Assuming the Position Ch. 01

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I had been playing with my ass before I even learned to jack off. Playing with my anus felt good and I liked it. When I learned to jack off, I did that for a while, but soon added anus play and fantasized about being fucked. First it was that I was going to get tricked into getting fucked, but then I was honest with myself. If a guy I could trust ever wanted to fuck me, I would do it.

I played with dildos, tried to hook up via Craigslist, but found mostly guys who would back out at the last minute. I tried gay bars, but I look so damned straight that I think I scared tops off. I’m 6’4″, 230 lbs., and my look is not ‘bottom’. So what’s a guy supposed to do to get fucked?

I didn’t know.

I had girlfriends off and on, currently without one. I like pussy, I like women. But I know that I like ass play too.

Then one night I was in a sports bar and getting laid was far from my mind. I was chatting with a guy next to me. At the half of the basketball game, we both got up to piss. The bathroom was down a dark hallway. He went first and I watched a commercial and then I went also. In the bathroom, we were the only two. There were two urinals. I pissed, turned and washed my hands.

“Top or bottom?” What? He was looking me right in the face. He was pointing to the paper towel dispensers. “You want the top or bottom?” There were two, one mounted above the other. He was smirking. “Top for me.” He was reaching for the top one. I reached for the other one.

“What did you think I was talking about?”

“I didn’t know.”

“Didn’t I see you at Nails last week?”

Fuck! He saw me at the gay bar.

“Yeah, you might have. I didn’t see you.”

He was my size, looking me right in the eyes.

Another guy came into the bathroom and went to the urinal. He opened the door for me and we walked into the darkened hallway.

“Top or bottom?” His hand was on my hip.

“We can talk about it.”

“How about at my place?”

“What do you mean?”

“We can watch the rest of the game at my place.” He was asking me to go to his place and presumably to have sex with him.

“Okay, sure.”

We paid our bar bills and headed out. He lived a couple of blocks over. His name was Tom. I wondered if he was a long tom. I didn’t ask. I was kind of shaking with excitement. I didn’t want him to notice.

He lived in an apartment, sparsely furnished. He turned the game on and got us a couple of beers. We were sitting across from the television, me in a chair, him in a loveseat. We commented on the game. When a commercial came on, he said maybe we should talk about what we came here for. I said I came to talk about tops and bottoms. Why did he talk to me?

“I saw you the other day at Nails. Something about you caught my eye.” I didn’t see him. “I was with my girlfriend. By the back door.” Now I remembered. There were two couples there.

“Wow, your girlfriend goes with you to gay bars.”

“She knows that I like sex with guys, and we have a thing worked out. I’m in love with her, but I really like sex with men. I don’t want to lose her, she doesn’t want to lose me.”

I could see that. He was a solid, handsome guy. Most women would want to hang onto him. “What’s your story?”

“I’m trying to figure that out. I like women, but I like the idea of men also.” There, I said it, face to face to another guy. I want to have sex with you.

“Have you ever talked to a woman about this?”

“Yes, I told my last girlfriend about it. I wanted to be honest. We played together a little bit, and then she shut down. That was that.” And then she started screwing around.

“So, top or bottom?”

“Well, I guess you could call me versatile. How about you?”

“I figured you for a bottom. When I saw you in Nails, you were trying to catch another guy’s eye and he was ignoring you.” I remembered that. He looked like the kind of guy who knew how to fuck. “I’m a top.”

“I guess then that I’m a bottom.”

“It’s okay to be a bottom. I like bottoms. Do you want to bottom for me?” Holy shit! This was really happening!

“Yeah, I guess so.”

He slid over to make room for me. “Then come sit over here with me.”

We were both ignoring the game at this point. I sat next to him and he put his arm around my shoulders, pulled me to him. I leaned into him. I put my hand on his leg. He pulled my hand to his crotch and tilted my head back to kiss me. His tongue was in my mouth and I could feel his hard cock. It felt good. He tugged me around so that I was straddling him. He put a possessive hand on my crotch as we kissed. I could feel that I was hard as a rock.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” I thought it was a good idea.

In the bedroom, he took charge. “You’ve got too many clothes on.” I started stripping. Then I was naked. My naked skin against his rough jeans. He had my cock in his hand in a strong grip. His hands on my ass. bitlis escort I was wrapped around him, kissing. He gently peeled me off and pushed me to the floor. He wanted me to suck his cock. I was kneeling on the floor and he pushed my knees apart with his toe. He pulled my hands up. “Lock your fingers together.” I did. He put my hands behind my head.

