After Dinner Treat Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: I hope this story incites your imagination. It’s not full of vulgarity or over verbalization. I love to describe rather than use verbal language. The sex in this story is consensual. Whether you choose to believe it or not is your choice. I know what happened. I enjoyed what happened. I asked for what happened. Please enjoy this story in your own way. Of course your feedback will get me to continue writing or not ? Enjoy!!


Every story has to have a beginning, so let me start by telling you about myself. I am a Southern country girl. I wouldn’t say redneck, but I do hunt and fish. My daddy taught me to skin a deer when I was 12. While the girl in me says “they are so cute”, the logical part of me says they taste good on my table, so get over that. I can land a bass with the best of ya’ll. Not afraid to shovel out the barn or bale hay. Me and the New Holland have always had special bond. I keep her fed and oiled and she makes my life easier. I got my father’s height and my mother’s figure. I stand tall at 5′ 11″ and weigh in at 146 pounds. I have sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. When I wear a bra it’s a modest B-cup. When I am not working my IT job I help daddy work the farm, which helps keep my figure. I am about to turn 23 and just so you don’t think otherwise I haven’t been a virgin is many years.

Yes I am a Geek. I graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Science and pretty close to top in my class. I got my Daddy’s brains too; though Mom isn’t a dummy. One of my colleagues describes me a harassment suite waiting to happen. He usually says that with his tongue hanging out. Funny thing is if he did try to sexually harass me he’d probably get laid. He’s rather cute for a geek. Get your mind back on the story girl.

My daddy is the oldest of 4 brothers and I am the youngest of 4 brothers and 2 sisters. In reality I am a half-sister. Dad had a weak moment on his 50th birthday and I was born 40 weeks later. My biological mother disappeared a week after I was born. By daddy’s wife and my real mother didn’t hesitate or regret taking me in. Momma was quick to tell people, that was Daddy’s last weak moment and he usually covers his balls when she tells people about it.

My parents were rather liberal and I discovered Daddy’s weak moment was not wearing a condom when he bedded my biological mother. Given that momma and daddy practiced a swinging lifestyle, sex was never a taboo subject around our house. From the first day I started bleeding my mother taught me why I was bleeding and why boys had cocks and girls had pussies. She taught me all the good stuff about sex too. Best of all she taught me how to please a man and how get a man to please me. When I first had sex with a guy all she wanted to know was if I had an orgasm and she dragged me off to the doctor to get me on the pill. I told her everything, except who the guy was and that he was older than me. I learned if you don’t want to be fucked, don’t say “Fuck me” when you are having an orgasm, because you will be.

This brings me to my Uncle John and Aunt Rose. My uncle is my father’s youngest brother and like me was a “whoops” baby. He’s 9 years older than me. Rose is his 2nd wife and my age. Uncle John’s first wife was one of those southern women who felt sex was a chore. My Uncle called her a nun, “None in the morning, none at night”. Rose is a Yankee girl that got moved down south when her father got a job down here. She is as Irish as they come with a thick Boston accent. Her fiery red hair and green eyes caught my Uncle’s attention from the first day they met. It wasn’t long after they met that his first wife had to find a new home. My uncle married Rose two weeks after the divorce was final and Rose turned 19. My uncle is a great guy. He and I have camped, fished and hunted since I was 15. On more than once occasion I had fantasied about him.

When I turned 18 he took me on a week-long camping trip and I was hoping something would happen. He seemed to be flirting with me and I know I was flirting back. He was asking me questions about me and my sex life nobody ever asked and I could tell my answers made him hard. After he and Rose married she started camping with us. The fantasies became fueled by hearing him and Rose having sex. Neither of them could be quiet if their lives depended on it.

Two things I learned Rose loved to suck cock and Uncle Pete apparently had a very talented tongue. Not to mention a decent sized casino şirketleri cock. More than once they’d leave the tents screen covers open and even in the dark the silhouette of his hard cock caught my eye and most times before it disappeared into Rose’s mouth. Uncle Pete and I would go scuba diving together and neoprene leaves little to the imagination. I knew he was a decent sized, but seeing it hard made me very wet. I’d often wonder if they did that on purpose. If they did it was working. My fantasies turned into pure lust. I am sure my masturbating during their love making wasn’t going unnoticed. I can’t be quiet either.

As time went on I spent a great deal of time at Pete and Rose’s home. It always seemed to me that the more time I spent there the more I’d see one of both of them in some state of undress. What was really surprising me was how seeing Rose half naked made me feel. Maybe it was the fact she was the recipient of my Uncle’s cock made me horny. All I knew if either of them even hinted at wanting sex was ready.

