Alex , Beth Pt. 04

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Harley Quinn

As a rule, Alex didn’t like nights out with people from work. It was Gemma’s last day and he had felt obliged to show his face. By and large, they were dull because people couldn’t help but talk about work and that was most definitely the last thing Alex wanted to deal with. Fortunately, Beth agreed with him, though she was always much more social, and they had decided to spice things up a little.

Graham, the office bore, was droning on about some report and Alex was doing his best to ignore him while sounding interested. He knew it was rude but Alex took out his phone and loaded up a specific app. He adjusted the settings from low to high and waited. It only took a few seconds before Beth gasped and nearly knocked over her drink. She laughed it off but shot him a dirty look. Alex merely smiled and set the remote control vibrating love egg onto a random pattern that would last a minute. It would be torture for her trying to keep composed while chatting with the girls, especially with the butt plug in her arse as well.

Both had been Beth’s idea and Alex was more than willing to go along. The idea of his girlfriend, politely chatting with their work colleagues, while a butt plug was filling her arse and a vibrator pulsed in her pussy was beyond hot. Beth was certainly enjoying herself. He wasn’t sure if it was the thrill of possibly getting caught that seemed to turn Beth on so much but her knickers had been drenched before they even left the flat. He’d wanted to fuck her there and then but they would have been late.

Finding his glass empty Alex made an excuse and left Graham, retreating to the bar for a refill. While waiting at the bar he pulled out his phone and sent a 20-second long pulse over to Beth. This time the vibrator was set to full power.

‘Who are you sexting?’ said a voice behind him.

Alex turned to see Gemma leaning on the bar. She was drunk, very drunk but evidently enjoying her new found freedom from work. She was wearing a dress that left little to the imagination. It was tight and hugged her body although it was clearly designed for someone with a slimmer figure. She still looked incredible but sadly gave off a rather desperate vibe.

‘I’m not sexting anyone,’ he laughed. ‘Just checking the news.’

‘No one checks the news with a dirty smirk on their face like that,’ Gemma said. She leant forward to show off her tits, E-cups at least, and a cleavage you could get lost in. ‘I think you are being naughty, shame Beth got her claws into you first. We could have a lot of fun together.’ She stroked his arm and leant in to whisper in his ear. ‘I’m not wearing any knickers. Want to get a finger wet? I hear you do wonderful things with your fingers.’

Gemma grabbed his hand and tried to pull it down to her crotch, the dress was side split and had he wanted he could have had easy access to her pussy.

‘I do, but only for a certain someone,’ Alex said pulling his hand away. Gemma was nice and maybe if things had panned out differently they could have got together. However, it hadn’t and he was with Beth. ‘Like you said Beth got her claws into me first, sorry. I’m sure there are plenty of horny boys out on the dance floor that would be more than happy to help.’

Gemma scoffed, she grabbed his crotch and squeezed his erect member. ‘I don’t want boys, I want a man with a big fat cock, but I doubt this is for me. She’s got you trained good I’ll grant her that. Shame. I’d let you fuck me any way you wanted.’

‘A very generous offer,’ Alex laughed. ‘But sadly I must decline.’

Gemma slunk off and Alex was finally able to order another pint of cider. Instinctively he sensed someone else approached and turned to see Beth. She looked stunning in a white collared burgundy dress that went down to just above the knee, covering her stockings. It fitted perfectly, accentuating her curves, and it didn’t even need to show off her cleavage. Once again he marvelled at being with someone so effortlessly sexy.

‘You are a naughty boy, Alex,’ Beth said, stealing a quick kiss. ‘I nearly came at the table.’

‘Don’t try and tell me you didn’t enjoy it,’ Alex retorted, knowing full well that she had.

‘Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,’ she said with a wink. ‘What did Gemma want?’

‘For me to finger her at the bar,’ Alex said casually, sipping his pint. ‘I suspect the plan was for me to fuck her after that.’

‘Well that’s a bold move,’ Beth said, looking over to where Gemma was throwing herself into the laps of a group of lads on a night out. ‘Did you help her out?’

‘You know the answer to that,’ he said, rolling his eyes but it did lead to fun thoughts. ‘Would you mind if I had?’

Beth cocked her head to one side then stole a bit of his pint. ‘You are very sexy, I don’t mind other people lusting over you. It’s kinda hot to know my partner makes other people horny. Sharing you would be an interesting idea, just not with her though. She’s a bitch.’

Alex laughed. Beth really was an enigma sometimes. ‘So who anadolu yakası escort would you want to share me with?’

‘Oh now that would be telling,’ she said with a sly smile. She ordered two drinks at the bar then gave him a kiss and slipped away back to the table.