“This is ‘the position’. When I tell you to take the position, this is what I want you to do. You wanted to bottom, this is what you will do to bottom for me. Is this what you want?”

“Yes.” I tried to say it, but my throat was dry from adrenaline. I noticed my pulse was racing.

“I’m going to top you. I won’t hurt you, but I will be in charge. Is this what you want?”

“Yes, I want you to top me. I want to bottom for you.”

He cracked a grin. “This isn’t formal, we are going to have fun, but it is good to know what our roles are.”

Zip, and out came his cock. Fat, cut, helmet head, right at eye level. His hand was on my head, over my fingers. He could jam it into my throat and I couldn’t stop him. I opened my mouth expectantly and felt the spongy head slide over my tongue, deep into my throat. I gagged.

“Sorry, we’ll get the depth right.” He was pulling out and I started slathering his cockhead with my tongue. I wanted him to cum quickly and not gag me again. But he had other ideas. In went his cock, but I was ready this time. I pulled back a little and didn’t take it bang! against the back of my throat. He pulled out and pushed back in easily. We set up a swinging rhythm and he groaned.

I felt so proud that I was doing it right. He started talking dirty.

“Your mouth on my cock feels so good. I want to fuck you in the mouth and cum hard in your throat, let you know what being a cocksucker is all about. You are a cocksucker. You know that, right? You are my cocksucker, sucking my cock. I’m going to empty my nuts into your hot little mouth.”

Yeah, I was a cock sucker. I wanted him to cum, complete the deal.

“You are a born cocksucker. I want to fuck your mouth morning, noon and night. Fucking cum hard, make you swallow my cum. God!”

I guess I was doing it right.

“You ever swallow a cumshot? You want my cumshot? I am going to cum in your mouth. I am going to shoot cum hard into your hot mouth, you beautiful cocksucker!”

He was breathing hard and he had my head in both hands. I was helpless. I was afraid he was going to go too deep for me to handle it when he tensed and the first shot hit me in the back of the throat. He started to jam his cock deep in my throat, but I turned a little to the side and that slowed him down. It didn’t slow down him cumming though. His cum, hot shots of cum, sprayed into my mouth. “Eyah!” He was laughing.

“My fucking god, that was great.”

He was looking down at me. “You managed to swallow most of it.” I was pulling myself off his cock and he released my head, released my hands. I took his ass in my hands and lapped at his cock. He pulled me to my feet. My jaw was sore, my knees were sore. He wrapped his arms around me, kissed me. “My god, that was great. You are a great bottom.” His hand slid down my back, went between by ass cheeks. “I want to fuck you.”

“I don’t know, this is all so fast for me.”

“Remember when you were sitting in Nails, hoping some guy would pick you up?” I nodded. “Well, one did.” He was taking his clothes off. “Let’s get into the shower. I want to soap your body.” Now that was okay with me. I have wanted a guy to soap me up in the shower. I wanted touching, lots of stimulation.

We were in the shower and I got to hold his naked body. The thin layer of soapy water acted as a lubricant and his skin felt great next to mine. He washed my cock and my ass.

He hosed the soap off me and knelt in front of me, took me in his mouth. He had a soapy finger in my ass and started finger fucking me. It was a little rough, but I was so horny. I had been leaking pre-cum for a while and I came quickly. He stood up and kissed me. My cum was in his mouth and I took it in. I wanted cum. Cum slut? Maybe. I washed his cock and ass. He groaned appreciatively as my fingers traced his tightly puckered anus.

“Take the position.” Here in the shower? He was looking straight into my eyes. I knelt, spread my knees as much as I could and locked my fingers behind my head. He turned around, spread his legs and leaned forward. “Rim me.”

His pucker was right there and I leaned forward traced it with my tongue, across the taint and back to his rosebud. I traced around, dug the tip in a little, back to the outside, back to the middle. He was groaning and starting to twitch. He turned around and his cock was raging hard again.

“Damn, you are great.” He pulled me to my feet and kissed me deeply. “I want to fuck your little ass and make you cum.” Music to my ears. He knew about escort bitlis sex with men and was initiating me well.

