Amy’s Reparations

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My name is Amy and I grew up in the deep south. My daddy owns a large ranch that raises cattle, horses, corn and milo. The ranch has been in the family since 1802. In the early years, it was known as a plantation, although, since the end of the Civil War, it has been called a ranch. The ranch was first worked by slaves, in the early years and after the Civil War, was worked by the slave families that stayed after they were free. As a result, most of the ranch is worked by the sixth and seventh generation of the original slaves that were brought here from Africa.

Growing up on the ranch was wonderful. I had everything a girl would ever desire. I got a great education during the day, rode my horse all afternoon, then relaxed by our pool or played with my brother and his friends. I never gave a thought to where my family’s money came from. I just had a good life and that was it. After I graduated high school, I attended college at the states’ top school. Freshman year was a real eye opener. It was the typical schedule of mandatory classes with a dash of electives. I signed up too late for one of my electives and was stuck in a Black Studies class. I was pissed. I wasn’t black and I didn’t care about studying about black people. As it turned out, I was the only white person in the class and I felt really out of place.

Our professor began the course teaching us about the tribes of Africa and the accomplishments of the African people before the white settlers arrived. It was interesting but I really didn’t care that much about the topic. Then, the professor taught us about the slave trade. He mentioned that the slaves were often sold to the white settlers by other black tribes as a way of committing genocide of opposing tribes. As time passed, I began to get into the story. He discussed how slaves were treated and how difficult it was to be an indentured servant. Then something hit me like a freight train. The professor showed some very old black and white pictures of slaves working on a local plantation. It was my daddy’s ranch. The house in the background was the house I grew up in.

To my horror, the picture showed black men chained together working in one of our ranches’ fields. I was shocked and embarrassed. The professor then told us about how the souths’ whole economy was supported by the work of the slaves’ free labor. He discussed how rich the plantation owners became on the backs of the slaves and how there were farms today that were still in the original family’s possession. He then dropped the bomb on me by asking the class if we thought that the current owners owed the relatives of the slave reparations. I slid down into my chair and tried to make myself as small as I could. I had never even thought about this. Now, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. The class all agreed that reparations were due. A long discussion ensued as to how much. I kept my mouth shut and tried to disappear in my seat.

Over the rest of the semester, I began to look into what the professor had spoken about. I actually tried to calculate the amount of money my family had made during slavery. I never got a number I could believe, but I knew it was a lot of money. I decided that I wanted to make things right. I called my daddy and discussed it with him. He laughed at me and told me he didn’t send me to college to become a “goofy liberal”. He told me that slavery was a long time ago and that he treated the people who work for us fine and they didn’t deserve anything besides a paycheck. I was disappointed and a bit broken hearted. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. As Christmas break approached, I tried to come up with a way to pay my daddy’s employees back for their relatives suffering. Then an idea popped into my head and I formulated my plan.

As break started, I returned home. I said hi to my whole family, then ran out to the barn to see my horse, Major. I loved Major. He was gentle and sweet and we spent many hours together. As I popped into the barn, I surprised Marcus. He had been cleaning Majors’ stable and hadn’t expected anyone to be in the barn. Marcus stood up very erect and apologized for not having Majors’ stall cleaned. I told him it was fine, but Marcus seemed like he had gotten in trouble. I tried to make small talk to get him more comfortable. He answered my questions very politely and never looked up at me. He seemed very shy.

I asked him if his family had lived on the ranch for a long time and he said that his relatives were some of the original workers on the ranch back in the 1800’s. His comment brought the pictures rushing back in my mind. It was then, that I decided to do something. I reached my hand out and asked him to hold my hand. He shyly did as he was told. I then told him to look into my eyes. It took a bit but he finally made eye contact. I looked back at him and told him that I truly appreciated his hard work and the hard work of every one of his relatives. I told him that I wanted to show him how much it meant to me.