Beth returned to the table and handed Nalini her drink.

‘You were right, Gemma was trying to get into his pants,’ Beth said. ‘I mean really, I’m right here.’

‘I can’t believe she would really try it on here,’ Nalini said, thanking Beth for the drink and sipping the wine. ‘As if Alex would do something that stupid. He’s totally devoted to you. He isn’t going to give that up to fuck some washed up slapper like Gemma.’ She stared mournfully into her glass. ‘I wish I had a boyfriend like Alex.’

Beth knew she had nothing to worry about when it came to Alex. He was too honest and faithful to cheat on her. A threesome, however, that was a different question. The thought certainly excited her. The idea of another woman worshipping his cock with her, them both utterly enthralled by his member, was a real turn on for her. Not someone like Gemma, it had to be someone who could appreciate it.

‘Trouble with your fella?’ she asked. From their previous conversations, she knew that Nalini had a boyfriend though it wasn’t the most fulfilling of relationships.

‘Ex-fella,’ Nalini said. ‘He dumped me this morning.’

‘What? Why? If you don’t mind me asking,’ Beth said. No wonder Nalini had been so glum at work today.

‘He said my boobs were too small and my arse is too flat. Said he wanted a woman with real curves,’ Nalini said. ‘To be honest, if anyone has a reason to complain about size it’s me. He wasn’t exactly packing a monster in his pants.’

‘Clearly he’s a fucking idiot,’ Beth said. It was true that Nalini was not blessed with big boobs, probably a large B-cup, but she was perfectly proportioned. Barely 20 years old Nalini had a slim figure if her tits were any bigger it would have looked odd. ‘You are divine, I would have killed to have your body at your age.’

Nalini blushed, which with her light brown complexion was very cute. The girl was wearing a tight top, that proved there was no need for a bra to keep those tits in place and a short leather skirt. As far as Beth was concerned the British Indian girl was sex on legs. It was a shame that she was not enjoying sex properly. Maybe it was the butt plug in her arse or the buzzing vibe in her pussy, but a naughty thought swam into Beth’s mind.

‘Thank you, I don’t get it. He was really nice but then just turned into an arsehole,’ Nalini said. ‘It’s not like I have a lot of choice around here. There aren’t many brown guys. Most of the white guys around here are either racists or just want to fuck because I’m exotic. I’m from fucking Newcastle, that’s hardly exotic.’

‘Sounds like you need damn good fucking with a real cock from a guy who knows how to appreciate a woman,’ Beth said, leaning forward and placing a hand on Nalini’s knee. She could tell she was making the girl nervous but pressed on. Her pussy was hot and wet from the constant stimulation. She was feeling incredibly horny and risky.

‘I wish, I’m not lucky enough to have someone like Alex between my legs,’ Nalini said, nervously sipping her wine.

‘Would you like him to be?’ Beth asked, keeping her hand on Nalini’s knee and squeezing gently.

Nalini laughed but it was a nervous laugh. ‘As if he would cheat on you.’

‘Who said it had to be cheating?’

‘He wouldn’t.’

‘Nalini, honey, he’s a horny guy with a big cock,’ Beth said. ‘He wouldn’t take much convincing. My only condition would be that I get to play too.’

At that exact moment, there was a massive surge in her pussy. The vibrating egg was pulsing at full power. It caught her off guard and the delicious vibrations were enough to make her cum. It was only a small orgasm but it made Beth gasp and her hand jerked off Nalini’s knee and up her thigh.

‘Sorry about that,’ she said, regaining her composure, but keeping her hand on Nalini’s thigh. She lent in to whisper in the girl’s ear. ‘I’ll let you in on a secret. There is a vibrator in my pussy and Alex has the controls. He’s been teasing me all night. That was the first time he’s made me cum though.’

‘No way,’ Nalini said, shocked but Beth could see the arousal in her eyes. ‘You two are so naughty.’

‘So like I say, it won’t take me much convincing to get him to let you join us,’ Beth said, stroking Nalini’s thigh. She wanted to go further but thought it might be pushing her luck. Nalini was clearly interested but could be scared away. ‘I know he fancies you.’

‘Does he?’ Nalini looked over to where Alex was at the bar, chatting with someone while occasionally messing around with his phone.

‘Oh yeah, of course, he does. He’s got eyes,’ Beth said. ‘I’d invite you home with us tonight but I’ve got something special planned for him, ataşehir escort he didn’t really want to come this evening.’

‘I guess that’s going to be something equally as naughty?’ Nalini said.

