Assassin Ch. 02

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Violet’s head swam about her. She floated through the nothingness for an indeterminate span of time. She couldn’t think clearly, everything was a blur. She tried to move her arms, but they felt heavy, as if they were made of lead. Her legs shared this bizarre physical abnormality.

She felt something snap loosely around her neck. She tried reaching for it, but her hands were still dead weight. However, the fog in her mind slowly began to lift. She opened her eyes, just a little. Wherever she was, it was dark. She tried once again to move, but found she couldn’t. This time, she felt a light tugging at her wrist as she did so. She tried to move the other arm, but experienced the same curious feeling.

At last, she felt herself again, but still disoriented. She tried moving her arms again, but they still would not budge. She suddenly thrust her eyes open wide in realization. She turned her head to see in the dim light that her hand was bound to what appeared to be a bedpost. Her heart sank as she realized that was the least of her problems.

The world around her looked as if it had been wrapped in gauze. She could make out the shape of her hand, the bedpost, and the dark cord binding her to it, but nothing in detail. She rocked her head from side to side, hearing a crinkling sound as she did so. She knew this sound all too well. She’d heard it countless times, when meting out punishment, but never from this vantage point. Her blood ran cold as she heard a tap on the floor to her right.

“Who’s there?” she called out, turning her head in the direction of the sound.

She could make out the silhouette of someone standing in front of a weak light source. From the shape of their body, she guessed it was a woman. “Oh, nobody important,” she said. She took three steps closer to the bed, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. The form leaned down over Violet.

“Comfy, darling?” she asked, in a low mediterranean accent.

“Who are you?” Violet asked, pulling at her restraints.

“Tsk, tsk,” the woman replied, wagging a gloved finger. “You, of all people, should know the benefit of conserving your air.” Violet realized the truth in her words and relaxed.

Violet could not believe this was happening. Who was this woman? What did she want? Was she related to one of her targets? If so, she had a feeling that this wasn’t going to end well.

“I’ve studied your methods,” the woman continued, pacing the floor slowly. “You like to suffocate your victims, sometimes killing them.”

“It’s just a job,” Violet quickly replied.

“And for me, also,” the woman said with a sigh. “It is just a job. My methods are a bit more… direct, most of the time.”

The woman walked over and tugged at the corner of the bag. “I’ve never tried anything of this sort before. I could walk out right now, knowing that I’ve completed my contract, and you’re dead.”

“I never leave any of my intended targets!” Violet exclaimed.

“Yes, yes, I know. You… how can I put this? You make love to them?”

Violet flushed, feeling guilty. “Not exactly,” she said hesitantly. This woman would never understand what she felt when she was on the job, intimately connected to her target.

“Oh, that’s right. You tease them,” the woman said with humor in her voice. “You just lie there while they slowly suffocate.”

Violet couldn’t argue with that. That’s pretty much what she did. It was always such a thrill to lie there, her target deep inside her, feeling them struggle for breath.

The woman paused, awaiting a response. Upon receiving none, she continued, “That’s what you’re going to get. You’ve been marked for death by my employer. Your trademark is well known and it was decided that that is how you’ll meet your end.”

Violet was beside herself. She had no idea what to do. She struggled against here restraints for a moment, realizing that it was for naught. She was trapped. The woman let out a small laugh. “Not so much fun now, is it?” she asked.

“Oh,” the woman said, turning back around. “There is one small, little change. Hardly worth mentioning. There’ll be no alarm for you, dear.”

How could this be? Violet was always so careful. She couldn’t fathom how anyone could have tracked her down. This woman meant to kill her and it looked like she would probably succeed. She had to escape, but didn’t see any way out.

Violet heard the flick of a lighter and the soft glow of the flame. The woman inhaled deeply and then let it bolu escort out. She couldn’t see her in the darkness of the room, only the red tip of the cigarette as she took another drag. The woman sat, smoking, watching Violet for several minutes.

The air inside the bag was already getting warm. Surprisingly, though she had administered this form of torment several times, she had never experienced it first hand. She didn’t actually know what to expect beyond what she witnessed externally. She guessed that 10 minutes had passed so far. Of course, there was no way of knowing how long the bag was on before she woke up. She had probably 15-20 minutes of time left, before she’d be to weak to do anything at all.

At long last the woman stood, extinguished her cigarette, and approached the bed again. The woman removed one of her gloves and pressed her bare hand between Violet’s breasts. For the first time, Violet realized she was naked and she felt her face flush. “You have a strong heart, my friend,” the woman said at length. She slid her fingers down her bare skin to her abdomen. “And you are a beautiful woman.”

Violet didn’t know what to say, so she said nothing. She, instead, concentrated on her breathing, and trying to formulate a plan to escape. The woman scoffed and retracted her hand. “A pity, really.” She heard the click of the shoes recede and she saw the woman’s silhouette against the pale light once again. She appeared to be thin, curvy, but that’s all she could tell from the low light and clouded bag.