He turned off the water and pulled me from the shower. We dried each other off and he grabbed a dry towel and headed over to the bed. He climbed into bed and I followed him. It felt so good to be in bed with a man. “How do you feel?”

“This is going a little fast for me.”

“I can see that. But you have been thinking about this for a long time, right? You are such a good partner for me. I like a guy who is my size. I never thought I would find a bottom like you.” He had my cock in his hand. I was hard again. “When you played with your dildo, do you like the feel of the dildo in your ass, even when you aren’t stroking your cock?” Well that was it, wasn’t it? I did like it. I was torn. Part of me wanted to flop on the bed and let him do whatever he wanted to me, and part of me was tensed up, ready to run.

“I have a dildo, a smaller than your cock, and after reading some porn the other day, I got it out, lubed it and slid it home in my ass. I grunted on it like I was taking a shit, and it slid right in. I wasn’t hard, and I slid it slowly back and forth. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I just played with the dildo a while before I got hard.”

“And then, sometimes, you slap yourself on the ass as you play with the dildo, wondering what it would be like to have a man with his cock in your ass, slapping your ass cheeks like he owns them, fucking deep. That is what you think about, don’t you.”

Fuck he knew me. “Yeah, it’s like that. I’m thinking about what it is like to let some guy just take control and do what he wants.”

“Are you worried that you are gay or something?”

Yeah, that was part of it. “Look, you aren’t gay. I’m not gay. When I sleep at night, I would rather be sleeping next my girlfriend than anyone else. I just like sex with men. You are probably one of those guys who is in control of everything in your life, all the time, and the idea of letting someone else take charge is a turn on for you. That doesn’t make you weak. I just means you have enough self-confidence to let go and let someone else take over.”

Yeah, that made sense. We were cuddling under the blankets, his hand on my cock. I liked it.

“I want to fuck you and let you connect to that part of yourself that you wonder about, if it exists and if you will like it once it is out in the open.” He paused, then said softly. “I won’t hurt you.” I turned to him, looking deep into his eyes. He kissed me. That did it. I was putty in his arms. He pushed the blanket back and started putting a towel down.

“Assume the position.” Cuddling was out. I needed to trust him. I assumed the position on the towel. I could hear him in back of me, things rustling. I started to turn, but he slapped my ass. “Hold the position.”

He was behind me on the bed. “I have a couple of butt plugs here to stretch you out so that you can take fucking.” His hand was in the crack of my ass, slippery, wet, and then a finger was in my anal bud. This was really happening! “You are really tight. We’ll take it easy.” Finger out, finger in. Probably putting more lube into me. Then something slippery, a plug. It slipped right in. “You’ve got a great ass. I can’t wait till I’ve got my cock in it.” He was sliding the plug in and out. Then a bigger one. This one met some resistance in my ass, but after a little twinge, it felt good. He was in back of me, his hard cock against my buns, arms wrapped around me, hand cupping my cock and balls. I was fat, but not hard.

He went back to sliding the plug in and out, then there was a new one. This one twinged more than a little bit. I grunted as it slid in. He was telling me how much he liked my ass and couldn’t wait to be inside of me. That plug gave way to a large one that hurt. I yelped, but he just pushed it in with steady pressure. He pulled it out, pushed it back in. More lube. In, out. He cupped my cock and pushed the plug in and out. I was rock hard.

That plug was replaced by one that seemed like it was a little bigger but much longer. I seemed to be getting adjusted to this. He was behind me on the bed, arms wrapped around me, one hand on my cock, one hand on my right nipple. “What do you want now?”

I couldn’t help it. My ass seemed to have a mind of its own. I arched my back and pushed my ass back into him.

“I want to get fucked.”

“How do you want to get fucked.”

“I want to get bent over and fucked.”

“How do you want to get bent over?”

“I want to get bent over and held down and fucked.”

“Who do you want to bend you over?”

“I want you to bend me over, hold me down and fuck me.”

“What do you want to get fucked with?”

“I want you to bend me over, hold me down and fuck me with your hard cock.”

“Where to you want to get fucked?”

“I bitlis escort bayan want you to bend me over, hold me down and fuck me in the ass with your hard cock.”

“Are you going to cum?”

“I want you to bend me over, hold me down and fuck me in the ass with your hard cock until you cum.”