‘He’ll enjoy himself,’ Beth said, licking her lips. Tonight she planned on taking Alex’s fat cock up her arse, she couldn’t wait to be stretched out by him. ‘So fun with you might have to wait a day or two. You won’t be disappointed though, trust me. There’s nothing better than sitting on his cock.’

‘Your having me on,’ Nalini protested.

‘I’m really not,’ Beth insisted. She wanted this so badly now. To share Alex with Nalini would be unbelievably hot.

‘Fine, I’ll call your bluff,’ Nalini said. ‘Give me a time and place and I’ll be there.’

Alex was relieved when he and Beth finally got into a taxi to head home. He always found social events with work people so draining, both intellectually and physically. In his pre-Beth days, he would have gone home and gone straight to sleep. He knew that wouldn’t happen. He could tell that there was something Beth wanted to tell him.

‘So what’s the secret?’ he asked. Beth was snuggled into his side as best she could in the taxi.

‘I’ve arranged a treat for you,’ Beth replied. ‘But I can’t really tell you much more yet. It’ll need a little more planning.’

‘A treat?’ he said. It was unlike Beth to be cryptic, she was a very direct person, it had to be something rude and she didn’t want the driver to hear. ‘Well I look forward to finding out about it. You always spoil me.’

‘Oh I’m definitely spoiling you,’ Beth said with a cheeky smile and lust in her eyes. ‘There are actually two treats, you’ll get the other when we get home.’

Alex had never wanted a taxi driver to be over so quickly. Fortunately, they would not have to wait long so he entertained himself by kissing Beth and sliding a hand up her stocking clad leg, but not before making sure the vibrator was on full power. He could vaguely hear the driver grumbling something but he ignored it. The sweet taste of Beth’s lips was far more interesting.

By the time they got home, Alex and Beth were all over each other. Kissing, rubbing, groping, squeezing. It was positively indecent but very fun. Once they were through the door Beth pushed Alex up against the wall. Her kisses were intense and hungry as she rubbed a hand across the bulge of his cock in his jeans.

‘I need your cock,’ Beth said. ‘It was so cruel teasing me all evening. I nearly dragged you into the bogs to fuck.’

‘That would have been very naughty,’ Alex said. He had one hand roughly groping a breast while the other squeezed her arse. ‘I wouldn’t have said no.’

‘I know you wouldn’t but it was too risky,’ she said. ‘Everyone would have heard us.’

‘I suppose that would have made Monday’s team meeting interesting,’ he said as they slowly progressed down the hallway. He found that Beth’s knickers were soaked. So he rubbed two fingers into it; making sure they were both nice and wet before sucking on one finger himself and offering the other to Beth. ‘Fuck, you taste so sweet.’

‘Come and fuck me,’ Beth said as she broke away from his embrace and ran to the bedroom.

Alex laughed and chased after her. As he entered the room he began undressing. Beth was disrobing, at the same time, throwing her dress off followed by her bra and knickers. Clad only in stockings she lay on the bed, the flush of arousal on her checks, hard nipples and glistening pussy. She looked like a sex goddess given form.

‘What are you going to do with that fat cock?’ Beth asked. She teased a nipple while gently stroking her clit.

‘I’m going to fuck you senseless with it,’ Alex said, climbing onto the bed. ‘I’ll fuck your throat and your cunt, get over here and suck on it.’

Beth obeyed and shifted so that he could lay down. Skillfully she took his mighty member in her mouth, sucking and teasing the fat head with her tongue. Alex groaned at her ministrations, she really was amazing at giving head. He enjoyed it for a few minutes before he reached over and smacked her arse, marvelling at the butt plug still firmly in place. Then he turned his attention to her slick pussy. First, his fingers glided over her folds, getting them wet, before he quickly rubbed her clit. She moaned into his cock loudly. It took a mere moment before Beth came hard. A powerful orgasm hit her, she squirted, and the contractions caused the love egg vibrator to pop out of her pussy, still buzzing away.

‘Fucking hell, that was a big one,’ Beth said, momentarily taking Alex’s cock out of her mouth. Her pussy was still quivering as Alex continued to play with her clit. ‘You always make me cum so hard.’

‘I enjoy it,’ Alex said. ‘Giving you pleasure is everything to me. I want you to be happy.’

‘Keep doing that and I’ll have a grin on my face every day,’ she said, licking up and down the shaft of his cock.

‘So what are these treats avcılar escort you promised me?’ Alex asked, guessing she might be more amenable to talk now.

‘One you get tonight, the other will take a few days to arrange,’ Beth said. ‘You’ll love both of them.’

‘Why so cryptic?’

