All In the Family

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My wife Karen has a sister, Kris, who is seven years younger than she is. Karen and Kris have always been close, even with the difference in their ages. When Karen and I got married, Kris (who was 15 at the time) was one of the bridesmaids.

Once, when Karen and I were still pretty newly-married, we had Kris, who had just turned 18 at the time, come and stay with us for a couple weeks in the summer, so we could show her around the sights of the ‘big city’ where we live (truthfully, our city isn’t all that big, but the town where Karen and Kris grew up is pretty small, so to them it feels pretty big), and get her out of her parents’ hair (and vice versa) for a couple weeks. For the visit, we put Kris up in one of our spare bedrooms, which, like all of the bedrooms in that house, was on the second floor.

One Friday afternoon during Kris’ visit, I left work early, and showed up unannounced at the house. Karen was pleasantly surprised to see me, and started making plans to have a picnic supper at the beach. I hopped up the stairs to change out of my ‘work clothes’, and into something more suitable for picnicking at the beach.

I got to the top of the stairs, and spun to head down the hall to my bedroom. As I did, the door to Kris’ room was open, and Kris was standing there, completely naked, checking herself out in the full-length mirror in her room. She didn’t immediately notice me, so I had a few seconds to appreciate her nakedness. For an 18-year-old, she had surprisingly full breasts, tipped with puffy pink nipples. Her waist was long and slender, similar to Karen’s, but maybe even more slender. She had nicely rounded hips, and a lovely tuft of light brown pubic hair. I couldn’t help smiling; my wife is a very beautiful woman, and her sister obviously came from the same gene pool.

I was only able to enjoy my gaze of Kris’ nakedness for a short time before she noticed me. When she did, she simply stood, dumb-struck and stared back at me, without making any kind of move to cover herself. I walked over to the door, and without saying a word, closed it.

I continued on to my room, and changed my clothes for the picnic, as I’d set out to do in the first place. Then I headed back downstairs. I snuggled up behind Karen, kissed her and playfully fondled her breasts.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred. “Feeling a little frisky, are we?”

“Well, I just got an eyeful of your little sister naked.”

“You what?!?”

“When I went upstairs, she, uh, apparently didn’t think she needed to close the door in the middle of a Friday afternoon. . .”

Karen burst out laughing. “Then she gets what she deserves!”

I was relieved that my wife saw the humor in the situation, and didn’t ascribe any ‘nastier’ motives to my enjoyment of her sister’s inadvertent little peep-show. In a few minutes, Kris came downstairs, still blushing.

“I hear you’ve been flashing my husband,” Karen said, smirking.

Kris turned deep red. “Oh, Karen, I’m sorry! It was totally an accident!”

Karen laughed. “I know; I’m just teasing you. No harm, no foul.”

We went ahead and had a great time on our picnic, and nothing further was said about the ‘incident’. Although it was a couple days before Kris could look me in the eye again.


In the fullness of years, Kris got married, and Karen stood up at her wedding. Her husband turned out to be a jerk, though, and after a couple years, they got divorced. Kris was 25, had no job, and no place to live, so Karen and I offered to have her move in with us, and she gratefully took us up on our offer. It worked out well, as far as we were concerned. Kris had her own room, and we tried to give her as much privacy as we could, but still let her be a part of our family as much as she wanted to be. After the first month or two, most of the adjustments had been pretty much smoothed over, and the three of us settled into a comfortable arrangement, even though göztepe escort I knew that living in her sister’s house was not Kris’ preferred living arrangement.

Being newly single again brought a whole set of other adjustments for Kris, as well. One weekend, I was putzing around the house, doing little projects, while Karen and Kris shared some coffee over the kitchen table. I wasn’t trying to listen in on them, but I couldn’t really help it.

“I’m telling you,” Kris began, “I haven’t had sex in so long, my poor pussy is hungry to have a cock inside her. I’m about ready to jump anything with a penis. But honestly, the idea of screwing some guy I barely know just creeps me out, so I don’t know what I’m gonna do.” She laughed, and continued, “You should probably keep close track of Ben. I’m pretty sure he’s got a penis, we know each other really well, and I live right here in the same house with him.”

“Yeah,” Karen replied. “And he’s already seen you naked! But at least it would be all in the family!”

I felt blood flowing to my face, and also to another part of my anatomy, a couple feet lower. I thought it best to busy myself in another part of the house as my wife and her sister broke out in gales of bawdy laughter.


A couple weeks later, the three of us were unwinding together on a Friday evening, after a busy week. I brought out a bottle of wine, and before long, all three of us were thoroughly loose and relaxed. As the wine flowed, the conversation became increasingly sexual as our inhibitions slipped away. At one point, Karen, who was well into her wine by then, turned to her sister, and said, “You might not know it, Kris, but Ben is a great pussy-licker!”

