All about the Girls Ch. 02

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Saturday, February 11th, 2012 – San Tan Valley, Arizona

I woke up Saturday morning and had a moment of panic when I felt my arm around another body, terrified I had let myself fall asleep at some girls’ house and would have to deal with the awkward morning after bullshit I avoided at all costs. I took a deep, shaky breath and the scent that hit me calmed me instantly, I would know that combination of coconut and brown sugar anywhere and I allowed myself to relax and pull Rascal closer. I once again avoided examining why I let things like this happen with her and no one else, not wanting to deal with the reality of what it might mean and just buried my face into the back of her neck. We were both completely naked, her back pressed against my chest, my arm around her waist and our legs tangled together.

There was a pounding on my door that made me grumble and make a face into the back of Rascals’ neck moments before James threw my bedroom door open. “Hey, wake up jackass. If we’re late for work Mr. Kane is gonna fucking kill us.” I growled at the mention of my boss, hating the man more and more every day James and I had to work for him, more so today since we were being forced to work Saturdays for the next month. “Jesus… Angel!”


“Can you please go unwind your best friend from around Rascal and make her get dressed?”

“Sure thing. Go finish breakfast. Lux. Come on, seriously. Get up.” Angel picked up a throw pillow off the couch and lobbed it at my head, hitting Rascal and I both and while I just grumbled she yelped a little and threw it back.

“Not cool morning bitch.” Angel just laughed at Rascal as I rolled over, neither of us giving a damn that we were completely nude, our friends had seen it all by this point. “Whatever, we’re getting up okay? Go away.” Angel nodded and removed herself from my doorway, leaving the door open since she knew we would be up and moving in a couple minutes now that Rascal had been awakened, she was the tough one to wake up after all. “Morning.” She grinned down at me before she leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips and I just smiled back, returned the kiss and then stretched.

“Morning gorgeous. Better get moving before James murders me.”

“Yeah, that would suck. Come on.” We crawled out of my bed and she collected her clothes from my bathroom with a yawn then made her way up to her bedroom. I shuffled to my closet and rummaged around in it, tugged on a pair of black slacks and a baby blue button down shirt. I rolled the sleeves up just below my elbows, tucked it in and slipped a black belt through the loops before digging out a clean pair of black socks and pulling on my work boots, freshly shined after work the day before. I yawned and made my way toward the bathroom, brushed my teeth and did my best to tame my hair, always a feat after a night with Rascal. I laughed a little to myself and, hair mostly tamed, headed into the kitchen and purposefully bumped James.

“You owe me fifty bucks shithead.” James grumbled and threw two twenties and a ten at me then took her coffee and a bagel to the dining table, I just chuckled a little. I scooped up the money off the floor, doctored up a mug of coffee and dropped some eggs and bacon onto a small plate. I wasn’t a huge breakfast fan but it was needed if my stomach was going to handle this coffee and I needed the coffee if I planned on dealing with work. God how I hated working on Saturdays, but when the boss put his foot down we all jumped to do as he said or risk his wrath. James and I worked as networking techs and apparently the university was having some computer lab issues that needed addressed while students weren’t attempting to use the lab for classes.

We finished off our breakfast and then headed out for work, taking separate cars as usual since we had always worked different tickets at different paces. The work day was slow and boring as all Saturdays were when we were forced to work rather than be out with our friends. We would make up for it that night though when we hit the club together, a second chance at conquest for poor James. I grinned as I finished my work for the day, waved my goodbye to my friend across the room and made my out to my car, ready to go home and get ready for a night out. James would be at least another hour, working more slowly and diligently then I normally did, not that my work was bad or sub-par, just that I managed it faster.

I put my car in park just as Angels’ car pulled in beside me and I waved at my best friend as we both exited our vehicles and headed toward the front door together. “How was work?”

“About as good as work can really be on a Saturday.”

“I hear ya. What’s the plan for tonight?”

“No clue yet girlie, I need to call everyone and see what’s up. Court will probably only hang out for a couple hours, you know her and her need to be at church on Sunday mornings.” I chuckled and Angel just nodded in agreement, that was something that we could always count on for Saturday nights, Court leaving fethiye escort by midnight so she could get plenty of sleep before Sunday morning services. “Why don’t you call Court and I’ll give Zara a ring… Where’s Ras?”

