An Afternoon Rendezvous

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*Everyone in this story is 18+

Madison hadn’t seen him coming. She hadn’t really been paying attention as she walked to her next class. During most of the journey, her eyes had been glued to her phone as she watched her friends bicker in their shared group chat. Despite all the attention that she’d given their squabble, she couldn’t even say what they were fighting over. It didn’t matter, they would be over it by the end of the evening and onto the next hot bit of drama.

A hand had locked onto her arm, and she found herself being pulled into the bathroom. It was large and beige, one of those unisex handicapped bathrooms with florescent lights that hummed like cicadas in the summer. She heard the door click, locked, and she turned quickly around to see her assailant. She was greeted with by a familiar sight, her older brother, Jonah. He treated her to a lazy smile, and she scowled at him in return.

This was the first time they’d been alone together since that night and Madison felt a warmth blossom between her legs as she looked at him. He looked good today, she noticed, his dark hair perfectly messy and his body slightly sweaty from soccer practice.

“What do you want? I have class,” she replied, pretending to be irritated with him.

“I just wanted to borrow you for a moment,” he told her.

She huffed. She didn’t have time for this. She’d already skipped this class a lot this semester and she had the sinking feeling that her professor had started to notice her paltry attendance. She cast her eyes to her phone, checking the time. If she was where she thought she was, she could still make it on time if she moved quickly.

“It can’t wait? I have to go.”

“Look, you still owe me – Unless, you want me to tell our parents about your late night escapades?”

She rolled her eyes but offered no more protest. By the expression on his face, he knew that he had her. Despite all of her attitude, she couldn’t help but feel excited. Did that mean that last time wasn’t just a fluke? She’d been thinking about it over and over again since it had happened. God, she hoped he came inside of her again. Her growing lust drowned out her general disgust at the prospect of being fucked in a public bathroom.

He made a circle motion with his fingers, and she complied, turning to face the door. She leaned forward slightly, showing off her heart shaped ass to him. As it was, her plaid skirt was barely long enough to cover her ass and bent over, he could see a hint of her panty covered pussy.

“I’m eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar so fucking happy you wore a skirt today,” he said with a groan as he looked her over.

He was on her in an instant, his front to her back and his arms all around her. His hands caressed her ass, pushing up her skirt over her ass. He tugged at her blouse, freeing her perky tits. She gasped as a sharp ripping sound was heard. It his gusto, it seemed as though he’d popped some of the buttons on her blouse. She pouted, she loved this shirt. Her complaints were short lived as he began to rub at her clit through the thin material of the fabric. She shuddered from the contact, deliciously sensitive.

He removed his hand, replacing it with his thick cock. His dick strained through the thin fabric of his athletic shorts, creating a sizable bulge. He rocked against her, and she grinded against him in tern, whining needily. She placed her hands flat on the door to brace herself as they rocked together. His chest was pressed against her back, one of his arms wrapped around her waist holding her tightly to him. With his free hand, he groped her perky tits. He rubbed at her nipples, tugging and teasing them until both rosy nubs stood erect. He was probably going to get an earful for ruining her shirt but he’d be lying if he said that he regretted his actions.

“Fuck, Jonah. Hurry up. I can’t wait much longer.”

He laughed in response, amused that her resistance had vanished so quickly. She’d seemed to eager to be rid of him at the start and now she was begging for his cock. He didn’t make her wait much longer, pulling her panties to the side, so he could slide in. He eased his cock through her soaked folds, coating himself in her wetness. In one easy thrust, he buried himself to the hilt in her tight channel. She moaned loudly, and he clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Shh, someone’s gonna hear her,” he told her, his voice low. “Mhmm, maybe that is what you want? You want someone to listen to you get fucked, listen to you whine for your big brothers cock.”

He punctuated his words by nipping at her neck with his teeth. Madison moaned and writhed beneath him, cream leaking down her legs. Her brother owned her pussy and they both knew it. She couldn’t even find it in herself to feel ashamed, she just didn’t want him to stop fucking her. She loved the sensation of him filling her, stretching her, claiming her for himself.