She had to escape, but how? It seemed impossible. She was bound too well, and there was no way she was going to free her hands or feet. The bag itself felt as if it were held on by something weak, but she knew from experience that unless it was purposely removed it might as well have been fastened by 20 lengths of chain and padlocked. She had no way of knowing where she was. There could be an army outside the door. She only had one weapon at her disposal: her voice.

“Why don’t you just get it over with,” Violet asked coldly.

The woman turned. After a few moments she said, “So eager to die?”

“No, but there’s no point in making me suffer, either,” Violet replied flatly.

The woman just stood there for a moment, not saying anything, as if she were contemplating her words. “True, but the contract holder specifically asked for this type of execution.”

“Who are you working for?” Violet asked.

“Oh, you know I’ll never tell you,” the woman replied

“I’m as good as dead, what’s the harm?”

“Honor among assassins?” the woman asked.

“Let’s just call it a final request.”

“Sorry, as much as I’d like to, I can’t. I don’t want my own fortunes reversed,” the woman said heavily.

Violet thought about her next move, but her breathing was getting deeper as the minutes ticked by. She could already feel a warm tingle in her toes. She had to think of something quickly, but nothing was coming to mind that would lead to her freedom. This was getting her nowhere. All she could do was talk. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to do that for much longer.

“No one would have to know,” Violet suggested. It was getting harder to talk now.

“The first time someone saw you walking around, I think they’d know.”

Violet didn’t respond right away. “I could… I could disappear,” she said at last.

The woman walked back over to the bed. “Yes, you could. But then you could also attempt to make me disappear.”

“I would never. Honor among assassins, remember?” Violet pleaded.

“Sorry, friend, but I must do what I was sent here to do,” the woman said after much hesitation, resignation in her voice.

Violet heard the tapping of the shoes recede from the bed and the woman disappeared out of her field of view. The woman would not listen and Violet was wasting her breath. She lie there in the darkness for what seemed to be an eternity. The tingle that had started at her toes, had slowly been making its way up her leg, leaving everything numb in its wake. To her dismay, her fingers began to follow suit. Her breathing was faster and her heart was beating faster than normal.

The woman appeared again at Violet’s side. “It looks like you’re about ready,” she said.

“Ready for what?” Violet asked, feeling winded.

“My, my, you sound out of breath, dear. Just relax. I’ll do all the work.”

Violet could hear the rustling of fabric. She could barely make out bolu escort bayan anything in the gloom, but she could swear the woman was disrobing. After a few minutes of work it was quiet once again. Suddenly the bed shifted slightly. The woman was crawling across on all fours.

The woman sat down on Violet’s legs, her bare skin making contact. She was holding something long and slender in her hand. There was a click, followed by a whirring sound. “One for you,” the woman said. There was another click and the whirring sound intensified. “And one for me.” Violet’s brow pinched as she tried to make out what the device was.

The she felt something soft and foreign being pushed against her pussy lips. The woman gently maneuvered the vibrator until it finally slipped inside her. Violet gasped as the woman did so. “Oh you like that, do you?” the woman asked. To Violet, it felt amazing, but she’d never tell her captor. Violet squirmed as the woman pushed it deeper. “You must. You’re already beginning to swell.” It was true, Violet could feel it.

The woman slowly rocked forward and then sat back. Violet heard her inhale sharply as she did so. She assumed that the woman had inserted the other end of the device into herself. The woman sat there for a minute or so, then slowly lay down across Violet, putting her arms gently around her neck in a mockery of Violet’s own actions.

So, this is what it felt like for all those men, Violet thought to herself. She could feel the woman’s firm breasts pushing against her, and her own breasts pushing against the woman’s bare skin. She could feel the woman’s hot breath on her arm. The vibrator was intense. Heat was building around her swollen sex and she could already feel a tickle forming at the small of her back.

Violet didn’t know how long she had been enclosed in the bag, but she already felt weak. She wanted to move her hips against the vibrator, but didn’t have the strength, and couldn’t accomplish much more than a weak rocking motion which she gave up after a few seconds. Her breaths were coming even faster now and her heart was beating fast. Both her legs were dead weight, up to her hips and both her hands were tingling now.

As the seconds ticked by, the tickle at the small of her back spread its way to her groin. She was scared. That was certain. This woman was going to kill her. That seemed certain. So, why was she so turned on? Was she deep down enjoying this? And if so, why not? If it was were last gasp, so to speak?

“You have been very quiet,” she heard the woman say, turning her head toward the bag. Violet wanted to respond, but it took all her effort to keep breathing as normally as possible.

“How do you feel?” the woman asked. Violet did not reply. “It is hard for you to talk now. That is a pity, I was hoping we could talk for a while.”

Violet took a deep breath and said, “Then take off the bag,” while exhaling heavily.

“You know I can’t do that,” the woman replied and turned to face the window once more.