At erenköy escort that point, I slowly dropped to my knees in front of him. He looked down at me with a panicked look. I told him to just relax, as I began to unbuckle his belt. I unzipped his dirty jeans and pulled them down slightly. He was wearing white BVD’s like my brother wore as a child. His cock was curled up in a lump beneath the cloth. I slowly reached up and began to rub the lump through his underwear. Immediately, his cock began to grow and filled his underwear. It didn’t take long before the tip forced it way past the elastic waist band. He seemed embarrassed but I just looked up at him and told him that I was impressed. He smiled a bit. I then pulled his underwear down enough to expose his manhood. Marcus’ cock sprung to attention. It bounced slightly to the beat of his heart. His cock was very impressive and bigger than any boyfriend I had ever been with.

I then looked up at him and took his cock into my hand. I kissed the tip gently, then took my tongue and licked the length of his shaft. He let out a soft moan. Soon, I had the bulk of his cock inside my mouth. My tongue darted around the tip and the shaft. Marcus placed his hands gently on either side of my head. He began moving his hips as if he was fucking my pussy. I looked up. His eyes were closed and he was in heaven. I worked his large balls with my other hand as I tried to shove his cock down my throat.

Without warning, my mouth began to fill with his warm load. As his orgasm strengthened, he pushed my head deeper down his shaft. It got to a point that he was literally pumping his sperm down my throat. I tried my best to not choke. As Marcus finished his orgasm he screamed, “FUCK” then released my head. I slid his cock out of my throat but kept it in my mouth. I slowly teased it till I felt a couple of slow dribbles of after cum escape out his tip. His cum didn’t taste like my boyfriends did. It seemed thicker, with much larger volume and manly. I moved my head back and looked up and him and licked my lips. He smiled broadly down at me. I smiled back and told him thank you, thank you for your “hard” work.

I stood up and helped him pull his pants back up. Just as he got himself put back together, I heard a voice behind me. It was my boyfriend, John. He had decided to stop by to surprise me. I took his hand and then kissed him. I could see Marcus out of the corner of my eye. He had a big smile on his face. I knew what he was thinking, I was kissing my white boyfriend with my mouth that just had his cum in it. After I kissed him, John asked me what I had been eating, my mouth tasted salty. I told him I had snacked on some chips while I groomed Major. That seemed to make him happy. As we left the barn, I turned to Marcus and asked him if he would be available to work the next evening. I said I had some more hard work that I needed help with. Marcus answered with a polite, yes ma’am.

John was horny as hell and wanted to have sex. I told him no, that I was on my period and I would jerk him off instead. I really wasn’t on my period, it was sex was just not great with him. He was very quick to orgasm and then would always just fall asleep. He had never made me cum during sex and I was always left to take care of it myself. Besides the sex, everything else was ok with our relationship. We had been high school sweethearts and things had continued at college.

When we got to the house, we went up to my room and we made out. He fingered me and I rubbed his cock through his pants. My rules were that clothes stayed on while we were in the house. I didn’t need my father walking in on me with a cock in my hand or mouth. It took a few minutes and John popped off into his underwear. When he finished, I made sure to press hard on his crotch so that the mess totally soaked his underwear and made a wet spot on his jeans. This always embarrassed him because he was going to have to walk by my parents on the way out of the house. He always had to find a way to cover his crotch on the way out. I loved screwing with him like that.

The following night, I made my way to the barn to visit with Marcus. When I arrived, Marcus was waiting but he had his older brother Marvin, with him. I said hi to them and made some small talk. Then Marvin said he had something to ask me. He said his little brother came home with a crazy story and that he wanted to know if it was true. If it wasn’t, he was going to beat his ass for saying something bad about the boss’s daughter. Marcus stood there wide eyed, obviously uncomfortable.

I moved over in front of Marcus and dropped to my knees. I started to unbuckle his pants, then looked at Marvin and asked if Marcus had said that I had done this. Marvin’s eyes opened wide, but didn’t say anything. I reached into Marcus’s pants and removed his beautiful cock. I looked at Marvin as I kissed the tip of Marcus’s cock. I then asked Marvin etiler escort if this is what Marcus said she did. Marvin just shook his head and said, “damn girl!”

