Andy and Megan’s Underwear Fun

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I woke up to the gentle touch on my skin as my wife; Megan, glided her finger across my waist and then onto the smooth silk-like waistband of my underwear. Her hand slipped under my pants and brushed over my stiffening cock, then back to my waist where she grabbed the strap of the waistband and pulled it up. She loved when I wore a thong so she could grab my waistband like a handle and tug a little, not to mention the view she enjoyed.

Her hands were enjoying my body as they went under my white t-shirt and felt my tan firm six-pack. I rolled over and was met with her crystal clear blue eyes staring at me with her teeth biting her bottom lip as she displayed her yearning desire to be close to me. I brushed back her smooth soft brown hair that was dangling over her face. I brought her face to mine and kissed her passionately. Her hand made its way around to my back as she pulled me closer. We made out with a burning desire of love and affection. She couldn’t help herself from reaching down and feeling the back of my thong and gently pulled up on them to make the fabric press against my asshole. It sent a lightning bolt of pleasure throughout my body. She pulled down the side of my pants to expose my bare skin on the cool air that came blowing in from the windows. She loved grabbing my bare ass and squeezing my cheeks.

My lips made their way to her neck and picked a spot to make a small hickey. She felt frisky after my hickey was complete, she pinned me down and started kissing beginning with my stomach and making her way down to my underwear. She could see my bulge pressing against the fabric of my thong. She began to kiss my package through my underwear, and then started rubbing my cock.

At this point, she was kneeling next to me with her ass in the air. I reached over and pulled her tight grey yoga pants down just enough to reveal her purple triple string thong. It looked like she had 4 straps with her g-string tan line wrapping around her waist.

Megan rubbed my cock through my underwear until she saw a cum spot appear. That’s when she licked it up and moved the pouch of my thong to the side to allow my cock to finally be free. Instantly, she wrapped her lips around my shaft and began to suck in long slow strokes. I loved when she would come off of my cock and show me the cum mixed saliva dripping out of her mouth. I squeezed her ass each time her mouth came down on me.

Megan reached back and grabbed a bottle of lube and used it to get her hand and my asshole wet. She looked at me with an excited smile as she slowly inserted her middle finger inside me. She knew exactly what to do and how far her finger should go. She pressed the pad of her finger against my prostate which sent waves of pleasure through my body. Megan stroked my shaft up and down while her finger fluttered inside of me. Eventually, she had a steady rhythm going.

I pulled up her shirt just enough for me to see her black Calvin Klein cotton bra. I admired her tan skin and sexy abs. I couldn’t help it as I pulled the strings of her thong as high as they could go. Megan started moving her hand and fingers faster. My body was practically bouncing up and down as she pulled on my ass. I could tell I was getting close and she knew it too. That’s when she took my cock into her mouth again and sucked my shaft deep. I couldn’t help but let out moans of pleasure as she drenched my cock with her mouth. I could feel my cum rising to the tip of my cock. l told her I was about to cum and that’s when she surprised me and put my cock back in my thong and started rubbing through them. I couldn’t hold off any longer & shot cum right into my thong. I could see the big spot of cum appear and grow and grow. She waited until my cock stopped pulsing with cum. She stretched my thong up off of my shaft and rolled the cum soaked underwear, off from my legs. She laid next to me and let me watch as she held my thong in front of her mouth and let the cum slowly drip into her mouth. The sun shining behind her made for an incredible view. She was hungry for my cum, she waited in anticipation for each drop. Eventually, there wasn’t any more to drip off so she started to lick the rest of my cum off slowly. She loved the smell of my thong mixed with the taste of my cum. Once she was done, she looked at me and smiled with satisfaction.

“Come on, we’ve got a double date brunch to get to.” she remarked.

We both jumped in the shower together and washed each other off. Megan got out first, I followed soon behind her. She put on her smallest black g-string, then a white thong body suit. In the light; I could see her g-string show through. She started putting on some jeans and stopped right before she pulled them over her ass. She looked back at me and smiled as she slowly squeezed her jeans over her sexy booty. Megan had a slender body but she definitely had a bit of an ass, which I loved.

She walked over to my underwear drawers.

“Hmm, so many to choose from. I think I need a better way to see them all.” she remarked.

She took the drawers out of the dresser and bayburt escort dumped all my underwear on the bed.

“That’s better.” she commented.

She looked around and pulled out a Calvin Klein cotton boxer brief “naw,” and then a Cocksox sport brief “getting better,” and then a C-IN2 jockstrap “mmm right style but maybe a different brand… how about this one! Best of both worlds.”

