Biology Teacher

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Anal Fucking

College girl loves to study biology. The biology teacher has magnificent buttocks. Apart from this the teacher has a sweet tooth for innocent girls. And being a real hot for young girls this teacher takes an advantage of her positions.


At college I was pretty girlish comparing to my co-eds and I perfectly knew about it. My tits are very sensitive but not big comparing to the big ones my co-eds have. My tight apple cheeks are not as big butts as my roommates have. I envy them every time when I watch their asses covered in tight jeans, or leggings, or skirt, not to mention the shorts or panties. But I also envy my co-eds for their sizable tits. Moreover I always prefer more feminine assets than mine.

That’s why being a girlish kind I often dream of thick girls or older women to get in bed with. I think, the most attractive and important part of the female body is the fresh plump ass. In my way of thinking the woman with a thick ass is much more attractive and beautiful than skinny ones.

I do not remember exactly when I began to pay attention to other lady’s butts, but it really begins in my collage time. I remember my biology teacher Linda, a woman of 33 years. Her ass was just awesome when she walking in the class talking to us how it’s important to know biology.

Plus, Linda liked to wear tight dresses and skirts to underline her assets, so watching her moves as she writes on the board were a great pleasure for my eyes. And it wasn’t difficult to see faintly panties gleamed through her dress. It turned out that my teacher had noticed that I gaze at her during her lessons. And being a lesbian in real life she made up her mind to take advantage of the situation.

At nights I used to masturbate, imagining my teacher in different situations picking her dress up; pull her mouth-watering panties down… I could even feel as I touch her ass.

It was the early spring I cleaning the class room. On my duty I checking all desks and clean out the drawings and written words our students had made.

There was a glass of water on the teacher’s desk. It was a hot day that I decided to have a drink. But for sure Linda prepared this drink for me. She decided to find out exactly If I really ready for her seduction. I think, she decided to use one drug that is used as her special test lie detector. I then could not think that there was dissolved special tablet in the glass of water.

Soon after drinking the water I began to feel as I to fall asleep. I sat down at the table and began to dream when Linda entered the classroom. Then she walked to the window past me. I was, as if in a dream. But even in a dream, I watched as she moves, especially her wide hips and buttocks bouncing. Then I saw our teacher standing at the window and thanks to the Sun I was able to see through the wide skirt that Linda has on tiny pink panties. Her ample white buttocks were almost naked. Her thong panties only emphasized how beautiful and big was her ass. I was fascinated by this ass and forgot about any decency continued staring at these magic buttocks.

Suddenly I heard her quiet and gentle voice. Linda asked me why I look at her all the time during lessons. I immediately woke up but did not answer. Without turning around, she continued to stand at her place, but slightly spread her legs and wiggled her ass. I kept silent. And then she said something that I felt very ashamed of and I was scared.

She said she did not mind that I always stare at her ass. But she is worried that if I study biology and want to pass the exam, I must also listen carefully to everything she saying in the classroom.

I admitted that I like to look at her skirt, and imagine what clothes underneath. I also said that I’m an ass girl and all the time curious to look for good feminine ass like she has one.

“And I am sure that you have the most beautiful and sexy butt in our collage and it makes me not to miss your every lecture”.

All this time I thought I was dreaming. But it was real. But I did not realize it. Slowly, I gazed into her eyes, waiting for her move.

Then she asked me if I need a help to study biology. I catch her mind and I told her honestly about possible difficulties to pass her exam due to paying much attention to her ass instead of biology. And she invited me to additional teaching at home to help me to study in her special way on Saturday.

At night, I masturbated furiously, remembering what she asked me and what she told me and how she looked at me. And I again remember how her ass moved and I even could feel its warmth and structure.

I should explain that my campus masturbation became a daily habit for me. Since I attended boarding school it was a little tricky sharing a room with other girls and obtaining the relaxation and relief each day. I usually use my fingers to play my pussy, but some time I use kitchen objects to penetrate my holes. I love to do it in the bathroom but it’s not enough so I continue in bed canlı bahis şirketleri under the covers.

