Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 05: The Game Begins

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains ENF, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. If this is not your kind of smut please read another story.


During the summer, Aggie tried to contact Tiffi, but her phone was disconnected, her social media accounts were deleted, Aggie had no idea what happened to her friend. Aggie was excited to see Tiffi when school started again but was shocked to find that she was in a single room. She went looking for Tiffi, needing someone to talk to about her trip with Lars.

Aggie, concentrated on her studies, rarely venturing out except for class or meals. The first three weeks passed quickly, and Aggie was heading to her dorm after Advanced Statistical Analysis when she saw Tiffi and Lars on the quad talking to each other. She wanted to run to Tiffi, but she held herself back, not wanting to ever interact or even see Lars again.

Aggie stood behind a tree spying on them, waiting for Lars to leave so she could talk to her only friend. While she stood there, two other girls walked up. Aggie thought they looked vaguely familiar and were wearing school cheerleading uniforms. As Aggie watched she suddenly realized Tiffi was wearing a cheerleader uniform as well.

Aggie was confused and hurt that Lars was once again hanging out with the bimbo squad. She was upset that Tiffi, her best and only friend, joined her natural enemy.

After the foursome only spoke for a few minutes, then Lars and Tiffi got into his car and drove away. The two remaining cheerleaders began walking toward Aggie who was suddenly frozen in place, like a deer in headlights. As they approached, Aggie prayed for a sinkhole to swallow her, or to spontaneously combust. Anything, anything at all to avoid what was about to happen.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t our dear old friend Good Allbut,” said Pris, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Bree laughed. “Bree and I transferred here so we could go to school with our long time dear friend from cheer camp, Tiffi,” Pris told her smiling, “and what do we find? She’s dating Bree’s ex-boyfriend Lars. It was quite the reunion, especially when we asked her to move into the cheerleader house with us, and we found out she used to live with yoouuu.” she said in mock disgust as she sneered at Aggie.

“She looks just the same.” Bree said to Pris “Ugly, bony, and with the fashion sense of Richard Simmons,” Pris laughed, “Look, bitch, Lars belongs to Tiffi now. You, however, belong to us. If you say one word to Lars, no one will ever find that skanky ass of yours, not that anyone would want too.” Bree and Pris walked away laughing at Aggie and continued to make fun of her, as tears rolled down Aggie’s face.

Aggie was humiliated. She couldn’t believe the turn her life had taken. Her two arch-enemies were back in her life, her ex-boyfriend was dating her ex-best friend who was a fucking cheerleader, and friends with Bree and Pris. Aggie cried all the way back to her dorm, just barely holding herself together. She entered her dorm building and heard several girls talking in hushed tones down the hall. She couldn’t make out what they were saying, but when they saw Aggie they quieted down until she was out of sight then started laughing.

Once Aggie was safely ensconced in her room, she spent the rest of the day bawling her soul out until she was exhausted and fell asleep. The next few days Aggie stayed in her room subsisting on the chips and sodas she kept handy. The only reason she left her room was to use the bathroom, and even then not until she was in pain. She didn’t want to leave the one place she knew she was safe from the bimbo squad.

On the ninth day of her self imposed sequestration, there was a quiet knock on her door. Aggie, fearing it was the bimbo squad curled up into the fetal position on her bed and held her pillow tight as she silently cried. There was a second knock and she mouthed “go away, leave me alone!” at the door as she silently sobbed.

She heard a voice float through the door, “Aggie, it’s Tina, the RA. Prof. Boland asked me to check on you after you missed several classes. If you don’t let me in I’ll use my passkey. So open the door.”

Aggie unfolded her body and without getting off her bed, she unlocked the door and lay back down on her bed facing the wall. She didn’t want Tina to see how she looked from crying and her starvation diet over the last few days.

Tina heard the lock click and waited a moment. When the door didn’t open she turned the handle and opened the door. Walking in she recoiled at the stench of body odor filling the small space. Looking at Aggie, she walked to the outside wall and opened the window to air out the room. Then Tina quietly picked up the mountain kartal escort dew cans and Cheetos bags littering the floor. After putting the trash in a waste paper basket, and putting it in the hallway, she pulled out the desk chair and sat down looking at Aggie’s back.