“Sure thing. Rascal met someone at lunch today, they kinda hit it off and she might not go out with us tonight.”

“Oh, alright.” Angel tossed a knowing look in my direction that made me squirm a little, I hated that she could read me, it was irritating. “What?”


“That look, what’s it for?”

“You know exactly what it’s for. Little upset Rascal won’t be out with us tonight? Little jealous she met someone?”

“Pfft, whatever. I just know how fast she can get attached to new people and I hate having to watch her fall apart when they leave.” That look was thrown my way again and I just rolled my eyes and turned away from her, not wanting to deal with my best friends analyzing of my reactions right now.

“If you say so. I’ll go call Court, back in a bit.” She left the room, giving me the privacy I needed for the moment and I took a deep breath and pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. I flipped through my contacts to Zara and called her, popping in my Bluetooth while it rang and waiting for her to pick up.

“Hey Lux, sup?”

“Hey brat, you and Dani coming out with us tonight?”

“Of course! Just text me so I know where we’re meeting and we’ll be there!”

“Awesome, see ya later.”

“Bye.” I hung up with Zara and stared at my phone for a minute, nibbling at my lower lip and trying to decide if I should make the call my brain was considering. I finally gave in and tapped the call button beside the name then took a deep breath and waited for an answer. That answer never came but the message clicked on and I grinned a little at it as it played through my Bluetooth. ‘You just missed Rascal bitches. Leave a message and if I don’t hate you, I’ll hit you back. Later!’ I rolled my eyes, shaking my head at her outgoing message and then decided to just leave a damn message for her as it beeped telling me to start speaking.

“Hey Ras, it’s Lux. Just checking in to see if you wanted to go out with us tonight. Text me if you’re in. Later gator.” I ended the call and tossed my Bluetooth on the counter just as Angel cleared her throat behind me, snagging my attention. I turned around to face my best friend, one of her eyebrows raised at me and a little smirk on her face. “What now?”

“Just couldn’t resist could you?”

“Dunno what you’re talking about.”

“Mmhmm, okay girl, I’ll let you have your delusion. So Zara and Dani coming?” I was glad for the change of subject and let the one we’d been on drop without another thought as I nodded in response to her question. I decided that it wasn’t too early to start getting ready and vacated the kitchen, heading to my room to pick out my clothes for the night. Outfit sorted, I locked myself in the bathroom and took my time getting cleaned up, not really interested in having Angel pick me apart any further. Once I was clean, I took my sweet time getting dressed and making myself presentable and then popped into my bedroom. Even though I knew it made me a little sad, I decided to check my phone and see if I had heard from Rascal. No such luck and I didn’t give myself a chance to overthink why that actually bothered me; instead I just pulled on my shoes and headed out into the living room.

I’d heard James come home while I was in the shower and then heard Zara and Dani show up while I was getting dressed. Even knowing that more of my group of friends was in the house, I took my time walking down the very short hallway. I stepped out and grinned at the small group gathered on the furniture as they all turned to wave at me, smiles on all their faces. “Hey guys. Everyone ready to go?” A chorus of ‘yes’ went up from the small group and we all grabbed keys and coats and headed out, standing in the driveway for a few minutes to decide who would be the designated driver for the night. It came down to myself or James and we played a short,3 round set of rock-paper-scissors to decide. I lost, damn. I’ve always hated being the designated driver since I prefer to have a few drinks in me before I play my games, besides, hard to run home with someone when I had a bunch of drunks to chauffer around.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. This was so not what I needed right now, I needed to be shit-faced and not thinking about a certain adorable brunette. I managed to keep my mind from wandering too bad as I drove Dani’s Suburban, not really wanting to wreck the thing and risk her wrath. We decided on a place and I pointed the loaded vehicle in the right direction, letting the chatter in the backseats drift over me and distract me while I drove. I pulled in and focused on parking once we arrived and we all piled out of the vehicle but I found that I needed a cigarette before we went inside. “Go grab a table guys. I’ll catch up with you in a few.” James and Angel shot each other a look, Angel rolled her eyes, James shrugged and then they headed inside to save a table.

