Amy, Home Sweet Home

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Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoy it.


Amy read the letter for the fourth time. It seemed she was now the proud owner of 51.5 acres in a place called Bullhead Missouri. It seemed her uncle Roger on her father’s side had suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Enclosed were several photos showing a pretty medium size house with a pretty yard.

The letter stated that the property was free of any liabilities and that there was a small pond located behind the house that there were no photos of. All she had to do was to stop by the office and sign the papers that she had taken possession of. The keys would be given to her at that time.

At 29 years of age her dream life in the big city of Chicago had pretty much turned to dog crap. Her 2 -year business degree had not helped her at all and she had not met a man that swept her off her feet. Her job as a receptionist at the power company was pretty much a dead end.

She had a couple of thousand dollars in the bank and two weeks of vacation coming. “Might as well go down and take a look at it,” she thought to herself.

She should be able to drive it in about 10 hours. And her little Toyota got good gas mileage.

She called human resources and asked if it would be okay if she took her vacation next week. This being Wednesday she hoped they would have no problem finding someone to fill in for her for a couple of weeks. At 4 o’clock they called and told her that they had found someone to fill in for her.

The next morning she called the attorney office listed at the top of the letter. The man that answered said that he would be happy to come in on Saturday. That way she could sign the papers and get the keys to the property. He gave her directions to Bullhead and to his office.

She was on the road by 5:00 Saturday morning. Stopping once to put gas in her car she pulled into Bullhead at 2:30. The older gentleman that greeted her at the attorney’s office was very pleasant and assured her that everything was in order. He handed her a ring of keys with small pieces of tape on them. He explained each one. GT was for the gate across the drive. GR was for the garage. HS was for the house and LB was for the lockbox at the small bank down the road.

He explained that there was the small matter of the electric bill and phone bill that she needed to take care of as neither one had been disconnected. After paying the unexpected bill with her debit card he took out an old map and showed her where the property was located.

She took a picture of the map with her phone and typed the address in. Twenty minutes later she was sitting in front of a wheeled gate. The numbers on the large black mailbox that sat to the side confirmed that she was indeed at the right place. Flipping through the keys she found the one marked GT. Unlocking the gate she pushed it to the side.

Driving her car through, she locked the gate again and started down a steep driveway. It had deep ruts from heavy rains and she had to straddle most of them. But a couple of places she bottomed her little car and she cringed when she heard the scraping. But finally, she made it down.

The house was very pretty. White with red trim and she could tell right away that it had been well cared for. The grass in the yard was long not having been mowed for the last couple of weeks.

Finding the key with HS on it she unlocked the front door. Stepping into the kitchen she hit the light switch. She had power and that made her smile. It was after 6 o’clock now and her stomach growled. Shit, She had forgotten to get something for dinner.

Making her way through the house she found it had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Not bad she thought to herself. The house was clean and tidy but had the smell of being closed up for a long time. She opened a couple of windows and walked back out to her car to get her suitcase. Dinner was a can of cream of mushroom soup she found in the cupboard.

She was tired and she made her way to the master bedroom. Stripping herself naked she walked into the master bathroom and started the shower. When she was done drying herself she stretched out on the big bed. Closing her eyes she drifted off to sleep.

Amy was up fairly early the next morning. Finding some coffee in the cupboard she brewed a pot in the coffee maker on the counter. She was starting to feel a dull ache down low in her belly. When she had relieved herself earlier her bowels didn’t seem to want to move. She thought nothing of it figuring a couple of cups of coffee would solve that problem.

She found some instant oatmeal and made herself a bowl. she noticed a couple of sets of keys hanging by the door as she ate. When she finished she washed her bowl and cup and walked to the door. The keys were marked Ford and one set had an emblem of a running deer on it. Putting the keys in her pocket she went outside.

