Alone after School

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Whenever Oswald caught sight of one of his students, a new form of temptation would arise and never leave his mental space. He couldn’t resist such a handsome figure roaming around on campus. Rafael, an eighteen-year-old twelfth-grader, had become quite an athlete. The Bolivian student impressed the P.E. teacher for quite some time. He managed to perform well with various sports that were generally required for physical education. The young man had the right looks as well. His long black hair had grown as long as a woman’s. His slim physique and overall healthy lifestyle was an excellent addition to his persona. His youthful demeanor, coupled with his good looks, became a major attraction for the girl in his life.

The same could be said for Oswald himself. The P.E. teacher knew that he had to be careful. At thirty-six years of age, he remained single and he wouldn’t exactly take any chances when forming a relationship with one of his own students. But, of course, with someone like Rafael, it would be pointless to just ignore his temptation altogether. This would have been just a minor annoyance, but Oswald’s impure thoughts lasted ever since the start of the new year. Now, even in the middle of May, his appetite never diminished. He almost felt like cursing at Rafael just for being such a handsome young man. Despite the interior tension, he continued on with his current occupation without even informing Rafael of his conflict.

* * *

Friday had arrived. Unusually high temperatures had settled in the city of Diamond Bar, as well as everywhere else in Southern California. The infamous Santa Ana Winds made a comeback after a two-week absence. Hot and dry winds from the desert rushed through the entire basin, causing many people to experience some unfortunate allergies. Oswald didn’t mind the current climate at all. He could at least tolerate the low humidity. He knew that Rafael would feel the same, seeing as how the winds didn’t affect him during sixth period. Oswald did notice something else, however. Rafael didn’t appear to be in a gleeful mood. The young Latino had a dejected look on his face even as he performed outside with his classmates. Oswald’s curiosity reached its peak. He needed to know what kept someone like Rafael in a state of gloom.

As soon as the class ended, Oswald ordered his students to return to the locker room. It took them only a couple of minutes to exit the blacktop. Everyone would already be on their way home, seeing as how the weekend had now officially begun.

Oswald waited until everyone left the locker room. Several minutes later, he found Rafael sitting alone and staring at his closed locker. He had already changed from his P.E. clothes to his own casual attire. His black tank top and blue jeans almost made Oswald shiver. This would usually happen whenever he caught sight of Rafael in his normal clothes.

After taking a deep breath, Oswald stepped closer and asked, “Are you all right?”

Rafael immediately looked up to see his P.E. teacher standing several feet away from him. “I’m sure I’ll be okay as soon as I get home.”

“What happened?”

“Are you sure you want to know?”

“I always care about the mental state of my students.”

Oswald took a seat beside him. “So what’s going on? Are there any issues arising at home?”

Rafael shook his head. “It’s about my girlfriend. She broke up with me yesterday.”

“I’m really sorry to hear about that.”

“It just came out of nowhere. She said it wouldn’t work out between us. She was no longer interested in me anymore. And the most fucked up thing is, just a few hours ago, I saw her kissing another guy.”

“Well, that was quick.”

Rafael sighed. “She already forgot about me and bounced back. I almost feel sick.”

Oswald knew what this meant. With Rafael on the rebound, this would have been a good moment to make his move. But Oswald decided not to. He knew that he had to stay professional and focus on what was more important.

He patted Rafael on his shoulder. “I’m sure you’ll be able to bounce back as well. There are plenty of other girls out there who are looking for a guy like you.”

Rafael had a little smile on his face before it disappeared within seconds. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Look, you’re still young. You’ll find that special someone.”

“That’s what I like about you. You’re always show a lot of support.”

“That’s what I’m made for.”

Rafael smiled again, and this time, it stayed on his face. “Yeah, you’re a great guy.”

Oswald nodded. “You’ll aydın escort be okay. Trust me.”

“Don’t worry. I trust you.”

Oswald stood up. “Well, I hope you have a good weekend.”

“Thanks a lot.”

Oswald left his student alone in the locker room and returned to his office. He expected to find the entire building empty as soon as he finished with his own work. For the next ten minutes, he read through several documents while playing some music on his boombox at a low volume. He wasn’t the type of guy to listen to classical music, though he did find a select few compositions that he would enjoy when he had work to do. Right now, Jean Sibelius’s Violin Concerto had been the one to help him sustain a good mood. The mystical sound of the violin, as well as the ethereal melodies played by the orchestra, helped him have a good time in the office. It seemed like the right way to conclude today’s work.

* * *

After reading the last page, he put the documents away and turned off his boombox. He was ready to go home and enjoy some solitude after a head day’s work. He left his office after turning off the lights. He checked to make sure that the locker room remained unoccupied. He expected to see a completely empty area. To his surprise, he found Rafael still sitting on the bench. And this time, it seemed like he had a look of neediness on his face.

Oswald asked, “Why are you still here?”

As soon as he caught sight of his coach, Rafael stood up and stepped closer. “I didn’t leave…because I wanted to see you again.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

Rafael was now right in front of his coach. Oswald waited for an answer, even as he noticed his student taking his time saying it.

Rafael whispered, “I did mean it when I said that you’re a great guy. I’ve learned a lot from you.”

