Aunt Edna’s Needs Ch. 04

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Chapter Four

In Penney’s, we went to the women’s section. I started through the blouses and told her to find some skirts that did NOT hide her legs. I picked out a few sleeveless blouses and then wandered over to the underwear section. I had peeked and knew her bra size was 36D so I picked out a couple of lacy bras to replace her industrial-strength cotton, some bikini and French cut panties, and a garter belt/nylon combination. I met her at the changing rooms, handed her my armload, and told her to start modeling.

The first time she stepped out of the changing room area into the modeling area with its mirrors, she was so damn cute I laughed. She pushed back the curtain just a tiny crack and looked around, obviously afraid someone but I would see her. When she stepped out I whistled and she blushed.

She had on a white sleeveless blouse, an obviously red bra under it, and a black skirt ending right at the knee. She blushed and did a quick turn, looked around, giggled, and flashed me with a peek at red panties.

She repeated that process through four separate outfits, each time getting more and more comfortable in her own skin as they say. By the fourth, she stepped out doing a passable model walk, one foot carefully in front of the other. She took a few steps, stopped, did a full turn, did a few more steps, and curtsied. I whistled my approval.

She paid and we left, the boxes filling the trunk of her car.

“One more stop,” I said.

I keyed “Beauty Shops near me” into Google Maps and found “Martha’s” was about three blocks away. I grinned at Edna and we headed to “Martha’s.”

We walked in and a middle-aged woman greeted us, smiling.

“Are walk-ins welcome?” I asked and she said, “yes.”

“How long’s the wait?” I asked.

She smiled, a very nice, very professional smile. “Got somewhere to be?” she asked.

I chuckled and said, “no, but how long?”

“Just a few minutes sweetheart,” she said, “Iris is just finishing up.”

“Okay,” I said, and crooked my finger, beckoning Edna.

“My best girl, here,” I said, “is just getting back into the dating scene. As you can see, you have a lot to work with,” and I lifted up the mass of her hair, “so you have a free hand to get her ready for some party time, okay?”

She grinned.

Edna cleared her throat and said, “ummmmm, do I get a say?”

I kissed her, quickly, probably the first time she had ever been kissed in public, and said, “no. In fact,” and I turned to our hostess and asked, “are you Martha by any chance?”

She smiled, a VERY good smile, and said, “I am.”

“Well Martha,” I said, flashing my BEST boyish grin, the one I practice regularly in the mirror, “this is Edna and if Edna gives you any trouble, you let me know.”

Then I turned to Edna and said, “now Edna, I’m leaving you in capable hands, but if I get a bad report from Martha here, well, you’re not too big to spank.”

Her eyes got big and she sort of squirmed when she said, “I understand.”

I kissed her again and said to Martha, “How long with it take?”

She ran her fingers through Edna’s hair, looked at the ends closely, separated the hair at her scalp and looked closely, and said, “give me two hours and I’ll have her ready for the prom.”

I laughed, said, “done,” and headed to the car.

As I say, Limon’s not a big town, so I could scout the availability of restaurants pretty handily. I looked at a couple and made reservations at one. Dinner for two at a restaurant and then I figured I’d take her home. She did, after all, still have a reputation to maintain.

I stopped for a beer and killed some time giving pool lessons to the local patrons. Then it was back to the beauty shop to pick her up.

They escort bayan made a production of it. “Sit,” the lady called Martha (for all I know that’s what actually was on her birth certificate) said, so I sat.

They walked Edna out from the back of the room, two of them holding a drape between them so I couldn’t see her. Then, with a flourish, they pulled the drape away, and there she was.

And she was spectacular. Her hair was the first thing that caught your eye. It was pulled back, showing off her face, and leaving a mass of curls hanging down her back like a mane. They had done her face too, her eyebrows plucked to high arches, a pale blue eye shadow a good color for her, the eyeliner adding little points to the outside corners of her eyes giving her a mildly exotic look, and a combination of mascara and modest false eyelashes adding more of that exotic feel. Her mouth was scarlet. A hint of blush highlighted her cheeks. She was stunning.

The clothes would have been modest on anyone else. A simple white sleeveless blouse with two buttons open at the neck, the simple pencil skirt, seams on the nylons ruler-straight, and moderately high heels with ankle straps and open toes. On her, the change was so complete from her normal gramma look, that she looked like she should be working in a strip club.