She watched as Aggie’s bodies convulsed in silent sobs. Tina moved the chair closer to the hurting student and started to lightly rub her back. As she tried to comfort Aggie she said, “Aggie, I don’t really know you, Prof. Boland has heard some rumors, and when I tried to find out what was going on, at her request, I heard some things…,” Aggie’s sobs grew in volume, knowing the kinds of rumors Bree and Pris would get the rest of the bimbo squad to spread about her.

Tina continued to rub her back until Aggie’s wails of anguish died down a bit. began to cry again, Tina put her arm around Aggie, and let her cry.

When Aggie composed herself, Tina went on “I rarely believe any of the rumors flying around this place, I want to know what’s going on with you, and why you have imprisoned yourself, and what I can do to help.

Aggie was desperate to talk to someone about what was going on, “There was this guy…” she told Tina about the first kiss, about the piss balloons, her grandparent’s deaths, how Lars was her first and how they started dating, and would always end up in a fight because she was unwilling to do ‘kinky porno sex stuff’, and what happened at Club Orient… “So when I saw Tiffi in that damn uniform, and then Bree and Pris…” Aggie couldn’t say anymore without starting to cry again.

Tina listened as Aggie dumped every bit of the pain and frustration she had kept inside her whole life until Aggie ran out of steam. When Aggie stopped talking, Tina hugged her and fought her gag reflex from the smell of the unwashed girl. She hugged Aggie as long as she stood to not breathe, then let her go, turning her head to get some fresh air.

As she stepped closer to the open window, Tina summarized what she got from Aggie’s recitation, “So basically, you’re not adventurous in bed, costing you your boyfriend. Meanwhile, the two girls who bullied you in high school are attending this school now, and have started picking on you again. Is that right?”

Aggie nodded her head, confirming Tina had gotten the details right.

Tina stepped closer to the open window trying to get the sour smell out of her nose, asking, “Do you want revenge on the, what do you call them? The bimbo squad and Lars?”

“On the bimbo squad, yes. I still love Lars, but I don’t, can’t trust him. I forgave him twice, but now… I just don’t have it in me to forgive him again.”

“Now listen up!” Tina said sharply. “This is what’s going to happen, you will go shower and wash that funk off. Then, you will get dressed, and ready to go to lunch with me. You have 20 minutes to be ready, No matter what in 20 minutes we are leaving this building if I have to throw you over my shoulder and carry you out.” Tina told Aggie sternly.

Aggie looked up with tears still in her eyes but now there was gratitude as well. Aggie stood up and gathered her shower kit and headed down the hall.

While she waited, Tina pulled out her phone and dialed a number. “Nat, It’s Tina… .,” and she began to relay everything Aggie told her.

As the door opened, Tina said “She’s back I have to go,” and ended the call.

When Aggie walked in dressed in clean clothes and smelling much better, Tina told her, “Prof. Boland will meet us at the restaurant.” as she led Aggie to her car.


When they entered the dark pizzeria, there were two Italian Nonnas, sitting at a table near the door playing a sedate game of Dominoes. An old tube TV was playing some old black and white movie in Italian. The ladies looked up when they entered and gave them dirty looks. The younger of the two asked, “what do you want?”

“We’re meeting Nat Boland here for lunch,” Tina says

“Go take a seat. Wha cha wanna drink?” she says, her expression anything but welcoming.

“Three root beers and a large cheese,” Tina orders as they take their choice of the empty tables.

The old lady goes through a beaded curtain into the dark spooky back room as Prof Boland enters. Tina waves her over, unnecessarily since no one else is in the restaurant.

Prof. Boland sits in the booth next to Aggie, trapping her against the wall. “Hi Tina,” she says as they kiss each other’s cheeks. Then turning to Aggie, she looks at her with concern in her eyes. “How are you doing Aggie?”

Aggie smiles at the female mathematician she had idolized ever since they met. “Not good Prof. Boland . . .”

“Please Aggie, call me Nat,” she says interrupting her student. “Tina filled me in on your tragic encounter with those bitches, and how you’re heartbroken over Lars. I think Tina and I have an idea that might help you.”

Tina smiles at Nat as she continues, “You’ve heard of The Life and Death Brigade at Yale, and their sister group, the Skulls right?”

Aggie kurtköy escort nods her head, having heard of the so-called secret society, just one of many she researched when she was supposed to go to the Ivy League School. Part of her wishes she was there now, studying math, not mourning her lost love and hiding in fear from her tormentors.