I spent three escort fethiye or four minutes staring at the traffic going by on the street, the pack of Camels in my hands, twirling between my fingers. I finally pulled one out of the pack, brought it to my lips and then started checking my pockets for my constantly missing lighter. After patting a few spots I finally located it in the small pocket on the right side of my jeans, dug it out and flicked it a few times until it stayed lit. I held it to the tip of the cigarette, inhaled until it glowed red and then put the lighter in the pack this time and tucked that back into my pocket. I leaned back against the SUV, my right foot propped against the front driver’s side tire, cigarette in my right hand, left hand in my pocket. I let my vision blur for the time it took me to smoke the cigarette, staring out into the street but not really seeing anything going on.

I finished the first Camel, took a deep breath of fresh air, then decided, why the hell not and fished another out of the pack, lit it and shoved everything back where it had been before. I took my time smoking the second cigarette, flicked the butt into the parking lot then decided I had a few seconds to be sad again and checked my phone. No messages, no missed calls. Awesome. I huffed and then pushed away from the vehicle behind me to head into the building where the rest of my friends were waiting for me. I stepped into the building, gave my eyes a minute to adjust to the flickering of the lights inside and then scanned the tables for the group. I had to grin as I spotted them, already holding drinks, an extra sitting on the table in front of an open seat, someone had ordered my usual designated driver night water with lime for me.

I just chuckled and made my way toward my friend, gave Angel’s hair a little tug and smacked Court on her cute little ass which made her yelp and turn at least five shades of red. That made everyone burst into a round of laughter, except Court who seemed to be contemplating actually hiding under the table. It was so damn easy to push her buttons sometimes that it almost wasn’t fun, almost, but it still managed to entertain me so I kept doing it. I watched the now tomato colored Court shrink into herself a little bit and felt bad for a minute, long enough to reach over and wrap an arm around her shoulders. “You know I’m just raggin’ on ya Court. Right?” She gave me a small nod and a little smile, the blush staying firmly in place on her cheeks which made her look about fourteen years old for a moment.

“Good… So, now, James, my good friend, what do we have our eye on tonight?” I finally picked up my glass and took a drink as I looked across the table at James who simply quirked a sly little smirk at me. I raised an eyebrow in question, wondering what on earth she had up her sleeve this time, hoping she had better taste than the night before since she’d obviously left alone. I caught myself shifting a little to scan the room through my peripheral vision, seeing what James had to choose from. It was a decent crowd in the place and there were numerous lovely ladies to choose from, though James could go either way with this night. I glanced back to her across the table and saw her shoot a quick point toward the wall just opposite us.

I followed that direction and smirked right along with her as I saw what she had her eye on for the night. Much better choice than the night before, I had to admit but right up her alley in so many ways, I approved. “Go for it girl.” She nodded a little, slid from her seat and slipped from behind the table and across the room toward the girl. I actually made my way around the table and took her seat against the wall to watch her do her thing, rather aware that her success rate tonight should be better. I hopped into the seat, leaned it back so it was balanced on the two back legs and let the upper back rail meet the wall lightly. I gave the crowd another once over as Angel eyed me purposefully and raised one eyebrow in my direction, her head tilted slightly to the left.


“You gonna get your ass out there and play a little?”



“Yeah. Not tonight.”

“Why?” This question actually came from Court and threw me a little and I just looked between the two of them and then glanced at Zara and Dani, both of them looking at me like I had grown two heads.

“What do you mean?” I returned my gaze to Court, dismissing the looks the other three had started shooting my general direction.

“You know exactly what I mean Lux. This is what you do, we go out Friday and Saturday nights, you pick up some poor, unsuspecting and more than likely straight girl, take her home, presumably rock her world and then leave before she wakes up. Sound about right?” There was a bit of a tight undercurrent to her voice, a bite that I wasn’t used to hearing from any of my friends, least of all Courtney.

