Aquata Cove Ch. 43

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Chapter 43: Tying Loose Ends

The sun shone brightly through the cyan waters of the river. The refractions of light danced along the bottom, upon the small fish swimming peacefully in the clear water, thankfully that the bunyip is probably soaking in some mudbank in somewhere far.

Merrick looks over the glistening water, wondering what time of the day passes on this moment. His skin is as fair and smooth as ever – the cuts and burns on his flesh have vanished and healed. His feet are no longer gashed, looking whole again. His hair is as short and bright blonde as the day Adam left for work a whole moon ago, no longer matted or bloody. His ears are mended as well, not chipped and sliced either, are as his hands, fully restored.

“How did you know…” Merrick said as he looked at his palm, seeing each finger completely healed, with not even a scar to show for his time at the Agency “How did you know I was missing?”

“You veseet me many time.” Atarah said as she stepped out, putting on her seaturtle shell, “You no come to mee longa dan usuel.” Merrick nodded, “I waas worreed somting happened to you.”

“Yes…” He nodded, “I was captured… And tortured by humans…”

“So I tought.” Atarah said, “I can see in your soul…” She looked with sad eyes onto the merman, “… Dey have done wrong to you.”

Merrick took a few deep breaths, “… Please.” He said, “Can’t you just… Erase my memories?”

Atarah scoffed lightly, “Merreek-“

“Just of this moon. I… Please make me forget… That place was so horrible… It keep fogging in my mind, and it terrifies me that it still exists.”

“Merreek,” Atarah put her hand on his shoulder, “Memories arr one ting I cannot heal…” She cast her eyes on the water, “Truss me… I have tried many time…”

“You don’t understand…” Merrick replied, “They’ve done terrible things to me… I…” Merrick shook as his eyes watered, “I lost my mind in there…” He crouched down as he shook, “I saw him… I saw my Adam as another… As another monster, I…” He gasped and sobbed a little, “I almost KILLED him with my own hands…”

“Your mind is healed, leettle Merreek.” Atarah said, “I have calmed deh madness inside you head,” She rubbed her hand into his soft blond hair, “You were… Vedy hurt inside.”

“It’s still in my head…” Merrick whimpered, “I still remember holding him up by the neck… I can still feel-“

“Tink no of eet.” Atarah advised, “You were blind een a moment of angrr. I have eased what ees een here…” She tapped Merrick’s head, “Anyone would go mad in dat place. You ahr a fast healer, or I would not be speaking to you so soon.” Merrick took a breath, and nodded. He stood up, and turned around, and walked back into the hut.

Adam lay on the floor, as pale as a sheet, he knelt down, and held his motionless hand, feeling his eyes water up again – he feels so cold. He looks so white… So unmoving… His white inmate uniform pants still damp, and the red-soaked tourniquet has been removed. The bullet holes on either side have vanished as well.

“Are you sure he’s…” Merrick groaned.

“Only just.” Atarah said, “I have healt hees wound, but I can do noting to geev teh blood he need.” She explained, “I have placed heem in a timeless sleep. He shall remain dis way until he is able to heal more.”

“Atarah… I’m sorry – you have already done so much for me, but is there nothing more you can do for him?” Merrick pleaded, “You were able to heal me completely, and you were able to treat him before, can’t you-“

“I have done all I can for heem,” The ancient said softly, “I healt you easily because you ees a creature of teh wata – Adahm is a human, and so hees aura is incompatibal. Deh last time, he was injurt by your seester, an I was able to resolve dat. He need human healers now.”

Merrick nodded as he tried to calm himself. A light screech came from outside the hut. He turned and saw a seagull with a yellow flower tied to its leg. Atarah nodded, and slipped some more blue scales into Adam’s pocket – the ones that allow Merrick to be wet without transforming.

“Dey have come.” Atarah said, “Deh humans you know. They are here to take you home…” She stroked Adam’s hair, “And take heem to halp…” Merrick slid his arm under Adam’s legs, and then under his neck, and lifted his humans up.

“Thank you… For everything…” Merrick managed to say as he carried his surviving human out of the hut.

Merrick walked the tree-root bridges of the river, though the marsh-like environment, holding his cold lover in his arms, each second elevating his fear and anxiety. Atarah told him that Adam is barely surviving, that she has put him in a moment of suspended animation to keep him alive. All he can hope that the human healers really can save him…

===A Day And A Half Later===

“Nnnn…” Merrick wakes slowly up in bed. He sighed as he rolled onto his back, starring up at the ceiling. It’s far better than waking up in hot chains in a room of artificial sunlight, baking him like a cake, or stirring bilecik escort in a stuffy, cramped tank. Still, he misses Adam… A lot.

