Being Fussy

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I was going back home from throwing some hoops with the guys one afternoon when I decided to drop in on Charlie and see how he was doing. He was a little high strung and had been having trouble with his latest live in of late. Denny, the live in, was a real cocky asshole, so sure of himself and going directly for what he wanted—and usually getting it—and taking advantage of everyone along the way. And he was messy. Charlie was so fussy about neatness that I knew this arrangement with Denny wasn’t going to work out from the beginning.

The most irritating thing about Denny was that he had every reason to be cocky. He was a professional model and had the perfect body—with an unbelievable long and thick cock to match. He made my knees tremble with desire as much as the next guy and I disliked him doubly for this reason.

Denny answered the door, decked out only in a bath towel.

“Charlie’s not here,” he said, “But he should be back soon. Come on in and wait. He’ll be a pissy little bitch if he misses you.”

“No, that’s okay, I’ll . . .”

“I said come on in,” and he pulled me across the threshold and closed the door.

I perched on a sofa near the door, as Denny padded back toward the hallway to the bedrooms.

“I was just taking a shower. You can entertain yourself . . . ,” and he turned in the doorway to the hall and let his towel drop, revealing his horse-hung cock and, with a big grin, said, “. . . or you can shower with me and entertain me.”

“Naw, thanks,” I croaked. “I’ll just wait for Charlie. You know how upset he’d be if he found one of his friends messing around with you.”

“Ah, well, your loss, stud,” Denny said with a laugh and turned and padded down the hallway to the bath at the end, twirling his towel in an outstretched hand and showing a luscious bulbous butt.

Less than ten minutes later, I heard Denny calling me from down the hall.

“Could ya come here, please? I want to show you something.”

I sighed and stood up and walked half way down the hall way. The bathroom door was open. Unexpectedly, Denny entered the hallway from the door to a bedroom close at hand. He was wet and still naked.

“What?” I started to say.

“This is what I wanted to show you,” he said with a grin. He was wanking his dong, which had hardened out to a good ten inches. He had a tube of lubricant in his hands and was already greasing up his shaft. “You wouldn’t take a shower with me, and all I could think of was bonking you while I was in the shower. And see what you did to me? So, what are you going to do about it?”

“Hey look, Charlie is . . .”

“Charlie isn’t here,” Denny interjected. “And I don’t want Charlie right now. I want you.” With that he pushed me up against the hallway wall with a strong forearm, my cheek against the cold plaster, and he worked long fingers under the hem of my gym shorts and up between my butt cheeks to my asshole. All I was wearing under my shorts was a jock strap. Although I was dressed, he had easy access to me. He was lathering up my asshole with the güvenilir bahis lube and obviously was just looking for a quick fuck. And, naturally, he was thinking of his need and pleasure only.

“Here, pull your butt back to me and spread those legs a bit,” he commanded. I did as he asked, and he started working his huge tool into my ass. Tears came to my eyes and I wanted to scream in frustration as much as in pain at his initial slide into me. But most of the frustration stemmed in how much I wanted Denny to do this to me, and how I had wanted it for so long but had held back because I knew Charlie would be devastated. And Charlie was expected to return at any moment.

When he’d worked his way into the root and he’d started a slow pumping action, Denny arms came around me and his hands explored my torso up under my T-shirt and my engorging cock bursting against the jock strap and gym shorts. He left me fully dressed, not even giving me the thrill of my flesh on his perfect body, and laughed when he was able to make me cum very quickly. He continued pumping me from behind for a good long time before he came, and then he just held there until we heard a noise on the porch and the scraping of a key in the lock.

Denny quickly extricated himself from me and glided into his bedroom. I barely was able to make it back to the sofa, my innards awash in Denny’s semen, before Charlie, arms full of grocery bags, crossed the threshold into the room.

“What the fuck?” Charlie said as he entered the room.

I rose from the sofa, totally embarrassed, assuming that Charlie had discerned what Denny and I had been doing.

“Denny,” Charlie yelled. “You were supposed to clean up this cesspool while I was gone. I can’t take this any . . . Oh, hi, Kevin, I didn’t see you there. Sorry for the mess.”

I collapsed back on the sofa from relief that Charlie clearly didn’t suspect what I’d been doing with his live-in lover.

“Denny, come out here,” Charlie yelled.

A still-naked Denny padded back out to the door of the living room and leaned up against the doorframe, his arms crossed and a silly grin on his face. “Hi, Charlie,” he said, not paying a bit of attention to how angry Charlie was.

“Denny, I can’t live in a pigsty like this anymore, and you are three months behind in your share of the rent. Get dressed and get out—Now!” Charlie, trembling and looking quite angry, marched into the kitchen with his bags of groceries.

Returning, he took a belligerent stance, hands on hips, and repeated “Now,” in an emphatic voice.

Denny sauntered over to Charlie and came up real close to him, face to face. He gathered Charlie to him with one arm around his back and used his other hand to unbutton Charlie’s shirt and explore his chest. The two backed up to the dining room table.

“Denny, don’t,” Charlie was saying, as he arched his back and Denny’s mouth went to his nipples. “I mean it this time. You’re a pig, and I want you out.”

Denny’s mouth came up and covered Charlie’s mouth, and his hands went to Charlie’s butt türkçe bahis cheeks and pulled his groin into Denny’s pelvis. I could see that Denny’s rod was beginning to rise again.