“Court… It’s not really like…”

“Sure it’s not. Of course, because, as far as you’re concerned, as long as they get off, you’ve done your job and they must fethiye escort bayan be happy and it doesn’t matter if they wake up alone, confused and even a little crushed because that isn’t your problem, is it? No, it’s not since you don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself and your own feelings.” I gaped at her after she cut me off mid-sentence; not knowing where on earth this sudden hostility I was hearing in her voice was coming from. I didn’t get the chance to ask her what her issue was since the moment I attempted to open my mouth she rolled her eyes at me, slammed her glass down on the table, shoved her chair back with a scrape on the wood floor and practically bolted from the room.

I sat there in stunned silence, staring at the space that my friend had occupied only moments earlier and tried to process what the hell had just happened. I had no idea what the outburst had been about and while I admit I had expected it in some way, not from Courtney. Angel or Zara or Dani sure, maybe even James but not her, not Court. I’d never talked her into going to bed with me, never done to her the things I had done to the others. I couldn’t understand what I could have possibly done that had made her so damn hostile and when I finally looked around the table, the looks I got from Angel, Zara and Dani told me they were as stumped as I was. This was crazy but I knew I needed to give Court a chance to cool off and then I would make an attempt to talk to her about it.

“Do any of you know what the hell that was all about?” I already had the feeling that they didn’t given the looks that they had been wearing but I wanted to ask anyway. I glanced around the table as they all shook their heads and then just exhaled loudly and ran my hand through my hair. I finished what was left of the water in my glass and then stared into the little bit of ice I had left, trying to get a grip on the situation.

“Hey. I just saw Court take off. She looked kinda miffed. Everything okay over here?” I looked up when I heard the familiar tone of James’ voice and just shook my head a little bit at her question.

“Wish we knew dude.”

“Yeah, she just blew the hell up at Lux and then stormed out.” The total confusion in Zara’s voice was apparent and James just raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

“Seriously? What did she blow up about? I mean, what did she say?” Zara, Dani and Angel began replaying the speech and the moments that happened just before and after it to James. I just tuned them out, I really didn’t want to hear it again, once was one time too many for the night. I glanced up when things went silent at the table around me and saw James standing there, eyes wide and looking right at me. I watched and realized that the look on James’ face only had shock in it, not the confusion that our other friends displayed about the matter.

“James. What? What do you know?” She let the expression fall away and then just shook her head at me as she looked away, apparently not wanting to tell me. “James!”

“I don’t know for sure, Lux. It’s only suspicion and I don’t think it’s my place to say anything.”

“James, seriously, I need to know what the hell is going on! Just tell me.”

“I can’t Lux, talk to Court about it.” That really didn’t sound good and it made me want to avoid Courtney rather than go ask her what was going on. I did want to know why she was so irate with me though and that left me with no choice about the conversation since James wasn’t being even remotely helpful. I let out a ragged sigh and shook my head as James shot me a shrug and then moved over to the bar, grabbed two drinks and moved back to the girl she’d been hitting on before. I reached up and used the thumb and middle finger of my left hand to rub my temples, the glass still held in my left hand. I spent the rest of the night completely zoned out and trying to figure out what was happening with my normally shy and quiet friend.

I jumped a little when I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked over at Angel who was standing on my left looking down at me. “Hey, we’re ready to head home. You ready?” I nodded and slid from my chair, the replacement water with lime that Zara had ordered for me earlier still sitting full in front of the chair I had been in at the table. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and shuffled toward the door with my friends, only noticing when we reached the SUV that James was nowhere to be found. Guess she’d managed to leave with that girl she’d been flirting with but even that couldn’t distract me enough for a smile. We all climbed into the vehicle and I pulled my concentration together enough to actually be the designated driver I promised I’d be and headed toward home.

We all unloaded at the house, Zara and Dani would either spend the night on our futon or one would drink enough coffee to get them safely home. I hadn’t paid any attention to how much either of them had downed at the bar and so I didn’t know which option it would be tonight. When Angel vanished into her bedroom then returned with some extra sweats and tees I figured they were staying. That was perfectly fine with me, they normally stayed at least two or three nights a month, we just expected it when they drank too much. I left the three of them to chat after Zara and Dani changed and wandered back toward the front of the house.

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