“Well, Tina and I are both members of a similar group based out of this school. We discussed it and think you should join. There is one small catch.”

Aggie was excited, no one ever invited her to join anything. The few times she tried she was always turned for some reason. “What’s the catch,” Aggie asked, her eyes shining in excitement.

The two old ladies walked out of the back room carrying a pizza box and three to-go cups with lids only filled 2/3rds of the way with soda and no ice.

Nat put a finger to her lips as the old ladies sat back down and continued their game as she pointed to the pizza box, which clearly showed the name of another pizzeria three blocks away.

“This is why I come here for these conversations. No one ever comes in here. I suspect it’s a front for some criminal group. I once sat here, on a Saturday, from 11 in the morning until 7 that night grading papers, and not a single customer walked in. Those two old biddies are the only people I’ve ever seen, and all they do is play Dominoes and watch old Italian movies and soap operas.”

Nat opened the box and took a slice of lukewarm pizza from the box. She took a large bite and a small sip of her soda. After she swallowed, she told the younger girls, “If you really want to have fun, ask for a refill of soda.” she said with her eyes dancing in delight.

Aggie looked at the two Nonnas who reminded her of Mama Fertelli from Goonies, “No thanks,” she said as she took a slice herself realizing how hungry she was.

They ate in silence until the Pizza was gone, and their drinks finished. Nat waved her hand, and the older woman looked up, “Whacha wan now?” she sneered.

“Check please,” Nat asked, smiling at them.

The younger woman pulled a slip of paper from her pocket and said, “It’s $15.47 not counting tip, cash only.” Nat pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and dropped it on top of the dominoes as she led the girls out. “Keep the change ladies and thanks for your hospitality,” she says exiting the establishment.

She led the girls to a nearby park and sat on a secluded bench near the lake. “So Aggie, sit down.”Aggie sits on the bench as the other two women look at her.

“The club we are talking about is so secret that no one who’s not a member knows it exists. You have to keep it a secret, open your mind, and be ready and willing to have new experiences,” Nat tells her.

Aggie looked at her and tried to form her answer, “I don’t know…” Aggie started to say when Tina cut her off.

“You won’t be forced into anything,” Tina reassured the shy girl. “But we can help you break out of your shell. Once you’re initiated, you’ll have more friends than you can imagine, friends who will stand with you against the bimbo squad.”

Aggie was excited at having a group of friends who would insulate her from the bimbo squad, and she knew she wanted to join. Especially if Prof. Boland . . . Nat was a member. “How . . . how do I join?”

Tina hands Aggie a plain white business card with an address on it. “Be here at 10 tonight, and follow the rules on the back.”

Aggie flips the card over and sees a short list of rules. Wear 8 items 2 shoes, 2 socks, and four other items of clothing. Jewelry doesn’t count and watches are forbidden. Aggie wonders about the strange rules, but for some reason, she desperately wants to join this secret society.


As the time to leave approached, Aggie began to try and figure out what to wear, she decided on a red skort Tiffi gave her for her 19th birthday, and matching blouse from Lars. She added the only matching red set of underwear she owned. To complete the outfit, she added red knee-high socks and patent leather red 3″ pumps. She looked at herself in the mirror shocked at her appearance. She wasn’t sure why she was dressed so sexy, but before she could chicken out, she headed to the address on the card.

When Aggie arrived at the address Tina had given her, she found herself in a residential area not too far from campus. The houses were fairly secluded and on a municipal golf course. She arrived one minute early, parked her car and hurried to the door and knocking as a clock in the house started to strike 10. The door opened and Nat was standing there. “Did you find it okay,” she asked.

“Yes I did, thanks. Where are we anyway?” Aggie asked her as she stepped inside the old Victorian home.

“In a house,” Tina responded vaguely, “Did you wear a watch?” Aggie held up her wrists showing they were bare. Nat nodded in approval and led Aggie to a bank of lockers. Put anything you’re not wearing including your phone and purse into the locker. Aggie put her maltepe escort purse and phone in the locker and Nat closed and locked it, handing Aggie a key. “Don’t lose it, it’s the only copy,” then she pointed at a green door at the end of the hall. Go wait in there with the other girls we are initiating tonight. Don’t leave until someone tells you to. Okay?”

