A Young Pretender Takes the Throne

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Blue Eyes

It was 2005, I was 25 years old and living at home with my parents when the relationship between my mum and dad ended and he left to go and live with another woman that he had met.

Even at my mature age I found this quite unsettling, whereas mum, to her credit, was quite philosophical about it, believing that if his heart wasn’t with her then it is for the best that he move on. I admired her for this and came round to feeling the same way.

As a family unit we were never financially very well off; dad had a job at the post office and mum worked part time as a cleaner which didn’t pay her very much, and neither did my job at the local supermarket as a stocker, so dad leaving left me and mum in an even tighter financial situation.

I assured mum that we’d be OK; all we had to do is make some adjustments and sacrifices and we’d be alright. She placed her hand on my shoulder and told me that I didn’t have to stay here and support her and that I should meet someone and start my own life.

“I know, mum,” I said, thinking to myself that there was little prospect of that happening any time soon… “for now, its you and me,” I said back to her.

“Bless you,” she replied with watery eyes as she kissed the top of my head.

In the proceeding days we both just carried on as before in our normal working routines trying not to talk about the situation when we were at home together in the evenings.

It got to Friday evening and we were both at home, each of us having had a long week, and we decided that we needed to sit down and organise the household finances, as in, who was going to pay what bill going forward. Mum got out all the paper work and bills and laid them out on the dining table, before going upstairs to change out of her work clothes.

When she returned she was wearing a long cardigan, with what appeared to be little else underneath, and had quite a lot of breast cleavage showing which was hard to not look at. I was a little taken aback as she had never presented herself in this way in front of me before.

She was quite relaxed, as usual with a glass of wine, but unusually she gave me one too as we sat to discuss the bills and stuff.

As I sat at the table mum sat opposite me and I noticed that she had opened her cardigan a little further, revealing yet more breast cleavage, and she sinop escort had her feet around my ankles under the table, rubbing my leg with her toe as I was crunching some numbers on a calculator. Meanwhile she topped up my wine.

Once we had finished all the talk of bills, mum kept the wine flowing as the conversation finally turned to other light hearted things; she was laughing at all my witty remarks and was really in to everything I was saying, still rubbing my leg with her foot and now also my hand with her hand. She kept catching me looking at her cleavage which brought a naughty smile to her face.

She began asking me if there were any girls in my life, mentioning one particular girl at my work that she had seen who she thought was really nice and would be the right type of girl for me.

“A young stud like you needs a girlfriend,” she said to me. Bashfully I told her there wasn’t anyone.

Even at this point, the idea that she was flirting and trying to seduce me was the furthest thing from my naïve mind.

To change the subject I suggested we eat and looked to the kitchen.

As I finished my drink, mum went into the kitchen ahead of me and I followed her in a few moments after. As I headed to the sink to rinse out my empty wine glass I noticed mum was standing with her back to the cupboard containing the plates; it felt as if she had placed herself there quite deliberately for some reason. I noticed too that she had her cardigan opened up even more, all the way down to her belly, showing more breast cleavage but with her nipples still covered.

I walked towards the cupboard she was standing in front of to take out some plates, but she didn’t move out of the way as I got near, she just stood there. I was about to say “excuse me” when she fully opened up her cardigan revealing herself to me. She was completely naked, I was stunned and didn’t know how to react.

She had the sort of body that you would expect a 51 year old woman that did minimal exercise to have, a little droopy here and there but she looked good… a “MILF” you might say. I noticed she had no tan lines as she used a sunbed every other day.

She asked me to come closer, so I stepped forward right up to her and she wrapped the cardigan around me and held me close inside it.

She pressed her pelvic escort sinop area against mine and smiled as she could feel my cock hardening under my jeans against her vagina.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands as I just stood there awkwardly.

“ooo, my boy is a man now” she said as she grabbed my bulging crotch, before giving my redundant hands something to do by putting them on her ample breasts and encouraging me to fondle them, which I duly did. I even crouched down and began licking and sucking her nipples which were very hard, causing her to quietly moan and groan with gratification. My heart was beating out of my chest, this all seemed really surreal.

She suddenly pushed me back a step to undo my belt and unzip my fly, I then pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down a little as she took out my cock and began rubbing it.

“ooooh, what a nice cock” she said with a mischievous smile. She might have been humouring me because I have a below average sized cock really, but then all my life mum always had a great knack for making me feel good about myself, even if she had to tell little white lies to do so.

She then pulled me back towards her by my cock, aiming it towards her vagina, which was tidily hairy and very inviting.

With both her feet remaining on the ground she parted her legs a little which was my cue to enter her.

Typical of me, due to my inexperience I was having trouble going in, so as ever, understanding mum came to my aid; she took my cock, and with a sharp intake of breathe, guided it in.

Her vagina was looser than I was expecting but it felt so warm and nice, and her pubic hair was silky soft.

I was under no illusions, my cock is smaller than what she will have been used to, but she seemed to genuinely enjoying it.

With the whole 5 inches of my cock fully in her, we grinded together in a perfect rhythm with our pubic hairs rubbing together in a face-to-face standing position with her legs closed together.

I know that my pitiful length will not have been giving her any penetrative satisfaction, she was getting off on rubbing her clit against the base of my shaft.

As we grinded away I reached around with both my hands to grope her fleshy, slightly saggy butt cheeks as she, with her arms wrapped around me, passionately rolled sinop escort bayan her tongue around inside my mouth.

I was pleased with how well this was going because in my disastrous one and only previous sexual encounter with a girl when I was 18, I shot my load by this early point, but I seemed to be doing well here with mum, up until that is, she whispered in my ear…”oh darling, fuck mummy’s pussy…fuck mummy’s pussy!”

That was it, after hearing that I couldn’t last any longer and an overwhelming urge to cum began to rush through me, mum could sense this and so she held me tight saying, in a soft reassuring voice… “it’s OK darling, let yourself go…let yourself go!”

With my head buried in the side of her neck and squeezing her ass with both my hands very tightly, I emptied my balls with a loud grunt. I had not masturbated for about a week so I had lot of sperm in my balls; when she thought I’d finished, to her pleasant surprise I’d pump some more into her.

At this point she pushed me out of her, quickly dropped to her knees and waited for the last load I had that was on its way.

“Give it to mummy,” she said, before I shot out my remaining load onto her tongue. With closed eyes and lips she rolled my sperm around in her mouth, savouring the taste, before opening her eyes to lustfully look up at me as she swallowed it down.

Right at that moment, with perfect timing, the phone rang, and mum, licking and wiping her lips, dashed, with her pussy full of my cum, to answer it as she was expecting an important call. This handily rescued us both from any post-sex awkwardness.

I went upstairs to my room leaving her to her phone call. It was quite late and so I went to bed.

As I lay there my head was spinning thinking about what me and mum had done. I think she is the type of woman that needs a man around the house to satisfy all her needs, financial, sexual and just someone to talk to, and with dad no longer around I suppose I have inherited that position. I enjoyed it and didn’t regret it one little bit, but wondered whether she felt the same, even though she instigated it.

20 minutes later mum finished her call and I heard her coming upstairs. I waited to see whether she was going to come into my room, but she didn’t, she went straight in to her room, shutting the door behind her. I imagine she was pondering on what had happened as well.

I knew that the next day was going to be very interesting, the way we both felt in the morning about what happened the night before would determine our relationship going forward.

To be continued?…

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