I discovered that fingering brought me quick several orgasms. I was also able to have many prolonged orgasms this way and I developed this at boarding school from semester to semester. I love to masturbate or playing toys while reading erotic fiction or watching xxx video. But that time all my orgasms got just from imagining Linda in nude teaches me biology. My vaginal wetness discouraged me from wearing underwear in my room.

Next day I went to her room. The door is opened by a different woman, and in spite of the home environment, dressed in blue jeans and a tight shirt tailor-made. She was not look like my biology teacher but she was.

Linda smiling at me told me not to be shy, locate right in the chair. But I did not think to hesitate. I boldly flopped into a chair, surprised at her gentleness, and immediately reached out to the coffee table in front of me. I noticed a large illustrated magazine on the table. I picked it and started to get into surprise from the first page.

The magazine was not in English, and, there was a picture of thick black woman in a full-length, but in very skimpy clothes. Her chocolate body covered only the finest combination, and that black woman with a sweet smile pulls her dress off her shoulders. Overleaf have been white women, and quite impressively dressed, but they were closely embracing and kissing passionately. I was confused by this.

Out of the blue Linda’s voice was surprisingly soft. She said I found her underwear catalog. Linda reached out to the magazine and turned pages. There really was beautiful lingerie. It is breathtakingly stared at the girl lace, black and white.

I lifted my head up. Right above it hung Linda, her hair touched my face. Her lips, slightly tinted pink, were right before my eyes.

I said that it’s not just underwear. The woman’s full lips tightened slightly in a smile.

I looked at next page and froze in fright. There was color illustration, beautiful naked blond sitting on the couch. It is widely and shamelessly spread her long legs, and before her there were another fragile girl, tastes the lush fruit of the female perineum.

I listed some other pages. And on some page they were women’s bodies entwined. My eyes were full of the hairy beautiful vaginas wide open. With the strange smile Linda looked at me as I watched at one picture after another. Embarrassed, I was silent too.

Linda knew for sure that I like what I see on pages and getting too hot. Trying not to show her excitement, she watched me. Pause dragged.

Finally Linda invited me to drink something special. When I returned from colored pictures to reality I suddenly got aware of her presence and it makes me nervous a little.

In her hands was a large tray on which stood two cups. Lowering the tray on the coffee table, Linda sat down on the edge of the chair inviting me to join. I motioned to follow her example.

I took the cup and took a sip of fine hot drink. Tongue and throat immediately seared like fire. Taste the coffee was quite unusual.

“Coffee with brandy,” She said.

It tasted terribly and hot at the same time and pleasantly. I was not familiar with everything with which I faced today, but I did not dare interrupt teacher’s intentions.

I looked at her and smiled coyly, “Oh, I am sorry. I was lost in my thoughts.”

She said, “You’re trembling.”

I felt stupid. I regained consciousness.

I think it was a hot drink influenced on me and very soon it happened.

I suddenly said, “You’re a beautiful teacher. And I want you as a woman. Please, show me how to love you. I am afraid of I don’t know what to start from”

Linda motions to me. “Stay,” I tell you. “Stay and I’ll show you everything.”

She looked me up and down. I was wearing a track jacket, baggy jeans, and skate shoes.

I was looking at her with my huge eyes, clearly excited but still unable to move on my own.

Linda unzip my track jacket, and begin to unbutton my boyish button-down. I am more boyish than Linda originally thought, with my button down and white t-shirt underneath, and this really my teacher turns on.

I put my hands to Linda and stroked her gorgeous thick hair. Then I leaned toward her looking up at her face, and timidly kissed her. She kisses me back, tentatively, but then we start to make out more passionately. I shuddered and gasped. I didn’t know what exactly to do next, but I also were aware of that the teacher sure will teach me.

Linda embraced me and covered my face with short and gentle kisses. As long as everything was going so great, Linda made her mind no waist time and grabbed my crotch through my jeans.

Unbuttoning my jeans and fumbles to pull off her shirt and unhook her lacy push up bra. My pants fall to the floor, as she desperately starting make out with me.

I was embarrassed canlı kaçak iddaa a little but special drink made me hot at the same time.

