Babyboy Ch. 10

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This story contains some offensive language. This is the last official chapter of ‘Babyboy’. You’ll see more of them though in some more short stories and appearances in other stories I’m working on.

I really hope you enjoyed the journey between Bassir and Tyrell. These are some of my favorite characters I’ve ever written.

As always Enjoy!!

The front door opened letting me know Charm was here. I didn’t move to get out of bed to greet them. I heard little feet come running towards my room, then Romero’s body flopped on my back. I gave a small smile.

“Wake up daddy. I home.” He said hugging me.

“Ro I missed you Bubbs.” I caught him in my arms. “Daddy was so lonely by himself last night.”

“I thought you Rell came over.” He tilted his curly head.

“My Rell was busy.” I said, my body felt heavy. I was tired from tossing and turning all night.

“Baby you look horrible.” Charm said coming into my room. She picked up Ro and sat him on her lap. “I know you were sad about yesterday but you look like death.” I gave a weak smile.

“I told Tyrell we needed some space.” She gave me a shocked look.

“What happened sweetie?” She turned so she was facing me.

“I found out why he missed our dinner.” She gave me a look that read trouble. “Not cheating. He was out playing with water guns and got hit.” I said, glancing down at Romero who was too focused on his leap frog game.

“Ok but he’s been hit before. You’ve patched him up.” She used the same argument he had.

“Yeah but it’s different now. Before I liked him but wasn’t thinking about actually being together. Now I’m with him and I love him and I can’t think of living without him. I don’t want to even think about losing him to something like that.”

“Yes and I understand but Bassir that’s who he is. He’s not going to change this far into his career. You knew he wasn’t a saint when y’all got together.”

“But Charm I don’t want to be up waiting on his call and it never comes. I can’t bear losing him.” She gave me a sad look. I felt her hands rubbing my knee.

I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to break up with him but I don’t want to be with anyone that risks life or death everyday.



I walked into my office carrying a briefcase. I didn’t waste any time, I pulled out the documents that needed to be reviewed. My eyes were heavy and dry.

It’s been a week since Bassir said we needed a break and it’s been hard. I haven’t had much sleep because I’m used to his arms being around me. I find myself dreaming about him every time I do get some sleep. All I can think about is his scent and warm arms. I have so much free time so I’ve been at work but I think about him the whole time making it impossible to get anything done. I also miss my best friend and our arguments over superheroes.

I sighed and sat back in my chair. I closed my eyes trying to get some sleep. No one was in the office yet.

“Tyrell?” I heard Luck’s voice say from my open door. I slowly opened my eyes to see him and Star standing at my door with messy clothes. Luck’s dreads were out of its usual ponytail.

“Why are you two here so early?” I asked, watching them sit in front of my desk.

“We actually have been here for about two hours. I wanted to fuck in an office.” Luck shrugged. I gave them both a glare.

“So you woke up at five the morning and the first thing on yo mind was fucking?” He nodded. “And you agreed to it?” Star gave a small shrug. “Y’all are sick.”

“You look sick. What’s wrong?” Star asked.

“Bassir and I are still on a break.” I said.

“Oh. You haven’t talked to him at all?” Luck asked. His face changed to worry instantly.

“We tell each other we’re alright at least once a day but other than that no. I fucking miss him.” I admitted dropping kayseri escort my head into my hands. “I messed up.”

“Tyrell it’s not your fault and it’s not his. You have to understand that he cares for you so much that he hates you being in harm’s way. But he needs to understand that’s the nature of your job.” Star said.

“You need to reassure him that you’ll try your best so it doesn’t happen again. You need to make sure he understands you can take care of yourself.” Luck chimes in. I nod he’s right and hopefully I can make it up to him for missing our big night.


“Tyrell why are we at a planetarium? I thought we were just talking.” Bassir laughed looking at the building. Bassir was wearing all black with silver jewelry. He looked really good and had his usual scent that I had been missing.

“It’s a surprise.” I grabbed his hand. He gave me an odd look. We haven’t touched each other in a week. I missed the feeling of his hands on me.

I was able to convince him that we needed to talk. I picked him up and the whole car ride we were silent. It was painfully awkward. I pushed that feeling down and started pulling him inside the building.

“Close your eyes.” I whispered when we reached the front door. He gave me a smile before closing them. “Keep them closed.”

