Another Ticklish World Ch. 00

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Chapter 0: Prologue.

Finally arrived! It was Saturday noon, and a small country house was coming to life. Matt was glad to be out of town for a week: lessons bored him more and more and the weather was better and better in May. Matt was 24. He was a young, dark-haired man of medium height and also of medium build. All in all, Matt was pretty versatile if not for one detail he hid from the world: Matt was an avid foot fetishist but above all a tickling fetishist. Matt, in good company, planned to make the most of his week in the countryside under the sun by the pool and take an interested but discreet glance at the feet of his friends.

The yard was emptying as quickly as car trunks as everyone walked into the house to settle in. The one story house came to life and everyone settled in. The house consisted of a bathroom, a kitchen, a large living room and four bedrooms. Four bedrooms is more than enough to accommodate the six new occupants of this house.

Matt shared his room with Andrea, an ex he was very close to but had no feelings for anymore. She was 1.62 m tall, redhead with long hair down her back. She had a B cup hiding very sensitive breasts. Truth be told, Andrea was hands down the most ticklish girl Matt knew. She usually wore a heavy puffer jacket, jeans and Huggs almost all the time, as if to protect herself.

In the next room slept Elina, blonde of 1.73m, she was not ticklish to the knowledge of Matt but had other characteristics just as… “Interesting” with her G cup although she hid it with incredible skill. under multiple clothes.

If Matt wasn’t sleeping with his best friend Elina in his room with two separate single beds, it was because she had chosen to sleep with Julie, Matt’s “cousin” in another room. Blonde of 1m7 with a C cup. Julie was the niece of Marie, stepmother of Matt who had always raised her and Matt had spent a good part of his youth with her, suddenly she was by far the daughter who ‘he tickled the most. She was generally ticklish everywhere but could refrain from laughing…. Except when her toes were tickled, at that point, she definitely loses control.

Marie occupied the room of the hostess. Although Matt’s mother-in-law, he considered her to be his real mother. 52-year-old chubby brunette woman measuring about 1m60. She wore loose clothes so as not to see her disliked curves, hiding her F cup. Inside her Huggs hid her feet which Matt knew to be ticklish.

The last room had been allocated to Carole, Marie’s best friend for years despite being 44 years younger. She was six feet tall, with brown hair in a ponytail. With large feet that she has very often exhibited in front of Matt, she very quickly embodied a fantasy in his eyes. Carole liked to take care of her feet: they were always pedicured, often naked, and sometimes she wore jewelry, in short a treat for her.

Matt had just unpacked his things and was looking out his bedroom window. He could see the small paved courtyard with the two cars, further on he could make out the grass and the swimming pool which was eyeing him. This is when it happens.

The house shook. She shook violently so much that Matt found himself on the floor as he heard the screams of the women of the house. It was dark, despite the open windows no light entered the room. There was a thud that left a big tinnitus hatay escort in Matt’s ears. Then the light returned. The tremors ceased. Matt tried to get up but staggered and fell again. Suddenly he screamed:

“Everyone is well? “

He heard more moans than straight answers but the “yes” coming from behind reassured him. Andrea looked the same as him, but at least it wasn’t a big deal. He sat down to regain his strength and was amazed to see that the room was intact: not an object, not a broken window. He stood up and looked out the window when he heard coming from below a “Oh damn!” Oh shit! “. He was telling himself exactly the same thing as the yard, the pool, the cars were no longer in sight.




It had been about two hours since the tremors and everyone had come to the same conclusion: the house and them had moved. The house (and its foundations, phew) was now near a stream, in a plain. The climate and the plants in view were different from the previous landscape but that was not what worried our fine team. No, the current problem was hunger.

The plan was simple: arrive around noon, quickly empty your luggage, then go to a restaurant before shopping for the week. The plan had simply failed. They had all looked around the house for something to eat but nothing helped. Everyone was sitting depressed around the large dining room table when someone knocked on the door.

Matt went to open the door and then saw a funny man. The man was a little shorter than him, older too. He had a messy mop of salt and pepper and a goatee of the same color. What made it weird, however, was the attire: funny, brightly colored dresses that didn’t match, as if someone had purposely patched different fabrics together to give that tasteless amalgamation.

“Hello my good sir, I suspect you have a lot of questions and I am here to answer them. May I come in? “

“Who is it? Matt heard coming from the living room, it was Marie.

“A strange man who says he has answers. He replied.

“Go bring him in!”

The man entered and, following Matt, made his way to the dining room.

“One two three four five … excellent excellent,” the man whispered under his breath.

“Hello Sir, I am Marie. Marie said moving towards him to shake his hand.

“Hello Miss. You are the mistress of the house I presume. ” he replied, taking her hand and kissing it. Marie looked embarrassed. He stood up and said in the same voice, “I’m here to describe the situation you are in, but first let me introduce myself.” Master Malazaz, the greatest wizard in this world! With these words he opened his hand and a sphere of fire appeared above his palm. The fire became water, then air. Everyone was stunned, Matt the first.

“Does anyone want to deny my words? Good! Now that you take me seriously, the time has come to fall asleep. You are no longer in your home world, I know that because I felt the depression causing you to come here. You are not of this world, just like me. “

The six seated at the table panicked at the words and asked various questions all at the same time. Questions like “How did we get here?” “How do we get home?”. In short it was the cacophony.

