the guest says.

Am I a faggot, or a girl? He can’t seem to make up his mind. He pulls his fingers from my throat and smears spit across my face. I realize it doesn’t matter. To him I’m all these things. I’m a lowly, cocksucking fag. I’m a girl, good for nothing but his sexual pleasure. I’m a bitch, made to be abused and degraded. I’m a whore, a sex object, a toy for his amusement.

He pulls his cock out and I gasp. It might be a foot long. The monster is covered in veins. The skin is wrinkled and the shaft is crooked. “Ain’t it beautiful,” he says as he takes his penis in one hand and beats it across my face. I want to cum just from this, just from having this asshole smack his vile cock against my face. I start moaning and gyrating.

He laughs. “Just like a bitch in heat. Open that mouth, we got to do something before you get to work.”

I open my mouth and he rests the head of his cock against my tongue. erzincan escort “Do you know what faggots like you are best for?”

“No,” I say.

He spits in my face. “You call me daddy ya’ dumb slut.”

I feel his fresh spit sliding down my face. “No, daddy.”

He smiles. I look at his wrinkled, cruel face. He’s disgusting trailer trash. He’s the garbage of humanity, and here I am, dressed like a pornstar, on my hands and knees, wearing a leash, calling him daddy. A few weeks ago I was a man, and now I’m a feminized open-mouthed bitch, drooling as I await my orders. Part of me wants to run, still. Part of me wants to tell them I’m done, put my clothes on, and drive to the nearest recruitment office. I think about getting a respectable 9-5 job, paying my taxes, living in a small apartment.

I twirl my pierced tongue around the head of his cock. No, I’d rather be here, on my knees for this man. He may be ugly, and rude, and cruel. He may treat me like nothing more than a sex object, but he takes away all my worries. When I’m here, between a man’s knees, my whole responsibility is his cock. Nothing else matters. And because of that, because cock takes away all the crushing worries of the world, I’ll worship any man who will use me.

“Faggots like you make the best urinals,” he says. A stream of hot piss explodes from his cock and into my mouth. “Don’t spill, bitch,” he says. I drink the piss down, tasting the acidic urine as I take gulp after gulp. As I drink down his piss, as I serve as a dressed up urinal for this disgusting hillbilly, I realize that all thoughts of defiance are gone. Drinking piss is the last surrender of my pride.

He wipes the last dribbles of urine across my face. “Now, what do ya’ want faggot?”

“I want to suck your cock daddy. Please let me slobber on your dick.” I moan and pout, begging him to let me give head. I’m the lowest, most disgraceful whore I can imagine.

“Show me what you can do bitch.”

I spit on his dick and get to work with eager enthusiasm. I take the cock halfway down, while licking along the shaft, making sure to rub the tongue stud along the underside of his shaft. I twirl my head and create suction with my lips, making a tight wet hole for his penis.

“Well trained whore,” he shouts. He gropes my ass and I can feel the rough calluses against my shaved, oiled cheeks. I suck more vigorously, taking more of the dick into my mouth, swirling my tongue, and moaning loudly so he feels the vibrations against his thick rod. I let drool spill from my lips, soaking his cock and balls.

“Suck that dick slut. Take it down your throat ya’ leashed faggot.” I suck more eagerly, hoping he’s pleased with my efforts, praying that he’s not escort erzincan going to force the whole cock down my throat. I feel a pull against my leash and my face is yanked off his cock. “Tell daddy what ya’ want.”

“Your cock,” I say.

“Beg daddy for it.”

“Please daddy, let me have your cock.”

“Open wide,” he says. I open my mouth and he shoves 8 inches down my throat. There’s still a long way to go. His hands are pressed against the back of my head. “You ain’t going anywhere, bitch. You either gonna choke to death or learn to deepthroat today.” He smacks the back of my head like a hammer, forcing more of his cock into my throat.

“GAWK!” I scream. My eyes grow cloudy with tears. My stomach convulses. I taste acid bile in the back of my throat. “GLUCK!” I cry again. My legs kick and I dig my French tipped nails into his thighs. “Dumb bitch,” he grunts. “I said take it tall.” He pushes harder against my head. Vomit and mucus explode from my nose. My eyes roll into the back of my head and my world goes blank. I feel the cock deep in my throat, maybe in my lungs.. He rocks his hips back and thrusts deeper. I start going stiff, feeling myself impaled on the might of his cock. He thrusts again. I can’t tell where his groin ends and my face starts as he rides his cock deeper into my face. I can’t see anything. I feel the air leaving and I hear myself being mocked, but I can’t understand the words. I scream, desperate for air, but my cries are muffled by the foot-long dirty cock of an old hillbilly shoved down my throat.