Beth laughed. ‘One I’ve been planning for a while the other was more spur of the moment. Who was I speaking with for most of the evening?’

‘You spent most of it with Nalini, seemed to be getting very close to her at times?’ Alex said, he kept playing with her pussy not wanting her to miss out.

‘You made me cum while I talked to her,’ Beth said reproachfully. ‘Well turns out her boyfriend dumped her this morning. The moron thinks her tits aren’t big enough.’

‘What? She’s fucking hot. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that’ Alex said, suddenly realising what he’d said. Beth, however, laughed.

‘That was my reaction. Anyway, she didn’t seem that cut up about it. Apparently, he wasn’t a great lover anyway,’ Beth said, licking up the precum from his cockhead. ‘I was so horny that I might have made a suggestion or two.’

‘What sort of suggestion?’ Alex asked. Not entirely sure what direction this was taking but suspecting that it might be glorious.

‘That she needed a real cock between her legs and that I could convince you to oblige,’ Beth said, a grin on her face. ‘The proviso being that I get to join in though.’ Unintentionally Alex’s cock jerked in her hand. ‘I’ll take that to mean you like the idea.’

‘Fucking hell Beth,’ Alex said. The idea was incredibly hot. Not only getting to fuck a hot 20 years old but Beth joining in as well. Once again Beth surprised him with how kinky she was. ‘I should send you out horny more often.’

‘I saw the opportunity and took it,’ Beth said. ‘The poor girl needs to know what real sex is about. I knew you wouldn’t mind. Plus I haven’t been with a girl since uni, so I thought it would be fun.’

‘You are full of surprise Miss Mackenzie, no wonder I love you,’ Alex said, rolling over her over and kissing her.

‘You’ll love the next treat as well,’ Beth said, smiling. ‘I want you to fuck me in the arse.’

‘Really?’ Alex said, incredibly this was the more surprising of the two treats. Beth had always been rather reluctant to discuss anal due to his size.

‘Yes, I’ve been training my arse for you. Why else do you think I went out with a butt plug tonight?’ she teased. ‘I’m ready for you to slide that big, fat cock of yours into my tight arse. You’ll be gentle, won’t you? To begin with at least.’

Lust rushed up inside Alex. The very idea that he could fuck Beth’s arse was exciting, an illicit pleasure he’d never experienced before. He lent in and kissed her passionately while roughly rubbing her clit, producing a moan from her.

‘I’ll be gentle,’ he said softly. ‘And then once you are nicely warmed up I’ll fuck your tight little hole until you can take all of me, I’m going to fill your arse with cum.’

Beth grinned, a naughty grin, as she rolled over and wiggled her bum in the air. She crawled over the bed, ensuring to swing her hips and flash the butt plug at him, and rummaged in her bag beside the bed from which she withdrew a bottle of lube.

‘Get some of that on your cock,’ she said, tossing the bottle over to Alex.

He knew this was important. He dick might have been wet with precum and her saliva but that wouldn’t be enough lube for an arse fucking. He pumped some of the lube out and began applying it to his bellend. It was oddly cool and quickly made his member very slick.

As Alex prepared himself Beth was playing with the butt plug, teasing herself as she pulled it out a bit before pushing it back in. She did this repeatedly, fucking her own arse with the butt plug.

‘Now get over and fuck me,’ she said upon judging that he was sufficiently lubricated. Beth lay on her back and shoved a pillow under her to lift her bum up a bit. ‘I need you to fill me up.’

Alex needed no further encouragement. He positioned himself between her legs.

‘There’s still something in the way,’ he said playfully. ‘What are you doing to do about it?’

Beth smirked. She reached down, spreading her arse cheeks with one hand as she slowly pulled the butt plug out. It was longer and fatter than Alex had imagined but even then it wasn’t as big as himself. As the plug popped out it left her arse gaping, hungry and ready to be filled again. With only a quick slap of his cock into her pussy folds Alex lined his cock up with her gaping arse and slowly began to push in.

Alex went very slowly. As Beth was well primed by her practising it did not take long before his entire cockhead was in her arse. The tight pressure on his prick was intense and very pleasurable. For her part Beth gasped sharply and whimpered, her breaths were short and ragged.

‘Are you ok babe?’ Alex asked, acutely aware that he could hurt her doing this. He stopped pushing.

‘Yes,’ Beth managed to say. ‘Just needed a moment, right, you can push a bit further.’

‘OK, if you need me to stop tell me,’ he said as he gently pushed into her again. This time though he began stroking her pussy with a free hand, teasing her clit and sliding fingers into her slit; ensuring she had no want for pleasurable stimuli.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32