Linda reached inside my girlish panties. Being a little drunk I felt one finger than probably two. My pussy is so wet and juicy, and all I want her just to lick my clit, but she fingered me first, and I moaned softly as she fingered me. Linda’s other hand reach up, underneath my t-shirt and sports bra, fingering my nipples. She moved her head to my chest and began to lick my nipple. I closed my eyes and let out a high pitched sigh. She held my tit in her hand and sucked in my pink, stiff nipple and areola. I felt juices running out of my pussy.

I watched with wide eyes as Linda taking her fingers out of my juicy pussy and put them in her mouth.

My vagina was all in plain sight. Admiring my pink lips she suddenly plunged her face between my legs. Unusual pleasant feeling came over me. Highly experienced tongue slid in a narrow slit, moving up and down. For some time she was detained on the button of my clitoris, and then my body bends at the waist, and my lips were broken long sigh.

I was both tickled and unusually good. My junior’s crotch soaked with the juice, and Linda, choking, absorbed her mouth. Sweet torture continued, as it seemed to both of us, forever.

I suddenly felt that my body tensed, and I felt as I cringed inside. I wailed, clutching nails into the chair, but Biology teacher did not know mercy. She continued to lick my vagina until I fell exhausted.

At the end of it Linda sat up and kissed me on the lips, leaving at my lips salty taste of my own juice.

Then she touched her pussy looked at me and I saw something hungry in her eyes. And then Linda pushed me to my knees and sexily purred;

“I’m sorry… I should have asked you if you wanted me to… Now it is your turn to give me some hot pleasure! I know you want to taste my pussy. Lick and suck my clit. I can see it in your eyes. Have you ever had your little mouth on a pussy before?”

“Yes, it was my co-eds pussy, but yours is so beautiful! I want to lick it.”

My eyes were glued to the pussy that was only inches from my face. The thick bush was trimmed to just a strip, the pussy lips were swollen and wet drops of juice looked so nice.

Linda smiled, she knew that I was succumbing to her many charms and I would soon eat her pussy without having to be told to do it. She smelled the aroma of thick pussy lips and it filled my senses.

I moved closer, stuck out my tongue and licked up the drops of honey dew from the delicious pussy. I liked what I tasted and devoured her sweet taste! I was busy lapping up all of Linda’s pussy juice. Her pussy juice was awesome!

Spreading her thighs apart, Linda forcibly put my mouth to her pussy and I probed lick it up and down her outer labia, then the inner, then flicking my tongue across her big clit and sucking it gently.

I kept at it for a few minutes, and she came and stopped me for a minute. After that Linda gently pulled my head out from between her thighs and kissed me. I wanted more of her pussy and she didn’t mind, she just wanted to be on top.

Linda pushed me down and gave each one of my smallish tits a light kiss and started licking my girlish pussy. I keep here a small triangle of bush, but the rest I shave because oral sex feels better when I’m smooth and more sensitive.

I am just waited for the feeling of her hot very experienced tongue on my clit. But also I wanted to eat her pussy more.

She pulled me down and climb over so that she was completely on top of me our pubic mounds now firmly pressed together. I opened my legs and she slid between them she ground her cunt to my kitten with a passion until we had not existed with our kissing.

Linda began rubbing her pussy against mine and my legs opened further. Her hands grasped smooth taught cheeks of my bottom. She began to slightly thrust herself up and down against me. It was so thrilling and exciting for her to be simulating fucking me. It became very obvious that I were going to cum soon again, and quickly. And I did.

I was very satisfyingly. My heart was pounding with the joy of her willing participation as her tongue ran across my nipple that makes it even harder. She did the same to other breast while her fingers flitting over my thighs and tummy. Her experienced tongue and lips did such delicious things to me.

I was very satisfying. But when my eyes met hers I was embarrassed. I quickly read her mind and understand what my teacher waited for.

Now it was my turn to give her some hot pleasure! I laid her on her front and started softly massage her back. I lovingly stroked her smooth skin moving slowly downwards until I was massaging, well caressing really, the two symmetrical mounds of her big tight ass. Oh my god! It was just a thing I have been dreaming on biology classes.

So I cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed the delicious canlı kaçak bahis curves. My fingers sliding into the crease between them, I stroked her there, loving Linda’s grunts and sighs that slipped from her. I was thrilled to see her legs suggestively slipping open further. I could see the pink wetness of her thick sex invitingly on display. As I stroked its velvet her body shuddered with the satisfaction.