I then slid Marcus’s stiff rod into my mouth and began to dance my tongue across the shaft. He let out a moan and closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I love sucking cock. I worked his tool hard till I felt his balls tighten up. His cock got rock hard. Marcus’s heartbeat pulsed in my mouth as I sucked hard. Then his hands grabbed my head and pushed it forward towards his crotch. Within seconds, I could feel the warm pleasure of his seed flowing across my tongue and down my hungry throat. He let out a low and very sexy groan as he came. Once he finished, I made a few slow tugs on his cock to drain every drop from the tip. I placed the tip on my tongue and allowed the after cum to drop onto it. I then turn to Marvin so he could see it, then closed my mouth and swallowed.

The look on Marvin’s face was priceless. He looked like he had just seen a talking dog. I looked at him and said “you are next”. He didn’t say a word, he just threw his pants to his ankles in a flash. Marvin was not only Marcus’s older brother, he was his bigger brother too. Marvin’s cock was massive, thick and the color of chestnuts. It was very impressive. I took my position in front of him and tried to put his cock in my tiny mouth. There was no way I could deep throat him like I did to his brother, however, I tried my best to give him the best blowjob possible. Marvin was more aggressive and immediately held my head with both hands and pumped his cock into my mouth, like he was fucking a pussy. His roughness made my pussy wet and soon I could feel myself dripping into my panties.

Marvin took longer to orgasm, but he too, held my head tightly and poured his seed into my mouth. I lost count of how many shots he produced. In fact, I think I had to swallow three times to get it all. Once Marvin finished, he continued to hold my head so that his cock remained in my mouth. I looked up at him to see what he was doing. Marvin was just staring down at me, with his cock firmly in my mouth. He seemed to be amazed at the sight. I flicked my tongue across the bottom of tip of his cock and he jumped. The movement made a small bead of come drip out of the tip. I greedily sucked it down as he released me. I looked up into his eyes and smiled and thanked him for filling my mouth with his warm seed. Marvin chuckled and said it was his pleasure.

The boys put themselves back together and began to leave as John, once again, appeared at the barn door. I had twice dodged a bullet. Again, I asked the boys to come back the following night and both said they would be happy to stop in. John gave me a big kiss and said hi to the boys. Marvin and Marcus slipped off into the darkness while I made believe I was putting up my horse. Out of the blue, John asked me if I was horny. I asked why. He pointed to my crotch. My tan spandex riding pants had a huge wet spot in the crotch. I had forgotten that I had been dripping while Marvin fucked my mouth. Quickly, I responded that seeing him made me excited. John assumed that meant he was going to get laid. I once again reminded him of my “period” and rubbed his crotch till he came in his pants.

The following afternoon, I had played tennis. I was wearing my tight white top and my short tennis skirt. I must admit, I looked hot. When I got back to the ranch, I made a beeline to the barn. Marvin was working and gave me a nod as I entered. He told me that the barn was no place for a smart young lady to be sucking cock. He pointed to one of the bunkhouses that the help lived in and told me to go into the first one. I opened the door to find Marcus, shirtless and just in his work jeans. His body was slim but chiseled from hard work. He looked very hot. Marcus looked me up and down and whistled. He reached out his hand and pulled me towards him. His strong hands cupped my tight butt as he pulled me into his embrace.

I melted into his arms. Marcus then walked me over to the kitchen table and bent me over so that my upper body was flat on the table. He flipped up my skirt and pulled my tight, white panties down. They fell to my ankles and held them together. Marcus then rubbed his finger across my pussy lips. I was instantly wet. His left hand grabbed my waist, while his right then guided his amazing cock to the entrance of my hole. He rubbed the head a couple times across my pussy lips. I let out a soft moan. Marcus asked me what I wanted. My heart raced. The only man who had ever had me was John and his penis was small compared to his. I responded by telling him that he could do whatever made him happy. I was his to use as he wanted.

Without warning, it felt like I was being split in half. I let out a howl. Marcus stopped for a second. I breathed hard for a few moments, then told him to go slowly. He pulled out a bit and then began to push deeper florya escort a little at a time. My pussy was on fire. It felt like I was being electrocuted from the inside out. It felt amazing. Finally, he was able to get his whole cock in me. He was rock hard. I could feel his heartbeat in my pussy. It felt like we were one. I could feel myself getting very wet. I told Marcus that I wanted him to fuck me hard, I was ready and wanted to be taken.