I did a double-take at my wife’s tipsy revelation of my sexual talents. It was true, I did take pride in my cunnilingual skills, I just never expected it to become a topic of conversation beyond the two of us.

“Really?” Kris responded.

“Oh, hell, yeah!” Karen answered. “He can make me come over and over and over! And not only that, but his cock is reeeaaal nice, and he lasts a loooonnnggg time.”

Kris looked at me. “Is that so?” she mused. I grinned and shrugged my shoulders, trying to play along, without seeming too pushy. “I just might have to sample his talents sometime. . .”

“You just might,” responded my wife. And both women broke out in uproarious laughter.

This was starting to get pretty raunchy, and I thought I should excuse myself, and leave the women to their revelry. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to fuck Kris, but I figured the initiative for anything like that should come from the women, and specifically my wife. Karen was certainly feeling randy enough that I expected some hot sex at some point that night, at any rate. I went to my room and hopped into bed, figuring I could get some sleep before Karen came to bed; she certainly didn’t seem like she’d be winding down anytime soon.

A couple hours later, I felt her slide into bed with me. I reached for her, and found her naked and eager. I ran my hands over her body, savoring the warm smoothness of her skin, and the firmness of her breasts. Almost instantly, my penis was stiffly erect, and she took hold of it and began stroking it, purring happily as she did. I leaned over and took her breasts in my mouth, licking and sucking them, and gently nibbling on her nipples, which drew moans of arousal from her. She seemed to be responding to my touch more eagerly than usual, which in turn heightened my own arousal.

I moved myself around, and began kissing her belly, slowly moving lower until I was nuzzling in her pubic hair. I kissed in ever-smaller circles around her pussy, nibbling at the insides of her thighs, while she groaned in her arousal. Finally, I homed in on her opening, licking and sucking on the delicate folds of her entrance. With my tongue I probed into her channel, while she istanbul escort writhed in pleasure. Finally, I found her clit, and gently sucked and nuzzled on it, feeling it becoming erect as I licked it with broad, ice-cream strokes. Soon, she was thrashing about on the bed, bucking her hips against my face, holding me tightly against her cunt, as her orgasm crashed and broke throughout her body. After her climax subsided, she lay panting on the bed.

“My god!” she exclaimed. “You were right, Karen — Ben is a GREAT pussy-licker!”

“Told ya,” said my wife.

Wait a minute, I thought to myself — who is Karen talking to? And whose pussy have I been licking?

In my aroused state, and having been deeply asleep just a few minutes previously, it only slowly dawned on me that Karen and Kris had set me up — it was Kris’ tits that I’d been fondling and suckling, and Kris’ pussy that I’d been eating. I looked at my sister-in-law, who was still stroking my cock vigorously; and then I turned and looked at my wife, who by now could barely contain her giggles. “What’s going on?” I asked, dumbly.

“You’ve got a lady here in urgent need of a good fucking,” said Karen. “And you’re the only one here who can give her what she needs.”

I shook my head, trying to clear it. “Are you serious?” I asked.

“Honey, my poor sister hasn’t had a cock inside her for months, and I just want to take care of her. You’ll do that for me — and for Kris — won’t you?”

By that point, I was quite beyond anything in the way of rational thought. I’d just eaten my sister-in-law’s pussy. She hadn’t let go of my cock since she’d joined me in bed. And my wife was begging me to fuck her sister. Other than that, everything made perfect sense. Obviously, there was only one thing for me to do.

I rolled toward Kris and wrapped her in my arms. My cock poked into the space between her legs, as I stroked her shapely ass. Slowly, I began to grind my hips into my wife’s sister, the length of my cock sliding along, and being caressed by, her cunt-lips.

“Oh, god, Ben,” Kris gasped, “I need your cock so bad!”

With that, she pushed me onto my back and swung her leg over me, positioning herself to mount my cock. She raised herself slightly, snuggled her labia against my cockhead, and then ever-so-slowly, lowered herself onto me with a deep erotic groan that was one of the sexiest sounds I’d ever heard.

“Oh god!” she gushed, “I’ve finally got a cock inside me again! Oh god, it feels so good — you’re filling me up! Thank you, Ben! Thank you, sister! This is just what I needed! Oh god, it feels so good!”

