Another Nightmare

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Jane awoke with a start in the middle of the night. Her heart was pounding and she was soaked with the cold sweat of fear. She’d had the nightmare again; the one that plagued her nightly sleeps with visions of isolation and loneliness. As her breathing began to relax and the previous chill of her sweat was replaced with an awareness of the humid summer night, she heard someone stirring across the room.

“Jane, are you alright?” It was Emma, her roommate.

“Yes, thank you, just a bad dream, I’ll be fine now.”

“Was it the same one again? Would you like to talk about it?”

“Yes, it’s the same, but no, I don’t need to talk.” As the words came out, Jane realised that she did, desperately need to talk about it. Her voice caught on the last word and before she could stop herself she found herself shook with silent sobs.

“Oh, Jane, why do you worry so?” said Emma, as she leaped out of bed and crossed the room to put her arms around Jane. “You’re not going to end up alone. There’s no reason to be so scared of life.”

The comfort of Emma’s arms around her acted as a catalyst for Jane, all of the desperation, fear, and disappointment that had been accumulating were released in a torrent of tears. Emma simply held her tightly while she wept.

After a time, when she had let it all out she stopped sobbing, but Emma still held her tightly. Jane enjoyed the feeling of being in someone’s arms after so long, even if they were the arms of a friend rather than a lover.

As she pulled back to look at Emma and thank her, her hand brushed against one of Emma’s small, firm breasts. Jane was suddenly struck by a new sensation, arousal and attraction to a dear friend; she wanted to touch the breast again, to cradle its soft and perfect form in her hand, to lean down

and take her friend’s nipple between her lips. What was causing this, she had certainly never been attracted to a woman before, why now?

“What’s wrong?” Emma whispered, sensing Jane’s hesitation.

Jane quickly shook the thoughts out of her head and quickly pulled back to smile at her friend. “Nothing at all. I’m just a little emotional just now, that’s all.”

“Are you sure that’s all?” asked Emma in a tone Jane had heard previously, but not from Emma. She realised that though she had pulled back, Emma was still holding her. In the darkness she could see Emma was studying her closely, as if contemplating some newly discovered and timid creature. She let go of Jane and reached down taking Jane’s right hand in both of hers.

“I think there’s something else, but you’re not ready to tell me what it is? Should I guess?” Jane could only nod in response as Emma gently guided her hand onto one of her breasts. Through the material of the tank-top Jane could feel that Emma’s nipple was already hard and erect, she wondered whether the other breast was at illegal bahis attention now too. As she handled Emma’s breast, the first time she’d really felt breasts that weren’t her own, she could feel herself getting wet. Emma had let go of Jane’s hand and was beginning her own investigation of Jane’s body, running her hand along her thigh and back up along her spine before reaching her neck and coming back down gently along her jaw line. Instinctively Jane turned her face into Emma’s hand and kissed her palm, feeling a tremble that ran through both of them as she did.

“I’ve never been with a woman before,” she whispered into Emma’s open hand.

“Neither have I, but this feels right to me, do you want to stop?”

Now both of Jane’s hands were under Emma’s shirt, caressing her breasts and kneading the small, hard nipples. Did she want to stop? No, she wanted to continue, to explore another woman’s body as she had her own, to see whether she could please a woman as she had pleased men. “No, I want you.”

Saying that she pulled off Emma’s shirt and lowered her head to take explore each perfect breast with her mouth, taking the nipples gently between her teeth, sucking them, then blowing on to them so that they would become even harder. Emma moaned with pleasure. With her mouth still exploring those firm, perfectly shaped breasts and thinking about how good it would feel when

her own breasts would be licked and nibbled and sucked, Jane moved her hands down Emma’s ribcage to her waist.

Jane always loved taking the time to tease her lovers as she explored the area around their penises without actually touching the sensitive area; Emma was no exception to the rule as Jane mentally decided not to go near Emma’s lips and clit. She ran her hands around the waistband of Emma’s shorts and then down and along the outsides of her thighs. Emma’s groans were increasing in intensity now and her breathing was becoming shallower and more rapid as she anticipated Jane’s ultimate destination.

Jane was becoming distracted as she ran her hands up Emma’s thighs and under her shorts to grab her ass. She had often held her own in search of faults or cellulite and she thrilled to be holding Emma’s out of desire and longing.

The flesh was so smooth, she could sense how wet Emma was already and she paused to wonder what she would taste like. Jane pulled her head back from Emma’s breasts so that she could watch as she removed the shorts which were the only barrier between her mouth and Emma’s throbbing clitoris.

As soon as she pulled back, Emma leaped on her, eager to take her turn at exploration. With an enthusiasm bordering on savageness she pulled off Jane’s shirt and threw her back on the bed, surprising her with her strength and insistence. Jane was already excited and aroused from playing with Emma’s breasts, but now she was illegal bahis siteleri trembling in anticipation, seeing this unimagined side to her old friend. Emma slowed as she gently removed the boxers Jane was wearing, wanting to reveal her friend’s nakedness gradually, savouring the sight of a naked woman as she never had a naked man. Once Jane was fully exposed Emma gently ran her hands from her shoulders down to her ankles, cupping each breast and gently coming her fingers through Jane’s pubic hair. For Jane time seemed to slow down as Emma contemplated her body as though making a brilliant discovery.

