Apres Ski

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After a paradise day skiing, the hot tub was a fitting complement. Pulling off her fashionable ski gear, Dani stretched her trim body in front of the floor to ceiling window. A transparent reflection of her naked body was superimposed on the scene of sparkling snow and jagged mountains. She slipped into a green bikini.

Dani poured herself a glass of chilled chardonnay and brought the bottle to the condo’s community hot tub. It was a late April Wednesday. Most people had ended their ski season. Combined with the surprise snowstorm the day before, the complex was almost deserted.

Appreciating the privacy, Dani took a deep drink of wine, turned on the water jets and stepped into the tub. It was just at the edge of scalding. The first few seconds her skin tingled. Then, she adapted and relaxed into the bubbling warmth. Her legs floated and her tired muscles unwound. Sipping the wine, Dani lazily eyed the slopes through the rising steam and relived the day’s best runs.

Ten minutes later, her head was propped against the padded side of the spa and her eyes were closed. She listened to classic rock drift from a nearby balcony. Life was good.

“May I join you?” Dani stiffened in surprise. She hadn’t heard anyone approach. Above and behind her stood a woman about her age, who she hadn’t seen before.

“I’m sorry I startled you.” the woman said in voice tinged with a European accent.

“No, no problem. I was just daydreaming. Come on in, the water’s great. My name is Dani.”

“I’m Colleen.” she answered with a brilliant smile.

She wore a white robe and had a curly crown of red hair. Walking to the other side of the hot tub, her back was to Dani. She kicked off her sandals, removed the robe and dropped it on a lounge. When she did, it revealed her nude and curvy body. Unabashed, she stepped to the edge of the tub and dipped her toe. “Owww, that is piping!” she trilled in a high pitched voice.

While the facility was not clothing optional, Dani didn’t feel compelled to say anything. Colleen had large pink areoles and the cool air made her nipples stiffen. Her pubic hair was a thick mass of dark red and had been trimmed into an inverted triangle. Trying to maintain casual eye contact, Dani said, “It only stings for a bit. Best to plunge in.”

Colleen gave a small shrug, then hurried down the steps and completely submerged into the steaming güvenilir bahis cauldron. When she surfaced, she let out a squeal, pulled both hands back through her hair, and drifted to the opposite side. Settling onto the bench, she kept her chin barely above the water. This relaxed position let her breasts, knees and toes intermittently float up into the mist like breaching whales, then sink back into the cauldron.

Dani tried to avert her gaze from the casually exposed flesh, but her peripheral vision kept being drawn. Between the warmth, the wine and the attractive body of her companion, she felt a drift into sexual arousal. Her left hand moved between her thighs. She was sure it was concealed by the bubbles and steam, yet tried to make her movements subtle. She pressed against the slick material of the bikini bottom and her eyes fluttered with a zing of pleasure.

They chatted about the day’s skiing and Dani learned that Colleen was visiting the States for a two week holiday. Dani reached for her wine and offered Colleen some, “I’m afraid I’ve only the one glass. We’ll have to share.”

“Not a problem.” Colleen stood and walked across the hot tub. Her body was pink from the heat. The afternoon sun gave the water an amber shine on her body. The sway of her hips was slow and sensual. When she sat next to Dani, their legs rubbed together and Dani felt a shudder of attraction. She blushed and hoped it would be disguised by the mist and the heat of the pool.

She took a sip and passed the glass to Colleen who sniffed and took a deep swallow. “Oh that’s marvelous. You have great taste.”

They were soon chatting like old friends, exchanging travel stories and giggling as they worked their way through the wine. Their floating bodies continued to rub against each other and Dani was excitedly aware of Colleen’s nakedness. Even though they were so close, she couldn’t resist placing her palm on her vagina to address it’s increasing need. She thought about going back to her room for a satisfying masturbation, but was enjoying Colleen’s company. The darkening twilight added to the warm atmosphere.

Colleen emptied the wine glass again. “Let me refill it.” As she reached across Dani’s body, her arm slid across her green clad breasts.

Dani inhaled in shock. This caused her chest to expand and push back against Colleen. Colleen smiled mischievously and türkçe bahis let the contact linger. Dani couldn’t say anything and just let her mouth hang open as the moment stretched. Not breaking eye contact, Colleen said, “I can’t reach. I’ll have to move.”