The garage was the next thing on her list to look in. Fishing the keyring out of her pocket she found bartın escort the one marked GR. Opening the door she pushed it inwards. The building was hot inside and the smell of old gasoline-filled her nose. But there in the middle of the room sat a fairly new Ford F250 pickup. She pushed the green button that was glowing next to the door and jumped when the large overhead door started up.

Walking around the front of the truck she found a John Deer riding lawn mower sitting next to it. “Okay,” she said to herself. “All we have to do is figure out how to make you work and the lawn problem can go away”. She studied the machine for a couple of minutes. Walking around it she found the black cap of the gas tank and looked inside. Almost full. Twenty minutes later she was mowing.

Following the edge of the large yard she made her way around to the back of the house. For the first time she saw the pond. It covered almost 5 acres and the far side was edged by a sheer rock wall sloping down to a large earthen dam. A large steel culvert was several feet from the top and a steady stream of water splashed into the creek bed below.

She liked the redwood deck to which the dock was attached to. A large round table with a folded umbrella in the center was surrounded by several chairs and a couple of lounge chairs. A hand made brick grill stood in one corner and tall poles with small baskets on top were in every corner.

A large cement patio was against the back of the house. And a set of large french doors led into the house. In her haste she had not even noticed the large drapes pulled on the far side of the living room. She smiled to herself as she continued to mow. She noticed her stomach was feeling more uncomfortable as she bounced along.

3 hours later she had the main yard mowed. Now all she had left was the 2 terraces off the end of the patio. They were on each side of the pea gravel path that led down the dock. They were raised about 4 inches from the patio and had a gentle slope downhill towards the pond. Both sides were bricked along the path to the end of the terrace.

There was no good way to get the riding mower up on the terraces. That must be what the push mower is for Amy thought to herself. She drove the riding mower back to the garage and parked it way to one side so she could push the other mower out into the drive. But first, she took a walk back into the house and into the bathroom.

Pulling her jeans down she sat down on the toilet. She peed and sat waiting for something else to happen. She started pushing and straining but she couldn’t make herself poop. Finally giving up she flushed the toilet and walked to the large drapes on the far side of the living room.

Pushing the drapes to one side she looked out the large glass doors. It was a beautiful view. She stood and just looked for a couple of minutes before she pushed the small lever and unlocked the big doors. The big door slid open easily with almost no sound.

The day was starting to get hot and kind of humid and a blast of tepid air hit her in the face. She was sweating by the time she got the push mower back to the patio. After 3 pulls she had the mower running and 45 minutes later she was pushing the mower back into the garage.

She walked back into the house and took her shirt and bra off. With a cool wet rag she washed her face and between and under her breasts. Feeling a little cooler she sat down and made a list of what she needed from town this afternoon. Food, milk, and a box of laxatives and a twelve-pack of Coors Light.

Driving the pickup she stopped at the largest food store in the town of Bullhead. She found everything she needed and got a box of laxatives for women. She drove home and parked the truck back in the garage and took her four bags of groceries into the house.

The first thing she did was take two of the laxatives with a glass of water. Putting the rest of her groceries away she noticed the house was starting to get hot. Looking around the living room she saw a thermostat on the far wall. Walking up to it she saw that it read eighty-one degrees. There were two arrows. one red pointing up and one blue pointing down. She pushed the blue arrow several times and heard the air conditioning unit kick on. Holy shit, she had central air.

She popped the top on a cold beer and sat down at the kitchen table with her laptop. Her stomach growled and she made her way to the bathroom again. After sitting and straining for several minutes she gave up again and flushed the toilet. She sat back down at the table and typed in “How do you cure constipation”.

Several articles popped up about constipation. They talked about the pros and cons of laxatives. One word, “enema,” was in blue. Amy clicked on the word and a definition popped up. “A procedure in which liquid or gas is injected into the rectum, typically to expel its contents, but to also introduce drugs or permit X-ray imaging.”

Below several links were on the page. bartın escort bayan Enemas for constipation, Enemas for pleasure, Enemas for punishment, and several others. Amy read several of the articles and clicked on a link to Amazon. Several images of enema bags filled her screen.