They’re finally free from the Agency, and yet they’re still separated. Evidently, Adam has lost a lot of blood, and they say he might even be sick. He called Jamal’s phone last night though – Adam had called them from this place humans go when they’re sick or injured – some area called a ‘Hospital’. Adam sounded tired, but he assured Merrick that he’s going to be OK.

All signs point to everything going well, but… Merrick just wishes he could be in bed with his love; when things were bad in that prison – and it was almost always bad – just picturing him and Adam together seemed to sooth his mind. This is only the uneasy aftermath of that nightmare of the Agency.

He moaned as he moved himself out of bed, and made it promptly. He pulled up a pair of satin boxershorts, and walked out.

“Mmmf! Nnng! Hahh!”

“Hm?” Merrick heard some strange noises as he walked down the hall. Moving a little down, he found the sounds are coming from Jamal’s bedroom. The door is half open, so he took a look. His face turned red hot as he saw Jamal’s naked body, pistoning his hips rapidly into a slender male’s anus.

“Oh daddy! Oh daddy! Oh daddy!” Nick moaned rapidly as Jamal fucked him hard. Jamal covered his mouth as he jammed his cock right in that Latino’s ass.

“Keep it quiet, lil bitch!” Jamal whispered harshly. He angled his hips in a way, and made Nick moan loudly, where it not for that dark palm hushing him. Nick’s pierced dick throbbed as it oozed pre around his Prince Albert.

Merrick jumped as he sensed Yuri approaching. He quickly shut the door, and turned to her.

“Oh, morning Merrick,” Yuri said as she brushed her hair.

“H-Hi, Yuri!” Merrick hastily said, “Jamal’s door was open-“

“Yeah, what else is new.” She said dismissively, “I don’t mind the whoring as much, but he can at least remember to shut the door so we don’t have to see him sprawled out on the bed with some lady or guy naked and such.”

“Yeah, it’s… Really annoying.” Merrick nodded, really not sure what to say – seeing Jamal naked is always welcome, and it’s even better to see man-on-man action, but Yuri just seems the ‘proper’ type.

“Oh yeah, did you hear about him and Nick?”

“NO!” He said, “U-Um, no, I mean, no, I haven’t heard.”

“Well, since you and Adam of been missing, he and Jamal broke up.”

“Y-You don’t say?” Merrick said, his exquisite hearing picking up the moans and shoves in the room behind him.

“Yeah, Jamal was upset the whole time, and his attitude drove Nick away.”

“A-Are you sure? They seem-ed really good with each other.”

“Look, I don’t know the rules of engagement when it comes to open-relationships like that – frankly, I think it’s impossible,” Yuri said. Merrick blushed a little as he can make out some horny begging from Nick’s voice, “They seemed happy, but I just remember Nick storming out one night, and Jamal ranting at the time.”

Merrick can barely pay attention, between Yuri and the escapade happening behind him.

“So, I’m gonna be leaving in an hour for the hospital. Adam should be allowed visitors now if he’s feeling better.”

“Really?!” Merrick said eagerly, “Can I come along?? I miss him!”

“Not right now, the hospital isn’t even open right now, Merrick. I just need to run a few rounds when we get there, and I need to check up on him before I let you see him.”

“O-Ok!” Merrick replied.

“Go ahead and get dressed. I’ll text Jamal later when he’s awake so he can take you.” Yuri said before she turned to gather her things.

Merrick felt a stirring in his shorts as he heard Jamal moan out in lust.


Adam groaned as he slowly ate one of his eggs. He just woke up, and his head feels REALLY groggy. God, he can do with an ibuprofen right about now. His body is really weak from the lack of blood – which they have been administering all night, so he hasn’t been able to get much sleep.

“Hey, Adam.” Came a familiar voice. Adam turned and smiled as Yuri walked in, wearing yellow scrubs and holding his charts.

“Hi, Yuri.”

“How’re you doing? Feeling better?”

“Urrggh. Not really…” He groaned, “I just feel so run-down and dizzy.”

“Probably. From the look of these results, you MIGHT have a fever coming up, and your body just went through a lot of trauma.” Just to be safe, Yuri has volunteered to handle EVERYTHING about Adam’s files – with his bullet wounds gone, his blood loss will be semi-baffling to anyone else, “At the very least, you’re probably going to be here for a few days.”

“Mmmmmmgggghhh” Adam moaned.

“And… I think you should also request a week off from work.”

“Yeah, THAT’S going to happen.” Adam said, “I’ve been away for a month, Yuri, I can’t just push it like that!”

“Adam,” Yuri said, “I’m thinking about your health – both physical AND mental. You’ve dealt escort bilecik with a lot in the past month, you might end up with a case of PTSD.”

“Don’t freak out about me, it’s Merrick I’m worried about…” Adam said, “He’s been through a lot more stress than I have through this whole thing.”

