Anne Working Overtime Ch. 10

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AWO10. – Perfection for the field

It had been four months. Four months of new insight and extended perspectives. Spring had turned into summer – and summer to autumn. So far Anne had been able to coordinate her normal, everyday life with the training sessions she attended at the institute.

It had been a fantastic time, no doubt about that. She could feel the effects in every fibre of her body, in so many different ways. On Jean’s recommendations she had started working out on a regular basis, not at the institute, but at a downtown gym. Along with her school activities at first, and recently with her new part- time job. Her planned role as an athletics motivator back in school had ended abruptly with her acceptance into Jean’s training program. Jean had instated other girls from her class into these roles, something that made Anne quite curious and a little bit nervous. But none of them were ever accepted into the program. Nor were they doing very well as motivators.

While still in school, Anne and Jean had kept a strictly “normal” relationship, and even with her new job they were a little careful in revealing how close they actually were in their private and public life. The same applied for most other activities she was involved in, like the fitness gym. That was good for variation – for seeing other people – and for her ability to build and maintain what could be considered “normal” contacts and friendships that had nothing to do with the special skills she was learning and developing up at the institute.

Not that she felt it as a problem. Not at all! The training, and the women she had got to know and love at the institute…. that was a world of its own. A fabulous world in which she had the possibility to see all her wildest dreams through. A world that had given her the self-confidence and inner happiness that she never thought she would experience again in her life. Just walking down the street now, made her feel like a privileged individual. There was a part of her life that no one outside the institute had any idea about, something that made her special! And gifted!

There were a few things to worry about as well, of course. To begin with, her parents had gotten suspicious. A few months back they had nearly walked right in on her and Carol. They had been back at her flat, getting down to their favourite business for quite a while already. It was quite clear that they really wanted to check on her. She had completely forgotten that her mother had a key, and she had definitely never used it to just lock herself in without ringing the bell first. Luckily Carol’s swift business skirt cover- operation brought things back to a normal coffee visit in a matter of seconds. It had been quite close though. And she clearly sensed that the suspicion was there. Definitely!

Her mother had complained on several occasions that they almost never saw her back home anymore, and she and her father didn’t really believe that it came from some increasing preoccupation with fitness. First they wanted to know if she had a new boyfriend. But eventually they seemed to accept the fact that that didn’t seem to be the case. And that’s when they really started to dig into her private life… in such a stupid, typical narrow- minded way. If they were really concerned about her getting into some kind of bad company, why not try to show some genuine interest? Instead of just being concerned on how it might reflect on them, especially if it would bring some kind of shame on the family!

Still… they weren’t the big problem though. Not really, anyway. After all they were not that bad! Just hopelessly old fashioned, that’s all.

No, she was much more concerned about the relationship between her two goddesses – Jean and Carol.

She had noticed a very disturbing change lately. Especially after the initiation party with the other service girls. Pamela and Deb tried their best to smoothen things over, but without too much luck. Obviously Carol must have been quite harsh when she brought up the thing about Anne and herself. How Jean hadn’t even mentioned her name before they met in her office at the first day of the sit- in lecture. The day that Carol got useful!

True enough Carol wasn’t always too good at handling difficult situations. She was a goddess in beauty and elegance, and a raging fury in bed, but definitely no top class diplomat!

There simply had to be a way of bringing the two back on proper talking terms again. One way or the other. She just had to figure out how. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to stand a situation where these two wonderful ladies wouldn’t work together in a good fashion, and just be the superior queens that they were born to be.

There simply had to be a way…

Anne and Jean were sitting together in Jean’s heavily upgraded reception office at the institute. Not like most other people would sit together in an office, obviously. Jean sat comfortably in the marmaris escort same old corner couch, while Anne had her place on the soft carpet on the floor in front of her. Anne finally had had the nerve to tell her that she preferred tea rather than coffee, so now they were sipping their tea together as they chatted lightly about how things were going in her training program.

And the results were extraordinary. Anne’s progress kept stunning Jean. She’d already seen quite a number of young girls through the training, and seen them reach very high skills in a pretty short time. Some were very enthusiastic, others more reluctant. But up until now very few of them had dropped out and left. Jean liked to think that was due to the fact that she and the other instructors used such a gentle and careful approach, taking time to deal with the shyness, the uncertainty, the first experiences of the touch and taste, the “I’m really no cunt- lapping slut”- feeling that always came up in a while after the first rapture, and all possible other complexes of feelings. It was no easy thing to be broken in to this kind of life style, and Jean never pretended it to be. Her girls should not just learn to do it and to like it. They should love it! It should occupy their mind and desires and be the major nutrition to their sexual needs. If not, there was absolutely no chance that the arrangement would last for more than a fairly short period of time.

Even with this careful tutoring, she initially lost some promising talents after just a few months with the program, but she felt that was more because they couldn’t come properly to terms with the clients that found them most to their liking, rather than the life style itself. At least that’s how she understood it when crisis came, and tears and frustration surfaced back in her office. Then she was needed to convince them that this was nothing but another experience, a valuable contribution to their life, but something that had proven not to be their thing after all. Sorry Sam. Then she could send them home with a good feeling that this was understood and accepted. Maybe some day they’d be back?!?