This brings this story to two weeks ago. I stopped by after work. Because it was a meet the client day at work I was dressed up. I was wearing a tight white lace blouse, my black leather skirt slit up the side and thigh high stockings. If you looked under the skirt my stocking where held up by a white garter and I had on white panties. My heels added a few inches to my height. One of the few times my long hair was not in braids. Like always our clients’ jaws were on the ground, especially when I got technical with them. Beauty and brains can be a lethal combination as my boss is fond of saying. Needless to say when I arrived at my Uncle’s house I caught Rose’s eye. She wasn’t wearing much more than a robe, because we were going out to dinner. She made sure the front of her robe was open. She had on a black lacy thong and that was all. Her eyes started at my feet and slowly started up by body. By the time she reached my hips I was wet. It was obvious I was horny by the time she reached by breast. My nipples were sticking out so much you could hang something on them.

As she turned to leave I could have sworn I heard her mumble “good”, but I wasn’t sure. She disappeared into her bedroom and returned twenty minutes later dressed to kill. She was wearing a short black dress that was slit up the side. That slit revealed a great deal of leg, which I could see her dark green garter holding up her stockings. Like me she was braless and her nipples were poking out as far as mine. She was wearing a topaz necklace that hung just above her exposed cleavage and she had on matching earrings. Now my pussy was thumping. She seemed to float as she walked up to me.

“I have something for you”, she said as he stood before me.

She reached up and undid the top button of my blouse revealing more of my cleavage. My heart was racing and I thought it would explode. She opened up the box she had in her hand and pulled out the prettiest necklace I had ever seen. It has a braided silver chain and a tear drop stone. The stone was a highly polished aquamarine and my birthstone. On the bottom of the stone was silver laced. The top looked like a small set of silver wings. That stone was not small. She reached up and put the necklace on me. Her face was inches from mine and I got this sudden urge to kiss her and not on the cheek. I wanted a mouth open, spit swapping knock your socks off kiss. I could see the lust in her eyes as she attached the necklace. As she lowered her arms her hands gently brushed my hair away from my ears and she took each of my earrings off. All the time her eyes were locked to mine. My breathing was not slow as I felt her replace my earrings with the ones in the set. These dangled with a teardrop aquamarine stone on the end of each. After she put the earrings on she straightened up my hair. Not sure where she had it, but she held up a mirror so I could see the earrings.

If I wasn’t already having difficulty breathing I’d have gasped at what I saw. Rose just smiled at me and I was thinking how much did all of this cost. Rose took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.

“Let’s change that blouse into something a bit more appealing”, she said.

I stood there as she took my blouse off. Before she turned around she looked me in the eye and smiled. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass. As she looked me in the eye she scraped her thumb across one of them. I took a deep breath and casino firmaları her smile seemed to grow. She wet her lips with her tongue and turned toward her closet. My mind was racing. This is more than just flirting. She was seducing me and it was working. I bet you could wring the wetness out of my thong. She returned with a black silk lace blouse that was somewhat sheer. I looked at myself in her mirror as I buttoned up the blouse. It didn’t take a genius to realize I was dressed for sex.

Rose walked up behind me as put her hands on my hips. She slowly started to run her hands down my skirt. I heard her moan, “I love the feel of leather”.

I was thinking, “I love the feel of your hands” as I closed my eyes and savored her touch. This was going to be an interesting evening.

I was sure it was going to end with three naked bodies. I had never been with a woman. I wasn’t even remotely interested being with a woman till Rose. Then there was my Uncle. That thought faded when Rose moved in front of me and reached up and pulled my face to hers. As our lips touched all thoughts of them as relatives went right out the door. The kiss I had longed for was happening. As our tongues met my body started shaking. I could feel Rose’s body doing the same.

As her hand slid up the front of my blouse and cupped by breast she sighed “Too bad we need to meet Pete in and hour”.

I lifted her chin up so she was looking me in the eye, “I am thinking this night is nowhere near over”. I was thinking where are we going that it takes an hour?

She smiled at me, “I was so hoping you felt that way. Let’s get going.”

Nothing more was said till we arrived at the restaurant. It took a bit over an hour to get there, but now I knew why. It was several towns away. I am positive nobody knew us here. As we entered the restaurant a waiter took our coats. I am sure he whistled under his breath when he saw what was under the coats. I could see the heads turning as host lead us to our table. Of course we both gave the staring eyes a show as our asses swayed back and forth. We were lead to a darken corner where my Uncle was waiting. The smile on his face when he saw the two of us was all it took for me to start soaking my panties again. As we sat and ate the flirting was beyond obvious. The wine just made it easier. Several times my Uncle placed his hand on my thigh. Once he even pushed my skirt aside to touch my upper thigh. He could finger my pussy for all I cared. In fact I was hoping he would, but he never did. By the time my Uncle asked for the check I was so ready for anything that would happen.

The drive back to their home was a quiet as the ride there. My thoughts kept going to where this night would end. After we entered the house and my Uncle took our coats he excused himself. Rose kissed him and he left. She slowly turned toward me and wrapped her arms around me. Once again we started kissing and I soon felt her fingers unbuttoning my blouse. I took a deep breath as I felt her brush the material aside and cup my breast.

She smiled at me and said, “I have been wanted this for a very long time.”