Suddenly, Emma’s hunger returned with a vengeance and she threw her leg across Jane, straddling her at the hips. She lowered her head and began to suck on Jane’s breasts as if trying to assuage an enormous thirst. She sucked and nibbled, causing Jane to cry out. Emma’s mouth on her breasts was insistent, and her body responded immediately. Her nipples became as hard and erect as possible in seconds and she could feel her clitoris crying out to be touched. Emma suddenly stopped what she was doing and Jane opened her eyes.

“Are you ready?” Emma asked.

“Yes, please, don’t stop,” whispered Jane, barely able to get the words out through her intense desire and physical need.

Emma unhooked one leg from around Jane and moved down the bed. She spread Jane’s legs and slowly pushed her knees up and apart. “It’s beautiful, I’ve always wondered what it looks like but it’s beautiful,” said Emma, as she ran her hands down over Jane’s mound and spread her lips. Jane thought she would go mad waiting, and had to clench her hands in fists to keep from reaching down to pleasure herself. Jane watched as Emma lowered her head between her legs, she began to blow quite gently on Jane as she held her lips apart with one hand. Jane began to moan uncontrollably as Emma reached out and began to run one finger over Jane’s clit. With a shudder and a scream Jane felt the first orgasm rush through her body. Emma looked up and smiled; “That’s one, try and keep count for me, will you?”

With that Emma lowered her head so that all that was visible to Jane was her dark pony tail. As soon as she felt Emma’s tongue exploring her, tasting her, Jane could no longer watch as her head fell back on the pillow and she began to scream again. As Emma ran her tongue up and down, Jane reached climax after climax, she lost count at four when they began to come almost simultaneously, but they continued for a long time after that. Emma used her teeth, her lips and her tongue, sucking, and nibbling. She stuck her tongue right into Jane’s vagina, something no one had done before. When her mouth got tired she used her hands, penetrating Jane with her fingers, finding her G-Spot and manipulating it until Jane reached her ultimate climax. Emma would have kept going, but Jane canlı bahis siteleri knew that if that happened she would be too exhausted to enjoy pleasuring Emma.

As Jane sat up, Emma looked up at her. “It’s your turn now.” Jane said as she swung her legs off the bed and stood up, beckoning for Emma to follow.

Jane led Emma to the wall, guiding her friend to stand with her back against it as she got down on her knees in front of Emma’s bush. Emma’s legs were trembling as Jane cradled her hips in her hands and gently kissed her just below her belly button. Jane flicked her tongue in and out as she moved her mouth down towards Emma’s hairline. She wondered how she would proceed from here, what would Emma taste like, would she taste good. On previous occasions Jane had licked her fingers after masturbating but she had never been sure how she tasted.

When she began to kiss Emma’s hair Jane brought one of her hands down to begin teasing Emma’s clit. She was surprised at how wet her friend was, so wet that the juice had reached her thighs. Emma stopped trembling and tensed as Jane’s fingers spread her lips to investigate her cunt; Jane felt Emma’s buttocks tighten under her fingers as the contact became more intimate. Jane kept her mouth moving towards the front of Emma’s lips, all the time wondering whether Emma was enjoying this, was she doing it right? This was much more intimidating than the first time she’d gone down on a man.

As soon as her tongue made contact with the soft warm flesh of Emma’s outer labia, Jane had her answer. Emma gasped and then began to moan, she leaned back into the wall as her legs weakened. Once Jane had started she stopped worrying and began to enjoy herself. Emma tasted sweet and was so wet that it seemed she was drinking her friend’s essence. As Emma screamed with her

first climax, Jane became more adventurous.

Keeping one hand on Emma’s right hip to help her keep standing Jane brought her other hand around Emma’s left buttock and began to peruse with her fingers. As she sucked on Emma’s clit, feeling it vibrating under her tongue, Jane thrilled to hear Emma groan and cry out in pleasure. Jane carefully ran her fingers down to the bottom of Emma’s ass until she found what she was after. Emma’s legs were collapsing and she was virtually in a sitting position when Jane delivered her final performance.

Bending her head back to get the best angle Jane thrust her tongue into Emma’s vagina as she simultaneously inserted her fingers into her anus. Emma’s orgasms reached a fever pitch as she came over and over from the joint stimulation. Jane pulled her head back so that she could use replace her tongue with her fingers. As her fingers plunged in and out of Emma’s two holes, Jane reveled in the knowledge that she could pleasure a woman in this manner. Emma let out a final breathless cry as her legs gave out from under her. Jane was prepared and got her hands out in time to catch Emma before she hit the ground.

The two fell to the floor in each others arms, to spent to speak, or cuddle, just needing to recover from the explosive experience.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32