Another Mom Fantasy

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(This story is similar to my previous fantasy concerning an encounter with another woman who looks like a mom and applying her image to my oedipalist imagination. But it is different in some ways too. The gentle reader might assume all I do is have momcestuous fantasies about all the women of a certain age that I encounter. Well, it is not all I do. But every once in a while, I see a mature woman that I can’t help but slip into my oedipal fantasy life.)


I needed physical therapy because of a shoulder injury. When I walked into the physical therapy clinic, I saw her checking in for her own PT. She was the perfect vision of a respectable suburban mom! She was a pillar of the community, the sort who would be a PTA president. She was probably in her fifties, maybe even sixty. She wore shorts and a tank top. She was slender and tan. In her obvious maturity, she was still attractive. She had nice legs. Her brown hair was cut in a practical short style. And she had nice tits. Wow! Did she have nice tits! That is what got my attention and really lit me up! Not large tits. Not small tits. Medium and firm tits jutting out from her chest, as if defying gravity, though that was likely the magic of her bra at work. I thought about her as if she were my mother. I wanted her to be my mother. My cock immediately rose to a salute at the thought of her as my mother. The sight of her was pushing all of my oedipalust buttons.

Soon after I first saw her, she was lying on one of the training tables. I could see the sides of her tits try to escape on the sides of her tank top, though the rest of her tits still firmly stood up. Yes, I was getting more excited by her. I pondered what it might be like if her son could make those tits quiver and shake in sexual delight? What would it be like for her son if he could fondle, kiss, lick and suck on those tits. Not as a suckling infant. But as a grown up sex partner who is her son.

I pondered all the sexual possibilities as if she were my mother. I fantasized about passionate tongue kissing with her. I so love tonsil hockey! Especially the thought alanya escort of playing it with my own mother. He shoots! He scores! Well, okay. That cums later. But it is reasonable to assume if a mom is willing to let her son make out with her, she is going to be willing to let him fuck her.. Anyway, back to the tongues teasing each, it goes slow and sensual. Holding my mother’s head in place while I press my lips to hers lips, find an opening in her lips and slip my tongue to her tongue then.

After that, we quickly strip off our clothes. We know where this is headed. But the first moment of nakedness is also something to savored. Being naked with mom is a naturally ecstatic sensation in and of itself. After its proper enjoyment, further business beckons. I leisurely kiss down her body until I got to her pussy. My going down on my mother, my tongue searching out her clit. My horny mother using her hands to press my head into her snatch. Oh, how I love these words in application to my mother! Pussy, cunt, snatch, tits! They are obscenities. But they stir the imagination further.

If she were my mother, I wondered if she might be a good cocksucker, knowing how to lick, kiss, suck and tease my cock to the brink of complete ecstasy. There is something curious about the thought of one’s mother sucking one’s cock. On one hand, it sounds like a degradation. After all, “you cocksucker” is not generally used as a compliment. And to apply it to one’s mother? But, wow! A son submits to the authority of his mother most of the time. Can she not offer such an occasional accommodation to her som in return? A submission, if you will, to the power of her son’s phallus. Yes, I know. The point is to get my cock into mom’s cunt. But sometimes there is a miscalculation in timing and a son’s cum is dripping off a sweet motherly face. Oops! And awesome!

Accidental premature cumming aside, how pleasant a thought to imagine me as her son spreading her legs, moving my body in between, lining up my cock with her slit and pressing it in. For me to hear my mother alanya escort bayan gasp, her eyes widen, as my cock breaches that which society declares to be forbidden. Pumping my mom. Fucking my mom. And my mother giving back as much pleasure as she was getting in the intercourse, her cunt tight around my cock. After all, it is all about the mutual pleasure. The obscene, carnal pleasure that a mother and son can give each other. Is it really society’s business if the son is of adult age and both consent to this act of pleasure?

It may seem disrespectful. But I have to say and say it loud. “Oh, you sweet bitch of a mother! You made me be a motherfucker and there is nothing better! Take every inch of me!”

I wondered what instructions her therapist might give. The therapist might suggest exercises for this woman in between her clinic appointments. “Make sure you have sex with your son at least once a day until you both cum, more if possible. Let him drain all of his jizz into your cunt. Studies show that a son’s jizz has healing properties when properly filling up his mother’s cunt. Wrap your legs around his waist. Drum on his ass with the heels of your feet and alternatively shout and whisper obscenities into his ear to encourage his fucking you. Turn your son into a piston of incestuous desire. By the look of you, that shouldn’t be hard. Your son probably already gets hard and jerks off at the thought of fucking you. See if you can take him further. See if you can take him into delight. Trust us. We hear all kinds of stories of what goes on between some mature mothers and their adult sons in this town. If the sex works out between you and your son, let us know. We can refer you to a discrete mother son social club. It’s encouraging when you know it is not just you!”

I imagined that despite her age, she had an exquisitely tight cunt, mysterious under her curly bush, that would squeeze the last drops out of her son’s cock, especially because the cock was her son’s.

I inadvertently overheard that she was a grandmother. So in escort alanya my imagination, it goes like this. I’m a family man, married and with children. Don’t get me wrong. I love my wife and we have wonderful sex. But I’ve been having sex with my mother since I was 18 and I never could think of a reason to give it up. We began our incestuous relationship right after I graduated from high school. I’ll tell you, I don’t know what I would have done in college to stay focused on my studies if mom didn’t periodically visit and fuck my brains out during those visits. We mostly fucked in her motel room. But sometimes we took the risk of fucking in my dorm room.

I met a girl who is my age and we fell in love. We got married and settled down. It’s all very traditional. But that doesn’t have anything to do with my sex with mom. That is all about the lust between my mom and I, the taboo aspect of the sex being a superb aphrodisiac for both of us. I continued to enjoy the best of all possible worlds. Sex with my wife. Sex with my mother., My wife doesn’t really know what is going on between me and my mother. I stop by to visit mom a lot “to make sure she’s okay.” Especially when my father is gone on a business trip or hunting or fishing or something. Both my dad and my wife think I am a momma’s boy. Hah! If only they knew how much! Right down to my mother’s curly bush! It isn’t really cheating on your wife if you are having consensual sex with your mother, is it? It isn’t really cheating on your husband if you are having consensual sex with your adult son, is it? Isn’t it just good family values? Whatever the case may be, I never feel so good as when my cock is exploding its jizz deep inside my mother’s cunt while she thrashes under me, screaming how I should fuck her harder.

Anyway, that is my fantasy that this woman inspired. A sweet granny to her grand kids. An insatiable sex machine to her son. Idle thoughts during a brief encounter. It is probably a good thing that mind reading isn’t a thing. Or maybe it would be a better, more honest world if people could read each other’s minds, making for honesty and making for further connection in all kinds of ways. Orgasmic ways!

I know nothing more about that woman at the physical therapy clinic. I hope her sex life is fine. And if she really is fucking her son, all of the day and all of the night sometimes, well then, he is one lucky son of a bitch living the dream.

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