I got to my knees and laid my forehead on the floor.

“I’m not worthy,” I said drawing a giggle from Edna and a full throated belly laugh from Martha.

A hand touched my shoulder and Martha said, “arise, young one, and greet your Lady.” The ways she said it made the capitalization clear and it felt right.

So I stood and took her hand.

“Good job,” I said to Martha and she smiled.

“I had good material to work with,” she said.

“You did at that,” I said, and I was unable to take my eyes off of Edna.

As I walked her to the car she was holding onto my arm in the possessive way of some women.

“God,” she breathed, “I feel like I’m naked.”

“You’re not,” I said, “you’re just beautiful.”

At the restaurant, it was the same thing.

“Is everyone really looking at me?” she asked as the hostess led us to our table.

I chuckled and said, “only insofar as they’re looking at a pretty woman.”

But if we’re being honest here, I couldn’t look away either. Her skin, never in the sun, was so pale it was almost translucent. The down of hair just offset how pale she was. The red of her nails and lips enhanced that image as well.

“David,” she said softly as we finished our salads, “is it wrong that I like being looked at?”

I laughed softly.

“It just means you are a normal woman,” I said and she smiled sweetly at me.

We finished dinner and headed back to town. It was early so when we stopped at the one bar in town for a drink it wasn’t terribly crowded yet. But there were a dozen people in there and Edna knew them all. Ten men, two women, and every one of them looked at her with interest. We had a beer and then a slow dance, Bobby Vinton doing “Blue Velvet” on the jukebox. Nothing fancy. Nothing like her arms both around my neck like we were teenagers at the prom or something. Just a simple dance but she was right. They all looked at us.

I liked it.

“Another drink?” I asked, “or are you ready to go home?”

“Honey,” she said, and reached across the small table to touch the back of my hand, tickling with a red nail, “I’ve been ready since you whistled at me in the beauty shop.”

I grinned and stood.

We drew a couple of extra looks since we were holding hands as we walked out.

At home, I walked her into the bedroom before I turned her to face me and started undressing her.

I was still fascinated by how tuzla genç escort I was reacting to her. I mean, she was fully dressed. Hell, she even had on a bra and panties, but her arms, exposed for the first time since I’d known her, made her look oddly naked. I captured her hands in mine and lifted them, smiling as I ran a fingernail through the thick hair I exposed.

“Christ,” I said, “you are so damn gorgeous. I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

“Good,” she said, wrapping her fingers in my hair and pulling me down for a kiss.

“Let me do the work tonight,” she said when she broke the kiss, “please, baby.”

I smiled and said, “I am but putty in your hands.”

She giggled and said, “harder than that I hope.”

I allowed her to lead me into the bedroom and then stood still as she undressed me. I liked this new side of her, unashamed of her sexuality and unafraid to explore.

She had my shirt off, was playing with my nipple with her thumb and forefinger, when she said, “so beautiful, so smooth, not like me at all.”

She had me sit on the edge of the bed while she undressed as I watched her. She dropped the blouse to pool on the floor and stood, posing, in only the bra and then reached behind in that double-jointed way only a woman can master, and unhooked the bra. Her breasts, very full and not saggy at all, stood proud, her small nipples hard little pebbles atop small areolas, tight little cones with distinct love bumps. She smiled at me as she lifted them and then tugged on her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers.

She pulled the zipper of the black pencil skirt down and dropped it, leaving herself only the panties, garter belt, nylons, and heels. Christ, she looked good. She did that awkward little two step and pulled off each shoe in turn.

She was grinning, a feral grin, as she bent and slowly unhooked the nylons and rolled them carefully down, and pulled them off. Then the panties and garter belt joined them on the floor and she stood, naked and proud before me.

“Tell me I’m beautiful,” she said.

“You are absolutely beautiful,” I said.

Then she got to her knees and got my shoes and socks off of me and had me stand so she could do my belt and zipper and push down my pants and shorts.

I thought she was going to take me in her mouth, but she just looked for a long several seconds before standing and then pushing my shoulders gently, laying me back on the bed.

I could smell her excitement, heavy in the air, and when I looked I saw that that glorious hair right between her legs was wet with her arousal. She crawled up, straddling me.

