After the Shower

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As she opened the door of the bathroom, a plume of steamy air followed her into the dark bedroom, quickly dissipating in the cooler air. She stopped for a moment when she noticed him, frozen by the jolt of fear at the thought of an intruder, before her eyes made out the familiar features of the man leaning in the door frame on the opposite side of the room. Trying to hide her surprise, she walked calmly toward the bed, leaving his presence unacknowledged. At the far side of the bed she pulled away the towel wrapped over her still damp hair and let it drop to the floor, and in a smooth unhesitating gesture shrugged the thin cotton robe from her body, letting it fall around her feet.

The man tensed at the sight of her nude, still-wet body, and drew his eyes up it until he locked eyes with her. Then, making sure she would notice, he broke eye contact and drank in the full sight of her body. Still he waited by the door, fighting the urge to close the small distance between them and break the moment.

She usually didn’t like being looked at but his attention made her feel good, because she knew his look was all appreciation and no judgment. Still, watching his eyes so shamelessly looking at her skin made her blush, more so as she noticed what the sight was doing to him. She slowly crawled on top of the bed, not wanting to cover up even as the cool air gave her skin goosebumps, and lied on her back. She stretched out keeping her legs just very slightly apart and her hands at her side, and closed her eyes. It wasn’t half a moment after her eyes closed before she felt the bed shift with his weight, and the warm presence of his body as it moved up to her side. She smiled.

The sight of her prone and nude body, and the invitation her behavior had implied was all the encouragement he needed to move further into the room. Closing the door behind him, he stripped down quickly, and slid into bed beside her. The clean soap-scented smell of her skin was intoxicating and he leaned over her, and gently kissed her closed kadıköy escort eyelids, nose and lips. He brought one hand under her head as he shifted to his side and leaned on that elbow, letting his fingers run through the tangle of her damp hair, gently but firmly clutching it, and kissed her again, deeply and passionately. He heard her soft sighing approval as the length of his body came into contact with hers.

With her eyes closed, it was easier for her to focus on solid presence of his body next to hers, the touch of his lips and fingers through her hair, and the soft thudding of his heart where his neck came closest to her ear. The mix of uncertainty at what exactly he would do next and the anticipation of knowing whatever it was would undoubtedly feel good, made her desire flare up, and it was all she could do to fight the urge to lean towards him and grasp him in her embraces. As his other hand drew close to her body, she could feel its radiant heat as it hovered over her and when the pads of his fingers finally drew against her skin she let out a gasp. Wherever his fingers explored along her body, tracing slickly along wet skin, jolts of tingling pleasure ran through her to the pit of her stomach and then radiated out to every extremity. Involuntarily, she rocked her hips as they moved lower and lower.

He shifted a little and soon his lips and tongue followed the trails his fingers had blazed. He licked up the rivulets of water between her breasts, nibbled gently at her hard nipples, and caressed and tasted her skin. Feeling her gently thrusting with her hips, he brought his hand slowly lower to her pubic bone and let the tips of his index and middle finger dip down to find her clitoris. Concentrating on not going to fast or too hard, he gently stimulated the soft pearl of flesh, gauging her gasps and moans of pleasure. When her hand gently grasped his wrist he thought he might have moved too much and began to stop, but she begged him to keep kağıthane escort going.

She could feel her climax welling up inside her. It felt like pouring water into a jar too fast until it could hold no more, or leaning over a cliff feeling the wind pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Keeping her hand gently over his, she rocked harder against it. Suddenly she felt his fingers drop lower and enter her. The warm and filling sensation of them sliding into her pussy made her cry out and nearly sent her over the edge. So focused on the pleasure, she barely noticed as his other hand fell away from supporting her neck and he shifted his body lower.

He kept the motion of his fingers and gently crawled down between her legs. The scent of her arousal and the warm wetness against his fingers had him burning with desire to feel more of her and to make her come. When he brought his lips and tongue onto her throbbing and now unheeded clitoris he felt her shiver and heard her groan louder. He licked in quick small repetitions while moving his head slowly side to side. It wasn’t long before she was rocking and shuddering against his mouth and fingers and grasping the sides of his head.

“Oh god, I’m coming!” she yelled. The vessel was overfilled. Her shuddering and tensing released all at once in an explosive exhale of held breath and then gasping for air. Dizzying pleasure saturated every part of her body overwhelming even her emotions and nearly bringing her either to giggles or tears or both. He’d slowed his ministrations and stopped until he was just gently nuzzling her down below and hugging her thighs.

Once she regained control of her breathing and her body, she opened her eyes and pulled him up on top of her. When he leaned in, she gave him a tender, appreciative kiss. They locked eyes again, and seeing the longing, questioning look on his face, she smiled and nodded. She wrapped her legs around him and with her hand she guided him into kartal escort her. She gasped as he entered her. The warm and full sensation was almost too much intensity, too soon, but she wanted so much to please him. She bit her lip and closed her eyes to the sensations of his powerful thrusts. His warm body against her skin felt terrific as it always did, and even after such a powerful climax his penis was stimulating her more and more, drawing her back into the heights of pleasure. She moved her hands over his back, and thrust back against him, goaded him with moans of pleasure and dirty little epithets of encouragement, knowing they would only stir his desire even more.

He felt all of his pent up desire loose into the thrusting of his hips, her body felt so soft and inviting. Her voice made him feel like taking him into her was the most wonderful thing in the world. Encouraged and full of pleasure, he rocked harder and quicker, matching rhythm to her thrusting hips and squeezing thighs. It wasn’t long before, panting and shuddering against her, he began to feel his climax starting. When it began he brought himself up, kneeling over her and pulled out. Taking his penis in his hand he quickly coaxed it into spasms, and with a low, animal groan, he shot his cum on her. He watched the thick ropey strands of sperm trace across her stomach and chest already glistened with sweat and rouged with arousal. One errant spurt shooting all the way up to her cheek, making her let out a small startled gasp. Spent, he felt all the energy in him sap away, and he collapsed beside her contented and happy. As he leaned in to kiss her, she surprised him by pulling away.

“You jerk!” she exclaimed with mock disapproval.

Sitting up she drew one finger across her chest and held up the incriminating evidence. “look what you did! Now I’m going to have to shower all over again!”

He managed to look sincerely apologetic.

She had to turn her back to him quickly to avoid letting him see the smile she couldn’t help cracking at his puppy-dog eyes. Getting up, she walked as steadily as she could back towards the bathroom, trying mask the fact that her legs were so wobbly she could barely stand. She paused in the doorway, and looked back at the man relaxing in the bed, and smiled devilishly.

“… want to join me?”

He sprang up off the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32