Once I was completely buried in Kris’ vagina, and I felt my balls nestling against her ass, she paused for several seconds, clenching her cunt-muscles around my shaft, both of us savoring all the new and wonderful sensations of being joined to a new and unfamiliar partner for the first time. Slowly, my sister-in-law began to grind her hungry cunt on my cock, and I began thrusting up into her, matching her rhythm and intensity as best I could. My cock was incredibly hard, and straining to the point I thought it might burst. I could feel it probing the full depths of Kris’ vagina.

We rocked together, on and on, for what felt like hours, as Kris moaned and groaned in erotic ecstasy. Karen chimed in, urging us on: “Oh, yeah — fuck her good, Ben. . . Look at her ride your cock! . . . God, you two look so fucking hot! . . . Doesn’t his cock feel great, Kris? . . . Give her a good fucking, Ben; don’t come too soon. . . Give her her money’s worth.”

Finally, Kris began to twist and writhe on my cock, and her breath came in short gasps. I recognized some of her signs of impending climax as similar to her sister’s — she rolled her head back just as she started to come — and then her orgasm overtook her, with a long, low, loud groan that gave way to ecstatic utterances — kadıköy escort “Oh, god! I’m coming, Ben! Holy shit, I’m coming!” — as she twisted and squirmed in her release.

I could feel her cunt-muscles pulsating on the shaft of my erection, and I felt my own orgasm coming with the force of a freight train. I might have wanted to hold out and give her another orgasm, but there was no stopping this. With a loud shout, I came, sending thick jets of my cum surging into my sister-in-law.

As I came, she seemed to reach new heights. “OOOOHHHHhhhh, Ben! You’re coming inside me! Yessss! Fill me up with your cum! Give me all of it!”

My orgasm seemed to last forever, spasm after spasm wracking my balls, sending my sperm deep into Kris’ womb.

At last, the waves of our mutual orgasms crested, and Kris collapsed on top of me, catching her breath for a long time. “Oh god, Ben. . . Thank you!,” she gasped. “I so needed that. I so needed your cock inside me, and I so needed to come. . . Oh god. . . so good. . . “

She turned to her sister. “Thank you, Karen — thanks for sharing Ben with me. Your husband is a wonderful lover, and you’re lucky to have him.” I was too spent even to blush at the compliment.

Karen wrapped us both in a warm embrace, purring happily that I had given her sister the sexual release she had needed so badly. Placing her mouth directly against my ear, she whispered, “Thank you, Sweetheart; I know it seems weird, but thank you. I just want you to know that watching you fuck my sister was HOT! I hope you’ve got another one in you, because now I need your cock in me!”

Of course, I was only too willing, having taken care of my sister-in-law, to take care of my wife, and express my gratitude for allowing me to take her sister like that. Kris rolled lazily off me, still lost in post-orgasmic bliss. Karen and I began stroking and fondling each other, and in the fullness of time, I was hard again, and eager to be inside my wife. Karen mounted me, much as her sister had shortly before, and I savored the familiar sensations of my wife’s pussy on my cock. I couldn’t help noticing how Karen’s cunt felt similar to her sister’s in some ways, and yet utterly unique to her, and familiar to me from years of our marital union. Our lovemaking was relaxed and joyful and intimate — the kind of sex that intimate life-partners have with each other.

Kris lay on the bed beside us, purring in blissful contentment as Karen and I fucked. There was no urgent rush to orgasm, since I’d come so recently inside Kris. So Karen and I rocked on and on, our bodies undulating together in the ancient sexual rhythm.

At last, Karen began gasping for breath, and rhythmically squeezing her thighs around my hips as her orgasm rose within her. Soon, she was writhing in her own climactic ecstasy, and I was pumping my second load of cum into my wife. When she collapsed onto my chest, I was happily, utterly spent as I had never been in my life.

The next morning, Karen and I awakened lazily as sunlight crept through the blinds of our bedroom. Kris was still sleeping. It seemed a little odd, at first, to have another naked woman besides Karen in my bed, but my wife urged me to wake her sister. “Fuck her awake,” she whispered, and so I did, probing her pussy-lips with my fingers until she was groggily grinding her cunt against my hand. I leaned over and kissed her, then crawled on top of her. Her pussy was still full of my semen from the night before, and I slipped easily into her. Soon, we were fucking again, lazily rocking together and savoring the sensations of each other’s bodies again, until I finally squeezed the last drops of cum out of my balls and into Kris, while Karen purred approvingly.


It’s been about a year since Kris moved in with us. I expect that eventually, she’ll want to move on and have a place of her own, maybe even get married again. But for now, the three of us are doing just fine together. Karen insists that I spend one night a week with Kris — just the two of us, in Kris’ bed — and every Friday, the three of us all pile into Karen’s-and-my bed together. And Karen gets me to herself on the other nights.

It’s a tough job, but I try my best. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32