“I like the compliments so far.”

“What happened yesterday did break my heart, but you brought me back up.”

Oswald could smell Rafael’s natural scent. It made him want the younger man even more. “I do admit that I’m always concerned for my fellow students.”

Rafael, who was only a few inches shorter than Oswald, never looked away from his teacher. “I just want to know if you think I’ll be able to find someone else.”

“I already found the answer.”

Rafael smiled. “Tell me.”

“Well, I know that you’ll find someone who’ve known for a long time. It could be someone in this school, maybe even someone from your P.E. class.”

Rafael took a deep breath. “Are you talking about…you?”

Oswald refused to express his true feelings. “If that’s what you want to think, then I can’t stop you.”

The silence in the locker room became an intense game. Oswald would have made his move, but he decided to wait and see if Rafael would do it first. The younger man stood still and kept his eyes on him. The lack of a response gave Oswald an almost uneasy feeling. He still anticipated a reaction from the other person.

Rafael finally made his move. In an instant, he gave Oswald a big kiss on the lips. Oswald didn’t wait any longer. He wrapped his arms around Rafael and held him tight. The kiss was hypnotic. Both men were lost in the moment. The bliss would be inevitable at this point.

Oswald didn’t care if he would get caught. He just felt relieved that he would finally have his way with Rafael. Their embrace remained unbreakable. Rafael’s lips were moist, just the way that Oswald wanted them to be.

Rafael suddenly stopped their kiss. “I want to know how it feels.”

Oswald chuckled. “I think I already know what you’re talking about.”

Rafael pressed his own body against Oswald. “Oh, I can feel it down there.”

Oswald knew what he meant. He could feel Rafael’s hidden erection colliding against his own. Even if their cocks remained concealed in their pants, it didn’t stop them from experiencing a preview. They pressed against each other’s erections slowly. Oswald already had an idea of how Rafael’s cock would look like. It felt firm inside Rafael’s blue jeans. The rhythmic forward motions from both men made it a more enticing experience.

Rafael almost trembled in Oswald’s arms. “Oh, I bet yours is so big.”

“Maybe it’s time you take a look.”

Oswald let go of him and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his rock-hard cock and showed it to Rafael.

Rafael seemed spellbound. “It looks incredible.”

“Let me see yours.”

Rafael obeyed as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his own cock. “Looks aydın escort bayan good, doesn’t it?”

“It’s just as I’ve always imagined.”

Oswald took off his shoes before doing the same with his pants and boxers. Rafael leaned in and laid his hands on Oswald’s cock. He caressed it with his fingers, and he seemed to enjoy acknowledging the smooth and hard surface from down below.

“Oh, it feels so good.”

Oswald watched as the younger man took off his shoes and pulled down his pants and boxers. He put all of them away and stepped closer. He was so close that both tips of their cocks began to touch.

Oswald took off his shirt to show off his sturdy abs and Rafael did the same. They crept closer to each other. They now pressed their cocks against each other. Both instruments were pointed upward. Oswald began to admire the feeling of having both cocks rubbing against each other. Rafael must have felt the same as he grabbed both of them and started stroking them in his firm grip.

He almost gasped. “Oh, this feels really good.”

He continued to fuel the fire of both erections with his gentle caress. Oswald felt energized when participating in this secret situation. He had never been this close to Rafael, and he wouldn’t dare to disrupt it. They continued to press their dicks and their hips against each other. Rafael kept his fingers in a rapid but careful motion. Having their dicks colliding with each other never felt so exhilarating. Oswald started to see that Rafael felt the same way. The younger man had a look of passion and determination, a growing sensation that began with heartbreak. Oswald looked down to see Rafael’s hand keeping a tight grip on both erections. Oswald’s cock was clearly bigger than Rafael’s, but the latter’s appeared enticing regardless.

Oswald took deeper breaths as the stimulation from down below charged him with a more electrifying perception. He reached down and joined in on the caress initiated by the other man. Both men had closed their fingers around both dicks and formed a rhythmic pattern so as to jumpstart their appetite for affection.

Oswald whispered, “You like that, don’t you?”

Rafael chuckled. “I can’t help it. I don’t want to let go.”

This sort of stimulation gave Oswald a more ravenous hunger. It brought out the beast in him. A more aggressive behavior had become something that he strived for.

“Turn around and I’ll show you how it feels.”

Rafael didn’t hesitate. He turned around and showed off his butt, as well as his tight hole. Oswald didn’t want to look away. It was as if it called out for him, begging for it to be used well with positive intention.

Rafael added, “Let me take it.”

Oswald smiled as he grabbed Rafael by the waist and pressed his dick against his right buttock. He slid it right across Rafael’s skin. It must have been an intriguing experience, seeing as how the young Bolivian man started to moan in a rather delicate manner. As he grabbed hold of the young man, Oswald anticipated his first strike. He pushed his dick inside the tight hole. He slid the entire erection right in. He could hear Rafael gasp.

“Oh, fuck. It’s so big!”