“Good bitch.” He releases my head. I fall back crying and shaking. I’m curled on the floor in a puddle of my own bodily juices. I try to get up onto my hands and knees but I convulse and vomit again.

I hear him laughing. Then he grabs my leash and pulls me closer to his groin. “Read that tattoo, boy.” I look at the tattoo on his pelvis. It’s faded and wrinkled but the words are clear when you’re this close.

“Bitch breaker,” I say through the mess of vomit and mucus covering my face.

“That’s right, slut. Bitch breaker. And that’s what I intend to do today. Break a bitch.”

He spins me around and shoves my face into the puddle of vomit. “Blow bubbles,” he shouts. The makeup is smeared across my face, with black tears running down my cheeks. I’m dizzy from lack of oxygen. My cock is rock hard against my degrading costume.

The guest places one boot on the back of my head and pushes my face into the puddle of vomit. “I said bubbles, ya’ dumb whore.” I blow bubbles in the puddle of vomit while he laughs and calls me a slut.

“She’ll make a good whore,” the guest says.

“Got to fully break her in first,” says Mr. Denver.

“Oh, don’t erzincan escort bayan worry. That comes next.” I’m yanked up by my leash so that the enormous bitch breaker is dangling in front of my face again. “Give him a kiss,” he says. I kiss the tip of the dick and an involuntary shudder passes through my body at the thought of deepthroating that monster again. I don’t have much time to consider it as the guest places his fingers in my mouth, pulls at my cheeks to create a wider hole, and thrusts deep into my face.

“Gluck, gluck, gluck.” The thick penis plunges in and out of my mouth. My thoughts go blank as my mouth, once the mouth of an adult male, once the mouth of a college student, the mouth of an informed citizen, the mouth of a man debating careers, is used as a fuck hole for an abusive ex-con.

“Gluck, gluck, gluck.” I have no thoughts. I melt into the warm embrace of being a brainless cock slut, a stupid bimbo devoid of thoughts or opinions, good for nothing but pleasuring superior men.

“Time to lose your virginity, slut,” says my owner. I stupidly think about how I already lost my virginity Junior year of high school. Then I feel Mr. Denver pull aside the thong strap and place his dick against my asshole. I come back to my senses and claw at the other man’s thighs, desperate to get away. I kick my legs, suddenly full of regret, suddenly ready to fight back against this humiliation.

“Too late for all that,” says the guest. He pulls his dick from my throat and smears globs of spit across my eyes. “I wanna see your face when he does it,” he says. He pulls me by the collar so that I’m looking into his eyes.

Mr. Denver grips my hair, tells me to be a good girl, and shoves the full length of his cock into my ass. I scream and cry. “Take it slut,” says Mr. Denver. He grinds into my ass, pounding against me as I scream and spurt out gibberish. The guest watches my face, laughing and jeering as I cry out from the anal ravaging.

Mr. Denver slaps my ass. “Twerk that ass you little bitch. Twerk for your master.”

I move my ass backwards and forwards, feeling my owner’s cock slide in deeper and then slightly out. I moan. “Little girl’s starting to like it. That’s it faggot, back your ass up on his cock.” Again, am I a girl or a faggot? I don’t care. I’m feeling the bliss of ownership, the true power of a penis to destroy my manhood. I push my hands into the floor, desperate to get leverage to fuck my ass harder against my master’s cock.

“That’s it slut. Ride that dick.” My owner slaps my ass again.

The guest has seen enough. He grabs my head and pushes me towards his groin. I open my mouth to take his cock, but he pushes me lower and laughs. “Nah, you whore. You got a different job now.” He adjusts his seat until my face is pressed up against his butthole. It’s pink and covered in hair. “This is where sluts like you belong.”

My master thrusts harder into my ass. My tongue laps at the other man’s ass crack. This is where I belong. A pathetic spit roasted whore.

I know that further degradation awaits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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