I led him down a few hallways before entering the room. Manny and Luck had set up in the room that had the night sky on the ceiling. They laid out a blanket with candles and plates. They had a basket filled with sparkling apple cider and strawberries. It looked like it was a small bag filled with what I’m guessing was condoms and lube. They decorated the blanket with pillows and rose petals.

“Open them.” Bassir opened his eyes and took in everything. He turned towards me with a shocked look in his eyes. “I wanted to make up for the other night so I rented out the planetarium.”

“This is too much babyboy.” He grabbed me in a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face into his neck. He held me tightly. We stayed locked onto each other for what felt like hours but it still wasn’t enough for me.

“Let’s sit down.” I lead him down to the blanket. He sat down and I took my place on his lap. I smiled, getting comfortable. I missed this.

“Tyrell.” He said holding onto my waist. “We should talk.” I switched positions so I was straddling him.

“Yeah. Bassir, I’m sorry.” He gave me a surprised look. “I know it’s crazy coming from me but I understand where you’re coming from okay. I get that you want nothing but the best for me and me running around the streets getting shot is not what you want.”

“Thank you baby and I’m sorry. I know you can take care of yourself but it doesn’t keep me from worrying about you. I just want you safe.” He said leaning into me. I held onto his face and looked into his eyes. They held all the things he wanted to say. They were looking at me like I was the best thing to ever happen to him.

“I know that Base but you gotta understand that I’ll never let anything happen to me or you or Romero. You gave me something to live for.” I stroked his face.

I brung his lips down on top of mine. I wanted to savour the feeling of his lips on mine again. His soft, delicious lips biting and teasing my own. Bassir sucked my tongue into his mouth and started caressing me. He held onto my ass and pushed up so I was rubbing against him. I grabbed onto his shirt and started grinding on him trying to get some friction.

“I missed you so much babyboy.” He moaned. He started traveling down my neck leaving kisses.

“Fuck me too.” I moaned, capturing his lips again. He started reaching under my shirt to feel my body. “Bassir, we should eat first.” I moaned, pulling back. I just remembered that we had food here.

“Feed me.” He kayseri escort bayan smirks while leaning back.


“Oh fuck you, I did not miss you that much.” I grinned. “I was not staring at your pictures everyday.”

“It’s okay babyboy I looked at our pictures too.” He winked. “The one picture when I just sucked your,” I quickly covered his mouth with my hands. My face was on fire.

“Do not finish that sentence.” I let go of his mouth. “You always making me do freaky stuff.” I glared.

“You act like you don’t like it.” He smirked.

“Not the point. You’re always so horny.”

“Hey I’m not the only one. You’re the one who made me give you a blow job in the car that one time.” He reminded me.

“You were the one who was talking dirty in the store. It got me hard and you caused it so you had to fix it.” I shrugged.

“Did you jerk off any last week?” Bassir asked faintly trailing his hand over my dick. We were still clothed so the feeling was faint.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked, watching his hands tease me.

“I want to know what you jerked off to. So I’ll ask again, Did you jerk off last week?” I nodded slowly. “To what?” I bit my lip.

I almost rubbed my dick raw jerking off last week. All I could think about was Bassir wrapped around my body, giving me pleasure.

“I thought about you,” I said grabbing onto his shoulders. “I thought about the first time you took me into your mouth and that time at the pizza place.” I whispered. “Did you think about me?”

“Everyday.” He nodded. “I thought about the way you moan my name and grip onto me tightly when I make you cum.” He started kissing my neck softly. “I thought about the way your face turns red whenever I touch your dick and the way you’re always willing to please me.” He whispered in my ear.

“Bassir.” I breathed.

“This is so romantic babyboy and I can’t wait to fuck you under the stars.” He moaned. I pulled back and looked him in the eyes. He looked like he meant every word.

“I actually prepared for that.” I said looking down.

“What do you mean?” He gave me a smirk. “Did you stretch yourself out for me?” He looked so different right now. His usual sweet aura was changed and replaced with a demon. Bassir gets this way when he’s really horny. He turns super sensual. It makes for some amazing sex though.

“Yeah,” I confessed. “I just wanted to be prepared.” I smiled holding onto his arms. “I thought about you while I did it. The way you’ll hold me and whisper how good I’m doing and the way you’d slowly enter me and make sure I was well fucked.” Bassir softly moaned.

“Let me see.” He said before standing me up. Bassir started taking off my clothes till I was completely naked. He started by sucking the head of my dick. I let out a long low moan. I missed his mouth on me.

