A wedding like no other!

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A wedding like no other!
‘You may now kiss the bride’ the registrar, who had spent most of the wedding ceremony sneaking looks at my new wife’s braless breasts with her nipples clearly visible through her semi- translucent blouse, uttered those familiar words.

Little did he know what he had unleashed because this was a wedding unlike any other…

‘I’m going to do more than kiss her’ was my reply as I turned her around and sat her upon the edge of his desk. Rachael smiled at me and her long red hair shimmered in the light as she slowly lowered herself onto her back on the desk. Her next move drew a gasp from the registrar as she simultaneously raised and opened her legs exposing her naked sex to me. The movement also caused her tight skirt to rise up towards her waist. I paused for a moment to take in the view before lowering my face between her thighs to taste and lick her soaking wet pussy.

‘This is most irregular’ gasped the registrar. ‘Not as irregular as it’s going to be’ sighed Rachael as she reached for the man’s groin, expertly undid the zip on his trousers and fished out his hardening cock. I’m sure that he wanted to step back, to get away from this situation that was occurring in front of him but he was frozen until Rachael gently tugged on his cock and he took an almost involuntary step forward. His almost fully hard cock disappeared into Rachel’s willing mouth just at illegal bahis siteleri the right moment to stifle her moans as her first orgasm coursed through her.
I stood, my face wet with Rachael’s orgasmic discharge, and turned to view our families and friends. Were they shocked by what they had just witnessed? Far from it!

Rachael had insisted that her two sisters should be her bridesmaids and Amy the youngest one was happily engaged devouring the Best Man’s cock as he lay on the floor with Tara, the other bridesmaid sitting on his face gradually freeing herself from the confines of her bridesmaid dress. I smiled at the good fortune of George, my brother, as I fleetingly remembered the times when the two girls had done that to me.

Another movement caught my eye. It was clear that our respective parents were also celebrating our union. Rachael’s father was on his knees in front of my mother who was laid back on a couple of chairs with her left leg d****d over the back of one so that Alan could have unfettered access to her always wet pussy. She, like the rest of the female attendees, had regarded underwear as superfluous for the occasion. Mary, Rachael’s mother had already lost her blouse and her unfettered breasts swayed back and forth as, on her knees, she performed orally on my father.

‘Looks like everyone’s having fun’ said Rachael as she appeared beside canlı bahis siteleri me. We kissed passionately, her breath tasting of the registrar’s cum, as she undid my trousers allowing them to fall to the floor. My cock was painfully erect as she stroked it ‘Who is going to get this?’ she breathed into my ear. I smiled and nodded towards a girl dressed in a canary yellow jacket and skirt who was watching the scene before her with lust filled eyes and a hand up her skirt caressing her naked pussy. ‘Ah, yes, Kirsty, our daughter’ smiled Rachael as she moved away dropping her skirt as she moved towards the mass of writhing bodies. I watched and smiled as she lowered herself onto my father’s cock as she had done so many times before. As Mary stood up her own skirt fell to the floor then she removed Rachael’s blouse and began to suck on her nipples.

‘Hello Dad’ gasped Kirsty. I said nothing as I kissed her deeply and laid her on the floor. She opened her legs and I knelt down and eased my throbbing cock between her luscious pussy lips once more. It slid in just as easily as it always had done and as I enjoyed the sensations of it gliding in and out I undid her jacket to expose her luscious breasts and surveyed the scene of debauchery involving my family.

The registrar was having a second wind and clearly was no longer worried about ‘irregularities’ as Amy, now bahis firmaları naked apart from her heels, sat astride him riding his cock for all she was worth. Rachael, I noticed, was just about to lower her cum-filled pussy onto my mother’s face and I could see my father having his softening cock licked and sucked clean by Mary so I figured that he had quickly succumbed to the pleasure of Rachael’s expertise. Behind Mary was George clearly enjoying the experience of fucking her from behind again. Alan, like everyone else, was now naked and was deeply plugged in to my mother’s pussy causing her to moan with passion as Rachael writhed on her face covering it with a combination of her own juices and my father’s cum – just as a daughter-in-law should.

Amy appeared in front of me smiled and without a word lowered her cum-filled pussy onto Kirsty’s open, willing mouth. The registrar had filled her up but I noticed that he was now curled up in a corner of the room, spent. The sight of Amy discharging the load in her pussy into Kirsty’s mouth pushed me over the edge and I flooded her with my cum but I was not done yet, I stood and pushed my cum-covered cock into Amy’s mouth so that she could clean me up. Almost at the same time Kirsty’s expert tongue caused Amy to cum and she then sank down so that her head went between Kirsty’s thighs to return the favour.

The stamina of my brother always amazed me because he now had my new wife on her back on the registrar’s desk and was happily burying his cock deep inside her and she was loving every second.

I had married a slut and her family and I couldn’t be happier.

Next: Our friends join the celebration.

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