Back at the Farm

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Per her husband’s promise, him and Sarah were heading back up to the farm Saturday morning. The whole ride up there Sarah thought about what was going to happen to her, how it would change her, and if she was really going to go through with it. She wanted to see how far she could go, how filthy she could get until it was too much for her.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this, honey, ” he asked.

“I’m really nervous about what is going to happen to me, but yes I want this.”

“I just wanted to make sure. If you make it though all the filth that is planned for you today there’s a special surprise reward at the end.”

“Oh, a little incentive. I’m going to have to make it through the day now.”

They arrived at the farm. Before Sarah could get out of the car her husband said,” Take off your clothes. We’re going to get started right away.” Sarah got out of the car and stripped off her clothes. Her ass still had remnants of the stamp that he used on her from their fun two weeks ago. She put on her pig nose and ears and bent over so her husband could put the pig tail butt plug in her. He slid it in her ass and gave her ass a slap as it jiggled.

“Well, lets get going piggy! Off to the barn! Lets see how smelly we can make you!”

Once in the barn, he had Sarah sit in an empty feed trough. She was getting wet with anticipation. He inserted into her pussy a remote vibrating egg.

“I went out and got some of the smelliest things I could find,” he said. “I care barely stand the smell of some of this stuff. How about we start off with some rotten eggs?”

He started smashing rotten eggs all over her body and head. He used 3 dozen eggs on her. He then made sure to rub them good into her skin and hair. Next came a bushel of rotten tomatoes that he smashed and rubbed all over her.

“So how does that smell and feel? Do you want more or do you want to quit already?”

“I smell so awful. This is so gross! I’m not quitting. Bring it on!” Her husband then turned on the egg sitting inside of her and turned it up to quarter power. Next came two buckets of lumpy curdled milk that were poured all over her. Then came a bucket of old pickle juice that added a scent of garlic and dill to Sarah along with the other smells. He turned up the egg to half power. Sarah started to make noises caused by the egg vibrating inside of her. Next up was mustard, bright yellow mustard. He squirted a bottle of it all over her body. A giant jar of old mayonnaise was smeared on her head.

Sarah really reeked at this point, so much so that her husband had to plug his nose due to the smell, but Sarah was loving every minute of it. Her hands roamed all over her body mixing all the substances together.

“I hope your ready for the last item, it’s really gross and it reeks!”

I’ve came this far,” she said. “Let me have it!” He then dumped bucket after bucket of wet shredded cat food all over her. He then took hand fulls of pate style cat food and rubbed it into her hair.

“CAT FOOD,” she screamed. “I can’t believe you dumped cat food on me! This is so gross. I thought all the other things were bad, but this is awful! I don’t know if…” He cranked up the egg to full power. .”..if, if, if I could smell anymore like a pig than what I do right now.” The egg was doing its magic. “It, It feels so good, “she stammered. “Please, more.”

“I have one more thing, but I was going to save it for later.”

“Oh, please antalya escort let me have it!”

“Lay down and close your eyes. I’ll let you have it when you cum. Which from the looks of it shouldn’t be too long.” He wheeled out a wheelbarrow filled to the brim with cow pattys. “I promise you honey that when you cum there is no way you will be able to get any smellier.”

As the egg vibrated hard inside of her pussy, Sarah grinded her clit. “What could he have that would make me reek more than I do now,” she thought. “I can’t wait to find out!” Sarah was a complete mess laying in the trough covered in some of the most disgusting things try to get herself off. She was trying to cum as fast as she could.

“I’m so close, so close. I’m going to cum! Oh, yes, oh yes! It’s cooommmiinnngg!!!!!! Her pussy gushed as she came. At the same time the wheelbarrow was tipped over her engulfing Sarah’s entire body in cow pattys. She now reeked of cow shit on top of everything else.

