An Anal Fantasy for You

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Thank you to Kingswoman for editing my story. Please check out her audio stories. I find they have a big effect on me (wink).


I don’t like the women you see in professional porn. Perfect hair, trim bodies and false tits. Not for me and I suspect many men feel the same. Give me a proper woman every time. With pussy hair, underarm hair (yes really), and if she has hairs up her arse that would be perfect. The only place I don’t like hair on a woman is on her legs. I know that may sound strange and I don’t understand it myself but that’s just me. Oh and no perfume. Clean, yes but perfume just masks the beautiful natural smells that a woman has.

I hate implants too. A lovely pair of natural tits is what I like, and if they are odd shapes or sizes that would add to the magic and uniqueness. I like a bit of a belly too. Something to feel and cuddle into in bed. It’s the imperfections that make a woman perfect for me.

My great love is anal sex and especially rimming so if you would allow me this is what I’d like to do to you.

For anal penetration it would be best if you were on your knees, legs spread slightly and your head resting on your arms. It is important that you are fully relaxed. Just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation.

I would start by rubbing illegal bahis my hands over your bum cheeks, feeling the smooth skin and planting kisses on them and admiring the deep crack between them. Running my tongue up and down the length of your bum crack I’d slowly start spreading your cheeks, getting my tongue deeper inside with each long, slow lick, tasting the inside of your cheeks. As your cheeks open up I’d smell and take in the beautiful warm aroma emanating from deep within you. Once your cheeks are fully spread and your gorgeous little hole is exposed to my view I’d place my nose against your anus and take deep breaths to absorb your earthy fragrance.

Using the tip of my tongue I’d lick around your sphincter and dab at the centre of your ring. I would find it exciting to lick and taste your shit, so don’t wash too well there. Flattening my tongue I’d take big licks, swiping my tongue over your bumhole slowly so that we can both enjoy the delicious sensation. Curling my tongue into a tube shape I’d start pushing at the centre of your tight arsehole. Just relax, enjoy and allow me to penetrate you. As my tongue slides deeper into your back passage my lips will come into contact with you around your anus forming a seal. I could suck your ring as I lick deeply inside you savouring the taste illegal bahis siteleri and flavour of your shit tube. That wonderful woman taste that is unique to you. I’d keep sucking as I moved my tongue back and forth, cleaning and tasting as I tongue fuck your bum.

I’d withdraw from your most intimate place slowly, enjoying a long, lingering look at your exposed arsehole and relishing the remaining taste of you on my tongue.

Taking a well lubricated finger I’d gently start to insert it into your anus. I’d take care to go slowly here with you dictating the speed and depth of insertion. I’d keep moving my finger in and out of your bumhole getting slightly deeper each time and ensuring the lube is getting well spread inside you by moving my finger in a circular motion and having a good feel.

Now that you are comfortable with one finger we can start with two. Again using plenty of lube I would gently insert both fingers into your hole watching closely to see your arsehole expand. I’d repeat the thrusting, always feeling inside you to let you dictate the speed and depth of the thrusts.

By now I would expect that you are really enjoying the anal intrusion that I’m giving you, just as I will be. Taking my fingers slowly out of your bum I’d smell and suck them to get one last canlı bahis siteleri taste of your deep insides. Applying plenty of lube to my now very hard cock I’d introduce it to your slightly stretched anus. Some people will want to use a condom at this stage in the interests of hygiene and I would go with your choice. Although I love to go “bareback” I think that as we have just met I should wear a condom, so you are not at all anxious about safety.

Slowly I’ll push the head of my cock into your arse, watching closely as your ring stretches to accommodate it. Now that the head is in I’d stop to allow you to get your breath and enjoy the feeling of being expanded back there. At this stage you may feel the desire to poo. Don’t worry, that’s natural and will pass in seconds. Once you are comfortable I’d slowly slide my cock into your rectum at a pace to suit you until I am in “balls deep”. I’d start sliding in and out,still slowly, at your pace. Itwon’t be long before you’ll be commanding me to fuck your arse harder, with long, deep strokes. As I fuck your bum harder and faster I’d reach round and rub your clit giving you sensations in both holes until you cum so hard that you squirt all over my legs.

Many women would be concerned about “accidents”. Please don’t be. Anal sex and shit go together. Personally I love to see the streaks on my cock when I pull out and, as the saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen” or should that be “Oven” in this case.

That is what I’d like to do to you. With love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32