“David,” she said, and her voice was oddly soft, “I’ve never been on top. Would that be okay?”

I grinned and said, “ride ’em, cowgirl.”

She giggled and lifted herself and then reached down to guide me.

She surprised me with her language as she slowly lowered herself, impaling herself on my erection.

“Oh, fuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkKKKKKKKKK,” she said, her voice rising with each millimeter I penetrated her.

When I was fully inside of her, her full nether lips meeting my belly in that position, she breathed out a slow sigh.

She held absolutely still for a long 10 count and I could feel her natural lubricants, warm and thick and slick, soaking down the crack of my ass.

Then she repeated, slowly lifting until I was just barely inside of her and then very slowly accepting my length while softly saying, “oh fffuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkKKKKKKKKKK.”

Her eyes were closed tightly and I could see her nose was running in concert with what was happening between her legs.

And again I had that image of a barbarian princess, this time on horseback, riding forth to tuzla kendi evi olan escort stop the Romans or the Vandals or the Huns. Her head was thrown back and that great mane of hair was whipping back and forth as she moved her head in her growing excitement.

She set up a rhythm with her hips and her hands went to her breasts, squeezing hard enough that I expected to see finger-shaped bruises forming.

“Stay with me,” she panted, the words hissed rather than spoken.

I could see her sweating too with her exertion.

“STAY WITH ME,” she said, louder, her hips bucking now, squeezing her tits and starting to drool.

The thrusts of her hips were coming close together now, sharp little jerks accompanied by little grunts of effort.

“STAY WITH MEEEEEEEE,” she said a third time, this time the tone rising and I felt the sudden tension as her orgasm took her.

“JEESSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS,” she cried as she exploded, soaking both of us with her complete release.

She yanked at her nipples and came again, liquid, soaking us, her body hunching with her effort.

Her back arched again and she cried out, this time no words, just a sound that can only be written as “uuuuUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.”

I thought she had lost bladder control when she came it was SO liquid and hot and there was so much, but the scent was pure woman satisfaction.

She collapsed.

It was as if her bones had dissolved.

She molded her body to mine, her breath still in harsh pants, her hips still thrusting and hunching, making a soft whimpering sound.

I finally moved, my hands stroking down the soft fur of her spine to cup her ass and just hold her to me.

“I love you,” I whispered and her body jerked again with a final little mini orgasm.

She started to roll off of me but I held her.

“No,” I said softly, my breath warm in her ear, “just relax, let me have your weight.”

I was still hard, joining our bodies, as I began stroking her, loving the sensation of that thicker hair down her spine and thinner and lighter on the rest of her back.

And the sound she made was close enough to a purr to make any difference negligible.

We lay like that until she had her breathing under control and then she lifted herself up onto extended arms.

That wanton, barbarian look was even more powerful now. Her makeup was a mess, her mascara making long lines under her eyes. The lipstick was smeared. Damn, she looked good.

Her hips started moving again as she held my eyes with hers.

“Now, baby,” she said, kissing me between each word, “fill me up as only a man can.”

“Make me,” I said with a grin and she giggled and started her hips moving again.

This time she was grinding against me and it was that glorious mat of pubic hair that got to me. The sensation of it rubbing against me with each of her thrusts did what her pussy, by itself, wasn’t doing.

When I started to cum she stopped her movement and looked at me again.

“Fill me up, baby, fill me up,” she said and I felt internal muscles working for the first time as she squeezed on me.

I surrendered my control and allowed my ejaculation. I pumped until she overflowed, and the look on her face as I did was angelic.

“Fill me up, fill me up, fill me up,” she said, over and over as I did as she asked.

She sensed when I stopped and she settled back onto me.

“Thank you,” she said, “thank you for making me realize what it is to be a woman.”

I smiled and kissed her.

“Anytime,” I said.

“Any time?” she asked and I caught a glint in her eye.

“Well, any time you can get me hard, how’s that?” I said.

She giggled and said, “fair enough,” and settled onto me.

I held her as she relaxed. I liked the weight of her. My hand kept stroking, almost automatically, that line of downy fur down her spine.

I liked that she could relax so much that I could feel her body relax as she slipped into a contented drowse.

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