She slipped a hand between her legs to play with her sincan escort bayan clit. Without both hands to brace herself against the door, she slipped forward, her cheek pressed flat against the door. With the new angle, he was able to get even deeper than before, easily finding her g-spot. Jonah still had his hand against her mouth but his other hand was tightly gripping her hip as he pounded into her tight cunt. Freed from her constricting top, her tits bounced in time with his thrusts. Even without the sound of Madison’s moans, the pair made quite a racket, but they were too far gone to notice – until someone knocked on the door.

“Hello,” a strangers voice said. “Are you quite all right in there?”

Madison squeaked in surprise, and she felt the hand around her mouth stiffen. She wrenched her head around to look at her bother, doe eyes wide. They were so fucked. They were going to be in so much trouble, she just knew it. If it wasn’t bad enough that they were going to get caught having sex on campus, everyone was going to find out that she’d been fucking her brother. She tried to communicate all of this to him but it was difficult with his hand still around her mouth. Jonah didn’t seem as bothered. He could feel Madison clench tightly around him, her walls a velvet vice. As scared as she was about the consequences, Jonah was almost certain that she was turned on by the attention and he wasn’t about to get cock blocked by some overly concerned shit head. He continued to thrust into his sisters tight cunt, his tempo slightly slowed, and she quivered around him.

” ‘m fine,” Jonah said through his teeth. “Just ate something bad.”

She shot him another look, trying to tell him with her eyes that they needed to stop, but he just wouldn’t listen. She couldn’t believe he was still buried deep in her hot cunt while he spoke to this person through the door. He removed his hand from her mouth, pushing her hand out-of-the-way so he could tease her clit. She was trying to keep quiet, but he could hear her sharply exhale as he touched her. She bit her lips and wrenched her eyes shut, trying to keep her building orgasm at bay.

“Are you sure? I can get someone if you need them,” the voice said after a moment.

“Yes, man. I’m sure. I just can’t do these dining hall burritos anymore.”

Jonah was pretty sure he heard a quiet grunt of affirmation through the door, but he wasn’t certain. It didn’t much matter to him, if they wanted to play audience that was their prerogative. gölbaşı sınırsız escort If they were going to snitch, they would have done so already, right?

With his continued assault on her cunt, Madison couldn’t hold it back any longer. Her orgasm overcame her like a tidal wave. Her legs buckled beneath her as she came, shaking and spasming on her brother’s thick cock. Jonah removed his hand from her sensitive clit, so he could better grip her hips, pulling her tightly towards him so he could shoot load deep inside of her. He rested his head on her shoulder as he panted, coming down from his orgasm.

“We didn’t use a condom again,” Madison commented after a while, voice nonchalant like she was talking about the weather.

Jonah only grunted in response. She didn’t say anything more. It would be fine. She was pretty sure it would be fine. She wasn’t on the pill or anything but this wasn’t one of her fertile days. Jonah pulled out, hissing as his sensitive dick slipped out of her hot cunt.

Madison pulled her panties back into place. She tried to smooth down her skirt, but she doubted it helped. The main problem was her top which Jonah had ruined. She futzed with it as best as she could, trying to make herself presentable. Jonah watched quietly as she set to tidying herself up.

Just like before, he sent her away. His only explanation was that it would look weird if they both left the bathroom together. She didn’t bother to point out that it hadn’t been a problem when he’d dragged her into the bathroom.

She checked her phone. It looked like there was still an hour of class left. She slipped out of the bathroom and wandered into her class, quietly slipping into the back of the room. As she rushed to class, she felt Jonah’s cum leak out of her pussy into her panties. Sitting in their combined juices, she felt horny all over again. She almost wanted to go back to the bathroom to see if he was still there. He could fuck her over the sink this time so she could watch in the mirror as he pounded her tight slit. She squeezed her legs together trying to ease the ache between her legs. There was no way she was going to be able to focus in class like this.

Surreptitiously, she looked around the room. It certainly seemed like everyone was paying attention to the lecture. Maybe, no one would notice if she teased herself a just little bit. She slid her hand under her skirt and into her panties, shivering as her fingers made contact with her sensitive flesh. She scooped some of Jonah’s cum onto her finger and rubbed it onto her clit. She felt herself stiffen as her orgasm began to build. She almost wished that they shared this class. She’d sit right on his lap and ride his dick until she felt satisfied. Madison bit her lip, shivering as she experienced her second orgasm of the day in the back of her lecture.

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