Violet could feel the relentless pulsations of the vibrator deep inside her. She was teetering on the edge. She was going to come. The heat and sensations around her sex were steadily building. Within a minute it was unbearable. Then she suddenly felt all the heat in her body rush out between her legs as she came. She spasmed twice as the pleasure surged through her, spreading to her extremities. It wasn’t a big orgasm, but it felt good all the same.

The woman propped herself up by her arms and looked Violet square in the face. For the first time Violet could make out some of her features. She had a shock of long, dark hair, a slender face, and calculating eyes. “Did that feel good, my friend?”

“Yes,” Violet said in a gasp.

“Then let’s see if you can do it again,” the woman replied with a smile and lay back down on top of Violet.

Violet was exhausted after her orgasm. Her breathing was rapid, almost panting and her heart with beating hard and fast. Worse yet, the numbness that had been traveling up her extremities was slowly creeping into her abdomen. As the seconds went by it closed in around her chest, until finally she felt completely numb.

As the last of her body went numb, her breathing slowed, but was still incredibly deep. A moment later, she began to have the sensation that she was floating. Her legs felt as if they were lifting off the bed and her head felt as if it were sinking into it. Stranger yet, every escort bolu breath she now took was pure bliss. It was as if the act of breathing itself was somehow arousing. She could feel the heat gathering in her groin again and a smile involuntarily flickered across her face.

Violet’s desperation slowly faded. Everything just felt so good now. It didn’t matter that she was only minutes away from death. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. She just hoped the end wouldn’t be painful. It never seemed that way from her outside point of view.

“I wish you could tell me how you felt,” the woman said, her voice sounding as if it were coming from far away.

“I wish I could, too,” Violet thought. “It is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.”

“Your heart is beating so hard and fast. Is this not frightening for you?” the woman asked.

“Not in the least,” Violet thought.

The woman paused. “You came so fast.”

“You have no idea,” Violet thought, another smile crossing her face. Violet already felt the telltale tickle at the small of her back. Every breath was bringing her closer.

Violet wanted to come again. She wanted to so badly. The vibrator ceaselessly hummed away inside of her. It seemed like it was getting more intense as time passed by. The world was beginning to slowly spin around her and it felt like she was floating away, the other woman a passenger. The only part of her that still had feeling was her swollen mound.

“I have to admit, you are strong, my friend. I assumed you would have succumbed after 45 minutes. I’m not sure that I would survived as long.”

“45 minutes,” Violet thought to herself. But even that small fact was quickly lost in the mist that filled her mind.

The woman let out a gasp and she began to very lightly rock her hips. Violet was getting weaker by the moment. Her heart was pounding in her chest so hard that she could only hear the crinkling of the bag in between the quick beats. Her breaths were coming faster again.

The tingling tickle was creeping around Violet’s hips and butt. She could feel the vibrator gently moving inside her as the woman rocked her hips. Every breath she took, she seemed to breath less deeply.

The woman began to breath heavily and began moving her body slowly against Violet. Though numb, Violet could feel her. It was an incredibly arousing and served to stoke the fire. Everything around her seemed to be fading away into the distance. She could barely hear the woman’s breath. Violet began to feel as if she didn’t need to breath any more and her breathing became slow and shallow. Her body was giving up. She was on the verge of going out. This was it.

“It seems that I am close to coming finally, my friend,” the woman said from a thousand miles away. “And it seems you are close to your end.”

Violet didn’t care. Her sex was on fire, the tingle had made it’s way to her mound and she was going to come. The woman rhythmically moved her body over Violet. Violet’s own climax was beginning to build. Suddenly, the woman let out a loud gasp and went rigid. A moment later Violet could feel the woman jerk then she collapsed.

Violet’s own orgasm ripped through her. Her back arched and she let out a startled gasp. It was like no orgasm she had ever had. It was hard, deep, and seemed to go on for an eternity. Her body shook with the effort. It washed over her again and again. Each time her body would tense. Then she suddenly felt nothing at all and the world went black.

– – –

Slowly Violet awoke. Her head hurt and her mouth was dry. It took her a few moments to come to her senses. She slowly opened her eyes. The room she was in was bright. After a few minutes her eyes adjusted and she looked around. She was surprised to find herself in the same hotel room where she had dealt with her last target. She was doubly surprised to find that she was still alive. She was still bound to the bed naked, but she could care less… she was alive! The woman must have taken pity on her, or it was all just a scare tactic. Scare tactic or not, she had almost died. She could feel it.

Violet noticed a note laying on her chest. It read: “My friend Violet. My orders were to kill you, but I could not bring myself to do so. Honor among assassins. I would like to meet with you. Please come see me at Carver Hotel at 9PM. Room 514. -Elene.”

She couldn’t believe her fortune. Yes, she would go to see her, but she would be cautious. What was she up to?

Violet started as a crash sounded from one of the doors. The door flew open as a cart rolled into the room, pulled backwards by a heavy set housekeeper. The housekeeper turned to see Violet splayed across the bed, her jaw falling open.

“Hi, there.” Violet said politely.

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