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“I want you to bend me over, hold me down and fuck me in the ass with your hard cock until you cum in my ass.”

“I am going to bend you over, hold you down and fuck you in the ass with my hard cock until I cum. I will try to make you cum, but I will cum, and I will cum in your ass. You are going to get fucked.”

With that he pushed me down, my face against the bed, my fingers still locked in place. He pulled the plug out and I felt his cock against my ass. “You are going to get what you have wanted for a long time. You are going to get fucked in the ass. You are going to get fucked in the ass, hard.” He was pushing into me and this was beginning to hurt. I must have whimpered or something, but he said to just push out like I did before. There was unending pressure and he pushed into me. I started to rise up, but he pushed me back down. “Yes, it hurts, but you’ll get over it.”

Yes, it hurt, but I didn’t care. I wanted this. He was rubbing my back, pulling out, and pushing back in. His cock felt better than a dildo. Out, in. In deeper. Hurt. Deeper still. Then I felt his pubic hair against my ass and I knew he was all the way in. He pulled out slowly, and it was a relief. Then in again, faster than I liked, harder against me. Out again, back in again, more drive, hard against me. The hurt was going away and I was left with cock in ass and it felt good. His hands on my back were comforting but then he slapped my right ass cheek. Bam! I jerked, but he pulled on my hips, driving back into me. Pop! Left cheek. Drive in, in deep.

“I’m fucking your ass. You’re giving up your ass to me. I’m taking your ass, taking you in the ass, fucking you, fucking your ass.” He slid all the way out while talking and drove into me quickly. I couldn’t respond to him with anything other than squealy grunts. I wanted to talk, but I had lost the power of speech.

Bang, into me. He was fucking me and he knew what he was doing. Hard and fast a few strokes until it seemed like my head would explode, then some slower easy strokes, sometimes interspersed with stinging slaps on my ass. I began to push back against him when he popped my ass. “God yes, your ass wants more cock.” Pop! “Your ass can’t help itself. It just wants to get fucked!” Pop! He was fucking me harder, a steady beat, fucking me and I couldn’t go anywhere. I had to lay there and take it.

He reached down and unlaced my fingers. I rose up enough to see him in the dresser mirror. His face had an ecstatic look, lost in a trance of fucking. He pushed my head back down. “Give me your ass, baby, I want your ass around my cock.” Waves of pleasure washed over me as he hit my prostate again and again. “I’m fucking your ass and I’m going to cum in your ass. Your fucking ass!” He was sweating. I wanted to cum, but I didn’t want this to stop.

His pace became a little ragged, his breath labored, and he slapped my ass again. I pushed back against him and he drove hard into me. And then he had me by the hips, fucking and grinding, fucking and grinding. I thought that he might be close to cumming.

He pulled out. “Roll over onto your back.” He pushed my legs back and was between them, his cock against my ass. One push and he was in me and I was gasping for breath. He was deeper in me than before. “I’m going give you a good fucking, you fuck, you fuck, you fucker.”

The last was said savagely as he drove deep into me. I was tossing back and forth as his cock plowed my ass. I felt a hand on my cock and he was getting me hard. I wanted to cum so badly. I wanted to cum, I wanted to cum. I was on the edge. His hand went away and I reached down. He pushed my hand away. “I’m going to fuck the cum out of you, you fuck fucker.” His sweat was mixing with mine.

It seemed like his cock got larger and he slowed down. I was on the edge. He was too. I looked up and his eyes were closed. I wanted to cum, cum hard.

And I did, I went over the edge, my cum spraying out onto my chest, fucked out, fucked out of a cum that was deep inside my ass, my legs contracting, driving my ass against him, cumming more. He yelled, pushed hard into me and I felt his cock twitch, and wet heat filled my ass. He pulled out a little, pushed hard into me and came some more, cumming hard in my ass like he was breeding me. I was groaning something that approached a yodel, I couldn’t stop. And he fucked some more until he was spent.

He collapsed on me and released my legs. I wrapped them around him. He started laughing, that I-just-came-mindblowing-came laugh. I joined in. “Oh, god, babe, I want you again. I need you again.”

I needed him again too. I needed to see if sex could be like this all the time, or if this was a beginner’s special.

“Maybe we can work something out.” At that moment, I heard something in the other room. “Who is that?”

“That’s my girlfriend, Irene.”

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32