She held up my Andrew Christian black jock thong with gold lettering. She came over with her devilish smile, bent over in front of me, and helped put it on me. As she bent over I could see a little skin on both sides of her body suit, creating a ‘whale tail’ like view. My cock began to stiffen as she pulled my jock thong up my legs. The straps fell in place perfectly. She stood up, reached around me, and squeezed my ass as she kissed me on the lips. She walked away with her jeans a little low still showing off that whale tail view with a hint of her black g-string showing through. We finished getting ready and left all my underwear on the bed.

We went to a local brunch place where we met our friends Matt and Lisa. We loved hanging out with them because they were very open and fun to be around. We had a great time eating, talking, and laughing. But then an unexpected conversation came up when I bent over to pickup a fork that Megan dropped.

Lisa remarked “oooh Matt! Check out Andy’s underwear!”

I reached back and felt my underwear strap exposed, “Oh, these?! Yeah, they’re fun to wear. What do you think?” I asked as my heart was beating as fast as a drum roll.

“I think they’re sexy.” remarked Lisa.

“You know, some guys I’d be turned off by a thong but you definitely have the body to pull it off.” Lisa mentioned.

“It’s not only a thong…” said Megan.

Lisa’s mouth opened in shock and excitement. “What do you mean?!” she asked.

“Show ’em hun,” Megan said to me.

“Oh you didn’t see?” I said as I shifted to one side and pulled up my waistband just enough to show off the jock strap feature.

“Oh Matt!” Lisa almost screamed. “You should get some of those!”

“Shhhh, keep it down,” Matt said, a little embarrassed.

“What kind of styles do you wear?” Lisa asked me.

“All kinds.” I said. “Think of any style and I’ve got it. I like to mix it up depending on my mood. Sometimes briefs; sometimes boxer briefs; sometimes more risky pairs like jocks and thongs. What about you Matt?” I asked.

“I just wear boxer briefs.” he mentioned.

“Boring ones, like Hanes or Fruit of the Loom.” said Lisa.

“Hey, I like em! It’s not like you wear sexy styles.” blurted Matt.

Lisa paused for a moment.

“You know, you’re right. I’ve got some cute patterns but they’re not sexy or risky. Not to mention, I only have briefs and boy shorts,” she replied.

Lisa looked at Megan and asked her, “what do you wear?”

Megan smiled and replied, “I’m like Andy, I like to mix it up. We both have a bit of an addiction to each other’s collection.”

“Well, well, well! I think you guys might need to help us shop for new ones!” said Lisa. She looked at Matt for approval. He was a bit reluctant at first but he gave in. We decided to head to the mall. I couldn’t believe this was happening and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next.

First, we shopped for Matt. Luckily, there was a store in the mall that had a bunch of men’s specialty underwear. The first display we saw was a mannequin that showed a Cellblock 13 jockstrap. So, we decided to start there and shuffled through all the different colors and sizes.

Lisa found a black and red pair and remarked “Matt your ass is gonna look so hot in these!” He rolled his eyes and couldn’t believe what he got himself into on this shopping trip.

We moved on to the next rack of underwear that had a bunch of PUMP! underwear. They were all really colorful.

Matt found a blue brief “I could get down with something like this.”

“Looks good babe, anything beats plain black boxer briefs.” Lisa commented.

Megan couldn’t help herself and eyed up a blue bikini brief from the brand Addicted.

“Couldn’t put it better myself.” she remarked, and we all smiled and agreed.

Lisa came up to us “So what thong would you recommend for Matt?!”

Megan looked at me “babe you should show them Cocksox.”

Lisa looked at me a bit surprised “Cocksox? That’s a interesting name.”

“Trust me, you’ll love what it’ll do to his package.” I said.

“Show them the pouch with the enhanced front.” said Megan.

I led them over and picked up a green Cocksox thong.

“Ooh, look at this pouch Matt!” said Lisa.

Matt turned a bit red “Are these things actually comfortable?”

“It might take some time. But you’ll love the way they hold & support everything. You have to try a few.” I remarked.

We went around and grabbed a few more thongs and other styles from brands like 2xist, Diesel, Joe Snyder, Gregg Homme, and Ergowear.

Matt made a comment to bayburt escort bayan Lisa as we were checking out “If I have to wear a thong, then you do too.”

Lisa looked at Matt “I suppose. You know, I’ve never actually tried one.”