“What is this,” Sarah asked. “Oh god, it’s cow shit! First cat food, now this! You weren’t kidding about making me reek really bad. The stench is awful. I don’t know how I’ll ever get the smell off of me. I don’t know if I can handle what you have planned for me next, but I can’t wait to find out”

“Well, why don’t you hop your smelly pig ass into the wheelbarrow and I’ll take you to our next and final stop of the day. No washing up for you. You want top be a pig, so be it. Remember the surprise awaiting you if you make it to the end.” Sarah crawled out from under all the muck and sat her chubby ass into the wheelbarrow. Off she she carted to the pig sty that was awaiting her. Once to the sty, her husband opened up the gate and tipped the wheelbarrow over, dumping Sarah face first into the deep thick mud. “Welcome home!”

“It’s good to be back,” Sarah said with a muddy smile.

“Why do you go wallow for a few minutes while I get some equipment out.” Sarah started rolling around and around in the mud covering herself completely while her husband rolled into the sty a fucking machine. “Look what I have for you piggy! Since I don’t want to get myself messy by going into the sty, I thought this would work just as good.”

Sarah’s eyes lit up when she saw the machine. It could go nonstop, making her cum again and again. “I want that in me!”

“Why don’t you come over here and bend over in front out it so it can slide into your pussy from behind just like you love.” Sarah crawled over and stuck her ass up in front of the mechanical cock. Her husband positioned it so it was right up against her muddy pussy. “As you are getting fucked I’m going to make you an unrecognizable mess. And the only sounds i want to hear are that of a piggy. How do that sound?”

“Sounds great to me!” The machine started up and started to impale Sarah’s pussy over and over again. It started slow and then picked up speed. Sarah’s whole body was vibrating from the jackhammer speed of the machine. As this was going on flour was dumped all over her. Then molasses, then oatmeal, then chocolate, then powdered sugar, and then more mud. All the while Sarah sat there grunting and oinking as she was being fucked. She came over and over again, too many to count. She was in bliss. Slowly the machine slowed to a stop. She was disappointed.

“Congratulations honey, you made it! So you know what you get?”

“More fucking I hope!”

“Probably, antalya escort bayan if you play nice. But your prize is…well, why don’t you tell her Carrie.” Carrie was one her best friends from college. She was about the same size as Sarah, maybe a little more chubby but still hot.


“That’s right Sarah, I’m your prize or you’re mine in a way. I’ve always wanted you, why do you think we became such best friends? I stopped by your house one day and no one answer, but what did I see there through the window, my hot friend in the kitchen dressed as a pig covered in food and getting herself off no less. I talked to your husband the next day and he confirmed that yes, it was you and it was a kink of yours. I told him how hot it made me to see you like that, doing that to yourself. So he showed me the videos you guys had done. I have to say Sarah, you really love to be humiliated don’t you. The things I’ve seen you do to get yourself off are crazy. I can’t believe that dressing as a pig and being covered in food get you that turned on. But from what I’ve seen today, and yes I’ve been watching the whole time, you need it to get off. And the more disgusting you get the more turned on you get. I mean look at you right now, sitting in a pig sty, an unrecognizable mess, attached to a fucking machine. By the way, how it you like it? I thought I did a good job running it.”

“I’m so humiliated. No one was to know about this. Please Carrie don’t tell anyone,” Sarah begged.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone, but you have to play nice. Even if other people knew I bet the humiliation of it would turn you on. I think just the thought of me standing here and know is causing your pussy to drip, isn’t that right piggy?”

“Yes. I’ll do whatever you want just don’t tell anyone.”

“This is going to be fun! I’ve wanted you for so long and know I get to do things with you I’ve only fantasized about. And your husband can watch. I looks like I’m going to get messy too but it looks so fun I don’t think I’m going to mind.” Carrie then stripped off her clothes and walked into the sty as her tits bounced and her ass jiggled. “This feels so gross. Now piggy, first thing you are going to do is eat my ass. I want you to really get in there, if you don’t, I wonder what your coworkers would think of seeing some of your videos when they check their email Monday morning.” Carrie bent over and Sarah stuck of pig nosed face deep between Carrie’s two big ass cheeks. Carrie felt a tongue going up and down her ass crack. “I want to hear my piggy friend make the noises she’s famous for.”

“Oink, oink, snort….”

