AAA Plumbing

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The way I see it, all white women are whores only for black men. It never ceases to amaze me how easily we arouse them and how eager to please they are. I’m glad I’m not a white dude, going around all pussy whipped.

“No! You’re not getting any anal because it’s dirty.” She’ll tell her white boy friend.

The next day, I’ll be there and I’ll have her beg on her knees for me to take her ass, which I promptly do. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve squirted it up some white girls ass, I could take a trip around the world.

The other day, for instance, I rousted a really buxom blonde out of bed at 7 AM.

“AAA Plumbing!” I yelled while pounding on her back door.

She was barely clothed and shocked to see a big black man at the door. Her lily-white breasts were ready to just pop out of her nightgown. I tried not to be obvious and licked my lips.

“Did ya forget that we was coming today?” I asked courteously.

“I didn’t think you could come so quickly. Come in.” She replied.

I could smell that she was single and living alone. With all my years of experience with the bitches I’ve developed a nose.

“What’s your problem?” I asked.

She led me in to the master bedroom. The fragrance of perfume filled her boudoir and made me swoon. She must have been in her thirties, with really big boobs and a cute face. When she bent over to show me the leak under the sink, one of her gigantic jugs popped out. She excused herself and put it back in. I wondered if she had done it on purpose.

“That’s okay, m’am. We’ll have ya going in no time.” I assured.

The name of the game with white bitches is to see how much you can get, in as little time as possible. Keep them distracted.

“Show me again, I didn’t see nothin’!”

She bent over again and this time I pressed my hard cock against her buttocks. She was your typical white slut. Not sure what to do, she just froze. I kissed her neck and took a whiff of her long blonde hair.

“Oh, Mr. Davis. I’m afraid you have me at a bit of a disadvantage.”

She averted my eyes as I casually slipped her bra straps off her shoulders and exposed the two humongous teats like it was the most natural thing in the world. They were big! illegal bahis She had nipples that hardened to over an inch long, right before my very eyes. I grabbed them between my fingers and started to suckle and nip the engorged tips. She squealed and nervously clutched my head to her breasts. I started to French kiss her. If you’ve gotten them to go this far, the rest is a walk in the park. When I was finished inseminating her, I took another snapshot for my collection.

On the way to the next job, in the panel truck with my son Tyrone, I tell him, “you can’t always have every one of these white bitches sucking your cock when you snap your fingers. It’s nice when they have pride and it’s a struggle to get their sex. And always remember to keep in close radio contact till I teach you the ropes, okay?”

Anyway, as I was saying, remember that one from the other day? We got to talking, it was getting close to time to knock off so I chatted her up over a couple of drinks. Turns out her husband travels a lot and was away on business.

When the conversation got really lively, I told her I was a photographer and I wanted to take her picture. I pulled out my new digital cam and just clicked off some easy stuff to get her confidence.

“You’ve got some great looking legs! Lift them in the air for me!”

She smiled for me and I got some nice pictures, but they weren’t anything to write home about. Though they would get a rise out of her husband if he knew she was showing off her legs to her black plumber.

“Don’t take it personally Mr. Davis, but I’m not going to be your little white trash whore. You’re in your 50s, you’ve got a gut, so I know your not rock hard very much these days. I crave young rock hard black cock.

I got on the walkie-talkie. Tyrone my boy appeared.

One look and she was in lust with Tyrone’s young and handsome Negro maleness. She couldn’t keep her hands off him.

“Don’t worry Mr. Davis, because as it turns out, your son will have my anal virginity. I just wanted the right young black male snatching it. And I will be only his anal slut.”

She turned to Tyrone.

“Am I really your first white trash whore?” She asked him sexily.

“I squirted on a few illegal bahis siteleri white girl faces, when I was younger.” Tyrone stuttered.

I freaked as she laughed insanely.

“Excuse me Mr. Davis, I need some privacy with your son.”

I walked away slowly. From the sound of it, I knew I could be proud of my boy. He seems to have a head for the business.

“Fuck me up the ass now! I’ve got to have your young black cock inside. Fuck my ass Tyrone, please, please, please.”

Later, he told me all about it. He had her for the week hubby was away, making porn movies and fucking her ass in every position. He could have filled a room with all the lascivious photos he had of her.

You know, lots of brothers have white whores, for their amusement and all. Their husbands and boy friends would shit in their pants, if they knew what all we do with their women while they ain’t looking. It’s probably the best-kept secret of the century.

If you’ve got any sense of the way it is out there, you realize that variety is the spice of life and I do get the lion’s share of older white women too. They are really easy. I’m convinced they all have a secret craving for Negro cock.

Sometimes, it’s just too easy. I arrive there and they just stand there with nothing to say. They expect me to have the situation in hand. Well, that I do.

“There’s no charge, m’am. I just need you to pose for some pitchers.”

At his point I usually dip my fingers into their cunt to see if they are ready. They always are. The next thing I know, I’m on a roll.

“Take your clothes off… Get on the bed… Give me some cheesecake…”

“I want you to talk dirty to me.” This bitch says to me out of the blue.

“You little white trash whore! Does your boyfriend know that you are posing like a slut for a black man?” I ad libbed.


“In that case, I’ll only show these photos to my home boys over at the club. We wouldn’t want to get his blood pressure up, now would we? Spread your legs wider bitch!! Bend over and spread those cheeks.”

“Do you like being a plumber’s slut?”


“Suck my cock! I need a few headshots of you sucking my dick…

As I’ve said before, they’re canlı bahis siteleri not all raving beauties. Some of them are real homely. But I don’t care. I spend less time photographing their pulchritude and more time debauching their bodies.

Take this next old slut, she just wasn’t photogenic, but at least I got her on film. She did have some nice breasts for an old broad, and it was a pleasure to fondle and pinch them while I fucked her doggy style. I had a good come and told her I had to run. She invited me back as I was leaving. I said I’d call. Yeah right…

This last white bitch is freaky. Remember the one that didn’t jump out of her clothes when I snapped my fingers? Remember the cunt that was my son’s first white anal whore? A few weeks have gone by. Let’s listen in on that conversation.

“I’m only your anal slut. I don’t want your dad to fuck me there.”

Crack! He slapped the slut. From the next room I could hear the shouting.

“You’re my slave and I tell you what to do. Understand?”


I opened the door to find that little white bitch hog-tied to a fixture on the wall.

“Don’t!” she yelped.

“You is just an anal slut now, bitch!

“Please, don’t!” She shrieked.

Tyrone put a blade to her throat. The bitch just kept shrieking.

“Help!!! Rape!!!”

I silenced her with some duct tape, and we quickly subdued the bitch. We told her that she could have the tape off her mouth if she promised not to scream.

“Please don’t stretch it any more! Oh my god!!!” She gasped as I powerfully plunged her bowels with my bulbous cock.

I looked that ‘ho in the eye, as I plumbed her depths…

“I’m sorry I made that crack about your age. Your really a very powerful man.” She pleaded.

“OOOOooooooooohhhhhh! You’ve spoiled me for other men.” She shouted as I pumped every last drop of semen I had up that big asshole. I hope she’s sore for a week.

The white husband came home early, and we had just finished with his wife.

“The leak is fixed, sir.” I announce, as Tyrone and I haul our equipment back to the panel truck.

The dude just hurried into the house without saying anything. I guess he was wondering what kind of plumbers carry around camera equipment.

As I was saying, Tyrone and I are taking a little vacation till things cool down around here. But we’ll be back on the job just as soon as you can say Jackie Robinson. Just leave a message on the machine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32