Aggie nodded in understanding and followed the instructions. When she entered the room, she saw five girls sitting on folding metal chairs. The room was painted in four colors one on each wall, floor and ceiling were painted to match the wall adjoining them. One was bright green, one a medium blue, one was pink and the last was so neural it was hard to determine if it was tan, cream, beige, off white, eggshell, or ecru.

Aggie walked to the only empty seat, looking at the other girls, In turn, they were all staring at Aggie. One girl, a curvaceous strawberry blond said: “Hi I’m Shay.”

Aggie smiled and responded “Aggie.”

“Erin,” said the fair-skinned redhead.

“Christina,” said the olive-skinned Hispanic.

“Vee,” said the purple-haired Goth.

“Mayumi,” said the slight Asian girl, “but call me May.”

Aggie sat down and the girls were all looking around but not talking. The longer they were kept waiting, the more nervous they became. Every few minutes one girl would start to say something but would change her mind after the first syllable left her lips.

After some time passed, the lights in the room went out. The air filled with the smell of fear, as the door was violently flung open. Two girls walked in carrying candles and wearing long brown robes and hoods. The robes had various symbols on them. Most were unknown to Aggie but the few she knew were sexual.

A voice Aggie recognized as Tina intoned “Today, these neophytes have decided to see if they are worthy of the sojourn to the next step and becoming a proselyte of The Sisterhood of the 7.”

The second girl continued “The neophytes shall have to pass the test. This will prove their worthiness to sojourn on to proselyte and eventually become an initiate of the sisterhood of the 7.”

“Once a proselyte,” Tina carried on, “They shall take an oath of fealty to The Sisterhood of the 7, and they will continually be evaluated by The Sisterhood of the 7. If one is found unworthy she will be cast out. Never to return.”

“After proving oneself worthy of becoming an initiate of The Sisterhood of the 7, the proselyte shall be fully invested, and be made aware of all the rewards and the responsibilities of an initiate of The Sisterhood of the 7.”

“If any feels they are not up to the tasks before them, leave now and know that no less will be thought of you,” Tina said in a monotone.

“If you stay, all you see and hear is secret from those not in The Sisterhood of the 7.” The other girl said.

The two girls paused and waited to see if any of the neophytes wanted to leave. When no one got up, Tina shouted, startling the girls “Worthy sisters, we have six females who wish to be tested. Is the testing hall ready?”

“Worthy Neophyte Mistress,” came the reply from outside the room, “The testing hall is prepared. Once the neophytes are prepared, you may lead them in.”

Tina and the other girl handed each neophyte a blindfold and told them to put them on. The girls did so, and then one by one the girls were lined up and were made to hold hands of the person in front and behind them.

Once all the girls were in a line, Tina continued the ceremony “Do not delay or falter. If any loses their way, they will be dismissed as will those behind them. We are walking now.”

Tina led the girls off at a slow pace. She led them around the house into and out of many different rooms. The neophytes were worried about tripping and falling. But they managed to keep up. The girls were led into a large room with several people in it. Even with the blindfolds, the girls could tell the room was extremely well lit. The girls were led up three steps onto a platform. They were told to let go of the hands which they did reluctantly. Each girl was positioned in a line facing the lights.

A new voice rose above the crowd which quieted down as soon as she started to speak, “Neophytes you may remove your blindfolds.” The blindfolds were removed and they were blinded by the lights in the room. It was a small auditorium and there were seats for the audience, but the lights were behind the audience shining in the neophytes’ eyes. So they had no idea how many eyes were on them. The voice continued “behind you are six stations. Each one has a bean bag chair and a small box behind the chair. When I call out your name, and number take your seat. Neophyte Erin one, Neophyte Shay two, Neophyte Christina three, Neophyte Vee Four, Neophyte Mayumi; call me May; five, and Neophyte Aggie six.”

The girls settled into their seats, and the voice continued “Worthy Game Master, please instruct the Neophytes in the proceedings.”

“I shall do so, Worthy Head Mistress.” came yet another voice. “Neophytes, you are going to play a game called DareRing. This game is similar to truth or dare. Instead of making up your questions and dares, each player, in turn, will select a random card and do as instructed. There are seven rounds, and each round gets more challenging. There will be a ten-minute break between rounds.

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