Afternoon Delight Ch. 02

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I held myself up as long as I could. As my cock softened and began to slip out of her, I felt her pussy squeeze me one last time. The effort was appreciated, but alas, too late. My cock slipped out of her with a soft plop.

She lowered her legs to the floor and I slowly eased off her and collapsed on the left side of her. My cock left a trail of fluid across the top of her thigh as I moved. She moved her arm out of the way as I let all of my weight fall onto the floor. My right leg stretched out next to her and my left leg rested softly on her thighs.

We were both breathing hard. From my new vantage point, I could see her breasts rising up and down as she breathed in deeply. Her nipples were still standing up proudly in the afterglow of our love making.

I slid my left hand down her belly, moving my fingers slowly toward her pussy. I could feel the heat coming from her as my hand got closer. Just as I was about to brush my fingers across her clit, she reached down and grabbed my hand.

“No….” she whimpered, “I don’t think I can….too sensitive. Just hold me.”

I slid my hand back up her belly, across her right breast, casually brushing my palm against her nipple. My hand continued upward to her shoulder and I pulled her against me, and then further until her chest was resting on mine.

I’m not sure how long we laid there like that, her breasts pressed against my chest, with my arms holding her securely. When we woke, the sun was barely shining through the windows. Late afternoon shadows were working their way across the room.

I began softly stroking her smooth back.

“Emily,” I whispered several times.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned, finally raising her head slightly to look up at me.

“That was very nice, thank you,” she said, laying her head back down on my chest. Her hand made its way over to my cock, softly gripping it with her fingers.

I had to gently push her off of me. “Hey, now,” I said, “we can’t do this all day.”

“Awwwwww,” she said with a pout, releasing my hardening cock. “If we can’t do this anymore, what do you have in mind?”

She sat up and my eyes flew to her breasts, loving the way that they sat proudly on her chest. Damn, she was beautiful. My cock was hard again.

“As much as I want to stay here, doing wonderful things to you, I think we should get cleaned up and go get some food,” I said.

“Well, now that you mention it, I have seemed to have worked up an appetite,” she said with a smile.

I stood up, stretching my arms up into the air. Napping on the floor, even with a beautiful woman, didn’t do much for the back. I was really stretching good, rising up onto my toes as finished, when I felt her mouth envelop my cock.

My feet came down solid on the floor as I looked down at her. She looked up at me, smiling with her eyes. She gave my cock a few good solid swirls of her tongue and then released ümraniye escort me. She stood up next to me, her hand holding onto my now throbbing cock.

“Will I get to see him again later?” she asked teasingly.

“I think he could pop in and out a few times,” I replied back.

I leaned down and kissed her warm lips. “I’ll see you in an hour, okay?”

She walked me to her back door, arms wrapped around my waist. At the door she turned and asked, “What’s for dinner?”

“Whatever you’d like to have,” I replied.

“Hmmmmm,” she pondered the idea for a bit, “if we go get something and bring it back here, the sooner you can have your way with me.”

I had to agree with that logic.

“How about some Tex-Mex?” I offered. “We could get some quesadillas, queso and chips, and make margarita’s here on the back deck.”

“Now that sounds delicious!” she said, “What should I wear?”

“Well, I really like your outfit now,” I replied, referring to her nakedness. “But since you need to wear something, how about wearing something sexy?”

“Agreed,” she replied. She gave me a quick kiss and pushed me out the door.

I walked around the pool area, picking up my clothes and putting them on. Hopping over the fence wasn’t as easy this time. The afternoon’s escapades had really zapped me.

I put the lawn equipment away and headed to the shower.

In a short while, I was knocking on Emily’s front door.

When Emily opened the door, my jaw hit the floor. She was dressed in a short black mini-skirt and a fishnet-type cami top with black high heels. Her nipples were proudly poking through the holes of her top. Had I wanted, I could have reached out and tugged on them, they were that erect and poking through the material.

She smiled and said, “You like?”

“I do, I do.” I replied, already feeling my manhood growing inside my pants.

I led her out to my truck, and as she climbed into the passenger side, I had the perfect view of her sweet bare ass and the lips of her pussy. When I walked around and climbed into my seat, I found her sitting back in the seat, the seatbelt creating a division between her breasts. She was lightly toying with her nipples where they poked through the mesh material.

I had to adjust my cock in my pants just to be able to drive. Emily saw this and giggled.

At the restaurant, I started to get out to get our food, but Emily said, “This is on me, so I’ll get it.”

“Dressed like that?” I asked her in disbelief. But she had already slipped out of the truck.

“Dressed like what?” she said with a smirk, and closed the door of the truck.

I watched her walk across the sidewalk into the restaurant. Damn, but she looked great. It was an incredible view. The skirt barely covered her sweet little tush, and of course, her breasts were clearly yenibosna escort on display.