“Wow,” she said to herself. She had been shopping on Amazon for several years and had no idea they even carried such things.

One of the stories about punishment enemas had intrigued her. It told about how a master used enemas on his slave for punishment. He used an inflatable nozzle that had two balloons. One balloon went inside the slave’s ass and the other between her cheeks. Once in, the slave had no choice but to hold the enema until the nozzle was deflated.

She took a chance and typed inflatable enema nozzle into the search engine. And there the third one down was the one she was looking for. She clicked the add to cart button and went back to the page with the bags on it. She scrolled through several bags until she found the four-quart bag just like the story described. She added that to her cart along with a one-way check valve and proceeded to check out.

She paid the extra $12.00 for overnight delivery and checked out. Hopefully she would have it by tomorrow afternoon. She made herself a pot pie in the microwave for dinner. Then she took two more of the laxatives she climbed into bed.

The next morning her stomach hurt even more. Sitting on the toilet had turned out to be a waste of time again other than pissing. After her second cup of coffee she climbed into the pickup again and headed back into town. The bank wasn’t open for another hour so she had breakfast in a small cafe.

At the bank Amy was greeted by a friendly cashier and told to have a seat and the bank manager would be out shortly. She was led back into a large office and offered a seat. She showed the manager her identification and was told everything seemed to be in order. Mr. Otis the attorney for her uncle had instructed the bank that everything in her uncle’s accounts and in the safety deposit box belonged to Amy.

She was shown to a back room and the box was brought to her. Closing the door behind him the manager left her in private. The first thing Amy noticed when she opened the box was several bundles of hundred dollar bills. Six of them with $5000.00 in each bundle. Next there was a ledger listing stocks and the shares her uncle owned. And then in a small box was a set of matching wedding rings. Her uncle had lost his wife of forty years several years ago. Amy smiled thoughtfully closed the small box and put it back.

But she did take 10 of the hundred dollar bills and slipped them into her purse. Closing and locking the box she informed the manager that she was done. She then asked to see her uncle’s accounts. There were three of them. One showing a balance of $67,000.00 and two other accounts with just a little over $10,000.00 in each. Deposits of $8700.00 a month were showing on the larger account.

In one day she had gone from having under $2000.00 to having over $100,000.00 and 51.5 acres. Thanking the manager and the cashier Amy climbed back into the pickup and headed back. She parked the pickup in the garage again and closed the door as she walked out. Her stomach was hurting even more now.

Walking into the house she hit the email on her phone and found the Amazon link. Opening it she saw that her order was being processed and she would be notified when it shipped.

“Fuck,” she said out loud.

“I have to do something,” she thought to herself. “This is killing me.”

She walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet again. Again she pissed but she couldn’t force herself to shit no matter how hard she pushed. Walking around and looking out the big glass window in the living room she tried to think of a way she could get water into her ass. She needed to make herself go so the pain would go away.

Then she looked at the water hose coiled up in the corner of the patio. She stared for a couple of minutes at the coiled hose. She had locked the gate when she came back in. And no one could see her except for maybe a plane that flew over. Yes. The water hose was her answer.

She pulled her tennis shoes off with her toes and reach down and peeled her socks off. Then she slid her jeans and panties over her hips and stepped out of them. She was getting ready to step out the door when she thought to herself. No one can see me so what the heck. She unbuttoned her shirt and undid her bra and let them drop on top of her pants.

She slid the door open and stepped out onto the patio. She stood for several seconds listening and looking. This was the first time in her adult life she had ever been outside with no clothes on. Nervously she walked to the hose and the faucet it was connected to. Her stomach hurt and she knew she needed to do this. But she still felt the excitement of being outside with no clothes on.

Squatting down escort bartın she picked up the end of the hose and turned the faucet on. The hose jumped in her hand and several burps of air and water shot out the end. Then a steady stream of warm water. Taking a firm hold of the hose she pushed it up against her anus. Water sprayed back onto her hand so she pushed harder.