“Silence! The mage shouted. “Let’s head to the hearth to discuss in peace because there is for a while.” The escort hatay mage went on his own to the next room, lit the fireplace with a small ball of fire, and stood in front of the various sofas and armchairs.

“Take a seat and listen”. No sooner said than done. “This land has no name because this land has no king, no earl, no humans in fact. I’ve been here since… Since… “he stammered a few words and a clepsydra appeared in his hand before disappearing. “For almost three hundred years. So it’s been so long that I try to return home without success, but my research is progressing. In short, if you want to go home, you will help me. I have traveled this land all over the place during this time, and my research is about to come to fruition, but for that I need to explore, to study, to collect. Impossible for me being a man alone. Without a woman it is impossible for me to explore the great central forest. “

“The big forest you see in the distance, is that it? Matt asked.

“That’s it, young Master. This forest violently repels men, attacks them, tries to kill them as if it were endowed with a will of its own. However, you can enter with a woman, I know because I saw it, you are the second group to appear since my arrival. The previous one, a couple managed to get in and out of the forest. They were looking for food. The food you miss if I’m not mistaken. He said the end with a smile.

“That’s right. Do you have any to share Master sorcerer?” Julie asked in a small voice.

” Let me describe this world to you. To begin with: outside the forest there is no food, except if you kill and consume monsters but not wanting to die from disease I don’t try myself. So there is no food here. I conjure my food myself, but although this spell is quite simple in my home world, it is quite tiring here, as if this plane of existence is out of the way of the others. In short it is very tiring and therefore it will not be free! “

The six people seated turned pale and looked at each other worriedly.

“And what will the payment be?” Said Matt.

“Help with my research! From collecting materials to exploring the forest. Like I said, you will help me. We will operate on the basis of missions. Mission accomplished is food for you. “

“Sounds fair to me, especially since we want to go home! Julie said cheerfully.

“What is this monster thing? Andrea asked, looking pale.

“Let me explain the rules of this world to you. In this world, the anima also called vital energy and the use of which allows magic is very strong, but it manifests itself mainly at the time of … Orgasm, male as well as female. It was the return of the cacophony but the mage quickly calmed the whole mess.

“I was saying, so the anima stems from that, so the creatures here for anima are going to come after you. No, the disturbing thing is that the anima here is very raw, too raw for us, and has a weird effect on humans: it changes body and mind. To put it simply, if you experience something at the time of orgasm, something will turn you on more than before and your body will be much more sensitive to it. A sort of vicious circle that can make you lose control. In this world so if I have to give you any advice, no matter what happens to you, don’t come. All of this brings me to my second point, hatay escort bayan the other central axis of this world that is directly related to the first: tickling. Get all bare feet, ladies. “

Matt stiffened suddenly, feeling more embarrassment than pleasure. Yes he was going to be able to rinse his eye, but it was too sudden for this young man still too embarrassed by his impulses which were frowned upon in his modern world. Finally, in his old modern world. He didn’t look away, however, observing the feet and varnishes of each of them. The women seemed surprised. When he looked up at the mage he saw him staring at Carole’s feet with their pink toes. He knew then that this mage was exactly like him, and he began to distrust him greatly.

“Your toes have changed colors and your feet are perfectly pedicured by the ambient anima, it’s part of this world. Said the mage who was now looking Matt in the eye, a smirk. “In this world, the color of the toes reflects the average sensitivity of a woman’s feet. However, of those 10 levels of sensitivity, only the lowest 4 were achievable in your world. And to tell you, level 4 is only achieved by one in 100,000 women. “

The mage described the levels like this.

Level 0: not ticklish – transparent, the nail is natural. Matt saw that it was the color of Elina’s feet and thought nothing about it, he already knew that.

Level 1: can ticklish – green. No woman had nails that color.

Level 2: ticklish but can still contain himself – brown. Julie and Marie both had their toes that color.

Level 3: Can barely control his reflex reactions – blue. Only Andrea had feet that color but that didn’t surprise Matt who knew how hysterical Andrea could go if his feet were touched.

Level 4: becomes hysterical passes out fairly quickly from continuous tickling.

It was there that he understood why the mage looked happy and vicious, and he was all the more suspicious of it. However, this negative feeling was mitigated by his excitement. He looked at the feet of all the women but especially Carole and Andrea and he crossed his legs from his chair to hide his excitement.

Level 5: red

Level 6: gray

Level 7: white

Level 8: black

Level 9: french

“The creatures, plants and other living things of this world follow the anima except for a few deviants. And the anima is a fetishist, and she loves tickling. To make it short, this world will try to make you come, most of the time by tickling you. If you cum then you will become more ticklish and the tickling will turn you on more and more. Take my advice to heart my Ladies, and you too young Master. By the way, I take this opportunity to tell you never to take your shoes off, it might attract all kinds of creatures. I will now be leaving. I will come back to see you tomorrow to tell you about your first assignments and answer any questions. In the meantime, the first one is free. “

The women immediately put their shoes back on. The mage started towards the door, stopped, huffed and walked away, trembling from the house. Behind him, he left a huge pie on the dining table that would last at least two meals, or until the following afternoon.

“It’s true haha. And then it’s not like I’m going to have an orgasm because of that, it’s just impossible to get tickled right away “

“In that case you have nothing to fear and that’s good. Tomorrow I’ll go on a mission, you can stay here and everything will be fine anyway. Now let’s sleep, I’m blown up. Matt turned and fell into a sleeping position.

“Matt. ” -Yes? -Thank you.

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