“What!” Megan screamed.

“Yeah, my mom never let me get one and since I lived at home in college, I haven’t grabbed one yet.”

“Oh my god, we’re going to Victoria’s Secret right now!” said Megan.

We were so excited! Underwear shopping with another couple was a dream come true for us, not to mention introducing them to new styles was thrilling!

First, we entered the store and showed Lisa around. We looked at the PINK collection. They had a deal, for 5 pairs, so Megan and Lisa picked out two thongs, two v-strings, and a string bikini.

Then, we moved on to some of their other collections and that’s when Andy pulled out a high waist thong that had five, maybe six straps on it. You could tell he was excited to see Lisa try them out.

Lisa saw them and commented “Oh babe! Those are so sexy! Nice find!”

I looked over and saw Megan digging through drawers. She couldn’t help but add to her own collection as well. She pulled out a pink shiny Brazilian style panty with rhinestones on the side. We locked eyes and smiled with her find.

Lisa saw what she found and asked

“What do you have there?”

“Just this newer style called Brazilian… it’s kind of a mix between a cheeky and thong.”

“Cheeky? What are those like?”

Megan and I stared at her for a second.

“Goodness, we’ve got to catch you up on the newest styles.” Megan said.

Lisa shrugged her shoulders “I guess so.”

We looked around for a second and then found a pair of cheekies in lace.

“Basically, it covers half of your butt cheeks. They can be really sexy to show off and they feel sexy too.” mentioned Megan.

“Scandalous!” replied Lisa as she took the pair from Megan’s hands.

We felt like we had enough for Lisa to try. So, we headed for the cash register. On the way to the back, I noticed a red lace crotch-less teddy with crisscrossed straps running all the way up the sides. All of our mouths dropped and Lisa remarked “Megan! You should get that, you would rock it!”

Megan started biting her pinky fingernail as she blushed and wasn’t sure if she could spend the money on it.

I couldn’t help myself “Get it babe, I’ll pay for it.” I said.

She grabbed one off the rack and went to the changing room to try it on. All of us waited outside the changing room door. After a minute or two we heard the door handle click and open. Megan stood there showing all three of us her red, lace teddy. We were all stunned by how amazing she looked and how bold she was to show off to our friends in such a risky outfit. I noticed she kept her black g-string on, but her breast’s were on full display with the top of her teddy acting more as a shelf for her breasts than anything. We all commented how attractive and sexy she looked.

She did a quick spin and commented “I think this size fits great, I just wanted to see if you guys agreed.”

We all caught ourselves staring and gave a delayed “Yeah! Couldn’t look better.”

Megan noticed Matt in a trance and smiled. She turned around to show off her thong cut backside some more and closed the door to change back.

We all paid at the register and walked out with our big shiny Victoria’s Secret bags. Some of the looks we got from people, as we walked around the mall with all of our underwear and lingerie bags were pretty funny and we all laughed together.

Megan asked Matt and Lisa if they wanted to come over to hang out. They happily agreed. Megan made sure to remind them to bring in their new purchases.

We arrived at the apartment and we all ran inside.

Megan cut right to the chase and asked “So which pair are you guys going to try first?”

They both looked at each other. Lisa had a smile on her face but Matt wasn’t sure how to react as he itched the side of his forehead and shrugged his shoulders.

Lisa perked up “I think you should try on your PUMP! blue brief you said you liked.”

Matt felt good about that and went into our bedroom to try it on.

Lisa started walking to the bathroom as she remarked “I think I’ll go and try on a pair of cheekies. Those looked fun!”

We both waited a minute until both of them came out. Matt looked great in his blue briefs.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“They’re comfortable. I can really tell they’re great quality and I like how well it supports. I could see rocking these daily.”

“Oh babe, I’m so happy you like them! You look great.” Lisa remarked.

Matt walked over to Lisa and grabbed her hand and spun her around “Let’s see how these look!” As Lisa showed off a pair of black lace cheekies. Her ass looked stunning. Megan couldn’t help herself and slapped her ass.

“Ow!… Ooo you like that?!” replied Lisa.

Megan nodded and replied “the only thing escort bayburt better would be a thong.”

“Well I wanna see you in that pink Brazilian panty.” Lisa said to Megan.

Megan agreed but then they both slowly turned and looked at us.

“You know what that means guys. You have to put on your thongs too.” said Megan.

“Do you want me to put on a different pair from the one I got on?” I asked.

“I’ll pick a pair for you to show off.” said Matt.