I didn’t have to ask twice. He placed his hands on my waist and began to pound me hard. The table squeaked and slid across the room. Marcus then pulled me up off the table and wrapped his arms around my chest and placed his right hand on my throat. He shoved his cock straight up into me so hard, my tennis shoes came off the floor with each thrust. He was using me like a fuck puppet, his cock inside me, making me his and I loved it. My pussy was so overstimulated that it just began to spasm uncontrollably. My body began to shake. My eyes rolled back into my head as if I had taken a hit of heroin. I exploded on his weapon. I lost total control and my legs fell out from under my body. However, his cock held me firmly in the air as I flailed uncontrollably.

My reaction obviously excited him as he began to pump his thick gift deep inside me. My tummy began to fill with a warm, wonderful feeling. Each spasm of his cock shook my body like an old rag. It felt mindboggling. If this was really what sex was supposed to be, then I was never fucking John again. In fact, sex with John was nothing more than three or four thrusts, a squirt of cum and him falling asleep. Marcus’s cock had brought me to a place I had never been too. A high I had never felt before. He was like a drug that I desperately needed again and again. I was spent. Marcus walked me over to the couch while his cock was still impaled inside me. We fell down together on the cushions, still as one. We both tried to catch our breath. Marcus kissed my neck, then pulled my face towards his and stuck his long tongue deep inside my mouth. As he did, I felt his cock begin to grow again in my vagina. He then began to ride my pussy hard. His cock again throbbed in my tight hole. My pussy gushed with a mixture of his seed and my juices. My body reacted to his forcefulness by producing another mind shattering orgasm. As I came, he grabbed my throat with is strong hand and pulled my head back. I felt his body stiffen, then felt him begin to shoot his warm gift deep inside me. His hand gripped my throat tightly. I felt powerless in his grasp, which made me cum harder.

We then both passed out on his couch. A while later Marvin, woke us both up. He said John was in the barn looking for me. I put myself back together and kissed Marcus and thanked him again for his hard work. I told him that I owed him a lot and that I wanted to continue to show him my appreciation. He smiled and told me I could appreciate him as often as I wanted. I then left his place and walked around the back and came into the barn from another door. John asked me where I was and I told him I had been out walking the trail looking for trip hazards for my horse. John seemed suspicious. I thought quickly and told him that I was horny and I wanted him to make me cum with his tongue. John got very excited, very quickly. He grabbed my had and we headed for the house.

We slipped upstairs, into my bedroom, and he got on his knees by the bed. I pulled down my panties and sat on the edge of the bed, then threw my legs over his shoulders. John placed his warm tongue into my pussy lips. It felt nice, my pussy was sore from being fucked and needed some loving. I placed my hands on his head and told him to make me cum. John’s tongue began to work on my clit. I closed my eyes and laid my head back. The warmth of his mouth on my freshly fucked pussy made my whole body relax. Suddenly, I felt something move inside me. It felt as something had let go in my tummy. Then it dawned on me that it must be a glob of cum sliding out of me. I panicked a bit, then faked an orgasm. As I did, I shoved John’s mouth up against my pussy. Marcus’s warm gift slid from my hole and into John’s mouth.

I looked down at John. His eyes got really wide, as his mouth filled with a warm goo. I continued to fake and orgasm. Once I felt he had gotten it all, I came down from my “orgasm” and told him that he had made me cum so hard, I had squirted and I hoped he didn’t mind. John looked up at me and told me that it was the hottest thing I had ever done with him. He absolutely got off on it. He stood up and unzipped his pants to show me that his underwear was wet. John had actually cum in his pants. His face was covered with a mixture of my juices and Marcus’s cum. He looked like a mess. I pulled his face to mine and licked his face clean. John nearly came again.

I told him that he needed to leave before my father caught us. John was scared stiff of daddy. After he left, I laid on my bed and thought about what had happened. It made me happy to know that I had given myself to Marcus and that he had gotten enjoyment from my body. It also made me happy to know John had, not knowingly yet, submitted to a superior black cock. The thought of the whole thing kept me wet all evening. As I went to sleep, I formulated my plan for the future.

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