A few seconds after she disappeared inside of the restaurant, three college-age guys came out with looks of amazement on their faces. They stopped just outside of the door. I couldn’t hear their conversations, but I know they were talking about Emily.

A minute or so later, Emily came out carrying the bag of food. One of the guys must have said something to her because she slowed down for a second and smiled at them. She then pointed to me sitting in the truck and sashayed her way over to me. She opened the door and climbed into the truck. She crawled up into the seat on her knees and leaned over to give me a kiss. Anyone that had been in the parking lot behind the open door of my truck would have had a clear view of her ass and pussy as she kissed me.

She settled down into the seat and put on her seatbelt. The guys were still on the sidewalk staring openly into my truck.

“You’re a crazy little thing, aren’t you?” I told her as I put the truck into reverse and began moving out of the space.

“No, not crazy, just incredibly horny,” she replied huskily. “I love showing off my body. I’ve never done anything that crazy before though. I thought those guys were going to pee their pants.”

“I don’t think peeing in their pants was what would happen,” I replied.

“Really?” she giggled, “do you think I gave them hard-ons?”

“Hell, yeah you did,” I told her, “what did you think you were going to cause dressed like that?”

She propped her feet up on the dashboard, her legs slightly spread apart. She stretched her body in what could only be described as catlike and I swear the girl purred.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she said softly. “I really feel like a naughty little girl now.”

“Oh you do, huh?” I said, “how naughty do you feel?”

“Feel for yourself,” she said and grabbed my right hand and put it between her legs.

If she could have been any hotter, I’d have third degree burns right now. The mesh top ended in a series of snaps in the crotch. The material was practically soaked with her juices. I rubbed my fingers up and down a few times until I determined what I needed to do. A few quick movements of my fingers and “snap, snap, snap” I had it undone.

Now my fingers went straight into her steaming, wet pussy. I think she liked it because she moaned out loud.

“Yeah…..that’s what I need,” she moaned, stretching her legs even wider and scootched her butt forward in the seat, opening her body up for me.

It was hard to drive like that. The aroma of the Mexican food was now competing with the sweet smell of an aroused woman.

I decided to see how naughty she was willing to be. I gave her clit a few flicks and then pulled my hand away.

“Emily,” I whispered in a husky voice, “take yeşilköy escort off all of your clothes.”

“Hmmm?” she asked, frustrated at the loss of my fingers in her pussy.

“Take…off….all…of…your….clothes, “I repeated, this time with a little force in my words.

She quickly complied, peeling off the mesh top and the skirt and tossing them into the back seat of my truck. She looked over at me, wondering what I would do next.

“Sit up straight and put your hands behind your head,” I told her. When she did this, it put her proudly on display to anyone that could see into my truck. Her breasts rose up on her chest. Her nipples were even more erect now than they had been when they were poking through the mesh of her top.

I drove slowly through our neighborhood.

“Emily, everyone can see you. Look at yourself. You’re totally naked, sitting up in the front of my truck,” I told her in a soft voice.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed, squeezing her legs together.

“You’re so wet right now aren’t you?” I asked her.

“Mumhummm,” she moaned softly.

“Put your hands down now. Put your feet back up on the dash and spread your legs wide.” I told her. “Now reach down and touch yourself. Put your fingers in that hot wet pussy.”

“Soak those fingers with your pussy juices,” I ordered. “Now rub that juice on your nipples because I’m going to suck it off of them soon.”

We were almost back to our houses now. Emily was practically writhing in the seat. “I need to cum,” she begged.

“Not yet,” I told her, “you had better not. Not until I tell you.”

I pulled past her house and backed my truck into my driveway. It was fairly dark outside as the sun was just beginning to slip down over the horizon. I opened the garage with the opener and carefully backed into the garage. I left the garage door open.

I got out and walked over to her door and opened it. I undid her seat belt. She had to move her hands out of the way for a second as the belt passed, but they went right back to her nipple and pussy, squeezing and teasing.

I stood there in the open garage, only the door of my truck to cover my actions and hers.

I undid my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock. When Emily saw it, she let out a soft moan and licked her lips.

“You can cum now, “I told her. “You’re naked in my truck in the open garage of my house, fingering your pussy and pinching your nipples. There could be people walking down the street at any moment. As soon as you start cumming, I’m going to slam my cock inside of you.”

My words did the trick. Emily ran her fingers across her clit so fast and hard that I swear I could see moisture flicking away from her fingers.

“Unnnnhhhhhh,” she moaned loudly as her body convulsed as she came.

As the third convulsion rippled through her body, I moved forward and slid my dick deep inside of her. She either came again, or was still going through the first one, but she slammed her hips up at me so hard it nearly hurt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes!” she yelled, “Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me fuck me, fuck me.”

Oh, I fucked her alright.

I fucked her good and hard.

It was a nice way to work up an appetite for the Mexican food.

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