Then I put my boyish tits on her back with my legs between her legs. I take my arms around her holding her big tits. My crotch pressed against her butts. After that I started to grind my pussy against her bottom, simulating the actions of fucking her. I thrust myself against her, my mound sliding from the base of her spine through the crack in her bottom and onto the back of her lips and then up again. I did it and Linda sighed and moaned. What the wonderful feelings we were both gain. And very soon we climaxed together. It’s amazing but my girlish pussy rubbing on her hot big teacher’s ass makes me cum so much.

Finally I collapsed, sliding down. My legs were splayed wide apart, my pussy were wide open. My lips were puffy and swollen, and my whole mound was glistening with juices.

Linda could not help it, she had to taste me there. She kneeled between my legs and started licking me. When her tongue ran across my clit, I moaned and put my hands in her hair. Linda slid her experienced tongue deep inside me, and I slid down so I was laying on my back. She gently spread my lips with her fingers, and began to suck my pussy. Linda licked and sucked my pussy until she was rewarded with more of my sweet cum, then I pulled her face to me for a sweet kiss.

We kissed tenderly at first, our kisses gradually getting hotter and harder, and I could feel that she was very wet too. Her hands were exploring my body, and feeling her soft hands cupping my girlish ass was incredible.

I rolled over so I was on top of her, now face to face and kneeled between her thighs. I pressed my mound forward into hers, and then leaned in to kiss her again. Our mouths were wide open, tongues dancing together wildly. I began grinding my pussy into her, and Linda wrapped her legs around my waist and moaned, “Oh, I like that… Fuck me, girl, fuck me just like that…”

“Yes, my teacher… I want you, I’m your naughty girl, you teach me so fucking good… Please, teach me now, how to fuck… I need it bad”

I couldn’t believe what I was talking and I was not ashamed to tell my teacher everything, who had me so turned on.

I began thrusting my hips into her, and I could feel our clits rubbing together. Linda was arching her hips up to meet mine, fucking me back. I could feel my juices were literally running out of my pussy, out onto her, making it more slippery, making it feel better as we fucked.

And Linda loved it, feeling my young hot kitten between her legs, fucking her, kissing her with my mouth, her hands clasping my tight ass, pulling my hips tight into her.

Linda felt her orgasm building, and arched herself hard against my mound. She could feel her pussy contracted and I continued to grind myself against her but not as hard as before.

I ran my hand down her crack, and I could feel her juices running out of her. When my fingers brushed across her ass, she pushed back with her hips. I slid two finger into her pussy, and she was soaking wet. I slid my fingers in deeper, and she was incredibly hot and wet. She spread her legs wide, and I worked my fingers into her to bury. I started sliding them in and out, fucking her with it.

Then I added a third finger, fucking her hot pussy with my fingers. Linda’s wetness was everywhere, and I take advantage of it. I wet a finger of my other hand and press it into her ass, she liked it and the feeling drives her wild. Linda presses her hips backward against my hand, pushing deeper and harder. I have one hand in her pussy, the other in her ass. My fingers can feel each other through the membranes separating her two holes.

Linda is moaning, thrusting with her large hips, fucking herself on my fingers. I can feel her rectum is tensing around my finger as I fuck it. Linda is almost screaming, “God, yeah, fuck me, girl, fuck me baby… You’ll pass your biology exam and get an A+”

Linda’s body stiffens and I can feel her pussy and ass throbbing around my fingers as her orgasm hits. She is slamming her hips back, forcing my fingers as deep inside both her holes as they will go. Her ass hole is clamped down on my finger, and I am far inside her pussy, rubbing that magic spot to prolong her orgasm.

And soon Linda relaxed, and her breathing slowed. She reached for me and we kissed. Her mouth was wide open when our lips met, and her tongue slid deep down my tongue.

That was in-fucking-credible! We spent all day licking and fucking, my teacher was insatiable and very experienced to tell me all the biology and get me familiar with all your toys collection.

You could ask me what about those magnificent butts? Off course, I couldn’t forget of Linda’s buttocks for all my studying at college. Linda didn’t mind to share her rich experience with me and also with my roommate. To tell the truth Linda leads me into all girl love forever.

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