Oswald kept his hands on the other man’s waist as he moved his dick in and out of the hole made especially for this infiltration. It seemed to hit the right spot, because Rafael trembled and let out a sharp moan. Oswald began to smell his companion’s long black hair. The aroma hit him with glee. He quickened his pace. He thrust his cock deep in the hole. Rafael had to bend over and press his hands against one of the lockers. The sheer force of the cock had become so strong that he almost lost his balance. Oswald looked down and observed the tension brewing inside Rafael, who moved in a frantic motion thanks to his teacher’s actions.

“Take that dick. It’s good for you.”

Rafael moaned even more. “Oh, yes! I love your cock so much!”

Oswald went even further as he reached down and grabbed Rafael’s cock. He stroked it quickly with his fingers. It remained rock-hard in his hand.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?”

Rafael’s long hair flew in the air thanks to the rhythmic motion of their performance. “Oh, shit! It feels so good.”

Oswald’s hips and Rafael’s ass produced a loud smacking noise when coming in contact with each other. It echoed across the locker room, which made for a satisfying sound in Oswald’s ears. Rafael’s moaning made the listening experience even better. This was the one thing that he had escort aydın dreamed about. This was his finest moment, and he didn’t want to let it go to waste.

“Oh, your ass feels good right now.”

“It’s fucking amazing!”

The rapid motion of Oswald’s dick and hand remained steady. With the influx of both dick and hand invading his body, Rafael must have received a stunning sensation from within. He moaned so loud that people could have heard him if they stood near the front entrance, which fortunately remained closed.

Rafael suddenly gasped. “Oh, fuck!”

Oswald knew what happened. Because of his fast fingers, Rafael had no choice but to make an immediate ejection. Oswald looked down to see the young man’s juices falling to the floor in large spurts. A small puddle had formed within seconds. Oswald could feel a little residue on one of his fingers. He let go of Rafael’s cock, but he didn’t stop with his own personal admittance. He drove his cock deep inside Rafael’s hole. His stamina assisted him on his passionate penetration.

Rafael cried out, “Oh, it feels so good! It feels so fucking good!”

His entire body seemed to shake aggressively owing to Oswald’s powerful thrusting. The teacher could feel his own tingling sensation inside him. He knew that he would finally release his semen inside the one that started it all.

“Fuck, yes!”

He pounded Rafael’s ass the hardest. His semen made its welcome known. He could feel it spewing out of his cock and discovering its new home. Rafael shivered as he stood up straight and stayed in Oswald’s embrace. Both men breathed deep. This type of behavior must have made Rafael forget that he even had a girlfriend in the past.

The student whispered, “Oh, it’s so incredible.”

Oswald kissed him on the shoulder. “I knew that something good would come out of this.”

He didn’t pull out just yet. Even as some of his thick substances spilled out of the hole, he still enjoyed the feeling of his dick stuck inside his new mate. Slowly, he thrust his wet cock in the newly expanded hole. Rafael didn’t struggle in his embrace. He stayed silent as let his P.E. teacher use him once more. He moaned quietly as Oswald’s forward motion had grown slower and steadier than the one that preceded it. It was more of a tender action, one that made both men more confident of the changed status of their relationship.

Rafael turned his head and gave Oswald a kiss. “You know what’s funny? I’m now glad that my girlfriend broke up with me.”

Oswald replied, “I’d like to think of it as a blessing.”

Rafael stayed locked in his teacher’s embrace. He wanted to feel more of the aftereffects that came with such a spellbinding formula perfected by both men. Oswald didn’t stop pushing his cock inside Rafael’s hole even if he had already grown exhausted. He still enjoyed it. With his warm ingredients inside Rafael, the satisfaction still lingered on for a little while. He finally managed to pull his cock out of his student a short time later. He watched as more and more of his semen dripped out of Rafael’s hole. Some of it slid down the young man’s legs.

Oswald sighed. “That is beautiful.”

* * *

It officially started in the locker room, and continued on in the shower room. With the water running, Oswald held his new companion in his arms. Rafael rested his head on the teacher’s shoulder. Their embrace was long and preferred. The water landed on their skin and dripped down onto the floor. The warmth and moisture in the room gave Oswald the relief that he had deserved after his domination of his submissive acquaintance. Rafael seemed as if he didn’t want to leave. He wanted to stay here and be the one that Oswald had sought for all this time. Oswald wouldn’t resist, anyway. This was what he wanted, and this would be the one that sealed the deal.

Rafael whispered, “I don’t think I’ll ever meet anyone that’s just like you.”

Oswald kissed him on the forehead. “That’s good to hear.”

After they finished their shower, they put their clothes back on and left the locker room together. The late afternoon only provided a few changes to the weather. The Santa Ana Winds died down in Diamond Bar, though the high temperatures stayed the same. Oswald ignored the heat and the low humidity as he kept himself close to his new companion. The two of them didn’t spot anyone else on campus. They must have been the last two people to leave the school for today. Rafael would have headed straight for home. But instead, he decided to visit his P.E. teacher’s home. He got into Oswald’s car and the two of them departed from the school. The rest of the day would seem quite interesting. Oswald hoped that Rafael would visit him at home very often. And he certainly hoped that they would stay together, as both men felt destined to be good company for each other.

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