“All the same…” Yuri continued, “I think it’s best for you to take it easy for at least a week. If Merrick’s mental health has been driven as thin as you say, then he’s going to need you. I’m not saying you need to see a shrink or do some rehab, I’m just saying a week off of work.” Adam sighed as he turned his head stubbornly, “Look, I can write you a Doctor’s Note, so your boss won’t fire you.”

“If he hasn’t already.” Adam groaned.


After Yuri has set up another pouch of blood to inject Adam’s blood, along with giving him some pills and left the room, Adam’s stomach churned as he picked up his cellphone. He called the Fish House number. It rang several times before someone picked up.

“Hello, thank you for calling the Fish House located on Kele-Kolika Pier, Delivery, Cannery, and Fishery. This his Harold, how may I help you?”

“Hey, Harold… It’s Adam.”

“A-Adam! Oh my god, are you ok?!”

“… In a manner of speaking. I’m in the hospital right now…”

“What?? Where have you been?! Belinda has been gone all night, too, she’s only gotten back this morning! What’s happened?!”

“She…” Adam sighed, “She helped saved me last night, I…” He shuddered, and gulped, “Please, I really don’t want to talk about it…”

“Adam, what do you mean?

“Just put me through to Captain, please.” Adam said as he began to whimper, “I can’t talk about it right now, just ask Beli-“

“Alright, alright, calm down, buddy,” Harold said, “I get it, I was just worried, that’s all. Please hold.” Adam next heard some background music for the next few minutes, until he heard the phone pick up again.

“You’re speakin to the boss,” Came Captain’s scratchy voice.

“Hi, Captain? This is Adam.” Adam jerked the phone back as Captain exclaimed in the speaker.

“Where the bloody fuckin blazes have ya been, fishboy?!”

Keeping the phone at bay, Adam talked again, “I’m sorry Captain, but it’s very… Complicated.”

“Goddammit, Adam!” Captain said, “I been on the phone with that number those damn suits gave me, and all I got was some lame ass excuse! What happened to ya the hole fuckin month?!”

“Captain, I…” Adam huffed, and held back a sob, “I really, REALLY don’t want to talk about it.”

“You better gimme a better answer than that, Fishboy.” Captain growled, “I mean it! You disappeared for a month, not showed up for work, or ANYWHERE for that matter, and you ain’t even gonna tell me what you’ve been doin all this time?!”

“I know, Captain!” Adam replied, “I’m sorry, but… It’s been really traumatic for me…”

“…” The old man took a moment to take a breath, “How do you mean, boy.”

“My uh… Best Catch was taken… Tormented, and… I had to put up with some brutal therapy and…” Adam huffed as he tried not to cry, “I just can’t, please, Captain…”

The old codger sighed on the other line, “I suppose ya want some time off too.”

“I don’t want to, but the doctors’ insisting on it… She said at least a week, I swear, I’ll be back at work in-“

“Cut the crap, Fishboy,” Captain said, “Make it two.”

“Captain, I’ll be fine, I’ll just need a week.”

“Fine. Week and a half.” He growled. “See ya round, Fishboy.”

“Thank you… Captain.” The phone hung up.


Captain sighed as he put the phone down. He picked up a thick permanent marker, and went over to the Canning Duty Chart – every one of his fishboys is listed in a specific order of rotation for the whole year, with the exception of the occasional new employee.

He uncapped the sharpie, and drew a line across the name [ADAM BRYANT]. He crossed out the next ADAM BRYANT with the thick marker. He kept crossing the name out until Adam was clear off the chart.

“Just a hunch…” Captain said as he clicked the pen back on, “But I git the feeling he wasn’t just sittin on his hands while he was gone…”

The old man then went to behind his desk, and made to write up a pardon for 10 Days of Leave for Adam.


The day went on, and Adam watches World’s Dumbest Partiers 4 on the overhead TV. He cringed and shook as he saw some teenager take a flaming shotglass to his eye.

“Good God- ULLGH!” He shuddered, “Why do they keep previewing it??” He complained as it went to commercial break.


He turned his head to see Yuri opening the door, “Hey Adam, you have some visitors.”

“Cool! Bring them in!” Adam turned down the volume and sat up. He face brightened as he saw Merrick come in, wearing a white tank top and short jersey shorts.

“Adaam!” Merrick cheered as he ran up to him, and hopped onto the bed, as softly and quick as a cat.

“Easy, Merrick! bilecik escort bayan Be careful!!” Yuri exclaimed as Merrick snuggled right next to his human. Adam laughed as he wrapped his free arm around Merrick.

“Oh relax, gurl,” Jamal said as he and Nick came in, carrying in a cute muffin basket, a small vase of flowers, and a six-pack of soda.

“Hey guys,” Adam greeted, “Wanna hope on? There’s plenty of room.”