My response was to start kissing her again as my blouse hit the floor. I felt her hands slowly slide down my body and over my ass. Now I have to admit that anyone brave enough to caress my ass is about to get laid. Rose was not different. As she grabbed my cheeks and pulled me closer I moaned. As she lowered her kisses to my nipples she undid the clasp on my skirt and it dropped to the floor. My mind was racing a mile a minute. I am about to have sex with another girl. All thoughts of her being my Aunt were gone. She locked me into another kiss as I felt her fingers slip between my legs.

She moaned, “Hmmm so wet.” As she slid her body down mine.

She hooked her fingers into my panties and giggled slightly when the sides opened up to her touch. They too fell to the floor as her fingers went back between my legs. I was standing there with just my stockings, garter and heels. Well I was trying too just stand there. Having fingers in my pussy wasn’t making it easy to stand up. Rose slowly stood back up and started kissing me again.

She looked at me and asked a question I didn’t think I’d ever hear. She whispered, “You want Pete to join us?”

I tried to talk, but all I could do was stutter, so I just nodded. If our kisses could get more passionate I didn’t see how. My fingers undid the clash on her güvenilir casino dress and it joined my clothes on the floor. For the first time I was bare flesh with another girl. Not sure when she did it, but her panties were already off. Judging from the way she was biting her lip at dinner I suspect they were off when she returned from the restroom. As I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me I heard a loud gasp.

Rose broke our embrace as I heard my Uncle say, “What a vision you two are.”

Rose just giggled and slowly walked up to my Uncle twirling my panties in her hand. How she got them I don’t remember. I didn’t care. My uncle was standing there in his robe. As she reached up and kissed him. I watched as the hand with my panties slipped into the robe. She was using my panties to rub his cock. What I could see it was having it’s desired effect. When she finally broke the kiss she took him by the hand and led him over to me. That cock I had longed for was proudly sticking out of his robe. When Rose pushed us together that cock pushed against me. The sparks that flew were nothing compared to when my Uncle’s lips met mine. My hand instinctively wrapped around his cock and started to stroke him. Hearing him moan as he kissed my neck only heighten my own pleasure. One of my Uncle’s hand cupped my breast his other entwined in my hair and pulled my head back. His fingers on my breast gripped my nipple and started to squeeze. My breath was ragged from the pleasure his squeezing was giving me. I felt Rose’s hands slide around my waist as she pressed up against me from behind and one slipped down between my legs as the other gripped my free breast. Like my Uncle’s hand hers started to squeeze my nipple as her other hand found my clit and started applying pressure.

I heard a familiar disembodied voice moaning and vocalizing how she felt. How the pleasure was building, how soon she would climax. A small part of my brain knew that voice was me; the rest of my mind didn’t care. My Uncle’s groans were growing stronger. My functioning brain said he’s about to come. The “I don’t give a damn about the rest of the world” part of my brain said “get on your knees girl.” I slowly lowered my body till I was kneeling. My Uncle’s cock was staring me in the eye. I started licking the head of his cock. He grunted more than moaned as I lick the pre-cum off his cock. Rose moved along side of us.

I barely heard her voice ask, “Does that feel good baby? Is she a good cocksucker?”

I heard him moan as he gripped my hair, “Oh hell yes, she’s going to make me cum.”

I felt his knees start to buckle as I engulfed his cock with my lips. Again he grunted as I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. My hand found its way up Rose’s leg and I slipped a finger into her wet pussy as I swallowed taking all my Uncle’s cock into my mouth.

I heard him loudly proclaim, “Oh fuck I am down her throat.”

Rose was gasping for breath as my fingers played with her clit. It sounded like they both were getting close as I continued to slide my Uncle’s cock in and out of my mouth. I was sure I was leaving a puddle on the floor below me. I could feel my own wetness running down my legs. I started to stroke my uncle as my mouth played up and down the shaft of his cock. His moans were getting louder and faster.

I felt his cock swell and he gasped, “Ohh fuck I am cuming. She’s going to swallow me.”

Rose panting screamed, “Give it to her baby. Fill her mouth.”

My Uncle’s balls contracted and he let out a loud grunt as the first shot of his hot cum filled my mouth. I could only savor the salty taste for a second before I had to swallow. He filled my mouth as quickly as I could swallow. I heard Rose scream as my fingers pushed her over her edge. In a short time I had made Rose and my Uncle cum. With the taste of the later still on my tongue I turned my head to Rose and started licking her. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I knew what I liked. My Uncle partly recovered grabbed her leg and held it so I could get to my Aunt’s pussy better. He was kissing her hard as my tongue dart around her clit. I could feel my Uncle’s cock drip some cum on my shoulder as I licked my Aunt’s pussy. Her muffled screams as my Uncle kissed her told me I was doing something right. She gripped my hair and ground her pussy into my mouth as her body shook with another orgasm. Both my Aunt and Uncle collapsed to the floor pulling me down with them. Both of them held me tight against them.

My Aunt whispered into my ear, “Did he taste good and did you like licking your first pussy?’

I nodded and licked my lips. As we continued to lie on the floor cuddling I hoped tonight wasn’t over just yet.

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