A Walk in the Winter?? Pt. 02

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The creaking of the door had both Chrissie and myself looking in horror at each other. Then we both looked round the room, there was nowhere to hide, except for behind the door. Moving slowly we both edged our way towards the door and stood behind it, hoping that whoever had come into the house didn’t either come upstairs or couldn’t see us stood behind it.

As we waited I could hear footsteps moving round the downstairs part of the farmhouse. Doors were opened and then finally I heard a female voice saying “Hello, hello, is anyone in here?”

Chrisse looked at me and I looked at her and put my fingers to my lips indicating that we should stay quiet. Thinking that maybe, just maybe the female would go, we were wrong. I heard the bottom step creek on the stairs as footsteps then came up and the voice once again said “Hello, is anyone in here?”

We stayed silent, I was stood behind Chrissie as we both waited. The footsteps then came towards the door where we were stood. We were both holding our breaths as the door was pushed slightly open. I thought whoever it was would look inside the room and then go. No such luck, before I knew it a dark haired woman walked into the room and straight over to our 2 rucksacks which we had left by the big window,

Before she had got there Chrissie moved and the floorboard we were stood on creaked. The female span round and saw us both stood behind the door.

“What the…”

“We thought this place was empty so we came in from the cold as we’d been out for a walk.”

“And you are naked because of?”

“We walk naked and have done for months.”

“In the cold, are you both mad?”

“Possibly but we enjoy it.”

“So what have you been doing while you’ve been in here, because I can bet that by the look of you erotik film izle two you’ve been up to something?”

“Nothing, why?”

The woman laughed.

“I bet you’ve been up to no good. You’ve been fucking haven’t you. Let me guess, he’s married and you’re his bit on the side. Am I right or am I wrong?”

“You’re wrong, neither of us is married and if we’ve been fucking so what?”

Chrissie turned and looked at me and we both blushed. The woman was in her late 20’s or early thirties, dressed in boots, jeans and a big coat to keep the winter cold out. She had dark hair pulled back into a pony tail and her fresh pale skin was slightly red as if she had been caught by the cold wind.

“Well you can both come out from behind the door I’ve seen you both now.”

Chrissie and I moved and the woman watched us both, smiling.

“I’m Pete and this is Chrissie and you are.”

“Pleased to meet you both, no my name is Hazel, I live not far from here.”

“What made you come in here?”

“I thought I heard noises so I came to see what was going on. I often check the place out to make sure its not being vandalised or used by folk who shouldn’t use it”

Hazel was looking at Chrissie and she walked up to her.

“Nice boobs Chrissie, does he suck them for you, or maybe you like him to cum on them so that you can rub his hot sticky cum into your skin”

Chrissie didn’t know what to say and I must admit I was a bit taken aback by this as Hazel was being about as forward as anyone could be. It was clear that she knew what we had been doing.

“Lets have a look at your cock then Pete.”

I hadn’t realised that I had been stood there with my hands hiding my manhood. I moved them away so that Hazel could see my cock.

She moved film izle towards me and then held a hand out and touched my cock. It twitched as her hand was cold but it also twitched because I was excited by the thought of what she was thinking of doing next. She wrapped her hand round it and started to play with it,

“This is a nice dark cock Pete, and I bet it’s been in Chrissie a few times.”

“Maybe, what if it has, he can fuck me if he wants.”

“I didn’t say he couldn’t but what if I want him to fuck me? You going to be jealous or maybe you’d like to watch?”

I could feel my cock swelling as Hazel worked her hand up and down it. I parted my legs so that my balls bag could hang free.

Hazel then stopped and moved over to Chrissie, she touched her boobs and moved her head down so she could flick her tongue round Chrssies’ nipples. Chrissie moved her head back and had her eyes closed and I watched, amazed at what I could see.


Hazel murmured and then sucked hard on one of the nipples.

“I bet I suck these better then he does?”

Hazel seemed almost intent on creating some sort of competition between us.

“Ok then Hazel, you’ve seen what we’ve got, lets see what you’ve got.”

“You want me to strip off for you two?”

“Well, seems only fair, as Pete said, you’ve seen what we’ve got and you’ve sucked my boob and played with his cock.”

“I don’t think so, I don’t even know you two.”

This surprised me as Hazel had been all forward and upfront and now she didn’t seem to want to play ball at all.

“Just take your coat off and we’ll see where we go from there?”

Hazel stood for a while, looking at both of us and then she unzipped her coat and took it off. She had a jumper on but clearly no bra as seks filmi izle her nipples were erect and I’m sure I could see that both of them were pierced. Hazel caught me looking and turned round. She then pulled the jumper up and over her head and then turned round. I was right, the glint of the two silver bars confirmed that her nipples were pierced. her boobs were c cup by the look of them and they were pert and nowhere near as big as Chrissies, but i’d be a liar if I said that I wouldn’t want to suck them and play with them and hopefully cum on them.


“Well what Hazel?”

“What do you think?”

We looked at each other and Chrissie then said

“Well, I’d like to play with them and from the look of Pete’s erect cock I can guess that he agrees even though he saying nothing.”

“Yeah Chrissie is right, I’d happily play with them.”

Hazel then bent down and unzipped one of her boots before kicking it off across the room. She kept her black woolly sock on. She then lent down and unzipped the other boot before again kicking it off across the room where it landed with a thud. She then pulled down her jeans and took them off, standing there in just a pair of normal black knickers.

Before either Chrissie or i could ask her to take them off Hazel pulled her knickers down, revealing a think strip of black pubic hair above her pussy. Hazel took a couple of fingers and pulled at her pussy lips. Fuck, my cock was twitching now and I just wanted to drill it deep inside Hazel’s tight looking pussy. I looked down and I could see a drop of pre-cum on the tip of my cock. I looked back up and saw that Hazels nipples were starting to become erect.

Chrissie was rubbing her hands over her boobs and she then inserted a couple of fingers into her own pussy and started to finger fuck herself while I started to slowly wank my thick cock, wishing that it was deep inside Hazels pussy with Chrissie watching.

Hazel looked up, smiled at both me and Chrissie.

“Ok, what now?”

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