Dani was about to say that she’d take care of it, but Colleen was quicker. The redhead twisted her body and swung her right leg over Dani’s body so they were face to face. Straddling Dani, Colleen settled into her lap. Dani’s eyes went wide at the brazen move. However, when she didn’t protest, Colleen pressed on. She leaned forward and made an exaggerated reach for the bottle that brought their breasts into contact.

Normally confident and composed, Dani was in a daze and a sexual swoon. Her body had already been primed and Colleen’s aggressive advance sent a shot of stimulation through her loins. Her sensitive breasts were electrified by the pleasant frisson. Colleen sensed the excitement and was pleased by the obvious receptivity. When she slowly poured the wine, she was careful to stay close so their tits never lost contact. Assisted by the water, Colleen bounced nonchalantly so their groins pressed and separated in a slow humping movement.

Colleen held the glass to Dani’s lips. Dani swallowed hungrily hoping to calm her frazzled nerves. She was still too confused to get her mind around the situation. Her body loved the feeling and wanted more. However, her brain was playing catch-up with the novel experience. Caution had her nervous about this publicly exposed sexual contact. While Dani tried to process the events, her body was already agreeing to continue. Almost subconsciously, she was matching the rhythm of Colleen’s movements. When Colleen pressed down, Dani lifted her hips to meet her and feel the delicious pressure from the feminine contact.

With a beaming smile of physical joy and seduction, Colleen took another long drink of the chilled wine. Dani was about to say something, when Colleen pressed her lips against Dani’s. Dani melted and hugged her tight to return the passion. As the kiss stretched, Colleen pushed some of the wine into Dani’s eager mouth. They swallowed and their tongues danced amidst the chardonnay’s flowery bouquet.

When they finally broke the kiss, Colleen whispered into Dani’s ear, “I love your flavor and taste.”

Dani gave up any pretense of restraint. The giddy mixture güvenilir bahis siteleri of lust and fantasy setting; of warmth and flesh put her in a rising animal heat.

In a throaty murmur Colleen said, “I love your suit.” and accompanied it with a full squeeze of the bikini covered breast. Dani’s head lolled backward, gasped and said a long and full, “Yessss.”

Dani’s hands quickly explored Colleen’s willing body. She pulled her close to increase the contact, and massaged her tits and sides. Then went to her round buttocks and guided their pubic lips into faster contact. She barely noticed when Colleen undid her bikini top and it happily drifted away.

“The bottom too.” she asked Colleen between kisses. They lifted up only long enough for the bottom to be ripped clear and join its upper half. They jostled and churned in the water in a salacious tangle of limbs and groans and delight.

Feeling an urgency, Dani moved to change their positions. She scissored her legs between Colleen’s so their clits were in closer proximity. Despite having never done this before, nature led the way. Holding tight so the water didn’t float them apart, Dani began a feverish tribbing.

Colleen’s face was alight with glee and pleasure and want. She urged Dani on with comments on her beauty and requests for more. Colleen was clearly not a newcomer to Sapphic conjunction and used her knowledge of erogenous stimulation to push Dani and herself higher.

Their collisions created waves that splashed out of the pool. The occasional peals of obvious carnal origins would have attracted the attention of any nearby voyeurs. Uncaring, the girls were lost to the outside world. In a cocoon of mutual love, they frolicked and built toward a climax. Dani crested first and burst into a sea of turbulent bliss.

Colleen was right behind her and furiously rubbed their swollen vaginas until her dam also burst and she joined Dani in the rapturous flood.

They held each other in a loose embrace and floated together for long euphoric minutes.

When they regained the ability to move, they hugged and kissed. It was now a slow intimacy where they wanted to let the feelings and emotions continue unabated.

After a timeless period, Dani looked fondly at her new companion. She bit her lip in nervous uncertainty. “Would you like to join me for dinner?” Dani asked hopefully.

“How about we order in at my place?”

With more excitement in her voice than she intended, Dani answered, “That would be wonderful.”

Colleen’s eyes again devoured Dani’s body and said, “I already know what I want for dessert.”

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