Anyway, Anne here certainly was no drop- out! She probably would make the best server she ever had. Ever! With the other regular service girls in her staff, they now made up a tam that would blow away the most discriminating of connoisseurs in her growing circle of exclusive clients.

“So, Anne dear; you’ve been with the program for quite some time now, and your performance has been excellent, like I’ve already told you many times. My instructors and assistants are very pleased, and have never been so thoroughly satisfied any time before as they have been these last months. And that really says something! Up until now you have basically been developing and perfecting your fabulous oral skills, and the caresses and stimulation coming along with that.”

Anne nodded and carefully met her mistress’ gaze. Again she had the feeling that this day was something special, and was curious what was up next. The nervousness, which she by now had managed to forget about more or less completely, was back for a moment, although she felt she could handle it much better now.

“So, I think it’s about time to proceed with the next step – to use the pedagogical term – of the program. The final step, actually! Obviously, the technical part is – and will always be – very important. But there is also the part of making your lady not just twist and moan and orgasm like a queen, but even genuinely feel like a queen! All the time! Not just at the time of the body worship, but all the time you’re with her.”

“And there’s a fine line to watch out for. Remember, you’re not a slave! Not some mindless plaything. You’re a partner or a chevalier obsessed with her wellbeing and comfort, her pleasure and enjoyment. You’re there for her, and she should be able to totally forget about any doubts as to if she should enjoy it fully without feeling selfish or guilty. In the beginning – for those who are still not experienced clients, or ladies – that’s a natural feeling, even for them, and you should help them to overcome it. That’s your job! Your responsibility! In many cases that won’t be a problem, but you should always be prepared anyway – like a girl scout – to make sure this part is okay.”

Jean smiled down at Anne, and the girl now felt she knew quite well what was coming up next. Once again it was exactly what she was hoping for too.

“So, to be more specific; the task will be to build the right mood around the service situation and the lovemaking you will be doing. And lovemaking is still the key.”

“No matter what impressions you may have got from different kinds of lousy pornography, there are a few, simple facts to observe about our ‘brand’ of lovemaking. Maybe you could say that it’s a lack of fantasy or inspiration, but the fact of the matter is that the lady mostly wants just that; Lovemaking. She will marmaris escort bayan want long and relaxing sessions, with the focus on her pleasures only. She will want gentle attention and oral ministration for hours, a patient tongue to make her flow weightlessly in a universe of wonderful feelings – that’s a good one I don’t use to often! – and to know by intuition when the time is right to build her up for a new orgasm. And then, of course, the target is always total satisfaction.

It happens, obviously, that she will be in need of a quickie on the run, and that can be even more challenging. But most of the time you’re in for longer sessions.”

Jean picked up a card from her purse.

“Pam has set up a meeting with one of our regular clients for Friday night, if that’s suitable for you. It will be at this address.” She handed the card over to Anne.

“I suggest we meet at Chess at least half an hour in advance, and I’ll go with you to introduce you to the client and see it all off.”

Jean smiled. “You’re in for the mood- part, young lady. Now the real fun begins!”

Anne smiled back happily, and got up for the tea can.

Jean seemed to be more tireless than ever in her efforts to familiarize Anne with all aspects of the service she would be doing from now on. As she parked her car up front and came into the pub where Anne was waiting, she hardly had found her place opposite to her before she started another monologue on the background and idea around the main business concept – as she called it. But Anne didn’t mind at all, because now she was bringing up something that she herself had been wondering about, but even after so long time didn’t dare to ask yet.

“Remember back at the Institute, I talked about how my – sorry, our – clients liked the services we provide. That they like it – among other things – because they simply know that they can get it.”

She appeared to be nearly as nervous as Anne thought she could possibly be. Maybe she was just a little bit breathless from her hasty entrance into the pub? She looked ravishing with another light grey executive suit, complete with a white silk scarf and deep wine- red, high-heeled shoes. Some person to look up to. The supreme leader of the Pac!

“Well, I didn’t think so myself, and I was really surprised. It’s not the most logical thing that there will be a lot of girls wanting – even fantasizing – about satisfying other women. And especially not younger girls wanting to service older women!”

Jean suddenly realised that she had been talking quite loud, and looked around herself slightly embarrassed before she smiled, bent over the table a little, grabbed her hands – like she’d developed a habit to do – and continued with an almost whispering voice.

“But – as you know yourself – there’s a huge dream out there! Apparently a lot of girls have fantasies in this direction. Normally it remains a fantasy, but with us they have a possibility to do something about it in a safe environment where someone brings them together with the ladies of these fantasies. And – the best of it all – with ladies who know how to appreciate and enjoy it. Without any questions, or any other personal involvement other than the sex itself. At least not in the beginning. This seems to be a remarkably successful match.

And, to be perfectly honest with you; later on, when they get to know each other better, there can be all kinds of relationships developing. I even think that I – despite of all my efforts – might have right out lost a few of my girls to some of my clients, in the way that they seem to have developed a kind of a love affair, that is.