“That feels so good.” I moaned, grabbing his head. He started sucking me slowly while his hands grabbed onto my ass.

I was nervous about him fucking me but I do want it. All I could think about was how much I missed him and his love. I missed the way he always made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. He always made sure he pleased me and always took care of me after. That helped me realize that he’d do the same when he fucked me.

Bassir started circling my hole with his finger. He pulled off of me and went to get the lube that was tucked into the basket. He applied some to his fingers and started teasing my hole again. He continuted sucking me with no hands.

“Bassir please.” He looked up at me. “You’re gonna make me cum.” I said pulling out of his mouth. “I wanna cum together.” I said sitting back on his lap. I pulled him out of his boxers and started stroking him.

“Tyrell you’re not ready for it yet.” He moaned.

“I escort kayseri can take it.” I rolled the condom down on him. I started jerking him with lube.

“Tyrell I don’t want to hurt you.” He said. “Get on your knees.” I followed his orders and got on my knees so my head was resting on his shoulder.

He started pushing two fingers in me slowly. Bassir grabbed my dick and started jerking me in tune with the fingers going in and out in my ass.

“Fuck.” I moaned, holding onto him. “Faster please.” He started increasing his speed. He was pushing down hard onto me making sure I could feel it.

Bassir went up to three before he pulled out and positioned me so he was right at my entrance.

“Are you sure babyboy? We can turn back and wait if you need more time.” He looked into my eyes.

“I’m ready, love.” I kissed him softly. He nodded and started guiding me down on him. We both let out an low ‘Fuck’. Mine was in pain though.

“We can go slow.” He breathes, holding me in place. I nodded and gripped his shoulders trying to get used to him. He started stroking me and whispering praise in my ear.

“You’re doing great babyboy. You feel so fucking good.” He said. He started kissing my shoulder. “I’m really proud of you.”

“Okay I’m ready.” I said sliding down more. “Bassir your’re fucking huge.” I moaned sitting all the way down on him.

His arms wrapped around me and I did the same. I took a deep breath before lifting up and slamming down.

“Fuck Tyrell.” He moaned, throwing his head back. I gave him a smirk and started riding him hard and fast. His hands held onto my ass while I rode him.

I slammed my mouth on his and brought us into a fiery kiss. He kept up with my pace but let me control the kiss. I bit his tongue softly causing a moan to come for him. I held onto his neck while bouncing on top of him.

“Fuck me Bassir. Fucking fuck me.” I moaned. He pushed me down so he was on top of me. He adjusted himself before giving me an smirk that read trouble.

“Oh I’m going to fuck you alright.” He said. That was my only warning before he started hammering into me. I tried to hold onto something but it was nothing to grab onto. I opted to grabbing onto my dick and I tried to stroke myself but I became too focused on the feeling of him in me.

I threw my head back looking up into the stars shining down on us. It was casting a glow around us.

“Bassir I’m going to cum. I’m so fucking close.” He moved my hand out of the way and squeezed the base of my dick.

“We’re cumming together remember.” I nodded. “I’m not ready yet.” He smirked.


“Bassir I can’t hold it anymore.” I moaned with my head thrown back on his shoulder. My back was pressed against his chest and his hand was stroking me. Holding in my orgasm was starting to become painful.

“Alright babyboy when I tell you too I want you to cum.” I nodded. He turned my head so we could kiss while he slowed down. He gave me a deep kiss before pulling away. “Cum with me babyboy.” He commanded. I let go and screamed out his name. Thick white cum flew across the blanket. I held onto his arms and tried to come down for the most intense orgasim I’ve ever had.

I could feel it all throughout my body causing me to shiver.

Bassir held onto me tightly and I felt him cumming into the condom. He let out an low groan. I rubbed his arm while he rode the orgasm. When he finished he dropped his head onto my back.

That was better than I could ever imagine.


“Are we in the constellation room?” Bassir asked. We were laying back on the blanket looking up at the stars.

“Maybe.” I shrugged. “I just rented it out and chose the best room.”

“What about the workers and security guards?” He smiled down at me.

“It’s a guard somewhere. He’s not allowed in here.” I confessed.

I planned this all last week. It was hard getting the space and the guard to be okay with us being alone in this room. I made it happen though and it was worth it.

“You’re amazing babyboy.” Bassir smiled, kissing me. “I love you.”

“I know and I love you too.” I smiled up at him.

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