“Denny, no,” Charlie said weakly, as Denny came up for air from the kiss. But his actions belied his statement, as he took Denny’s head in both of his hands and brought him back for a deeper kiss. Denny’s hands came around to the front of Charlie’s pants and unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper, and pulled his pants and briefs down off his legs. He held Charlie’s dick with his with one hand, while his other hand went behind Charlie and brushed the dishes on top of the dining table unto the floor, only adding to the clutter that Charlie had been objecting to. He then spun Charlie around and pushed his torso down on the top of the dining table. Going down on his knees behind Charlie, Denny attacked his lover’s asshole with his mouth. He was squeezing one butt cheek with one hand, and milking Charlie’s cock with his other hand. Charlie turned his head toward me, and I could see the wild sexual desire in his eyes.

In short order, Denny had Charlie’s ass wettened up to his desire and he rose and positioned his cock at Charlie’s asshole and dove in. Charlie lurched and screamed in pain, but his eyes were still on mine and were still filled with desire. They contained a look of almost satisfaction and victory that I could not fathom.

Denny pumped away at Charlie, as Charlie grunted and yelped. Denny buried his fist in Charlie’s hair and arched his back, bringing Charlie’s lips to his and brutally possessing him in a kiss.

When he had pushed Charlie’s head back onto the table, he said, “Now about me leaving. You still want me to leave? Cause’ I can pull out right now and go pack.”

“No,” Charlie whimpered. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to keep fucking me. Deeper. Oh, yes. Deeper still. Ohhhh. Yes!”

“And you don’t care how messy I am?” Denny pulled his dick out of Charlie’s ass.

“Oh, no, don’t leave me. I don’t care how messy you get.”

Denny rammed his cock into Charlie again, pushed in to the hilt, and just held there. “And the rent. Do I owe you anything for the rent?”

“No, nothing. Don’t leave me like this. Fuck me. Finish me.”

“Well, you’ll forgive me if I’m tired. I’ve got to take a break, but I’ll finish you all right. In the meantime, Kevin, strip down and get your ass over here.”

“Who, me?” I asked dumbly.

“Yes, you, stud. Who else? Get up on this table and let Charlie get you hard again.” Denny turned Charlie onto his back on the table top while keeping him skewered with Denny’s long, thick cock.

I stripped and climbed up on the table, dangling my cock over Charlie’s mouth, as directed.

“No, I don’t think I want to . . .” Charlie started. But as Denny sighed an “Oh, well,” and started to slowly pull his cock out of Charlie, Charlie capitulated with an “OK, OK,” and took my cock into his mouth.

Within minutes Charlie had güvenilir bahis siteleri me hard and Denny pulled out of Charlie and directed me to plow Charlie for a while. Charlie started to object, but Denny said he’d only finish Charlie off if he let me take an interim go at him.

All of my senses numb except for my urgent sex drive, I moved down and topped Charlie. Our eyes locked, and I watched Charlie’s desire sharpen as I pumped him. He was enjoying me and much as I was enjoying him. I had never thought of fucking Charlie before, but now he became the focus of my attention, and I sought to both give and receive the maximum enjoyment from this encounter.

“Rub your chest on his; kiss him,” Denny directed me. And I complied. Charlie’s mouth willingly opened to mine, and our tongues entwined in a deep kiss.

It was then that I felt Denny enter me for the second time that day. I was still floating in his semen from earlier, so there was little pain as his long, hot dong worked its way up my ass. He was driving me wild, and my mouth and cock were working overtime on Charlie while Denny was plowing my field in a counterpunch action.

Charlie was sighing and moaning for me while I was sighing and moaning for Denny. I came in a flood of semen that had my scream of ecstasy melding with Charlie’s. Immediately thereafter, Denny pulled out of me, pulled me up and out of Charlie, and pushed me over against the wall at the side of the table. I just lay there in a heap, completely spent.

Denny, however, slid back into Charlie and pumped him deep. Charlie’s grunts and groans for joy heightened, and I could tell the instant in which Denny flooded Charlie’s ass canal with his man juice. The two of them lay on the table, panting at their exertion for several minutes.

Then Denny rose off the table, simply said “Let’s not hear anymore about messy or rent for a while,” and sauntered back to the hallway to the bedrooms, not really paying any attention to Charlie’s weak, “No, of course not” response.

We heard the shower start up and Denny singing to himself in a self-satisfied way.

“Why do you stay with him?” I asked in a tired voice. “He’s just taking advantage of you. It’s all you giving and him taking. You’re right. He’s a pig.”

“Him all taking? He’s got that magnificent ten-inch cock, and I’m not getting anything?” Charlie responded with a hoarse laugh. “Dude, I don’t care about the mess he makes or whether or not he pays rent. He’s got the longest, thickest, most satisfying dong I’ve ever had in me, and the only way I can get him to give it to me hard and deep is to threaten to throw him out. I didn’t hear you objecting when he had it up your ass.”

And then he started laughing—weakly at first and then more jovially. I couldn’t help myself; I joined in the laughter.

“Of course, your dong is nice too,” Charlie said at length. “I wouldn’t mind having that up me again.”

“We’ll have to set a date for that,” I answered, tears rolling down my cheeks from the laughter.

“How about now?” Charlie asked. “You’ve had time to reload haven’t you?”

“We’ll see,” I answered, as I rose and climbed up on the table and side-split Charlie in a long, tender fuck that included much kissing and fluttering of hands and tongues on willing flesh.

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