I was a bit surprised but happily agreed. We went into the bedroom while the girls got changed in the bathroom.

As I walked in the bedroom I looked at the bed and my heart sank for a second.

Oh my goodness, I forgot that we left all my underwear on the bed!

“Your spread of underwear is incredible.” remarked Matt.

I paused for a moment to let reality sink in and realized he was going to see them all anyways. I replied “Well thanks. It looks like you’ve already seen my collection. So what pair do you want to see me wear?”

Matt scanned over my bed. “Hmmm… how about this one.” as he held up a skimpy orange iKingsky g-string.

“Sounds good. You gonna wear your Cocksox thong?” I asked.

He signed and said “I suppose.”

Boldness came over me and I took my pants off right in front of him. His eyes got big as he stared at my jock thong. I turned around and took them off and slipped on the thong. The front fit perfectly around my package and accented my cock bulge perfectly.

“Your turn.” I said.

“Alright alright.” remarked Matt.

He grabbed the green thong from his bag. He turned away from me and slipped off his briefs. He held up the thong and looked at it. “Here goes nothing.” he said as he spread the waistband and slowly slid it up his legs until the fabric rested between his cheeks and over his package.

“Wow!” he said. “These are really something! What do you think? Not too bad, hey? Yeah. I love how the front shows off my cock.”

“Yeah, they look great. Let’s show them off.” I said.

Matt replied “yeah,” he paused in the middle of his response. “I suppose.”

I opened the door and motioned for him to go first. He stretched his arms over his head as an automatic, uneasy response. Then, he walked back into the living room. We were greeted by our ladies waiting in anticipation. Megan had her pink Brazilian panty on and all the rhinestones sparkled in the light. Lisa had on her thong with all the straps on it that Matt picked out.

“Oh Matt, you look hot! Let me see that ass!” said Lisa.

Matt turned around and grabbed his thong strap and snapped it on his waist.

“Let’s see yours.” said Matt.

Lisa spun around, made sure all her straps were evenly spaced, and smiled at Matt. They both gravitated towards each other and started giggling and flirting with one another. It wasn’t long until Matt grabbed Lisa’s ass and kissed her.

“I see you guys like your purchases.” I said and then looked at Megan “and you, you look incredible.” I remarked.

“Not too bad yourself.” she said as she gave me a good look up and down.

“Hey, Lisa wanted to see my panty collection. You guys wanna come?” she asked.

Matt and I looked at each other. Matt’s face looked excited as I commented “I’m gonna take a wild guess that Matt would love to see it.”

We all laughed as we headed to the bedroom.

We walked in and Lisa blurted out “Holy cow!” As she stared at all my underwear on the bed. “There’s gotta be over 300 pairs here!”

“327 to be exact.” I replied.

Lisa grabbed a pair of my black silk briefs “Mmm oh my! That’s hot.” she remarked.

“Hey! I thought you wanted to see mine!” Megan said teasingly.

“Oop! Coming!” Lisa replied with a guilty smile.

We all huddled around her dresser.

“So how I organize my drawers is by sexiness and material. So bottom drawer is all my cotton panties. Mainly briefs, boy shorts, and a few thongs. I mainly grab from this drawer when it’s my period or if I just want something comfy to wear.”

“Nice colors!” remarked Matt as he gazed at pretty much every color under the sun. My heart always pumps fast when I look at Megan’s panty drawers. Even the cotton drawer is stunning. My favorite thing about this drawer is that it’s covered with Victoria’s Secret signature panties. The shiny waistband with scalloped edges in all sorts of colors was a site to see.

“Next drawer up is my lingerie drawer… I’ll save that for last… It’s my naughtiest drawer.” said Megan.

“You’ll love that one.” I whispered to Matt. He looked at me and smirked.

Megan continued “Second from the top has lots of fun fabrics in it. It’s a mix of all styles with a heavy load of boy shorts, cheekies, brazilians, and thongs. I’ve got lots of microfiber blends, silk, and mesh in this drawer.”

“Wow those are amazing! I love the fun variety!” commented Lisa as she dug through the drawer a bit to see some more.

“Beware Lisa, Megan has a few…”

Lisa picked up a glass dildo.

“Toys in here.” I finished saying.

“Oh my!” Lisa remarked.

We all laughed.

“We don’t have a glass dildo. Just a silicone one. Do you like these?” Lisa asked.

“I like how easy these are to clean.” Megan said. “It’s fun to play with too.” she added as she raised her eye brows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32