She made her asshole relax and was rewarded when she felt the warm water start into her. She held the hose there for a few seconds then dropped it to the ground. Turning off the faucet she made her way back into the house and to the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet again and relaxed her ass. A small squirt of water was all that came out. She tried pushing hard again, but again nothing.

“I have to take more,” she thought to herself.

Standing and wiping herself she made her way back out to the hose. Turning on the water again she pushed the brass end against her hole. She could feel the water going deeper into her bowels. She held the hose there until she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Back in the bathroom she sat again. Once again only a small squirt of water then nothing. Once more she tried forcing more water into her ass and once more the same results. Her belly was getting visibly bigger and the pain was getting intense. Amy was desperate now. Walking back out to the patio she took several of the cushions from the patio chairs and piled them on one of the grass terraces.

Stacking them on top of each other she made a two feet high pile. Dropping to her knees she laid her swollen belly over them. Now with all her weight resting on her belly she pushed. She felt her asshole cone out and things inside start moving but still she couldn’t push out what was plugging her.

She lay there panting for a few minutes before she got up and walked back to the faucet. Turning the faucet on to a slow but steady stream she pulled the hose back across the yard with her. Stacking the cushions back up she once again laid her swollen belly over them.

Picking the hose up she pushed it against her hole. Water sprayed back against her hand and she pushed harder. Feeling her asshole yielding to the brass end she continued to push until she felt herself closing around it. The water was cold now and she could feel it forcing its way deeper into her colon.

“Oh God please let this work,” she said to herself as she pulled the hose out. She pushed hard her hands closing on the grass. She took another deep breath and pushed harder. Her legs were bent at her knees and her feet were in the air and she felt her asshole slowly start to open. She could feel it coning out as she pushed. Her asshole was starting to scream in pain now but she had to get it out.

She took another breath and pushed as hard as she could and finally she felt things inside start moving. Raising her head she screamed as the massive plug forced her ass even wider.

Then finally she felt it leave her hole and roll down over her pussy. She laid her head back down on the cool grass. Breathing deeply she let her body finish cleaning it’s self out. Waves of water and softer shit seemed to flow from her gaping hole nonstop.

Amy laid there for several minutes enjoying the relief she felt in her belly. Slowly she stood and looked down at what had come out of her ass. A large solid-looking mass lay there on the grass-covered by the softer stuff that had followed it out. Her rectum felt stretched and tired but it was slowly closing again.

Picking up the water hose she washed the grass clippings from her tits and legs. The cold water made her nipples hard and sent shivers down her body. She picked up the cushions and carried them back to the patio chairs. She turned the faucet off and went inside for a warm shower.

Amy made a TV dinner in the microwave and made her way to the bedroom. Climbing under the covers she closed her eyes. Relaxing she let her hand slide down to her clit. She let her mind drift back to the afternoon. Her fingers made soft circles on her clit.

She thought back to the way her belly had felt when her intestines were so backed up. She felt her pussy getting wetter as she thought about pushing the water hose against her asshole. Her fingers moved faster as her climax neared but suddenly she knew it wasn’t going to be enough.

Throwing the cover off she climbed out of bed and walked to the french doors. Sliding the door open Amy stepped out on the patio in the dark. The sounds of the pond filled her ears. She heard the frogs croaking and the sound of a fish jumping. She walked across the patio to the hose and faucet.

Turning the faucet on to a slow trickle she pulled the hose with her and laid down on one of the lounges. Her pussy was wet and she could feel her juices running down between her ass cheeks. With her legs spread and her fingers on her clit she brought the hose against her asshole. The water was just starting to turn cold when she forced the brass end into her ass.

Closing her eyes she felt the cold water starting to fill her bowels. Moaning she moved her fingers faster on her clit. She could feel the cold as the water was forced into her colon. Squeezing her ass tighter around the hose she reached for one of her hard nipples and squeezed.

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