“That feels good, don’t stop. Get your tongue in my asshole!” Just as Sarah started to stick her tongue into the puckered hole, fffrraaappp!!! Carrie let out a juice fart right in Sarah’s face. “Sorry Sarah, I always wanted to do that to someone and it can’t smell any worse than you do. Now get back in there!” Sarah did as she was told. Her husband meanwhile was stroking himself not believing what he was witnessing.

“That’s enough piggy,” Carrie said. She stood back up and then laid down in the muck. “This does feel kinda good. I’m starting to realize why you like it so much. I want you to eat out my pussy and while you are doing that I’m going to control the fuck machine remotely.” Sarah starting eating out Carrie’s pussy as the machine started up. Carrie was really enjoying escort antalya having her pussy eaten especially by her friend that she always wanted. “Tastes good piggy?”

“Oh yes! You taste fantastic. Oh, god…”

“You can’t cum until I do, so you better try harder Sarah. That’s it! Good piggy! Right there. Bury your tongue in me!” Carrie grabbed Sarah’s head and started grinding it into her pussy as Sarah tried to get her tongue into it as deep as possible. “Get ready to drink me up piggy!” Carrie’s body stiffened and her pussy gushed out her juices. Sarah tried to get as much as possible. Never had Carrie had an orgasm that strong before. “Maybe there is something to this getting messy,” she thought to herself. Just then she cranked up the fuck machine to full power causing Sarah to scream with pleasure. Watching this, Carrie started to wonder what it would be like if that was her. If it turns her new lover on that much to look that like that, to be dressed as a pig and humiliated, covered in food maybe she should try it too. Sarah then came as she squealed like a pig. Carrie knew at that moment she had to try it out at least once to see what it was like. She shut off the machine to give Sarah a rest.

“Um, you don’t happen to have an extra pig outfit do you,”she shyly asked Sarah’s husband.

“Actually I do, why?”

“Can I wear it?”

“If you want. Let me go get it.” He couldn’t believe that now his wife’s friend wanted to be like his wife. He brought back the outfit for Carrie. “Here you go.”

“You wouldn’t mind leaving us here by ourselves so we could have some fun in private? I’ll drive Sarah home when we are done.”

“Sure I can leave. By the way, here’s an extra attachment for the machine, just in case you want to share the machine.” He left his wife and her friend at the farm and went home.

Carrie couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she put on the pig ears and then the pig nose. Lastly, she slipped the pig tail butt plug into her ass. “I admit, I do look kinda hot in this. So what do you think Sarah? Does this outfit make me look hot? Does seeing your friend dressed like you make you horny?”

“Carrie you look hot in that! Please come her and make love to me.” Carrie knelt down in the muck and started kissing Sarah, their tongues mingling with one another. “Your too clean Carrie, here left me fix that.” Sarah smeared muck all over Carrie, massaging it into her soft tits and smearing it on her wet pussy. “That’s better!” Sarah jumped on Carrie pushing her deep into the muck. Sarah turned around and then they started to 69. After awhile Sarah got off of her and took the fuck machine attachment and put it on the end of the machine. It now had two dildos on it so it could fuck them both at the same time. Sarah and Carrie, on all fours placed their pussies in front of each dildo. Sarah grabbed the remote and turned it on. The machine went in and out of both of them getting faster and faster by the minute.

“Oh, God, “was all Carrie could say.

“It feels so good, doesn’t it, “asked Sarah.

“I feels really good! Not just the machine, but to be filthy, to be a pig.” Carrie didn’t believe she just said that, but it was true. The machine reached full power and was fucking them like a jackhammer. Sarah started to oink and grunt. Then all of a sudden out of Carrie came, “oink, oink, oink, snort.” “Where was this coming from,” Carrie thought. She couldn’t control herself. Both women came at the same time with loud squeals. The machine slowed to a stop. exhausted Carrie said, it’s great being a pig.”

“I’m so glad to hear that Carrie. I’m glad I’ll have another piggy to play with.”

“Oh, you will!” They kissed and laid exhausted in the sty, two fucked, filthy, chubby piggies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32