That’s inconvenient, obviously, because it reduces the capacity and flexibility of our services. But on the other hand, client satisfaction is higher, and they’re still paying, so in the end it’s not really any serious trouble to the business. At least it hasn’t been so far.”

Jean drew her breath after her lecture and smiled again.

“So, as you perfectly well know by now, you’re not alone in this wide world!”

Anne couldn’t say she felt any better after Jean’s monologue, if that had been the intention. Sure it was a comfort to know that there was many more who shared her fantasies, but again she got this feeling of being reduced to a tool for her friend’s business. That was a problem, because she started to realize that the enjoyment and passion she experienced from all of this, was much more important to her than the business it got them. Even if she would be a part of it. This was much, much more than simple business, and she had got a feeling that Jean seemed to forget that. Even Carol, actually.

It wasn’t really something that made her doubt if she would continue to go with the program, but she decided to try to give Jean some feedback about this when time and situation was right. It was time to start watching out a little bit, so she wasn’t being exploited for Jean’s purposes escort marmaris only. And she was more determent than ever to try to figure out if it could have something to do with her relationship with Carol!

After a cup of coffee and a brief introduction of the client and the task ahead, it was time to be off to the new lecture. Anne hadn’t felt nervous at all up until now, but she felt the familiar heavy heartbeats as they left the pub and stood outside in the street. To her surprise they didn’t get into the car, but continued down the sidewalk for about ten minutes, until they stood in front of an elegant apartment house about three blocks away.

Jean went up the stairs, and rang one of the bells until a familiar humming indicated that the front door was open. She held the door open to Anne, and they both strolled over to the elevator at the opposite side.

Upstairs a very tall woman dressed in an elegant dark green business suit met them at the apartment door. Anne thought she could be slightly over forty, very good looking with prominent earrings and discreet make-up in matching colours, revealing a style that to Anne was nice, though a little bit strange for her taste. Again Jean had got her a lady to admire and look up to. An ideal person to further help build her character and skills.

“This is actually a company apartment now,” Jean told her after they were introduced. “We’ve had it for almost three months, and used it for the part of the program that you are about to enter now.” She smiled broadly at the lady beside her; “Bridget is one of our best clients. She’s almost insatiable!” They laughed and hugged each other convivially before Jean continued; “It wasn’t very hard to get her to volunteer for a free one, joining in as one of our special instructors for the final and more sophisticated part of the training. In fact, it was quite easy!” Again the two of them shared a long, heartily laugh.

Anne could clearly see the fervour in the lady’s eyes, and she sensed from the way her personality made her feel, that she would not be easily satisfied! At first glance, Bridget gave a somewhat cool and arrogant impression, but within the first few minutes the ice was more or less broken, and she thought she sensed a certain openness and frankness about her. She was happy to realize that she would probably end up liking her just as much as the others back at the institute. The now familiar surge of excitement warmed her entire body as she felt things were again right for a wonderful session of real lovemaking – real pleasure providing – within the familiar settings that Jean so masterfully created.

It didn’t take long until lights were down, candles were lit, muted classical music sounded from the stereo, and Jean and Bridget had taken off their jackets and gotten comfortably seated on a black leather corner couch in the small, but elegant living room. Jean instructed Anne with kind and patient commands how to prepare and serve red wine as well as an elegant tray of fruit and cheese.

Ann tried to work swift and effective. It was a problem, naturally, that she didn’t know her way around this kitchen, but after a while she felt she managed fairly well. And when everything was to the ladies’ satisfaction, she sat down on the huge rug right in front of the couch. The inferior position that clearly was an essential part of the next step of the program. Bridget handed over her own glass of wine.

The three – or first and foremost two – of them chatted for a while. Anne listened in, and answered when addressed, as she had learned. She made sure not to drink out her own glass, but to refill the glasses of her mistresses as soon as they were close to half full.

Anne could feel Bridget’s excitement, and when Jean’s eyes told her the time was right, she knew she was expected to make the move. She started with asking for permission to take off her client’s shoes to kiss her feet.

As Jean nodded and complemented her initiative, Anne noticed how Bridget trembled lightly with excitement. Her breathing got heavier, and when Anne touched the upper calf of her crossed legs to start removing her shoe, a small jerk made the tip of the shoe almost hit her nose as she bent over it. When the first shoe was off, both legs came graciously down on the floor to allow Anne to remove the other. Then she carefully lifted one foot to her lips and started kissing it lovingly. There wasn’t even the slightest hint of any uncomfortable odours. Another contribution to the impression of a kind of superior class. As she let her other hand gently slide up to the knee and massage the calf, she noted that the leg was perfectly shaved. When she kissed her way up towards the knee, she vaguely sensed the smell of the hair removal wax through the discrete perfume. Bridget’s trembling became stronger as Anne painstakingly slowly approached and then reached her knee. The woman moaned and grabbed Jean by the hand as she let her thighs slip apart as far as her skirt would allow, giving Anne a peek of the curls of her uncovered pubic mound hidden in the deep shadow up under it. At that point, Anne’s mounting excitement made her breathing a bit heaving too.

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