“NO!” Yuri said, “No, that’ll be fine. Merrick, you’re already pushing it.”

“I’m fine, Yuri.” Adam said as Merrick cuddled next to him.

“You sure you ok, man?” Jamal said, “Last time we checked, you was with that lady in the river. Ain’t she a shaman or something?”

“Yes, but she doesn’t know how to recover human blood.” Merrick said.

“Well, you lookin good nuff, Blondie.” Nick said.

“I was… More treatable with her.” Merrick replied, “She was able to help Adam a little, but even she said he needed to come here.”

“Look, I’m sorry, Merrick,” Yuri said, “But could you please got off of him? You’re making me nervous.”

“Oh, he’s fine.” Adam said, “Aren’t you baby~” He cooed as he nuzzled Merrick’s nose. Merrick giggled as he kissed his lips. “… Ow!” Merrick’s elbow accidentally dug into his belly.

“Ok, off, now.” Yuri said.

“Awwww!” Merrick complained as Yuri tugged him off the bed.

“Noooooooo.” Adam moaned as his blonde was forced off of him.

“You can do that when you two are back home, until then, no.”

“Aw, you killjoy” Jamal said as he rolled his eyes.

“But Yurrriiiiii!” Adam moped as he held out a pair of grabby hands, aimed at Merrick.

“No buts, Adam. You’re still taking in blood.” She said, “I don’t want you stressing your body so soon. By the way, did you call your boss yet?”

“Yeeeessss.” Adam said, “He gave me a week and a half.”

“Good Boy.” Yuri’s beeper suddenly went off. She plucked it up, and checked it, “I need to go. All of you, just… Don’t do anything crazy, ok? Especially… All of you.” She said with a stern look, “He’s still recovering.”

“Aight, aight,” Nick said, “How about a quick orgy?” Yuri’s lips tightened as she gave a hard slap to the back of his spiky head, “OW!” He staggered from the forceful hit before Yuri took off.

As soon as she left, Merrick giggled as he hopped right back on the bed. Adam grinned as he adjusted best he can to fit Merrick on the small bed. Jamal smiled as he came around, and popped open one of the sodas.

“Yo, Jamal. Hit me.” Adam said as he held open his hand.

“You sure, man?” Nick said, “You allowed to be drinkin that right now?”

“Sure, I’m fine.” Adam said as he opened up the can.

“What we watchin?” Jamal asked.

“World’s Dumbest.” Adam answered as he turned the volume back up.

“Aw sweet!” Jamal and Nick pulled up a chair, and sat next to Adam at the TV.

“AHH!” Merrick jumped as he saw a human pour fire into his eye, “What is he doing?!”

“He’s taking a flaming shot to his eye.”

“But why??!!” Merrick buried his face into the pillow as the teen on the show started batting his ignited face.

“Dude, that’s some freaky shit!” Jamal exclaimed.

“I ain’t even that crazy!” Nick said as he shook his head.

“Is it over??” Merrick said, muffled.

“Yes, babe, come on.” Adam moved Merrick’s face out of the pillow as the show continued with the next Dumbest Partier.


“God,” Jamal shook his head.

“I think I mighta done HALF those things.” Nick said.

There came a soft knock at the door. They turned, Merrick and Adam’s smiles faded as they saw Erin, escorted by another nurse. She entered with a stuffed lion doll, and a mylar, heart-shaped balloon that said {GET WELL SOON}

“Hi, Adam… Merrick…” She greeted. Merrick dismounted the bed, and walked around the bed, putting himself over protectively.

“What do you want?” Merrick asked.

“Ain’t chu the lady that let us out?” Jamal asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Erin…” Merrick said, almost growling at her, “Where you the one who-“

“The alarms went off on their own, I swear.” She said quickly, “I didn’t do it, why would I let you out and then sound the alarms?”

Merrick calmed down, but didn’t move.

“I just have some business to go over with you…”

“What kind of business?” Adam asked.

“Could we,” Erin turned to Jamal and Nick, “Could I have a moment with these two?” She asked, “I promise, it won’t take long.” Jamal glared at her, almost having a notion to stand his ground, just like when they took Merrick away.

“Please, Jamal. Nick.” Adam said, “We’ll be fine.” After a heated silence, Jamal took Nick by the hand, and led him out of the room. Erin took a seat, and so did Merrick, those blue eyes keeping a very close watch on her.

“Alright,” Erin said as she put the lion plush aside, “Let me start off by saying I am very sorry for what happened.” She said, “Nigel REALLY broke the law when he shot at you.”

“Well, now he’s dead.” Merrick said coldly, “I made sure of that.”

“I figured…” Erin nodded, “Though, for the sake of order, I have listed his death as a disappearance while he was strolling by the shore. He had a lot of stress about his cancer, so anyone would suspect he either committed suicide or died of heart attack.”

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